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Holy Blood - Blood of christ lyrics

Blood of Christ washes away sin, The Blood of Christ is poured out for you. ... sins and crimes, Jesus has taken all the sins on himself, ... Because he won on the cross of Golgotha Satan and all his

Ancient Rites - Blood of christ (mohammed wept) lyrics

last look to the sky Again my end is near ... Declared 'criminal of war' This is my final hour (Execution, The end)... But the start of my dream The start of my

Belphegor - Fukk the blood of christ lyrics

vom Sakrament - der Ziege Kotverzierter - gegei?elter ... Heiland Der Chor des Stolzes - zelebriert Das ... - des Fleisches Fukk - the blood - of christ The sabbath - of

Siebenbürgen - Of blood and magic lyrics

gathering of shadows From dimensions old ... Arising from the seven worlds And eclipse the midnight sun King Nozierra ... bound in blood Enchanted invocation animates from

Ragnarok - Blood of saints lyrics

Poison in your mind Try To preach Your sermon for the ... ‘round your spine Regur- gitate When you are running past ... peak Horny Monks Clutching tightly ‘round their throats Frivolous Nuns You

Satan's Host - Of beast and men lyrics

the gospels lie Drowning in the blood of christ Hatred for ... all mankind Why won't they all just die? We hold the keys to the kingdom Greed, ... power, war and lust Mankind is doomed for destruction So long as god

Exciter - Blood of tyrants lyrics

the grave of victims' past Lies evil - Sacred ground! The wrath of doom resists the ... right To sacrifice innocent blood Give me blood - Give me blood! - of Tyrants Give me blood

Accept lyricsAccept - Blood of the nations lyrics

the right to be free We pay the wages of war For our ... dreams and ideals All that's worth fighting for For ... Honor and Duty Nations we will defend Securing

Bloodbound - Blood of my blood lyrics

seal the night into the black Serpents turning ... fire's burning tall I'll take the fight knife into the ... back Master you will fall Die! My ... servant I'll Kill! The unborn from Hell! I

Crystal Viper - Blood of the heroes lyrics

Defenders Of The Castle Hill] Walls of the castle were no longer strong But the enemies will not break ‘em ... down He knew it would happen ‘cause the peace

Gary Moore - Blood of emeralds lyrics

was born up on the North side, Where the Lagan River ... flows. When I came across the border, I was following my ... nose. Dublin city '69, There could have been no better

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Blood of eden lyrics

caught sight of my reflection I caught it in the window ... I saw the darkness in my heart I saw the signs of my ... undoing They had been there from the start And the

Emerald - Blood of our kings lyrics

you think we are evil ? Premature figure of disease You don ... t look proud enough to us Do you think we are guilty ? Just because we don't ... look like you There is one way and it's down

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Blood of faith stains my hands lyrics

can recall the sweet symphonies of my lost side ... She filled my dreams with the enchanting aura But the ... sweet days of delight were buried in dust On the

Fleshless - Blood of whore lyrics

smile coming from you to me making me completely ... down when money were in the air you were like a bitch ... It is enough of mortification repulsing a sex with me

Ross The Boss - Blood of knives lyrics

from the ashes, the cloud covered past, a worthy N.M.L. is found Attracting ... comrades and fellows in war, this is your burial ground The ... knife it is right at your throat and soon will be covered

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Blood of bannockburn lyrics

that the time has come to fight Scotland must unite! We'll ... make a stand on Stirling ground To put a ... challenge to the crown! We are one! We have ... come We're here to break and end the occupation

Cryptic Wintermoon - Blood of the dragon lyrics

the times of the warriors, swords, blood and ... honour When tales of wizards and black magic ... became reality When the period of never ending ... cruelty, the rulers just accept But the creatures of the

Krisiun - Blood of lions lyrics

me coming from beyond the mortal light Flying high on the ... wings of the cursed time Here it comes like a ... deadly thunderstorm Decimating my enemies at dawn Here

Heather Nova - Blood of me lyrics

ring around the moon It's gonna rain hard soon I ... know you're gonna leave It's like a storm inside You ... re the blood of me You're the truth that hurts You're the memory You're the drug that works Why do people change

Paradise Lost - Blood of another lyrics

ll see the blood, blood of another You'll see the blood as ... we roll in it together You'll see the blood, blood of another You'll see the blood as we roll in it together tonight. What unruly life

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Blood of eden (feat. peter gabriel) lyrics

caught sight of my reflection I caught it in the window ... I saw the darkness in my heart I saw the signs of my ... undoing They had been there from the start And the

Besatt - Blood of my enemies lyrics

of f***ing chaos Antichrist raised his sword Mercy and ... frailty disdained For they offend the strong Peace is ... unattainable Let's celebrate out triumph Let's build a

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Blood of the covenant lyrics

the shedding of the Blood There is no remission of sin The hour the veil was wrent That is when it all began This ... was not the covenant that was made with our Fathers on

Mason Jennings - Blood of man lyrics

in the hills there's an angel and the ghost ... in chains Here in your arms there's a desert where it ... rains As your legs begin to spread, how I wish I was not

Messiah’s Kiss - Blood of the kings lyrics

the sound of thunder kills the silence The conquest of ... evil forces eternal skies Sworn to ride ... side by side Capture, rape and slain The ... guardians of Hades will open their gates To endless pain

Orange Goblin - Blood of them lyrics

light, slicing through the night The Elder Gods ... arrive Returned to Mother Earth For all they left behind ... Away from human eyes Untouched by hands of time The

Anihilated - Blood of the martyr lyrics

me your only child and bring to me your wife Bring to me ... hard-earned cash and bring to me your life Place your faith in me alone, obey my every ... word Come to me and live in bliss, my outlook is unflawed Blood of the martyr flows free in my

Ava Inferi - Blood of bacchus lyrics

From heavens above Stardust pour down Blindfolding me ... Rejoicemoment of joy Love fills this void ... Boiling my blood Ecstasy is taking over. Curse my acts

Calabrese - Blood of the wolf lyrics

wanted power they gave us pain They don't ... care if you live or die just as long as you do what they ... say Do you ever question what you believe? Is there a God

Drawn And Quartered - Blood of a million martyrs lyrics

of insanity The nails await your flesh These planks are ... stained with ages Thousands have gone before you ... Outlawed and ostracized Hunted down like dogs Put to the

Engel - Blood of saints lyrics

are the ones who bring us Here... The reason of it All! Unite the World and spread the Word. ... That all of us are Saints! One is weaks... We are ... Strong and we get stronger by the night. so come on in and

Grip Inc. - Blood of saints lyrics

your fate, seal your fate Seal your fate, seal your ... fate Souless, forgotten in time Deep hunger flows in the ... veins Of the anciant Seducing dreams, spiral in

Riot ( Usa ) - Blood of the english lyrics

out to the land of the burning sun Where many nations stand as one Push on through the cold and the icy ... seas The smell of earth it follows me In the darkness

Battleroar - Blood of legends lyrics

nights like this, my heart is sad I dream and sing For ... the deeds of glory, aeons passed. Beneath ... full moon Cursed - Doomed Let it be known Where the blood of legends flows Swords and

Miracle Of Sound - Blood of the creed lyrics

into the wild Indigenous child ... Surviving formidable trials I stand in the rain ... Scanning the plains In pursuit of the ... villainous bile Who sent everything that I love into

At The Gates - Blood of the sunsets lyrics

sun sets in a sea of love Stab your demoniac smile in my ... brain Seduce me with the blood of the sunsets Lock me out ... from my body and it's pain The golden wine of

Celtibeerian - Blood of a guiltless town lyrics

During a meeting at which the Lusitanian people were to ... give up their weapons to Rome and thereby to sign a ... peace treaty, they were betrayed, killed and sold as

Edge Of Sanity - Blood of my enemies lyrics

sons have I, and they Ride by my side--The ... fierce, The black and the wicked are Their names- ... -we ride down my Enemies on their half-hearted flight. No

Majestic - Blood of the tail lyrics

ll take your command, right out in the feilds I'm leaving my ... spirit when the oceans turns to sea I'm crossing the ... darkness when you want me to kiss you goodnight I pray

Highland Glory - Blood of the innocent lyrics

death of innocence When faith and hope has died A child ... defenseless The ultimate sacrifice This devils ... child play Unmeasureable hate The child you led away

Machine Head - Blood of the zodiac lyrics

could you please help but was told take me from this ... altar i won't falter but i might fall this bitter ... man would understand through all his life, a needle

Mors Principium Est - Blood of heroes [bonus track] [megadeth cover.. lyrics

stiff let me tell ya Better left for dead And now we ... are on a mission Well it's full speed ahead My legion ... s when we do the crime Let's get one thing straight To

Nox Arcana - Blood of angels lyrics

are the twilight and we are the dawn. We are the silence ... all else is gone. We are the ancient ones, we are the ... flames. Once you would pray to us, call us by name. Ours

Shadowquest - Blood of the pure lyrics

from the light, I was lost to my heart Feeding the wheel ... of the dark that was me Strayed from the path of what’s truthful and right The pain of my soul and my blood so

Circle Ii Circle - Blood of an angel lyrics

empty night surrenders to the day Just can't seem to get ... out of the rain I'm getting tired of running from the pain ... I could I start again Hoping you would see

Megadeth - Blood of heroes lyrics

stiff let me tell ya Better left for dead And now we ... are on a mission Well it's full speed ahead My ... legion's when we do the crime Let's get one thing

Nanowar Of Steel - Blood of the queens lyrics

ride the tricycles of true metal of steel While other bands ... play, we eat happy meal In the forest of minerals... The ... poseurs we kill! Our metal's so strong, 'cos our dick

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Blood of hatred lyrics

alone with bitter thoughts I swear on the name of my ... rage Those who made me suffer will ... now taste my hate By the blood of hatred I seal my wounds

Brodequin - Blood of the martyr lyrics

drawn tightly around the fingers until they become ... one solid mass separated again by wedges others sawn ... in half bound to the framework with thin cords

Cage - Blood of the innocent lyrics

without trace indigenous race taken by force and displaced. ... Sons of the land true American they made their ... last stand for survival. Pain greed ... and fear manifest destiny is here. Lies hate revenge

Entwine - Blood of your soul lyrics

this whisper silently turn into a moan The eye of the storm breaks the silence Soon ... Yeah, we'll burn Hear this sound of relief Coming ... out like the rain Yeah, the blood of your soul It'll wash

Lamb Of God - Blood of the scribe lyrics

of this comes crashing down. ... Cornerstones gone Sleepless. ... Hopleless. No end in sight Ink well has run dry, fill it with blood of the scribe Rest comes easy to the guiltless The vampire laments as he prays

4arm - Blood of martyrs lyrics

web panic starts to set in the time to trust's at hand ... when you see me there know that it's for you and i'll no ... longer fear it they'll beat me down and break my skin an

Sig:ar:tyr - Blood of the north lyrics

the gates, of the One-Eye's hall Among the stars of the sky To weave my ... wyrd in Midgard's fate To join the gods that never die ... are burning, my soul yearns, to breathe the fire I won, the

Buck 65 - Blood of a young wolf lyrics

summer oh my god i?m hot to steal, beside myself and ... friendless, number i a?int got no culture, nothing, dirty ... words, but that don?t count flight attendents, waitresses, superstition, good

Kaasmos - Blood of chaos lyrics

lurking front The depths of time From beyond the dark Death shall arrive And man feared ... the Dawn of his demise Crying out loud ... "Oh, lord have mercy" Doom of man Crucified

Current 93 - Christ and the pale queens lyrics

without origin and from whom every ... beginning comes forth i am the ancient of days to declare that i am a day by myself ... alone i am the day that does not shine by the sun rather by me that the sun is

Passion - In christ alone lyrics

Christ alone my hope is found He is ... my light, my strength, my song This cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through ... the fiercest drought and storm What heights of love

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