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Shide Boss - Women ft. zack knight lyrics

every girl in the place right now Trying to find a girl ... I could take right now (x2) I love Women ... globe show me where you at I love Women If we get close

Caliban - Among the living (anthrax cover) lyrics

disease! spreading the disease. With some help from ... captain trips, He'll bring the world down to his knees ... power! he'll show them all his power. It pulses through his ice cold blood, A whole

Decadence - Among the fallen lyrics

one sees the raven inside my soul It wants to get ... out and rips me till I'm torn Everything I do ... turns out wrong The fallen I was placed among My frayed

Decadence - Among the fallen (original version) lyrics

one sees the raven inside my soul It wants to get ... out and rips me till I’m torn Everything I do ... turns out wrong The fallen I was placed among My frayed

Embryo - Among the living dead lyrics

spending all the time on chasing to homologize Each other ... thoughts, each other empty minds You’re lying on this ... Earth like ground zero ruins Bewildered, unable to

Skiller - Among a thousand others lyrics

was so obscene She had it all She was nothing but ... Never knew what a sin you made me try I've felt ... so hard (I'VE FELT SO HARD) That's what ... we do ('Cause isn't right) This isn't right Cause I just

Anthrax - Among the living lyrics

Disease Spreading the disease With some help from ... Captain Trips He'll bring the world down to his knees ... Power He'll show them all his power It pulses through his

Bonded By Blood - Among the vultures lyrics

away by my brothers Stripped of all I know Left to die and decompose A million miles from home After all is said and done I commence to walk ... alone Walk till I fall on broken bones Circling around me Waiting to pick

Geezer - Among the cyberman lyrics

cold killer brings Death's sweet darkness ... Who, now who forgot my angry side I´ll return by starlight ... Tell me who lies dead among the Cybermen How long can

Cenotaph - Among the abrupt lyrics

souls burst in a trance of melancholy and ... a soul side journs in a fire sky dominating the howl ... dark billowing of the mind Freezing the time ... between my illusions they cross the frigid

Freedom Call - Among the shadows lyrics

come in separate ways Once dark, ... deep buried in a bygone life Fear the emptiness in ... heaven But love is blessed divine Where demons try to take ... your soul at any time Where hell will cross

Ross The Boss - Among the ruins lyrics

lives must change From the ... And glory to the brave I stand alone My face turned ... to the storm I stand alone Forever I'm alive among the ruins A brand

Sodom - Among the weirdcong lyrics


Chastain - Women are wicked lyrics

think you know me Well you don't ... you Why do you treat me like I'm dumb When I'm the one ... you come Over and over, fill me up I'm so empty, it's ... what you want it seems You can laugh at me

Desultory - Among mortals lyrics

rise again, I am immortal I race through time, I live and ... breathe only fear My time is here, Mortals suffer for me ... I rule your fate, I decide what will be I'll devour

Kimaera - Among the dead lyrics

and locked inside of me Waiting for the loss of time To ... Before the tomb of my crime The nights can be so ... blackened When Im hanging upon doubt And these smiles can be so saddened When

Adultery - Among the flowers lyrics

the sunshine shows through the leaves ... and brightens the gree lawns, it is ... the sign of beatiful day and suitable moment ... for dreaming. Rise up my mind's power ! I utter the

Baccara - Women to women lyrics

and I We love the same guy Don't it make you sad ... Don't it make you cry You and I ... you to choose Someone must win And one of us has to loose ... Women to women Women to women to man Oh tell me something

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Women lyrics

we ooh Ooh wee ooh In the beginning God made the ... He made man He was born with a passion, love and hate ... A restless spirit with a need for a mate But

Foreigner - Women lyrics

behind bars Women in fast cars Women in distress ... Women with no dress Women in aeroplanes Women who play games Women in uniform See that ... woman with her clothes torn Women

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Women in uniform (women in uniform singl) lyrics

hairdo, 45 on the hip Patrolwoman Saunders, don't ... you give her no whip Took me to the station for ... for some house-arrest Women in uniform, sometimes they

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Women on top lyrics

t know her name, Or where she comes from Animal untamed, Beating on her ... Baby got style A body to die for, With a dangerous smile ... You want Krakatoa, You want it done right Set the bed on fire all night? You need... Women On Top Women On Top Women

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Women lie men lie (ft. ya gotti) lyrics

Chorus] Women Lie, Men Lie Women Lie, Men Lie Women Lie, Men ... Lie Numbers don’t lie! (x 6) [Yo Gotti] Ay, ... step up in the party and them bad b

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Women lyrics

love women, I think they're great They're a ... solace to the world in a terrible state They're a blessing ... eyes, a balm to soul What a nightmare to have no women in

Mystic-force - Among infinity lyrics

the lands of mortal man Into the spiritual realm divided souls From empty bodies in limbo Moving faster than ... speed of sound Transcending into an endless time Among

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Among my souvenirs lyrics

s nothing left for me of days that ... used to be I live in memory among my souvenirs Some letters ... tied with blue, photograph or two I ... see a rose from you among my souvenirs A few more

Lonestar - Women rule the world lyrics

Dean Sams/Brett James) I guess just about everything I ... ve ever done I've been tryin' to impress or get close to ... one of 'em Seems like I was about thirteen Bobbi Jo

Artrosis - Among flowers and shadows lyrics

ve found myself inside you I know I've got different blood ... This is not the same Differently I feel dread I drift in loneliness Wind blows ... far between I scarcely catch up with waves

Connie Francis - Among my souveniers lyrics

s nothing left for me of days that ... to be There's just a memory among my souvenirs Some ... letters tied in blue, a photograph or two I ... see a rose from you among my souvenirs A few more

The Guess Who - Women lyrics

women light a fire in me Bolder women seem to tire of me Older women put desire in me But without 'em to ... hold, where would this poor man be? Crazy women

Janis Joplin - Women is losers lyrics

is losers Women is losers, oh Say honey women is losers. Well, I know you ... seem to end up on top. Oh, if they told you they want you ... around by your door. Whoa I say now, if they don’t desert

Judy Garland - Among my souvenirs lyrics

s nothing left for me Of days that ... to be They're just a memory Among my souvenirs Some ... letters tied with blue A photograph or two I see a rose from you Among my

Morcheeba - Women lose weight lyrics

a surpriser Open your eyes, A Woman ... advisor The name of this entertainement is Women ... lose weight Our first years of mariage everything was just great But after

Mob Rules - Among the gods lyrics

glorious days have gone since we were true to ourselves ... Some glorious ways were run without a truthful path I don't ... complain about it - there ain't no way aside Just count

Pixies lyricsPixies - Women of war lyrics

I want you And your soft army ... Your natural legs And your militant cuisine I know you ... are at war But if you need some love Be my ... soldier lover And I'll be your peaceful dove

Saigon - Women are the new dogs (feat. jovan dais) lyrics

girl They true what they say is Yeah look like The table's ... done turn I mean by the looks of things It might safe to say That women are the new dog to [?]

George Jones - Among the few lyrics

don't need no great big house on a hill top Just a ... share croppers shack by a railroad track And a well in the ... back will do Though few may find this kind of love Was built for one another And we're

David Byrne - Women vs. men lyrics

had psychic defenses He had animal dreams They moved closer together ... He said “Lets make a deal” Does ... not the law forbid it? It’s a treacherous act We all

The Cribs - Women's needs lyrics

a radius of a thousand miles I find it strange no one makes ... me smile you should understand ... you still have to try when we're all ... the same I was almost right and evening comes and I

Bonnie Raitt - Women be wise lyrics

be wise, keep your mouth shut, ... don't advertise your man Don't sit around ... gossiping, explaining what your good man really ... can do Some women nowadays, Lord they ain't no

Lucero (band) - Women & work lyrics

it's one shot of women, one shot of work One shot's ... but both can hurt Just let it go, kid just let it go ... Feels alright for being so wrong Don't look back

Carnifex - Among grim shadows lyrics

before the dawn when cold winds offered comfort, a ... darkness hangs in the air a seething for the night. ... The screams of fallen angels. I've ... learned to love it here. This is where the dark and hate

Veronica Petrucci - Women of faith lyrics

was just a young, teenage girl when the Father appeared to ... her He said you’ll bear a child and He will save the world And we ... shall call Him Savior Sarah was getting on in

Tim Armstrong - Among the dead lyrics

the dead We will rise If you count me out you better ... think again You better realize I’m not stopping This is ... where I start, this is where I begin Woke up in a downtown

Celesty - Among the dreams lyrics

I woke from that dream, which felt like reality I was ... walking towards the light, and there I saw my child ... And you were there with him, you didn’t see me at all I

Funebrarum - Among the exiled lyrics

heart ceased to beat Your life slips away Plunging into ... the black Your plummeting soul awakes... Dashed ... smashed Ejected eyes can still see Pulped nerves still

Willie Nelson - Women who love too much lyrics

thinks if she just holds on he will ... get it back together On his good days he's a good man ... and he fills up all her dreams On his bad days he's the devil and it's hell to stand beside him But she thinks if she will love him life will be what

Skylark - Among the clouds lyrics

Of The Light: White Warrior? White Warrior: Yeah, I ... m here! White Warrior: This is the time to realize. This is the way to go. Riding ... The Ivory Stormwind. I will penetrate the fog. The Divine Gladiators: We'll never

Ian Hunter - Women's intuition lyrics

the haze the mirror cries-hits you right between the eyes ... t know-but you got the judas in you babe You can't trust ... You can't deliver Always whinin' you were sold down the river I gave you-the best years

Lisa Maffia - Women of the world lyrics

ve seen alotta women from all around the world different situations all different kinds of girls no ... are and no matter were you live keep your head up you

Rusted Root - Women got my money lyrics

and make the body pay) Me, I'm lookin' for an old pickup ... lot Just to have that old point of view of you Women ... my money come on leave your island girl (Come pay the

Iced Earth - Among the living dead lyrics

was promised you Pathogen's upon them ... This creation out of control They've ... come back to life Their hunger is unrelenting The ... flesh will ease their pain They will never take us

Sig:ar:tyr - Among the ruins lyrics

stand, at the shattered remains of a beautiful, ordered ... when severed from the well-spring that breathes life into a ... people... a nation... And they whose thirst is slaked by the mirage of the

A True Story - Among the dead lyrics

t tell me that things will become better Because I ... know that everyday will be the same I've been driving all night And there's no ... one in sight Because everyone has gone

Conception - Among the gods lyrics

new victim Another foe Soldiers pitch for the guns of believers A battlegound A fight for god One more dying ... and the peace will be near You face the sky

Infest - Among the fallen ones lyrics

instinct from my heart is rising More and more No feelings ... are torn apart, when blood is full of gore! Merciless is ... what I became the first time I tasted blood! Killing

Lucky Dube - Women lyrics

ago today; when a man had a final word in the house oh oh ... Now a day; women want to be men themselves oh ... oh A man said one word she said four words A man said five

Nightrage - Among wolves lyrics

is the truth that's lying Deep within your grasp ... My heart was blinded To the facts you ... resurrect Withered and unforgotten This ... hand Welcome to my world Wit tears that turn to sand

Pathology - Among giants lyrics

were the giants That walked among men After the flood the ... giants Rose once again They will return to punish ... control the deserts once again Of the purest blood

Red Rider - Among the ruins lyrics

ll be here when the lights go down And there's nothing left to see I'll be here ... when the shadows die And there's nothing left to ... fear When the lights go down and the shadows die You know I'll be around I

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