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Max Herre - Dududu lyrics

[Part 1] Wer hat nochmal gesagt, man schätzt nicht wert, was man hat Bis man merkt was man hatte, ist die weg die man mag? Ach ja, ich glaub mit Worten war ich imme...

Blackpink - Boombayah lyrics

in your area BLACKPINK in your area Been a bad ... BOOM BOOM BA BOOMBAYAH BLACKPINK in your area ije

Dj Antoine - Song to the sea lyrics

dududu I beg you raise your ... sing the song to the sea. Dududu- dududud Du du duuu. ... I sing a song to the sea. Dududu, dududu I think of soul,

Artist Vs. Poet - Love to hate me lyrics

Du du du du dudu Du du du du dududu Du du du du dudududu dudududu. Hey, wake up, get up, get ... love to hate me) Du du du du dududu Woah, hold up, slow down,

Sebnem Ferah - Üvey lyrics

Üvey anne olmadım Üvey insanlıkmı alın yazım Aşkına ... doyamadım Karardı aydınlığım Üvey aşklar mıymış alın ... Üvey anne olmadım Üvey insanlık mı alın yazım Aşkına

Chava Alberstein - A dudele lyrics

ay ay Du Du, Du, Du, Du, Du Dududu Du Voh ich gehe mich, Voh

Blackpink - Playing with fire lyrics

uri eomman maeil naege malhaesseo eonjena namja josimharago sarangeun machi buljangnan gataseo dachinikka Eh eomma mari kkok majeuljido molla neol bomy...

Blackpink - Stay lyrics

tukhamyeon geuchin maldeullo nae mame sangcheoreul naenohgo mianhadan mal hanmadi eobsi tto na hanja wirohago oneul harudo hoksi nal tteonalkka neul buranhae hae I jus...

Blackpink - Whistle lyrics

Hey boy Make’ em whistle like a missile bomb, bomb Every time I show up, blow up uh Make’ em whistle like a missile bomb, bomb Every time I show up, blow up uh neon n...

Blackpink - Whistle (acoustic ver.) lyrics

Hey boy Make’ em whistle like a missile bomb, bomb Every time I show up, blow up uh Make’ em whistle like a missile bomb, bomb Every time I show up, blo...

Bazzookas - Alles lyrics

Au, de deur gaat dicht met een grote klap en jij bent weg, na een jaar, drie maanden en twee weken en een dag. Eindeloos proberen heeft daar niks aan gedaan ...

Gökhan Keser - Gokhan keser - hadi ordan lyrics

Şayan Alkış Tutamam Şaşkınlıktan Kendine Mahsus Hoş ... Birisin Git Özgürlüğünle Yaşlan Risk Almasın Hiç

Imperium ( Nl ) - Awakening lyrics

Hear the sound of masses, their isolated pains No longer is the wisdom innocence betrays Sleeping still I may not, visions that we share Pace along this dark road, wet...

Imperium ( Nl ) - Chemical dreams lyrics

Entering my room of fun In you go Deforming all that it contains Umbibing you in pleasure pains It's placed in your head my son Don't you know I will leave a last...

Imperium ( Nl ) - Left meaningless lyrics

We lay down ourselves in ignorant absensce No lasting word we will find as there is none For words we will crave Moments as they fail Answers seem to l...

Imperium ( Nl ) - Messiah mask lyrics

Questions burn Caught in persuasive rational words Take his hand And he will take away your hurts Vicious lies The so called chosen one decides Confusing Ensuring your ...

Imperium ( Nl ) - Play of compassion lyrics

I raise my hand to catch a thought within an imaginary word Their voice is not but still I hear Your sin I'll be, complicity will free you Hear me out and once again blee...

Imperium ( Nl ) - Silenced lyrics

They sound so loud and clear to me in hopeless distance But drowned in cynical laughs Determination waved goodbye and went away My eyes grew weary Silenced in a cold ...

Imperium ( Nl ) - Slip of tongue lyrics

So here it is my friend An invitation to this monologue of contradiction This display of emotions Makes you hunger for more Disposed of reason Listen to every word that ...

Imperium ( Nl ) - the things that were... lyrics

Minutes ticking away, it seems endlessly A desperate face, creative ways To extend the time The wait is sickening All that is gained, multiplied pain Soon will be gone ...

Imperium ( Nl ) - Too short a season lyrics

Sudden loss of time Dance to a weird symphony of Timeless acts in perfect sound Ìn perfect memories Placed in this position of stagnancy Logic Lost Prop...

Sebnem Ferah - Od lyrics

Saat kaç oldu, sabah mı? Aydınlık mıdır, karanlık mı?

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