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Black Hood Like Batman lyrics

Browse for Black Hood Like Batman song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Black Hood Like Batman lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Black Hood Like Batman.

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Oj Da Juiceman - Batman lyrics

with Jackie Chan, 09 like Batman Maserati, Lamborghini, ... Overseas with Jackie Chan, 09 like Batman Maserati, Lamborghini ... it with Juiceman Overseas like Mr. T, with Jackie Chan we

Nas lyricsNas - Black republican lyrics

Niggaz is mad and shit like Niggaz usually start rapping ... Yah [Jay-Z:] I feel like a black republican,money i ... in Can't turn my back on the hood, i got love for em Can't

Dorrough - Hood song lyrics

city (Dallas, Texas) From yo hood to my hood (say) Right now, I ... is You can take me from my hood But you can't take my hood ... from me I rep my hood it's understood Say what'chu

Lil' Scrappy - Black diamonds lyrics

hat Black shades Black diamonds Bla-bla-black ... diamonds [x3] [Chorus:] Black hat Black shades Black ... diamonds Bla-bla-black diamonds Black hat Black

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Black republicans lyrics

[Juelz Santana] I'm feelin' like a black Republican Naw, I ... can't call it More like a black Democrat runnin' 'em out of ... on ya I protect my land like a farmer Pockets stay chubby

Heimdall - Black heaven lyrics

- no light - also the moon is black Like her - like stars - I ... would like to disappear To melt in the ... falling down The start is like the end Welcome to my

Lonewolf - Black heaven lyrics

day" Oh can't they see: black heaven calls We are

The Game - Like father, like son lyrics

the hospital hall Deja vu, like I been here before I'm ... feeling reborn, like a Bed-Stuy brethren, my first ... minute's starting to feel like a second I seen Hell staring

B.o.b. - Batman flow (feat. donnis) lyrics

tippy toes So she take me in like her vitamins and minerals ... a bomb Leaping over barriers like this was a triathalon ... My shit was fading to black Niggas thought I was gothic

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Batman vs sherlock holmes lyrics

Batman: Nice hat, dork, you look like a duck I had Alfred read ... Cash You chump, I kick punks like you off the streets While ... So bring it on, bitch, I'm Batman! - Sherlock Holmes: I

Porcelain Black - One woman army lyrics

on the battlefield, like, oh, my god (oh, la la) ... Knockin’ soldiers down like house of cards (oh, la la) ... la) I pull up in a matte black supercar Like batman, yeah,

Jaden  Smith lyricsJaden Smith - Batman lyrics

yah! Batman, Batman, Batman Joker just put me on acid ... You on the wave like a Maverick You need to make ... something happen Batman, Batman, Batman Please put me on new

Omarion - Hood star (bow wow) lyrics

boy (who u talkin to) da hood love what i do respect what ... i do nigga i aint from a hoodstar cuz ur boy nice wit it ... describe how i feel man it;s like everytime i breathe i make a

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Batman lyrics

But if your money short like midgets Keep ya digits ... my nerve Get his wood down like a lumberjack Let the hood

International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Batman's a deadman lyrics

batman is a dead man Batman, batman is a dead man ... So spread your wings and fly Batman, batman is a dead man Batman ... batman is a dead man Batman, batman is a one dead man Batman, batman is a one dead man

The Who lyricsThe Who - Batman lyrics

Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman

Screen Team Show - Batman medley! lyrics

'em, get 'em, let's get the Batman! He's always ruining our ... But, let's get that..... Batman. If I was a psycho, I'd ... Ha ha ha ha! Hey, I don't like you, and this is crazy,

Goldentusk - Batman theme song lyrics

Light rest I am the Batman now. And noone can know my ... bold, Vigilante Or is it Batman? Which is the mask now? ... Arkham Asylum and I am the Batman now A caped crusader

Pellek - Batman cartoon theme lyrics

na Na, na, na, na, na, na, Batman! Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, ... na Na, na, na, na, na, na, Batman! Batman, Batman, Batman

N.o.r.e. - Black clouds lyrics

always asking questions man Like why y'all niggas so wild Y ... stay out of trouble man It's like black clouds be following us ... Deuce locked, he got 15 years like booth He just went up, shit

Maino - Hood love lyrics

when I come through Rollin' like a thug dude, top down, glidin ... in some new I got 'em like oh, oh, oh I get hood love, ... oh, oh, oh, hood love They see me in the hood and everywhere I'm good And

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Hood mentality lyrics

of the system Gangstas and hood rats are especially ... stunting mentality The hood is where I'm from but it's ... not what I am, The hood is where I'm from but it's

Rick Ross - "black man’s dream" lyrics

Ludacris - Chorus] See I'm black man chillin with my black man ... stride See batman, cruisin' in my black man ... you say I'm living out the black mans dream [repeated]

Liar - Batman lyrics

Gordan gives us the sign? BATMAN! Save us! Arkham, place of ... startin' screamin' loud! BATMAN! Save us! IN THE NIGHT, ... they're screamin' loud BATMAN! Save us! Easin', when you

Gorilla Zoe - Hood nigga lyrics

Man she say she want a hood nigga I keep the purp by ... yall know we run the town hood nigga and i keep a bad ... yellow, white, red, brown hood nigga and my chevy sittin

Juelz Santana - Black out lyrics

take it off Oh that look like what's her name, yeah what's ... a tip she give me bank head like [?] She tried to lock that ... p**** up, but I came through like bail bonds White seat, white

Compton's Most Wanted - Hood took me under lyrics

to tell. Peep, about how a black nigga was born in hell. And ... dope. Damn! And when its black on black, that makes it sh ... Cause when you grow up in the hood, you gots ta claim a set.

Maybach Music Group - Black on black lyrics

Hook: Ace Hood] Okay now guess who’s back ... In a black Maybach With a black card on me, better know it’s ... straight like that My nigga we black on black, black on black My Rolex

Lil´kim - Black friday lyrics

I put hands on this bitch like a spa massage We all know ... together gimmicks something like a collage Since you putting ... Clap clap, lift your frame like a f-cking garage, yeah This hood sh-t you and Drake ain’t

Lil Kim - Black friday lyrics

I put hands on this bitch like a spa massage We all know ... together gimmicks something like a collage Since you putting ... Clap clap, lift your frame like a f-cking garage, yeah This hood sh-t you and Drake ain’t

Kendrick Lamar - Hood politics lyrics

bitch, boo boo We was in the hood, 14 with the deuce deuce 14 ... years later going hard, like we used to on the dead homies ... no chain in this game your hood, your name in this game Now

Logic lyricsLogic - Black spiderman lyrics

Intro] Jesus, Black Jesus Jesus, Black Jesus ... it go now, what's up I feel like I don’t belong I feel like ... my life is wrong I feel like I don’t know what's up What

Jay Rock - Hood gone love it lyrics

ain't nuttin, you ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love ... it You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love ... block bumpin You ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love

Dorrough - Hood chick fetish lyrics

up Say, I admit I got a hood bitch fetish Lil' mama got a ... she talk Yeah, she from the hood, but she sure got class She ... be doin' her, everybody heard Hood hair styles makin' everybody

Kevin Michael - Hood buzzin lyrics

t work But we got the whole hood buzzin now [Chorus:] They ... We came up now the whole hood's buzzin Number one gold ... get it But we got the whole hood buzzin now Jump, bet you ain

Keke Palmer - Hood anthem lyrics

Know What It Means To Be Hood. They Think Ur Just A ... Feel Me Then Say: Yes I'm Hood H-O-O-D Dont Speak On It If ... It Means I Was Raised In The Hood Overcame In The Hood Not

Royce Da 5'9" - Hood love (feat. bun b, joell ortiz) lyrics

on, come on It ain't nothin like (like, like) Come on, come ... on Preme It ain't nothin like love from the hood (hood) ... Ain't no feelin like rollin through knowin you

Jibbs - Hood lyrics

up in da hood where the streets are cold ... u a visit Comin up in da hood where the streets are cold ... family po? Comin up in da hood watchin my homies take the

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Black & yellow (freestyle) lyrics

Sellin Shout Out To Wiz It's Black And Yellow Philly In The ... everything I do this for the Hood I'm reppin Philly everyday Black Ice, yellow chick Hella bad

Miracle Of Sound - Batman: arkham knight song: i am the night lyrics

I Am The Night A curtain call The wings are waiting for the night to fall Spread over the stage Can’t keep me out I’ve always pummeled through the doors of doubt Power...

Frontside - Batman hero lyrics

Jak jestem sobą to jestem nim, naprawdę nic mnie nie Niszczy, nie daje sobie rady, bo jestem silny, taki Stabilny, mały, wielki, czarny gość, mam dość! tych Wszy...

Lita Ford - Black lyrics

hot or cold or stark enough? Black, is it dirty or sad? Is it ... or cruel or broken or bad? Black, is it all you see When you ... eyes, you think of me? Black, black, black Black, is it

Lil' B - Hood played out lyrics

I'm a go f*** they bitch I'm like Skinny Pete, I'm on that ... m in Memphis, I'm a go to the hood I'm dope man, I'm the jack ... is the fellas that we in the hood I beat the 36, blast that 30

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Hood story lyrics

Dey wasz in dha greyhound Like in and out a town Movin coke ... by dha pound like Quess it didn't sOund rite ... Sed dhat keisha with dha real black lips Used to smoke dhat

Mary J Blige - Hood love lyrics

[Chorus:] Cause we got hood love I be cussin I be ... screamin Like it's over them I'm lovin ... s how we do You know that hood love is the good love That's

Porno For Pyros - Black girlfriend lyrics

all i really wanted was a black girlfriend they don't play ... smooth she against me my black girlfriend saw her on the ... but i'm staying with my black girlfriend drivin' thru

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Black mozart lyrics

chain and some coke Champion hood, the goodies in a brown bag, ... me, you thought I was broke Black, yo, I been hustling since ... RZA, you crazy man This that Black Mozart shit, right here

Juicy J - Like a pimp lyrics

nigga will haul Cause playas like me don't see nuttin funny ... have my mutherf***in money black eyes and bruisin up a face I ... wit a snow bunny I told her like this ask dat nigga you be

Jazmine Sullivan - #hood love lyrics

know that I'm ridin') That hood love (hood love) Is that ... good love (good love) That hood love (hood love) Is that ... know that I'm ridin') That hood love (hood love) Is that

Misery Index - Black sites lyrics

into wrists Swollen head in blackened hood, blinded blistered ... Power thirsts, power spreads, like tentacles from God Secrets, ... from DC Dropped on, Black Sites, erased from

J-k Won - Hood hop lyrics

Why's that? Trak Boy beats like a free bricker Caine on the ... I wish a nigga would run up like that Man I put that on the hood I'mma strike back And niggas

Lil' B - Hood stories lyrics

boys from the hood, that keep my life good If ... ice, Sliding through the hood with the heat on the cold ... had to this man do, Open up like a sand do, really heat like a

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Do it like this lyrics

can't, betcha can't do it like this I betcha can't, betcha ... can't do it like this I betcha can't, betcha ... can't rock it like this I betcha can't, betcha

Lola Monroe - Hood love lyrics

other down push that money like a carriage These bitch's ... how I managed Shit flip like cars so we put up them guards ... [Chorus:] Ain't nothin' like hood love I adored it for

Danzig - Black hell lyrics

gon’ rain down like black hell You don’t know what ... it’s like to be dead Imma teach you ... You gon’ learn how to live in black hell If there’s a demon in

Dead Or Alive - Black leather lyrics

am what I am And I like what I like And I like it on ... the back of a motor bike (Black Leather) When I was born I ... I am old enough to do what I like, I do big, heavy muscle boys

Heart - Black on black ii lyrics

say that opposites attract Like right and wrong, black on black Like pleasure and a little ... Ice and fire counteract Like black on black The oldest

Tamar Braxton - Black tears lyrics

man knows what it's like Crying a river, a river for ... love Seems like no one sees When a woman's ... so much in love And it seems like her best just ain't enough

The Click Five - Black boots lyrics

boots Black boots Black boots on So you got my ... meet I was lookin' sharp Like the rollin' stones And you ... You're blowin' up my phone Like where you at? You wanna go, - Black & white (english ver.) lyrics

White (English Version) (Black, black, black, white Black, black, black, white) Black & ... white, black & white, you and me’s like black & white I’m like

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