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Beyond The Black - Afraid of the dark lyrics

stop, it all starts again In the shadows I cast Silhouettes ... of the past Every day, I lie and ... I’m cured Even though I know they’re just empty words If there’s nowhere to turn Am I

Mkto - Afraid of the dark lyrics

it's going down) We go together like fire and dynamite when ... look out below When we touch the world explodes (Every time ... let you go Even if you're afraid of the dark Let's be

Phildel - Afraid of the dark lyrics

a cut-throat Losing blood, the weakness of, falling... In ... love... And I was never afraid of the dark, Until you, oh the weapon you make of my heart,

The Runaways Uk - Afraid of the dark lyrics

of the Dark ...................... ....

Angel Witch - Afraid of the dark lyrics

reality, in my own fear of, the dark. how can i live or ... when my lifes in wondrous of the man. im held here in ... in hell. what will become of me, my destiny? will i live

Farewell My Love - Afraid of the dark lyrics

out the devils that speak out inside ... your mind You'll bleed out the evil's that shout out, that ... you (wanting more serenity) The best you make of this lies

Short Stack - Are you afraid of the dark lyrics

m an explosion A little off-set She's a commosion, ... you holla? Are you affraid of the dark, Are you affraid of ... her? [CHORUS] Her little black dress Is like a lightning

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Jeannie's afraid of the dark lyrics

almost every night Her soft little face would be wet from ... She'd hold out her arms, then she'd climb in beside us In ... with you 'Cause Jeannie's afraid of the dark& One day in the summer, we took some flowers

Beth  Crowley lyricsBeth Crowley - The dark lyrics

me Moments before I hit the ground And I hear Voices ... to run away Yet I see Not black and white but silver and gray ... t let me fall I gaze up at the midnight sky Can't find a

Bejelit - The haunter of the dark lyrics

the black church of this dark city He sees from that ... with his red eyes Came from the emptyness, where the stars ... are dead He's the messenger of the other Gods

Bed & Breakfast - Afraid of the end lyrics

on my own alone Staring into the candlelight So afraid that ... t I can't set you free So afraid of the end You would never ... can't I can't let you go So afraid of the end Day is dawning the lights go out Will my

Morrissey - The teachers are afraid of the pupils lyrics

When your spirit's on trial These nights can be frightening ... transports sadness To some other mid-brain And somebody here ... next year So you stand by the board Full of fear and

Pagan Altar - The rising of the dark lord lyrics

beasts of Hell just lick his hand All ... Long lost worlds with spires of gold Where the land was cleft and auroras rolled. ... for a thousand dreams Seas of fire with sulphur spray The

Bobby Darin - Black coffee lyrics

Haven’t slept a wink I walk the floor an’ watch the door In ... between I drink Black coffee… Love’s a hand-me-down ... room Been talkin’ to the shadows One o’clock ‘til

Brooks Elkie - Black coffee lyrics

another nickel in, in the nickelodeon All I want is ... Closer, my dear come closer The nicest part of any melody Is ... dancing close to me Put another nickel in, in the

For All Those Sleeping - The midnight society lyrics

to see it We'll get out of this, we'll get out of this ... before death? Are you afraid of the dark? My eyes are ... your hand but I cannot hold them back Are you afraid of the dark? I promise you we'll make it

Jeff Beck - Live in the dark lyrics

m not afraid of the dark If we gotta live in the dark ... We will live in the dark Won't see me dying in the ... light I will live in the dark I'm not afraid of the dark

Megan Landry - Dancing with the dark lyrics

m not afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of what's in it, Stayin' up ... all night talking to the monster in my closet, Mama ... in your head Well me and the boogie man are the best of

Rhapsody Of Fire - The mystic prophecy of the demonknight lyrics

the darkness they crossed the marsh and entered the frozen ... a secret path was cut into the rock a labyrinth a twisted ... misty haze Open Your heart then your mind's eye Khaas'

Lower Than Atlantis - Scared of the dark lyrics

is, Afraid of the unknown, I don't know what the night brings, When I'm alone ... The lamp's on, It's always been ... say, That I'm still scared of the dark at my age, It's not

Nightstalker - The boogieman plan lyrics

afraid of the dark at night I’m afraid I’m ... miss my ride I’m so scared of the other me I’m my own ... worst enemy I’m afraid of the voodoo dolls I’m afraid of the wooden cross I’m afraid of

Rhapsody Of Fire - Queen of the dark horizons lyrics

PER URLARE LA SENTENZA The witches are riding, wolfs ... howl at the moo whilecandles are ... lighting the black mess of fools The daughter of evil the mistress of shame her tomb

3 Feet Smaller - Alone in the dark lyrics

of the dark a sunny day, what a ... art I can't survive the night's haunting me, I'm ... just don't leave me alone in dark it's haunting me down

Cauldron Born - People of the dark circle lyrics

walked into a blackened room all eyes ablaze upon ... chill tear up my spine as the child gazed upon me Pulled ... out into the abyss voices calling me ... Falling out into the abyss brought this festival

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Night of the hunter lyrics

du chasseur) I was born of the womb Of a poisonous man ... and broken And chased from the land But I rise up above it ... I was hung from a tree Made of tongues of the weak The

Gloria Estefan - Coming out of the dark lyrics

be afraid if I'm not alone Though life ... is never easy the rest is unknown Up to now ... what to believe Coming out of the dark, i finally see the ... s shining on me Coming out of the dark I know the love that

Majesty - Children of the dark lyrics

Ohohoh, Ohohoh Ohohoh We are the children of the dark Ohohoh ... Ohohoh, Ohohoh Ohohom We are the children of the dark Deep ... inside the blackest storm the castaways unite A gathering of the lonely souls We all

Roy Orbison - The only one lyrics

been through it You bite the bullet, then you chew it Tie ... the knot at the end of your rope Buy a book to help ... gonna come, you're the only one Take a look

Panos - Panos t ft. mashup-germany - top of the pops .. lyrics

pitch, it's bringing me out the dark Without you Never do the same Oh, sometimes I get a ... no Tonight we gon' be it on the floor Hello Ge-ge-e jo jo

Sadist - The abyss lyrics

in the deep I want to see what ... happens Under the trees reflected in the days of summer Who's afraid of the dark lake doesn't have to follow ... Dead and resurrection on the day of ice Down there where

Dark Moor - The dark moor lyrics

the legend, there's a magic place That could ... nobody find it's trace Land of darkness, land of forlorn ... all is mystic all along (The Traveller) Where I am? Lost

Intruder - Agents of the dark (m.i.b.) lyrics


Lord Of The Lost - Black lolita lyrics

– You're not a creature of god Black Lolita – You have ... been sent from the dark Black Lolita – Came to seduce and ... to trap Black Lolita – Apples of eden in

Brocas Helm - Warriors of the dark lyrics

wind is made of thunder The dark is made of dreams The ... wizards ride the hills tonight Doing battle ... And against a spear of lightning A figure rides the

Cloud Cult - The show starts now lyrics

physicist and the mystic say there's no such thing as time. ... so hard to find? I wanna be the guy who lives in the moment, ... to do not what you're made of." They say we're made of chaos. I say we're made of

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Day of the dead lyrics

run, here we come It's the day of the dead [Johnny 3 ... Tears] We come from a world of oblivion, bad dreams I got ... really bad, I'm just made up of bad things I'm really not a

Nightcore - Day of the dead (hollywood undead) (anti nigh.. lyrics

run, here we come It's the day of the dead (J3T) We ... come from a world of oblivion, bad dreams I got ... really bad, I'm just made up of bad things I'm really not a

Rawhead Rexx - Dark ages and return of the dragon lyrics

blood And soon it will water the ground The tears all like ... rain in the garden of pain Brightness is fading ... away The army in black is coming back Return of the

Beyond The Black - Halo of the dark lyrics

in heaven, a glimpse at the stars Lost in insanity, ... nothing left but our love The night falls around us May ... kiss light up my heart Under the halo, under the halo of the dark The nightmares, they found

Bob Catley - Fear of the dark lyrics

Not a sound disturbs the peace on "Middle Earth ... quot; And the cold gloom seems timeless ... go to start again? Now the full moon is climbing

Mono Inc. - Children of the dark lyrics

Of The Dark We’re nothing like you a ... wall in black we’re nothing like you and ... nothing like you we dare the flow we’re nothing like you ... know who we are In a land of seals and sorrow we kept

Cloven Hoof - Call of the dark ones lyrics

mystic rite, secret cove in the dead of night. Tolling bell ... summoning, accursed brood to the gathering. Witching hour ... evil stalks the land, fog devours the

Disneymania - Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? by b5 lyrics

B5,the big bad wolf Huh the big bad wolf Yeah c'mon,the ... wolf,B5,yo yo yo yo From the throw there were 3 little ... hats and piggy wigs For the big bad wolf,the very bad big

Dream Theater - The dark eternal night lyrics

one dared to Speak of the terrible danger The hideous ... ancient warnings Forged in the void of night He is risen ... up Out of the blackness Chaos The last of the

Lords Of Black - Out of the dark lyrics

when it hit my heart And for the first time I just knew You ... I ever had You, you were the only place where I could ... my soul apart But now, in the darkest night There's no

Aeternom - Princess of the dark lyrics

years ago, a battle of the light's been fought. For the ... victory of the lords thousands of souls ... have been killed by a strike of their axes and swords No

Astral Doors - Reiders of the dark lyrics

Mother Mary, the right way is scary Stay out; ... I will beware Hail Mother Mary, the loving and caring ... I stand on the edge of the stair Fast rolls on the

Electric 6 - Be afraid of the robot lyrics

wanna go where the badgers go You wanna see ... sister Dont be afriad of the robot Dont be afraid of the ... robot Dont be afraid of my love You wanna go where

Rhapsody Of Fire - The dark tower of abyss lyrics

your wings to dark orizons fly where the ... reigns Mighty Tharos cross the line of hell it'so near ... Lost in the shadow I search for my sun ... Fly and face it before the new moon there where chaos

Lauren Christy - Adult afraid of the light lyrics

back to me now darlin' The things that I hide from are ... now I see it, I see it clear The truth is here, So come on ... 'Cause I was not a child afraid of darkness But an Adult Afraid Of The Light It's all

Gojira - The heaviest matter of the universe lyrics

to free Myself from this In the heart of the dark My face ... Don't know how to Reach the light But I feel so bad ... a freak in a cage Open the door Enter your heart You

Mactatus - King of the dark side lyrics

the dark night Shine the twisted moonlight Blessed by ... Satan I dwell in the depths of hell Force from the devil in ... struggle with the light Soon the throne of god will disappear

Morbus Chron - Deformation of the dark matter lyrics

mass Augmentation of the hole Ended by deglusion ... Flow freely Promoted to the Nether Deformation of the Dark Matter..

Montany - Out of the dark + back from the sky lyrics

+ In my dreams your big black eyes just keep staring at me ... face before All alone in the galaxy is that the way it ... ll set us free Where are they now, where are the aliens

Myka Relocate - Useless (ft. tyler "telle" smith of the word .. lyrics

you never will This is for the ones that are too blind to ... see How much more of this bullshit I am meant to ... mind It must be hard to be the one To be the one that lives

Inquisition - Command of the dark crown lyrics

and fire of the cosmic eye Take me to where the wisdom lies Ancient crown of ... the blackest thrones, grant me power of fury and death Crystal gods ... smash with might by command of the crown I serve King and

Mandowar - Fear of the dark - iron maiden cover lyrics

alone And when I'm walking a dark road At night or strolling ... through the park When the light begins to change I ... A little anxious when it's dark Fear of the dark, fear of the dark I have constant fear

Seelennacht - The dark priest lyrics

I will convey you through the dark So let me be your ... I will protect you from the coldness I will comfort you ... tonight So let me show you the way to salvation On my way

All Stars United - Fear of the dark (cover) lyrics

alone And when I'm walking a dark road At night or strolling ... through the park When the light begins to change I ... A little anxious when it's dark Fear of the dark, fear of the dark I have a constant fear

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Fear of the dark lyrics

alone when I'm walking a dark road At night or strolling ... through the park When the light begins to change I ... A little anxious when it's dark Fear of the dark Fear of the dark I have a constant fear

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