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Qntal - Blac lyrics

is the colour that is good, so say I and many mo; ... blac is my hat, blac is my hood blac is all that ... longeth therto. Summe men sayen that I am blac - it is a

Heilung - Fylgija ear lyrics

bleibt Ekel jedem Edeling Wenn faulendes Fleisch sich gaert Grund klagt grausam ... kuehlend Fahren die Gaben hin verfaulen Garben Freude bricht fort Vertraege brechen

Dark Moor - Walhalla lyrics

can be back from that forgotten land The furthest one, ... the blac, Lonely and gloomy sand The ... bridge's narrow and thin The sentry waits patiently ... People to pass it In despair but valiantly No one

Gipsy - Welcome to prague lyrics

sikh akanutňipenestar …These gipsy kids ... you down… …No doubt… Praha hin daj, amare, gejľa …Welcome to Prague, we rule this town… ... Openin´ my vision be the one of the spectrum I kick Microphone check, all

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - A bird in the hand lyrics

Big Bird: Sesame Street] Hey look ... at this! I was cleaning out my nest and I found a ... book of my old poetry [Ice Cube] Fresh out of school ... cause I was a high school grad gots to get a

Nivea - Okay (remix) (red-cup version) lyrics

The Dream] Had to do a remiz for tha West side pimp That ... s it now shawty peep this my girls with me on the floor to ... get 'em with that remix that say Okay (okay) Okay (okay) Okay

Coolio - Smilin' lyrics

Chorus:] You got me smilin' again you got me smilin ... again smilin' again you got me smilin', again [Rhyme 1 ... ] One night of pleasure nine months of pain three days

Ja Rule - Only begotten son lyrics

who believeth in Ja Shall not be condemned ... But he that believeth not Is condemned already Only ... because He has not believed In the man and the only begotten son My Lord [chorus]

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Lil' ghetto boy (ft. snoop dogg and dat nigga.. lyrics

up, jumped out my bed Hung in a 2 man cell wit my homie Lil 1/2 Dead Murder was the ... that they gave me Dear God, I wonder can you save me I'm ... only 18, so I'm a young buck It's a ride, if I don't scrap, I'm getting stuck But that's

Kurupt - Cwalk lyrics

Intro:] Yeah, this for the west coast cd Let ... me clear my throat Check it out, check it out, check it ... out We gonna drop it like this This album is the best of

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Lil' ghetto boy (featuring daz & snoop dogg) lyrics

Intro - Speaker] {*crowd in background*} So, all of you ... Africans All of you Africans that wanna do thangs ... that's workin for other people Y'all need

Outlawz - Nobody cares lyrics

Kastro] (talking) Hmm, damn, I feel ya Turn, nope, don't ... Yeah, don't nobody care Sometime it get like that (When it ... feel like don't nobody care) It seems like nobody care (nope

Lil' Phat - Nba ballers lyrics

Pimp C:] My dick sweet like a butter cookie, make em say sookie sookie How ya gon be ... broke with a million dolla nookie I heard a ... p**** nigga say I ain't a mack and ain't a stud

D12 - Revelation lyrics

Chorus] I don't wanna go to school.. I don't need no ... education I don't wanna be like you.. I don't wanna save ... the nation I just wanna live my life.. everyday a

Heilung - Futhorck lyrics

byth frofur fira gehwylcum sceal dheah ... manna gehwylc miclun hyt daelan gif he wile ... for drihtne domes hleotan Ur byth ... felafrecne deor feohteþ mid hornum maere morstapa

Outkast - Git up, git out lyrics

Chorus:] Nigga, you need to git up, git out and git somethin ... Don't let the days of your life pass by You need to git up ... git out and git somethin Don't spend all your time

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