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Emmure - Bison diaries lyrics

This place shall become your grave. Behold my psycho power. Cleanse myself of guilt and doubt. I'll put you straight into the ground! I'm no demon. I am a...

Ashia - Prosto do nieba (ashia & the bison rouge ) lyrics

Nigdy nie lubiłam czekolady pomarańczy albo szampana Życie było trudne i twarde: patrząc na niebo czuć się w piekle Ale kartofle, tłusta śmietana kurczak na stole, ...

3oh!3 - Dragon backpack lyrics

A eagle sweatshirt, A bison handkerchief, A dragon ... A eagle sweatshirt, A bison handkerchief, A dragon ... A eagle sweatshirt, A bison handkerchief, A dragon

30h!3 - Dragon backpack lyrics

shirt A eagle sweatshirt A bison handkerchief A dragon ... shirt A eagle sweatshirt A bison handkerchief A dragon ... shirt A eagle sweatshirt A bison handkerchief A dragon

Echo & The Bunnymen - Bedbugs and ballyhoo lyrics

and bison Bison and buffalo Cannonball and ... again no no no Buffalo and bison Bison and buffalo

Dance Gavin Dance - Burning down the nicotine armoire pt. 2 lyrics

are? (Your licensed M. Bison got stabbed with a five ... existence (Your licensed M. Bison got stabbed with a five ... are? (Your licensed M. Bison got stabbed with a five

Ronnie Drew - Bagpipe music lyrics

and their walls with heads of bison. John MacDonald found a

Emmure - Last words to rose lyrics

am Bison and you are Rose Sent here

Fruit Bats - Glass in your feet lyrics

Chestnut mares and the bison herds and the poison toads in

Jedi Mind Tricks - Dead march lyrics

tracks and attack like M. Bison Elohim, f*** the pagans - we

Kdrew - Flying bass kick [ nickelz] lyrics

dragon. Kick like Chun-Li or Bison though. Rap type constrict

Matt & Kim - I wanna lyrics

I wanna bring back the bison I wanna try I wanna close

Pinhead Gunpowder - Buffalo lyrics

in the park Watching the bison mope Once a proud and noble

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Mellowship slinky in b major lyrics

Born to adore the big bad bison Thunderstorms and a man like

Syd Barrett - Effervescing elephant lyrics

a herd Of stupid water bison, oh yeah! And all the

Bison B.c. - An old friend lyrics

This song of saints, swings low I cannot speak, can't let go Living through death, life's unknown My silence grows My silence is not for you My broken heart is not ...

Bison B.c. - Anxiety puke / lovelessness lyrics

Wretched retching reeling Foul sinking feeling No love here, none at all And my rapture breaks Love came for me My love will kill me While I shudder and shrink, co...

Bison B.c. - Blood music lyrics

Take the music, take our blood Take the life from our love Take the poison and remain None forgiven, chaos reigns Music of blood, is becomes was Fighting with ...

Bison B.c. - Cancer rat lyrics

Crawling up now from the underground Light, sweet crude owns the power now Creepin on through to the money house Gotta give in just to make it out Business, it build...

Bison B.c. - Clozapine dream lyrics

Voices are screaming Ghosts are calling me Did I tremble awake Or am I just dreaming Clozapine dream There are hands on me Tear through the static seas I am...

Bison B.c. - Dark skies above lyrics

Darkened ship, ending its flight Killing your god, black out the light A visitor slips from dark sky above It's judgement on us, the return of love Evolution ...

Bison B.c. - Dark towers lyrics

Dark towers, grave robbers Dark powers, die slower Gears turning, souls burning Hearts breaking Dark towers, grave diggers Sick f***ers, kill lovers Blood running, f...

Bison B.c. - Die of devotion lyrics

Vagabonds of the old war, drink and fight and f*** some more. Feel the pull, like lover's prize. Feel a hate lovers find, pulling in a new bride. Drunken sleep an...

Bison B.c. - Earthbound lyrics

The sun goes down on a Western sky We all get together to live and die Shoot yourself with the better lie Did our mothers think we could be so high? Earthbound Cl...

Bison B.c. - Fear cave lyrics

There have been some nights That didn't end so well An evil that lurks in the woods Compels me to drag you through hell The shadow self waits For the ...

Bison B.c. - Finally asleep lyrics

Slip away through tired revenge Falling through the moment Before life and death both end Some carved out dreaming Lost in the weather Cutting through the cold ...

Bison B.c. - Last and first things lyrics

Last and first things, true nature sings Got it the first time, what does this time bring Burn my wings off, dig myself a hole Cut my hands off, for the things...

Bison B.c. - Melody, this is for you lyrics

Melody, this is for you and it seemed we never loved you. Enemies through and through, swallowing your f***ing tune. Sit and shake, eyes awake, the feeling breaks all...

Bison B.c. - Primal emptiness of outer space lyrics

On our voyage, a distant sun Our planet's dead, our battle's done Our place in time has come undone Plot our course, the planet Earth Into the past, ...

Bison B.c. - Quiet earth lyrics

End our days, sick with fear The dog of war, lurking near Last embrace, final vow Setting forth, the quiet Earth On and on and on Death becomes the dawn Hand o...

Bison B.c. - Slow hand of death lyrics

Evil lies Souls of fire Master plan Death of man Hands of time Slit your wrists Bleeding out, a fragrant kiss Death it comes, crashing in Slow hand of death No remo...

Bison B.c. - Stokasaurus lyrics

The world is a weapon Ending this season New days arising Chaos Suprising Young weary Soldier Soon this is Over Epilogue of Modesty Swaggering Catastrophe Pray...

Bison B.c. - Stressed elephant lyrics

No pills for our sake, we journey to a different grave. Hunted and beautiful, the darkest, the true. Work place, a sin, let the dancing begin. Our dead will rise with...

Bison B.c. - Take the next exit lyrics

Let's share this weight, our terrible fate. We made mistakes, with death we find our grace. Take the next exit. Under the weight of this, hands cut, clenching ...

Bison B.c. - The curse lyrics

Long ago in days of yore There was a town found way up north There was a coldness in the air For all the people who lived there Were being held prisoner By a wizard ...

Bison B.c. - These are my dress clothes lyrics

Bodies are burning, your love it ain't earning Arms are out reaching, our birth should have stayed in Down in the wasteland of our town a showdown Finding ...

Bison B.c. - Two-day booze lyrics

Standing at dawn, watching the end ‒ of beauty, identity, immunity. The end is something to live for, Vancouver's an empty bottle. Our dying thirst causing problems. We s...

Bison B.c. - Wartime lyrics

So let us stand up, and take a vow Rip your heart out and pass it round This city, was built by pigs And those pigs love their king Rise, rise and fall The king, fears ...

Bison B.c. - Wendigo pt.2 (cursed to roam) lyrics

Human heart growing cold Spirit beast has possessed my soul Cursed to roam Legend of long ago Evil has taken a hold Searching the tundra for frozen caves To escape the d...

Bison B.c. - Wendigo pt.3 (let him burn) lyrics

Run. Wholly consumed, awaiting my doom Forsaken to roam, devouring souls Run. A village light appears in the night I've been here before, so familiar From shadows I see ...

Bison B.c. - Wendigo pt.1 (quest for fire) lyrics

The boreal breaks into barren lands I told them not to trust these Indians Now we seem to have lost our way Our guide has gone, we are left astray The wind blew in...

Edenbridge - Cheyenne spirit lyrics

in the prairie the bison dared to roam The crying of

Gaelic Storm - The bear and the butcher boy lyrics

Topside, rump or flank Bison, goat, rummed and broiled

Gwar - The litany of the slain lyrics

tried Bloody Mary crushed by bison Kicked the shit out of Mike

Jace Hall - Jace hall - street fighter lyrics

Then there's ABEL, SAGAT, BISON AND SETH fighting like

Craig Mack - Do you have what it takes lyrics

USSR will stomp ya Now M. Bison had this plan And had the

Necro - Brutalized lyrics

I’m a street fighter like M. Bison I might bite you like Tyson,

Running Wild - Uaschitschun lyrics

Badland's growing and the bison's gone Uaschitschun tell me

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Dark riders lyrics

Salt, Eye of Newt, Horn of Bison I've sworn allegiance to the

Vinnie Paz lyricsVinnie Paz - Cheesesteaks lyrics

why the Vicodin gone A bison is born, army of God, Michael

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