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Dispatched - Mechanical lyrics

f***ed can it be - a life without breed A ... sleeping mind - is all I can find Machines made of steel ... - what can they feel? My wildest fears ... - I burst into tears MECHANICAL! MECHANICAL! Built

Dispatched - Beneath the world of chaos lyrics

smallest ripple is making a storm Breaking the silence, ... making a roar Raising rage, collecting hate The world ... is on fire, in flames into smoke Cities into ashes, towns burnt to the

Dispatched - Cyber lyrics

- Karlsson I’m in the inner ... lonely From the public domain But there are more than ... pictures More than any friends I go by myself ... Into hyper space The world is black ‘n

Dispatched - Terrorizer lyrics

came from nowhere, far away From a distant planet, ... hidden among the stars I seek life, to bear my ... child To feed my breed, that's all I need Don't fight me

Dispatched - Awaiting the end lyrics

bells scream out the message to me That the counting ... hour is here I'm waiting for my last day Just ... sitting awaiting on the floor For death ... to pick up my soul 'Cos it's a request from the other door

Dispatched - I am thy lord lyrics

into the ground Born in caves, raised in the ground ... of light Bereft the chance to touch the sun I have ... to wonder, I have to see I have to feel what's really there

Dispatched - Rebellion lyrics

have passed the stop sign years ago... And there's no ... retreat! I've fought my way, all to the top... But there's ... no one left to defeat! In stormy clouds and heavy

Dispatched - Red zone lyrics

- shuttering around Gathering - to join the red Walking - into the Red Zone Walking - into the Red Zone ... Liars - waiting for chances To grow - headless

Dispatched - Waste some steel lyrics

Screaming for war Get ready to fight Get ready, get ... straight Death squads Of iron and blood Running ... this way Waste them I say Hi-tech weapons A mind

Dispatched - You only know life lyrics

we know is life And after that, who can tell Thinking about the darkside, wondering ... how it is To leave the body, to find the ... unknown Is there another place, or is it a lie Just

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