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Beyond The Heaven My Feet Is Sustain In Thee By Theophilus Sunday lyrics

Browse for Beyond The Heaven My Feet Is Sustain In Thee By Theophilus Sunday song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Beyond The Heaven My Feet Is Sustain In Thee By Theophilus Sunday lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Beyond The Heaven My Feet Is Sustain In Thee By Theophilus Sunday.

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Relient K. - My cape is stuck in the phone booth lyrics

do I do That amounts to anything at all wake me if I fall... asleep My goals are what they should be but my mind will have to change and see things another way I'll be Taken a bull by the horns take the action in this world Jumping into the ring

40 Below Summer - My name is vengeance lyrics

hated, fighting the urge No more I've given my pound of flesh At least I have a purpose It's putting you to rest No, it's just the beginning For what you've done to me I will allow you to leave only after you f***ing bleed This is retaliat

Galderia - Beyond the cosmic winds lyrics

: The door to salvation lies inside the heart of human being. The key is in his hands. The choice belongs to him. Someday we'll fly Someday we'll return to the sky Into the glory, the power, the spirit will arise After the wars, after the madness and the lies Mankind will

Legacy ( Mex ) - Beyond the gates lyrics

Here behind these walls Lonliness betrays Smothered by your thoughts Self imposed hatred portrayed Hidden from the world Shame in discovery The death of a soul Drowning her in memories of Pre Chorus: Everything you say or do is a sin Everything you ever knew is a lie E

Nordheim (can) - Beyond the howling north lyrics

and controlled by wind she wipes Out the warm Unbearable coldness defying my life... i fear Mountains stand, majestic, we are charmed by The beauty of the north A dark charisma in a land so pale is killing me Her mouth shouts the snow Her veins bleed the wind Her

God Is An Astronaut - Beyond the dying light lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Doro Pesch - Beyond the trees lyrics

the trees Natures reign is ending Children unattended freeze Beyond the trees The world is so much colder dreams turn into soldiers and bleed The earth is turning Kings are burning The missions down to the ground as time passes cold bastards frighten

Chic - My feet keep dancing lyrics

dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing, dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing, dancing I need some help, I get beside myself And I got so many things in life to do Like, reach for a star Or maybe s

Sinister - Beyond the unholy grave lyrics

of evil Haunting your soul Laying in peace, Taking my corpse Demeaning it was hell Drink it all to death Trying to resist it, Slow unholy breath Beyond the unholy grave Beyond the unholy grave Beyond the unholy grave Screaming in silence, W

Death By Stereo - Beyond the blinders lyrics

take another one in the back You take another one in the teeth I've got a veil over my eyes This f***ing country won't let me see I'll take this knife out of my back and stab it straight into the heart Of a country that was built on lies an

Death - Beyond the unholy grave lyrics

of evil Haunting your soul Laying in peace Taking my corpse The meeting that was held on the graveyard of death Trying to resist it Slowly rotting flesh Beyond the unholy grave Screaming in silence Within mystery Inside is spilled With your

Morbid Saint - Beyond the gates of hell lyrics

tomb twists the key Hellish pit awaiting me Judgment day forever gone Sinful tortures just begun Beyond the gates of hell Lurking in the dark Forever I will be Beyond the gates of hell In the pit the pain he gives Laughing at my plea to live Magic circle which I dwell T

Six By Seven - My life is an accident lyrics

m not a doctor I'm not a lawyer I'm not an actor And I'm not a priest I'm not a hostess Waiting to f*** you I'm not a waiter I wanna be served So give me the menu I don't want the meal 'cause I'm not a buyer Of anything cheap All that I live

Dj Ötzi - My bonnie is over the ocean lyrics

bonnie is over the ocean MY bonnie is over the sea MY bonnie is over the ocean oh bring back my bonnie to me. MY bonnie is over the ocean MY bonnie is over the sea MY bonnie is over the ocean oh bring back my bonnie to me. Bring back, bring back,

Rotting Cock - My asshole is not with me anymore lyrics

I was young and happy I used to play in forest Raping trees with chainsaw Until something happened That changed my life But it’s nothing important I have had many sluts And had got something in common We can trust each other And I cannot be a faggot My

Project Arcadia - My name is fear lyrics

the darkest corners of your mind I hide and watch every move you make And even though you may not realize All your life you've been my slave Bridge 1: I can make you go insane I'm like poison in your veins You can't escape from my stranglehold But I'm t

Crucified Barbara - My heart is black lyrics

knife cuts deeper than a hammer's fall but the pain is the same when you're losing it all Check out the fading star in the sky The eightball says it's time to die The lucky one cryng I've got blood on my hands Never been a figther But I'll do it if takes I'm a f***ed up

The Hives - My time is coming lyrics

hear the whisper in the wind You hear that I've come back again Thought I was dead and gone but my light's still on And my time is coming You see I grew up in a hole Squeezing diamonds out of coals I'm the 7th son, I'm the only one And I'm on the rise I'm electr

Light Your Anchor - The old men and the scene lyrics

mind is anchored in time, where we lived the stolen phrases that you scream when did talk get's so cheap And now I feel like Ernest I am the old man and the scene every time I hear them talk my heart screams blaspheme I give up everything just to sing right here Hate it or love it wel

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Thats the way my love is lyrics

say that life ain't easy They'll say your life's a crime Destroy up all good reason How I'm alive They'll say that nothing matters Not even your will to survive Of course I love you baby 'Cause I'm alive Yes, I'm alive Whenever I call you out Wh

Skyclad - The sky beneath my feet lyrics

come ye young of Hamlyn--you who know my tune so well, Where it beckons you must follow--be it Heaven (be it Hell). Forget your mothers grieving as I pipe you down the street, With a shilling in my pocket--and the sky beneath my feet. Chameleons bask in the 'arc-lite' reflection--a

Crescendo Of Pain - Beyond the pain lyrics

Beyond the pain threshold - Day by day I can see sorrows of life come down on me. Melancholy itself lies dormant in my eyes and none of passions may cure my bitter indifference ... my bitter indifference! Cutting steal reveals gateways of which I hav

Beyond The Bridge - The apparition lyrics

Old Man:] How can a single drop perceive the whole surrounding sea? For being part, it will receive a higher cause to be How can a simple man reveal the world before he dies? True spirits, come, hear my appeal Sever the bonds of lies! [Spirit:] I heard your call Iʼm a spirit of

Hymn - My faith looks up to thee lyrics

faith looks up to thee, thou Lamb of Calvary, Savior divine! Now hear me while I pray, take all my guilt away, O let me from this day be wholly thine! May thy rich grace impart strength to my fainting heart, my zeal inspire! As thou hast died for me, O

Demonic Resurrection - Beyond the darkness lyrics

aeons have come and gone Over landscapes and textures the wind moves their way Time had laid bare the origin of the One The cloud of deceit through which we cannot see your face I hold the key that opens the gates to realms beyond Beyond the darkness

The New Cities - Far beyond lyrics

clouds over me, I’m paranoid I can’t shake the ground beneath my feet Stuck in between The right and wrong way of admitting my defeat So much confusion Disillusion of what we’re supposed to be There’s no solution It’s the point of view we’re all too blind t

Keldian - Beyond the stars lyrics

s a voice inside me A distant memory I know I've lived before The elder world has fallen To an age of wars The tide has turned again By the mercy of our sins we live our lives In a world made of dreams Open your eyes Release your astral tie

B. J. Thomas - Beyond the sunset lyrics

the sun-set O blissful morning When with our Savior Heaven's just begun Earth's toiling end-ed O glorious dawning Beyond the sun-set when day is done Beyond the sun-set no clouds will gather No storms will threaten no fears annoy O day of glad-ness

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Beyond the end lyrics

up from the alarm, I lift my body from the bed "What a shame everyday..." sighing as i brush my teeth Walking calmly down the road, I turn my eyes to see the sky Instantly a warm ray of light covered and drove me to sleep When i

Cans - Beyond the gates lyrics

told me to wait Now I'm alone outside the gate My eyes are bleeding visions fade away The sun came to late Time is here to seal my fate In pain inside the purgatory flames Now open gate let me in, let me stay I'm turning away from the light

Joacim Cans - Beyond the gates lyrics

told me to wait Now I'm alone outside the gate My eyes are bleeding visions fade away The sun came to late Time is here to seal my fate In pain inside the purgatory flames Now open gate let me in, let me stay I'm turning away from the light of the day I'll never

Power Quest - Beyond the stars lyrics

through shadows down the night of memory lane Think of the past I'm reminded once again A place where the people had gathered as one Their spirit provided a haven for all Darkness may cover the land far away Visions uncover the past once again My sou

Blue Öyster Cult - In thee lyrics

I'll see you again baby And maybe I won't Maybe you've bought your ticket Gone back to Detroit Airplanes make strangers of us all Give us distance Much too easily. Jim says some destinies Should not be delivered But you and I seen now baby That still they are Winning it make

Evans Blue - Beyond the stars lyrics

me Surrender my control Searching for the death of my own soul I bleed, but far beneath My cover keeps the red from leaking I'm bleeding on the inside The fear before the fall I'm 6 feet above the next time I lose it all! Keep your silence or Re

Beyond The Period - Beyond the period lyrics

can´t stop it, is the end of your life. All the conscience rotten six feet under, losing everything that now is nothing and unreal. Never be able to understand what is die. Feel the quietness in this new condition, nebulous flies and beyond the comm

Chimaira - Beyond the grave lyrics

seen the signs But I’ve ignored them Sickness has taken my soul This force deep inside has led me to this day I no longer want to be their slave I’m not meant for heaven or hell So what waits for me beyond the grave? I see the light Shining before me Fearless I’ll walk

Deathchain - In the crypt of vengeance lyrics

my dreams of the black I'm dwelling within The place beyond my memories It's haunting me As I'm walking down the steps made of stone I remember The curse I was once set out to cast from below I know the doctrines of left hand path - those sec

Impending Doom - Beyond the grave lyrics

are heavens unexpected We are the forgotten faces We are heavens unexpected We are the forgotten faces We are heavens unexpected We are the forgotten faces We are heavens unexpected We are the forgotten faces Walking roads that seem to never end Becoming the dead bones - Beyond the world (original.version) lyrics

can feel the waves, rolling on the shore. I can feel the sand, trickling down my back. I can feel the sun, burning my bright skin. I can feel the wind, blowing through my hair. I can feel the freedom of a new day. I can feel yesterday dripping away. all my

Savatage - Beyond the doors of the dark lyrics

to me children of the night Beyond the doors of darkness you will find A thousand worlds for you to see here Take my hand and follow me, oh Beyond the doors of the dark Demon in your heart Scream and thrash your head Turn around now you're dead Un

Draconian - Heaven laid in tears (angels' lament) lyrics

the skies, they're full of lies... in disguise Behold the skies, they're full of lies... in disguise O, creator, so long we have fallen to our knees So long we have murdered our honor, while protecting thine Behold the skies, they're full of lies... in disguise Behold the skies, t

Armory - Beyond the horizon lyrics

running out to survive Existence, uncertain to carry on Comets of fire raining down Shrouding the coming dawn The chosen few are assigned To leave our stars behind Light-speed they fly to distant skies Will they find their destined land? They’re the ones to save t

Deinonychus - The fragant thorns of roses lyrics

mother nature sweep me up in her infinite arms Let her carry my burden, this sorrowful dirge is to comfort her Her sweet night lullaby will sooth my sadness And I'll dream the passions once again, for all my dreams are but of her And let the moon

Distant Thunder - Beyond the black field of stars lyrics

space and time we travel Through endless nights we soar Passing the darkened horizons Pitch-black mist Eternal blackness surrounding Starlight passing by The universe everlasting what does exist Far beyond the black field of stars Through ancie

Mystic Circle - Beyond the black dawn lyrics

of perdition are rising above They come from the depths of the realm of death Wtih them the legions of locusts They herald the monarchy of hell Beyond the black dawn – Resurrection of evil Beyond the balck dawn – Firestorm breaks out Beyond the black dawn – Destroy the heavenly

Sinister - Beyond the superstition lyrics

me, centaur of life Destroy this land, full of pain Candles burning inside of me My eyes are closed, yet I see Lust versus ratio, rage against peace Violence controled by fear. Face the demons of the past Portend a lost continent Follow the tracks to car

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - (beyond) the laughing sky lyrics

I feel you in my blood You're perfectly designed I want to count the stars within your mind Your body is the likeness of the universe You, you lead me to the point The point of no return To scenes where dreams come true And I don't care for fateful consequ

Babylon Whores - Beyond the sun lyrics

a tree falls down Does it make a sound If there´s no one to see And If I´m all alone Everybody´s gone Then it´s the real me Right? And if you found yourself To be like no one else Who would that no one be And if you blew your cool With life as an april´s fool The trut

Belle & Sebastian - Beyond the sunrise lyrics

was travelling with a heavy load His dreams were broken and deep sorrow flowed from his brow Closer to sundown he prepared to rest Set down the burden, lay upon his chest Then she came Sir, come to me and I will keep you warm Taste hope in my skin a

Deprive - Beyond the fields lyrics

all became black and hollow My heart felt empty, cold and bare I knew you were the one to follow And then I saw you standing there You took my light away But I see the reason for her death Somehow I didn't believe you Until I saw her final breath Take me

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Beyond the horizon lyrics

s an evening haze settling over town Starlight by the edge of the creek The buying power of the proletariat's gone down Money's getting shallow and weak Well, the place I love best is a sweet memory It's a new path that we trod They say low wages are a reality If we want to

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Beyond the pale lyrics

stray beyond the pale, beyond the failsafe Narrow escape, authorised access Beyond the pale, beyond the failsafe Looking in from the outside Appealing resistance to equality As we fall by the wayside Producing our offspring in captivity Lo

Dead End - Beyond the reincarnation lyrics

った黒猫 を呪う おまえ はお ぞましき姿に 地獄は満員安ら ぐ場所はない 死人もも うすぐ 踊りだす The night when I died, oh lovely night Love me like a dead man by another way We all turn away Love me like a dead man ゆらり ゆらり緑の 沼で浮かぶ おまえ とならば 殺し合える 命乞い は無駄 な事だと おまえ の殺し 方を考える The way of killing you, oh lovely wa

Exciter - Beyond the gates of doom lyrics

faceless man steps up to meet you Evil demons chanting "we want you" A creation where time and death collide You're feeling drawn to the other side He's calling your name tonight Ascend from the depths of your tomb Looking back at the over world From beyond th

Isole - Beyond the black lyrics

tears fall still Silence drowns my will Ulcerous I've become By this Emptiness The damned nothingness Consuming me from within Black hole soul Suffocation from inside Filled with void The flame of life grows cold A new days dawn Seems so distant now Far

Luttrell Rachel - Beyond the night lyrics

the nigh a raising sun Beyond the night a battle's won The battles won Fear and shame now in the past Pain and sorrow gone at last Gone at last Circle renewed peace will be found Beyond the night on sacred ground River flows led by the wind First new breath our jo

Marduk - Beyond the grace of god lyrics

I walk, everything appears in grey.. And under my shadow, the flowers wither I have drunk the blood of jesus, and my reflection is just a shadow As a bat or a wolf I travel, and the rats tell about my arrival Singe Este Viata.. I'm a slave under m

The Mission - Beyond the pale lyrics

still waters running deep Pale before the eyes Ravaged by the hands that feed Thunder clouds the skies Drifting with the tide Floating with the stream The howling winds have gathered strength From a whisper to a scream Sell me down the river and ou

Rough Silk - Beyond the sundown lyrics

the sundown - you're just a beast without a name beyond the sundown - life is more than just a game beyond the sundown - mirrors rise and shadows fall beyond the sundown - darkness rises after all beyond the sundown - you need light and light needs pai

Suede lyricsSuede - Beyond the outskirts lyrics

I lie here staring at the ceiling and I wonder what's happening outside Oh I know you've got the same blank feeling, you don't have to tell me I'm right Beyond the outskirts, come with us, we're small town dreaming, we're birds on a wire Beyond the outskirts, c

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