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Between Breaths (an Xx Perspective) .. lyrics

Browse for Between Breaths (an Xx Perspective) .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Between Breaths (an Xx Perspective) .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Between Breaths (an Xx Perspective) ...

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Blaqk Audio - Between breaths (an xx perspective) lyrics

you remember the first time? Time stopped then sped so fast. In just three minutes you were mine. Don't think that it was the last. You knew I knew the ways that I could make you say: "Please, please please don't take it... Take it, take it, take it easy on me. Just

Common - Between me, you and liberation lyrics

First Verse] She rested her head upon my chest Sensed liberation in between breaths Wonder if sex is what she found it in Peace, found it laying down with men Wasn't there to judge her, many ways I loved her It was more than bodies we shared with each

Múm - Eternity is the wait between breaths lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Perspective lyrics

need perspective, 'cos I'm facing the wall. I need perspective, 'cos I'm not that tall. I need perspective, heard the trumpet call. Don't trust my eyes, want to know where things fall. I need perspective, party time for the newly wed. I need perspectiv

Galadriel - Between the worlds lyrics

shadows of naked nymphs, crawling like the mist near my feet and dances of unseen deamons, i can feel their slighty breaths the servants of mighty naamah, enthralled my soul with their grace i failed to realize the real, (and) all my senses flew away i'm relishi

Capsize - Xx (sew my eyes) lyrics

me away from the same baron place my mind always drags me back to stuck here again abandoned in the end can’t keep track of all I’ve been through never stopped falling apart burning years off my life just to fall apart my way in the end anything to keep me at distance I’ll

Silent Planet - Xx (city grave) lyrics

injustice renders my thoughts ineffectual. Forgive me, Lover, and forget my sullen face. Privilege brings us to this place of human currencies. (We) buried our sisters in a glass display, only to evaporate to a toxic skyline underneath we sell off the bodies. M

Rachel Kann - Perspective lyrics

this And this and this that shifting and possible perspective that is the human condition And this And this and this that shifting and possible perspective that is the human condition lately when I close my eyes to sleep my dreams and carnet and virgate statu

Daedalus - Perspective of the moon lyrics

moved my steps along that road I used to walk each day on I wore my usual hat grey like the rain and lost myself in the night Darkness around melting with distinct sounds woke my soul I felt the need to rise my head right to the moonlight I moved my blind eyes a

Courrier - Between lyrics

we ever get rid of the whats and the ifs That doubts that exist in our minds In the silence I am tricked into thinking you’ll forget And I’ll be stranded like a man in a mine The day between the soil and the sky An emptiness, a void, a heaviness, a sigh, But I know yo

As I Lay Dying - An ocean between us lyrics

many years have we waited for a ship that never set sail? And how many days have we wasted chasing a love that was not our own? I sat ashore and watched as one hopeless wave crashed upon another while my thoughts ran to the hills my heart never reached the sea with only delus

Absu - Between the absu of eridu & erech lyrics

empty void will always enlarge itself It stretches from the nether waters inside As the chaos lives again: vapors condense Ushum-Gal allots the beasts to the chantry Eridu! Erech! The waters twist and turn The malign sprite dances The natural fiend

Kenny Chesney - Between midnight and daylight lyrics

shadows danced closer on the honky tonk walls As the band plays the last verse to that goin' home waltz And they'll start to peril 'neath the parking lot moon And some cars and a pickup won't be picked up 'til noon. Somewhere between midnight and daylight It's an after hours mer

Marillion - Between you and me lyrics

I saw music in the sky I drove towards it in my car And I turned left and I turned right But I could never lose the light That shines towards tomorrow night Who can say what it means? What goes on in between And what gets in between It's just somethin' Between you and me

Leigh Nash - Between the lines lyrics

love behind shades An open book but the print fades You may feel you're opening, I'll be undercover Until you need me that's where I'll be I'm talking to you, not the wailing one If that's what you do, this lake may fall Between the lines,

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Between lyrics

re old enough to know better as soon as you can see This world is out to get you the way it's gotten me It starts out in the morning then moves to afternoon By the time you reach the evenin' you're barkin' at the moon Between what you're told and what you've seen

Alice Cooper - Between high school & old school lyrics

hey Hey hey I guess I'm a loner and I don't fit in (No...) I ain't too comfortable in my skin (Oh...) An' I don't play well with the others I'm stuck somewhere between high school and old school I can't decide between my rules and your rules Hey hey

Hammerfall - Between two worlds lyrics

the distant maze, I see two doors One leads to change, one leads to where I've been before I am an angel, on broken wings I am the beast, the devil and all in between Nothing at all It's never dark here, it's never light Feeling like I'm caught between two worlds Between two

Tracy Lawrence - Between us lyrics

our loves an open door And we know its safe inside But we have slammed it shut before And locked our hearts outside But we get a handle on it When we let go of our pride Sometimes we put words and walls between us Lose our heads and gamble with our hearts There've been trials and tears,

Jennifer Paige - Between you and me lyrics

say the road of life Is paved with good intentions we have No matter how we try To keep our promises, sometime we just can't Little bit of faith can be wondrous It's the only place we can turn to CHORUS Between you and me There's enough love that I believe We'll rise

Blind Stare - An insane's diary pt. ii lyrics

I can see it all so clear The lies and contorted reality It took so long to realize it But now I am free from their chains I know I'm all alone But I don't care What is the difference Between a genius and an insane? I am a reborn genius One that has waken The co

Arwen - Between love and pain lyrics

through time fell the heat on your skin breezes're whispering a tale remember what I say Girl made of stone show me your burning heart full of feelings that an arrow crossed I see a light shine in your eyes and now I know... I'm not wrong!

Lark Puden - Between darkness and light lyrics

don't know where we are the finest line divides our minds all that we do defines our souls between heaven and hell between darkness and light we are alone the dreams come true we cannot advance between heaven and hell we are trapped this g

Loon - Between us lyrics

Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo I love Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo [Chorus - Tammy] Nothin' Nothin' can ever come between us there's a reason why we're still in love cant nobody ever break us up they should know nothin' nothin' can ever come between us there's a reason why we're sti

Isley Brothers - Between the sheets lyrics

girl, ain't no mystery at least As far as I can see I wanna keep you here layin' next to me Sharin' our love between the sheets Ooh baby baby, I feel your love surrounding me Ohh ohh ooh, baby baby, makin' love between the sheets Ooh girl, let me hold you tight And

Sue Mclaren - Between heaven and earth (feat. nacho chapado.. lyrics

walking this road alone I’m calling no body is home A dream is places I see or hear Lost in maze inside you somewhere Between heaven and earth, someway Between heaven and earth, I’m there Between heaven and earth, I’ll keep on waiting Between heave

Peter Bjorn And John - Between the lines lyrics

Verse 1] You've got a troubled soul I've got a troubled mind You wanna highlight the faults Why can't you leave them behind Tried to fix the cracks It's still leaking in This will never end If we don’t begin We burn it up from both sides Our

Ratt - Between the eyes lyrics

don't like your cheatin' misfit way I don't stand for givin' it away So you want some action, ask me why You say you want to keep me in your target sight Can't you see the world turn and hear the cries? Can't you see you're burnin' me right between th

Alabama - Between the two of them lyrics

married back in '32 They were young and love was new And every day the feeling grew Between the two of them When work grew scarce and times got bad The hope would chase away the sad And hope was sometimes all they had Between the two of them The 40's came and the 50'

Perry Como - Between the devil and the deep blue sea lyrics

don't want you, But I hate to lose you, You got me in between The devil and the deep blue sea! I forgive you, 'Cause I can't forget you, You got me in between The devil and the deep blue sea! I ought to cross you off my list, But when you come a knockin' at my do

Evermore - Between the lines lyrics

caught a glimpse of past and future But I did not understand Darkness and light, blindness and sight Not everything is so black and white Separate the truth from lies With the stories written between the lines Only you can tell the wrong from right The more you look the mor

Nick Lowe - Between dark and dawn lyrics

you feel your all in and you've decided you cant win tell yourself it wont be for long your between dark and dark you've got too much time you cant kill your wheels are spinnin but you're standin still it's all flat and forlorn in between dark an

Tim Mcgraw - Between the river and me lyrics

was fifteen when my daddy died, Momma worked two jobs just to get by. It seemed like a blessing when Harley came around, So she took his name but I had my doubts. It didnt' take long for his drinking ways To start showin up on Momma's face One violent night hiding

Negative - An ornament lyrics

t say "I'm sorry" again, it doesn't give you the right... to be someone else. I would be pleased to love and share but inside I'm locked I can't even cry Love only matters, when it comes to the end Love only matters makes yo

Rage - Between the lines lyrics

I give a f*** To what you say 'bout what I'm doing Believe it or not Oh, you can't comprehend What I have made but try to find out What I've meant Tribunal, tribunal Oh, not me Mighty fools make the rules Don't try to get rid of me Robbery, robbery

Saywecanfly - Between the roses lyrics

you ever feel like I did When you slip between the cracks Maybe then you’ll see How nothing stays in tact And when my life is over Maybe you can understand That I planned everything But nothing went as planned It’s nothing personal I just

Natasha Bedingfield - Between the raindrops lyrics

around There's no one but you and me Right here and now The way it was meant to be There's a smile on my face Knowing that together everything that's in our way We're better than alright Walking between the raindrops Riding the aftershock beside you Off into the suns

Dio - Between two hearts lyrics

never breaks into the conversation He seems to be the reason why she lives She tries to be the perfect kind of stranger But we always seem to love the most The ones who never give, yeah CHORUS: It's between two hearts A personal situation Betwee

Florence + The Machine - Between two lungs lyrics

two lungs it was released The breath that carried me The sigh that blew me forward 'Cause it was trapped Trapped between two lungs It was trapped between two lungs It was trapped between two lungs And my running feet could fly Each breath screaming &q

Brandon Flowers - Between me and you lyrics

me and you I've been thinking about the future and Between me and you I think I'm losing it now Between me and you I've been worried about the future and Between me and you I think I'm losing it now And all my life, I've been told Follow your dreams b

Ja Rule - Between me and you lyrics

Inc. shit Uh... uh, uh, uh [Chorus: Christina Milian] Now every little thing that we do (that we do) Should be between me and you (me and you) The freaky things that we do (that we do) Let's keep between me and you (me and you) Cause every little thing that we do (that w

Sarah Kelly - Between the lines lyrics

me one reason to trust you Give me one reason to try Even beauty gets broken, Sometimes, sometimes No regrets, no mistakes Take another look between the lines Where color fades from gray Don't look back, don't be afraid Cause every little thing betwe

Gladys Knight - Between her goodbye and my hello lyrics

wish I could have met you In a year or two Ah, maybe then you could have seen me What I saw in you On the day we met You were still trying to forget someone You used to know And there just wasn't enough time Between her goodbye and my hello Boy, I want to try for a while B

Lifehouse - Between the raindrops feat. natasha bedingfie.. lyrics

around There's no one but you and me Right here and now The way it was meant to be There's a smile on my face Knowing that together everything that's in our way We're better than alright Walking between the raindrops Riding the aftershock beside you Off into the sun

Ll Cool J - Between these sheets lyrics

love you too baby I really do [Mickey Shiloh] I'm a tell you a lil secret Do you think you could keep it? Keep it between these sheets Keep it between these sheets aha Baby, no need to ask questions 'Cause you already know the answer Keep it

Curtis Mayfield - Between you baby and me lyrics

here we are It's kind of nice, we're like this Very special treat though, I like that Between you baby and me, love I can't believe this feelin' You're so sweet honey, delicious All our world is true, true You're so nice, a lot of talent, I

Nero - Between ii worlds lyrics

you like to see what I saw, feel what I felt? I'll take you there I travelled between two worlds Between here and there Between then and now Have you ever wondered what happens when you become light? It happened to me I travelled between two worl

Chris Rea - Between the devil and the deep blue sea lyrics

the devil and the deep blue sea Everywhere I turn it’s got a hold on me Between the devil and the deep blue sea Everywhere I run it won’t let me be Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea Between the devil and the deep blue sea Can somebody somebody so

Rush - Between sun and moon lyrics

is a lake between sun and moon Not too many know about In the silence between whisper and shout The space between wonder and doubt This is a fine place Shining face to face Those bonfire lights in the mirror of sky The space between wonder and why Ahh, yes to yes to ahh, ahh

Amy Winehouse lyricsAmy Winehouse - Between the cheats lyrics

would die before I divorce ya I'd take a thousand thumps for my love 'Cause you kissed a lucky horseshoe Stuck it in my boxing glove Does anyone who will listen up To our victories and dumb defeats Knows they all take you to the cleaners If yo

Artas - Between poets and murderers lyrics

a feeling surrounded me That all this must be a dream Like a dream on your vacations When you're woken up By the noise of the rain Dropping on the lake Building up high waves Reaching for the sky All hells are open wide Unleashing

Kate Bush - Between a man and a woman lyrics

her hand in his hand, They were both happy again. You started taking sides. They started arguing. He said it was her fault. She said it wasn't at all. But the truth lies somewhere in the midDLe. Where angels fear to tread, You go rushing in. Well, I had to tell

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Between 2 worlds lyrics

my brain, how could this be? The central theme of life brought by this seed Let me see cerulean skies, chase the rain The tale of sinful thought ride the course of the bane Raise the bar once again, challenge my soul The limitless light ignites the

I The Mighty - Between the lines lyrics

morning attack: You pull the curtains back and light, sheds upon the scene. Remembered like a moment in a dream. Home, The place I should have gone and slept alone, But came to your house to clear my head And ended with the taste of sin instead. If

John Cougar Mellencamp - Between a laugh and a tear lyrics

paradise is no longer fit for you to live in And your adolescent dreams are gone Through the days you feel a little used up And you don't know where your energy's gone wrong It's just your soul feelin' a little downhearted Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live You count you

Never Shout Never - Between two worlds lyrics

feel fine, I feel alright, I feel so good just like I knew I would Here I stand stuck between two worlds My closest friends Know me as the man I am Still, I'm stuck between two worlds I close my eyes And there it is I can't deny I'm stuck between two worlds

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Between angels and insects lyrics

s no money There's no possessions, only obsession I don't need that shit, Take my money, take my obsession I just wanna be heard, Loud and clear are my words, Comin' from within man Tell 'em what you heard, it's about a revolution In your heart and in

40 Watt Sun - Between times lyrics

my love; Sometimes I've never known silence of this kind The silence of stars Higher than we've ever flown Carry me over between times. In your red room on quilted blankets Laying awake in the low light. Nothing, I know, can ever be more than now Gather me up here, between ti

After Forever - Between love and fire lyrics

Mother) Here I am, the future is mine (Father) And mine as well We'll stand at the top of a prosperous society (Mother) Our dreams can become reality (Both) I am in charge of life's great circle I control my path of wealth (Parents) Ambitions high, burning The flames bur

Carrantuohill - An irish soldier laddie (pat mcguigan) lyrics

Between [2000] Verse 1: 'Twas a morning in July I was walking to Tipperary When I heard a battle cry from the mountains overhead As I looked up in the sky, saw an Irish soldier laddie. He looked at me right fearless and he said: Chorus: Wi

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