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Graffiti6 - Beside you lyrics

gonna stay right here beside you Whatever comes my way I’m ... gonna stay right here beside you Whatever comes my way I ... I’m gonna stay right here beside you Whatever comes my way

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Beside you lyrics

a lot of guys I want to be beside you Lonely people pass me ... Waiting for a reason Beside you gray is turning to blue You wake up love in me Beside you everything is new You wake

Van Morrison - Beside you lyrics

diamond-studded highway where you wander And you roam from your retreat and view Way over ... will glue And I'll stand beside you Beside you child To ... mountain glide The dynamo of your smile caressed the barefoot

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Beside you lyrics

words are hard to speak When your thoughts are all I see ... close but so far away (Can you hear me?) [Chorus:] She ... I wish I was, I wish I was beside you. She lies awake. I'm

Marianas Trench - Beside you lyrics

your tears are spent on your last pretense And your ... refuse to close and sleep in your defense When it's in your ... spine like you've walked for miles And the

Phildel - Beside you lyrics

if you were upside-down, I would be ... beside you, And your world were a strange thing ... found, I would be beside you, In my symbolised world I'm ... the hill There is room for you still When there's nothing

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Beside you in time lyrics

Places parallel I know it's you Feel the little pieces ... where it belongs I will be beside you before long And on ... Oh, we will never die Oh, beside you in time Oh, we will

Simply Red - Beside you lyrics

a care That I’ll always be beside you To watch the day and ... me say That I’ll always be beside you To watch the day and ... quiet Yes I’ll always be beside you To watch the day and

Nick Black - Beside you lyrics

this is how it ends, & you know... I can't be just your ... friend And you're seeing... This is not how ... you thought it would be And you cannot pretend now... Why?

Queensrÿche - Beside you lyrics

holy Last night I dreamed you were standing there, strong ... and tall beside me. All my life ... behind ... me. You gently took me by my hand and ... to be a man and feel the way you feel. I'm different on the

Boa (보아) - Beside you lyrics


De/vision - Beside you lyrics

my lone heart grieves I feel you I take the best And grab ... Insignificance non-existence Beside you I feel about there's

Sophie B. Hawkins - Right beside you lyrics

all around me tonight I miss you making love to me right Beside myself I'm holding you tight ... and I cried my baby to sleep Beside myself my soul to keep

Skins Naomi & Emily - Right beside you lyrics

all around me tonight I miss you making love to me right Beside myself I'm holding you tight ... and I cried my baby to sleep Beside myself my soul to keep

America - She's beside you lyrics

wop, do wop ... You've got to give, you've got to ... live You've got to show everyone that you know Till you know she's beside you Till you know she's beside you You've got to shout

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - Heaven beside you lyrics

what you wanna be See what you came to see Been what you ... coldest winter chill Heaven beside you... Hell within Like the ... coldest winter chill Heaven beside you... Hell within Like the

Neil Diamond - Me beside you lyrics

ve been me beside you, baby Could've been me beside you But I wasn't smart ... kind of funny That can break your heart All through the ... night I can see you All through the night I

Dream Theater - I walk beside you lyrics

s a story in your eyes I can see the hurt ... behind your smile For every sign I ... Let me know what plagues your mind Let me be the one to ... know you best Be the one to hold you

Rachel Kann - Lie down beside you lyrics

I Lie down beside you Your fingertips Whisper to me ... Secrets that You don't even know you know Your touch Belies Your desire ... Sparks fly When I lie down Beside you And Lord knows I am yours Spread me open Unfold me

Richie Sambora - I'll always walk beside you lyrics

and burn Chorus When you feel alone I will sing you ... I'll be there, To help you make it through When your ... I won't do I'll always walk beside you Beside you Sometimes

Jakwob - Right beside you feat. smiler lyrics

to throw shine on, minor, you know the grind I'm on? ... dark side of the strobe, you're standing in the cold, ... but baby I'll be right beside ya, Feeling the thunder of

Paolo Nutini - Growing up beside you lyrics

beside you in school, While we'd paint ... I'd make you laugh. Mine was never very ... good, Yours looked exactly like the ... I'm growing, I'm growing up beside you. I don't always get

Celeste Buckingham - Walk beside you lyrics

to believe that everything you dream was never meant to ... find its place right within your reach. No one can be like you. Future’s never set in

Building 429 - Right beside you lyrics

Innocence and our decline You and I we are the same Torn ... it through the night I want you to know When the world is ... on your back And you think that you will never

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Let me sleep beside you lyrics

baby,brush the dust of youth from your shoulder, ... days are right behind you now Don´t return to fields ... secrets were told, Place your ragged doll with all the

Jon Oliva's Pain - The evil beside you lyrics

we were young but never told How the ... be so cold As we change from young to old The night takes us ... to agony And I can feel your tired, starving Try to

Sara Bareilles - You matter to me (feat. jason mraz) lyrics

They've seen things that you never quite say, but I hear ... out of hiding, I'm right here beside you And I'll stay there as ... long as you let me Because you matter to me Simple and

Bwo - You're not alone lyrics

the rain I could see you crying suffer the pain like ... river drying after the rain you're hiding from the daylight ... a groove only walls around you nowhere to move the state I

Alabama - You've got the touch lyrics

beside you watching you sleepin' After you've loved ... for some way to tell you How good it felt when I held ... you There's so many ways you get to me 'Cause you've

April Wine - You could have been a lady lyrics

been a lady They all need you to make love to When you ... awake, you find them on the bed lyin' beside you They all love you, you ... And I ain't surprised when you realize just where you're

Barbie - You are the most lyrics

somebody puts you down Never answer with a ... away from them If they make you feel ignored Just remember your adored By everyone back at ... we thought are hope was gone You resolved to carry on That

Carlene Carter - You'll be the one lyrics

When all;s said and done, you'll be the one When I'm ... when all's said and done, You'll be the one I'll be ... the one at your fingertips When you reach

Phil Collins - You touch my heart lyrics

you reach in and you touch my heart Somehow you ... reach in, you touch my soul When I look at ... at me What can I offer you that you've never seen Just ... afraid, someone is watching You will see Somehow when you

Eagles lyricsEagles - You never cry like a lover lyrics

through the stone and wood You never cry like a lover I ... loved Sleeping deep inside you If I could catch you in an ... moment I'd stay right here beside you You never smile at me

Evanescence lyricsEvanescence - You lyrics

words that I want to give you And I can't sleep I need to ... tell you Goodnight When we're ... When I'm pulled away from you, I fall apart All you say is

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - You're the only one lyrics

s gonna take some time For you to trust this love of mine I ... know he broke your heart in two You've been ... betrayed and ... your afraid That I will do the

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - You ain't seen nothing yet lyrics

glance You nearly meet my jaw drop ... First dance And you were looking so hot How ... First taste, like honey You were so yum Can't wait for a ... rollercoasterr ride And if you're lovin' me Just give me

Laura Pausini - You are lyrics

like a blessing from above You came in to my life When my ... faith was gone Somehow you found me You took my hand ... I was lost Embraced me with your love In your arms is where

Kenny Loggins - You'll be in my heart lyrics

stop your crying, It will be all ... hold on tight I will protect you from all around you I will ... be here don't you cry For one so small, you ... so strong My arms on hold you keep you safe and warm This

Tim Mcmorris - You’ve got my heart lyrics

I don’t care as long as it’s beside you Take a road trip in a ... I’ll just sit and stare into Your loving face graced with ... I have fallen madly in love You’re the only one I think the

Phantom Blue - You're not alone lyrics

Always trying to run But you never leave my mind Night ... it when we’re apart Don’t you know you stole my heart ... keep on saying (Chorus) You’re not alone in this one You’re not alone I’ll always be,

Rob Rock - You know lyrics

t feel the same Lying right beside you, I find it hard to ... that I just can't see You know that I'm on to you, I ... I see the lies reflecting in your eyes The dream is over,

Suede lyricsSuede - You belong to me lyrics

well you might have some conversation ... of the disco dolls that blind you Or check out some mad ... Some silly farce So real, you can feel it twist inside you

Schuyler Fisk - You're only lonely lyrics

world is ready to fall on your little shoulders, And when you're feeling lonely and small, ... You need somebody there to hold you You can call out my name...

Forty Foot Echo - Beside me lyrics

the ocean tide rose From a young boy, I have been waiting ... far away from me And when you're not around I like to say ... That I could never say to your face Til you can fly awake,

Jethro Tull - Beside myself lyrics

tragedies are playing. I'm beside myself. Big sister, can you hear him, can you hear him? ... I'm beside myself. Big sister, can you ... him cry, see him cry? I'm beside myself. I saw you taking

Linda Ronstadt - Someone to lay down beside me lyrics

to walk up and greet Here you are all alone in the city ... Where's the love that you took to your side Lonely ... faces will stare through your eyes in the night And

Earshot - Beside myself lyrics

(calls my name out) When I'm beside myself (it calls my name, ... name, name, name) There you stand the victim Of your own ... tragedies Your head is tired, Your dream

Diggy Simmons - Make you mine lyrics

gonna be mine, Your gonna be mine (girl) I'm a ... make you mine, I'm a I'm a make you ... the first time that I met you girl Knew that you would be ... my lady you would be my girl Walking beside you, shawty hotter than fire

Dbsk - Beside lyrics

han beondo neoneun ne mameul da boyeojuji anhasseotji. (hajiman boyeotda. heotdoneun nachimban) gapjagi chokchokhi jeojeotdeon nungareul garyeotdeon (gam...

Davichi - Beside me lyrics

dwicheogimyeonseo adeungbadeung byeol seumyeo jameul cheonghaedo banjjakbanjjak geudaega nunbusyeo babeul meokdeun keopi masideun TV bodeun usdaga uldeun gyeot...

Lower Than Atlantis - Beside myself lyrics

I'm not disappointed for the first time in my life. We got these songs recorded just in time, I sight with relief as I write these lines. When I listen back, To thes...

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - Use you (maps remix) lyrics

get out soon I’m hurting you With everything I do It’s ... I gotta hang on Hang on to you I’m staring at My ... place We have each other You are my brother Sitting here beside you I just wanna use you

Lesley Roy - Here for you now lyrics

down Yeah, you're falling on your knees And you're begging me ... please to help you The sound of your screaming ... ground 'Cause the demons on your head have found you I don

Amaran's Plight - I promise you lyrics

this way, am I dreamin’? You took away my tears and you ... art of breathing I promise you – I will love with every ... leap of faith I promise you – I will give you all of

John Barrowman - All i ask of you lyrics

I'm here Nothing can harm you My words will Warm and calm ... you Let me be Your freedom Let daylight Dry your tears I'm here With you, ... beside you To guard you And to guide you Say you

Cheap Trick - When you need someone lyrics

does it feel to be on you own While the night slips ... away You toss and turn like a ship in ... the storm Have you lost your way I can see by the look ... in your eyes Youve been hurt before Hold me

Darkness (ger) - Beside my grave lyrics

torn away I stare at your picture, recognize it's all ... That my love's just been your tool To make me your bloody ... machine and enslaved fool You won't hurt me twice, my

Death Cab For Cutie - I will follow you into the dark lyrics

of mine some day you will die, But I'll be close ... behind. I'll follow you into the dark. No ... signs: If there's no one beside you, When your soul embarks

Jackie Evancho - All i ask of you lyrics

I'm here, nothing can harm you, my words will warm and calm ... you... Let me be your freedom, let daylight dry your tears. I'm here with you, beside you, to guard you and to

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