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Lauren Daigle - My revival lyrics

will run and not grow weary I will walk, I will not faint I will soar on wings like eagles Find my rest in Your everlasting name You are my revival Jesus on You I wait I'll lean on Your promise You will renew my strength I will run and not grow weary I will walk,

John P. Kee - Strength lyrics

.. He gives me Strength to make it, Strength to take it I've got the strength to know that Everything will work out fine Strength to suffer, Strength to conquer I've got the strength to know the blessings Of the Lord are mine strong in the Lord in the powe

Natalie Grant - To find my strength lyrics

my heart gets weak, Sometimes my soul feels the edge of the night. Sometimes my will, my foolish pride, Carries me far, far away from Your side! And when I lose my way, I know... I look to You to find my strength. Carry me to the end of my days! A steady hand to le

Gungor - Please be my strength lyrics

tried to stand my ground I’ve tried to understand but I can’t seem to find my faith again like water on the sand or grasping at the wind I keep on falling short please be my strength please be my strength Cuz I don’t have anymore I don’t have anymore I’m looki

Enuff Z' Nuff - Strength lyrics

is no time To judge our love, With all the mess Around us times are tough. And I know it takes More than I give now, To build a world Where you and I can live. And I need you now To help me through, To be the one I know is true. To hold my hand, To keep the faith. To b

Astral Domine - My lord lyrics

beloved lord Tears are falling down Silent gods Please hear my prayers No more sorrow I will protect you From the evil Sign of death! With all my strength I will defend my lord And glory will be mine Fighting evil for my lord Your glorious past Will not be forgotten Li

Machine Head - My misery lyrics

bonus track] you said when that day came strength is all i had you said when that day would come i'll know the sound of fear but now you ask for forgiveness you ask for my respect you beat upon me 'till i broke stripping, taking everything from me drain me of my pow

Neurosis - Strength of fates lyrics

this earth - lay me down Soil my blood - this shell will fade Gods with eyes - i'm ready now At the hanging tree - giver of life Great mother heal - I will rise (I believe in you - we all keep the flame We are all pure flame inside) Down spiraling outward Revive to s

Jeremy Camp - My fortress lyrics

can feel it coming over me All the weight of what this fear can bring I know on my own I can’t survive and I’m fading fast now I’m closing in on what’s in store for me All the rest in your security I’m holding on to the words you speak And you’re speaking clear now

Kate Walsh - Gather my strength lyrics

wish I could be there I'd cut off all my hair And make a rope And pray and hope he'd dare I'd row up in a boat And wear a pitch-black coat And climb aboard And run towards my love Who could stop me when he's in danger? I know he's far, but I need to save him I need to

Holy Martyr - Hatred is my strength lyrics

destroying, another town is burning We rape, we kill, we crush and desacrate Dead bodies and ravens around the battlefield Conquering with violence dealers of disgrace [The Jarl:] I am the warlord and i'll bring fear hate and fire Die by my h

Black Messiah - My way to asgaard lyrics

Walküre:] Please do not move that hard And it will be better All your pain will soon be over I promise that Now you are going to die But I'll stay at your side Have no fear my dearest warrior All will be well [Krieger:] I feel the pain My strength is le

Crimson Thorn - My salvation lyrics

The Lord is my strength and my song He has become my salvation He is my God and I will praise Him My father's God and I will exalt him May the words of my mouth ...

Hillsong Australia - My hope - hope lyrics

are righteous, You love justice And those who honour You will see Your face I will arise and lift my eyes to see Your majesty, Your holiness All I am will bless You My hope is in the Name of the Lord Where my help comes from You're my strength, my son

Imagika - My bloodied wings lyrics

cry for me For I've cried all I can for you All that I bleed I pray it's not for nothing Each selfless deed I lay humbly before you And now I see All I can offer you Is my pain You'll no longer have my bloodied wings To protect you from all that you'll be Pl

Oomph! - My hell lyrics

ll never know how my hell burns You'll never know how my hell turns You'll never know how my heart kills You'll never know what my heart needs Nothing can surpass the murderous... Nothing can surpass the murderous... Nothing can surpass the murderous... Noth

A Sound Of Thunder - My name is doom (the doctor is in) lyrics

save your many tears I have nothing for your life You have suffered for your craft And I have build a world from strife People say so much of me People think that I can change They say that I am mad, they say that I am cruel And cower when I say My name is DOOM For m

Atlantic Starr - My best friend lyrics

first time I looked in your eyes I knew There was something special inside of you You awakened my passion and my curiosity You were so sincere, I knew you'd be there for me Ooh you gave me joy that I never knew You were sent here to love me cos I needed you

Jeremy Camp - My god lyrics

of who You are reaches the darkest parts Lifting the weight and erasing the scars that had a hold on me Here I am bearing all, tearing down every wall So amazed by Your grace and the way You're still holding me Whoa whoa, whoa whoa My God, You are the unchanging love My God,

Kari Jobe - My beloved lyrics

re My Beloved You're My Bride To sing over you is My delight Come away with Me My love You're Beautiful to Me So beautiful to Me Under My mercy Come and wait Till we are standing face to face I see no stain on you My child You're Beautiful to Me So Beautiful to Me I sing ove

Owl City - My everything lyrics

When my hope is lost and my strength is gone I run to you and you alone When I can't get up and I can't go on I run to you and you alone Cause you're my li...

Aaron Shust - My savior my god lyrics

am not skilled to understand What God has willed, what God has planned I only know at His right hand Stands One who is my Savior I take Him at His word and deed Christ died to save me, this I read And in my heart I find a need Of Him to be my S

Carola - Benjamin lyrics

ouo Benjamin, ouo Du ser på mig, men ser förbi I dina tankar är du långt bort nånstans Jag ser på dig och vet så väl Att du är rädd att ta ännu en chans Men jag ber dig att försöka För varje del utav mig vill leva med dig Benjamin, sluta aldrig kä

Benjamin Lasnier - Benjamin cover lyrics

. . Lasnier . . Cover . . Music . . Video . . Music Video . Benjamin Lasnier Benjamin Lasnier Benjamin Lasnier Benjamin Lasnier ¨ Benjamin

Anita Meyer - Benjamin lyrics

oh no Benjamin don't go You've asked for love I gave you more I gave you anything a woman could give And now we're through All said and done Still there's no one Real comparing with you Should I love you Should I hate you While every beat of my heart Reminds me of you Benjamin

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Benjamin lyrics

le soleil À travers La forêt Se change en or Dans vos bras c'est beau Un garçon qui s'endort ... Il avait l'air D'un enfant Sans parents Qui cherche encore Si sa route Ira vers le sud ou le nord Benjamin C'est son nom Il ressemble à la couleur De ma chanson Un peu

Sanctus Real - Benjamin lyrics

falls outside I think the sky must know whats happening tonight Children born while fathers die It's the circle of life that we all live in time We've been friends for a long, long time So if you can't talk, just cry And know that we can talk on the other side It's bitte

Stacie Orrico - Restore my soul lyrics

stressed-no hope Where do I go now Seems like all of life's tests Take me further from you It amazes me- how you rescue me From a world that moves so fast So completely -You receive me into your arms at last With a single prayer You restore my soul When life

Benjamin Lasnier - Benjamin lasnier- pokemon (music video) lyrics

want to be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Each Pokemon to understand The power that's inside! Pokemon! (Gotta catch 'em all) It's you and me I know it's my

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Renew lyrics

tell yourself that you've been had 'Cause even dead you still seem sad Robbed of your peace of mind Letting the cares of this World take control Why don't you just pass it by Allow the renewing of your mind to Take it's place Was it better for you when You were alive

Rosetta - Renew lyrics

Your hands on Me Sound your horn The moments and places Scattered in the white light And the first will be the last one Ash Burrowing Ashes

Diviners - Benjamin francis leftwich - mayflies (diviner.. lyrics

m wide awake Colours start to run Giving in, like I'm staring at the sun I'm burning up, cause you say that you love Me, but I know there's a life I'm giving up In another life, like mayflies, we'll take over the sky In another world, away from here I don't wanna tal

Rebecca St. James - Refresh my heart lyrics

my heart, Lord, Renew my love, Pour Your Spirit into my soul, Refresh my heart. You set me apart, Lord, To make me new, By Your Spirit, Lift me up, Lord, Refresh my heart. Chorus And I will worship You, Lord, With all of my heart, And I will follow You,

Eurovision - Benjamin ingrosso - dance you off (sweden) lyrics

see that look in your eyes But I ain't feeling no pressure (pressure) Feels like I'm stuck here in time While I've been trying to forget ya (forget ya) Just wanna da-da-dance you off So don't you da-da-dare wait up 'Cause I just wanna feel the mood Girl wit

George  Ezra lyricsGeorge Ezra - Benjamin twine lyrics

me tell you about my best friend Well he's got hair down to his knees He gets along fine doing just how he please And I believe that we first met Around three years ago Well it feels like a lifetime funny how fast it goes And I remember how this one t

Barbie - Strength in numbers lyrics

you say you wanna fight the bad guys? You say you wanna give it a go? Reach out, grab my hand, let's work together We don't have to do it alone So you say you wanna take the challenge And do it on your own? We need each other, let's work together It

S.o.j.a - Strength to survive lyrics

m amazed in the way that we've got this far Place we're going and the things we've done Amazed in the way that we are still here Just looking at our last few years And I'll task, and I'll ask in the years to come And that don't really matter when our w

Anvil - Strength of steel lyrics

Lips, Reiner, Allison, Dickson] With the strength of steel I'll show you how I feel All the weak will kneel For the strength of steel Your mind begins to reel With the strength of steel Makes your blood congeal I have nothing, nothing to conceal

Carpenters - Strength of a woman lyrics

ve been so quiet lately Sometimes I wonder has the cat got your tongue You seem to be a thousand miles away Don't look me in the eyes and say it's O.K. Don't lie I got this funny feelin' baby That it's going to be that time again When you have the ne

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Strength of a woman lyrics

Remember me, We’ve got a date with destiny We’re falling down my human rays We’re searching for amazing grace When the cup is half empty Make it half full There’s an underground river Shaping us all [Chorus:] Step by step Hour by hour Wh

Rend Collective - Strength of my heart lyrics

my soul is fearless For You are with us Fighting for us In the valley of shadows You are still with us Fighting for us [x2] Fighting for us My Defender You are invincible My Strong Tower You are unshakable Mighty Saviour Your love's unbreakable You're the strength o

Hacride - Strength lyrics

Bourreau] You progress without stopping You face your destiny to develop wisdom of the depths Our strength Your mystery exists We are blind and deaf And we believe that we know but your presence competes with life Depths and abysses full of cells The power that influences t

Krisiun - Strength forged in fury lyrics

Strength Forged In Fury, unbroken vicious will, swords made for battle are made of purest steel, the power to persist, mission to be fulfilled, the wrath of thousand ti...

Lucky Dube - My brother, my enemy lyrics

smiling cannot fool me no more Your sweet talking cannot fool me no more Cause I know about your cheating Cause I know about you back biting And I don't know what you know And I have never been where you've been And I certainly don't believe in what you Believe in And I don't do w

Lucky Dube - My game lyrics

I see you've got a problem Do you wanna take it outside I'm not the fighting type But go ahead make my day You gonna fight me physically I'm gonna fight you spiritually I'm gonna fight you truthfully If I tell the truth boy You hate me for it And if I te

Lucky Dube - My world lyrics

the boy from next door Talked to the rich man standing In his garden, looking so Miserable He said you are the rich Man here So why do you cry Rich man said to the boy It's all bills and more bills Dinky said to the rich man I know a place where we Can go W

Ramones lyricsRamones - Strength to endure lyrics

through the cross fire heart Feeling heavy and hopeless. Wonderin' how I ever willsee Through this darkness. Every drop of blood can be So beautiful And I sure was bleedin' the drops by The bucketful. I have the strength to endure And all the love so pure I h

Skid Row - Strength lyrics

me love Give me hope Give me strength Give me someone to live for Who will light the fire That I need to survive Who will be the life blood Coursing through my veins Like a river flowing That will never change I need someone I can depend on 'Cause I'm a man of emotions

Avenged Sevenfold - Strength of the world lyrics

story starts the day they said "she can't be found" The news so dark, heart stopped, I stood silent without a sound It's over, she's finished, mother lies with my father and sister too Cold-blooded, they suffered, shot down by

Killswitch Engage - Strength of the mind lyrics

of the mind! Looking back on the life that I lived What I leave behind Mistakes and memories serve to remind The reflection staring back from the mirror No longer looks like me, like me Strength of the mind to fight what’s inside It takes strength

Agnostic Front - Strength lyrics

after day See a world grow cold and grey Did you see it today Youth that rage while their idols age Need some new start See ideals for what they really are What does it take? Eyes for the blind What does it take? Strength of the mind

Decadence - Strength of mind lyrics

wants me to show it what I’m fighting for All I want to give to this world before I’m gone It’s the fight for what is worth It’s the fight for self control It’s the fight for strength of mind It’s the fight to survive When the will is weakenin

Rise Against - Strength to go on lyrics

home While away They have tampered with the locks And your things they rearranged “We propose a better way.” Said they not they left behind In their wake of disarray You fell in place Don’t fall asleep They’ll find us here I know a place to disappear As a voice proclaimed

Kim Richey - Strength in you lyrics

been up all night down all day Every road you take is turning you the wrong way You're acting like you lost your only friend Yeah, you're looking like something that the cat drug In and out of luck you're hanging by a prayer. If you think you're falling apart I

Shaggy - Strength of a woman lyrics

Opening] Ugh Wah Ugh Ummmmm Yo SHAGGY Ugh Yo This one goes out to all my women you know My strong women, ugh [Verse 1] So amazing how this world was made I wonder if GOD is a woman The gift of life astounds me till this day

Gene Clark - Strength of strings lyrics

my life the piano sings Brings me words that are not the strength of strings Fiery rain and rubies cooling in the sun Now I see that my world has only begun Notes that roll on winds with swirling wings Brings me words that are not the strength of strings W

Go Radio - Strength to stay lyrics

you breathe, does it hurt What's it like when you can see it coming when it takes all that you got just to speak Can you hear every word as the morning comes and is all transforming Would it make the slightest difference if you could see And you wanna ge

India Arie - Strength courage wisdom lyrics

my head there lives a dream that I want to see in the sun Behind my eyes there lives a me that I've been hiding for much too long 'Cause I've been, too afraid to let it show 'Cause I'm scared of the judgment that may follow Always putting off my living for tomorrow It's time to step o

Abigail - Strength of another world lyrics

horizon twilight Glow red with war-star Spirit of ages rebirthed Finding fire and no speak On rocks and shoals of Blood Sea A fortress of unrighteousness... Moonrise dance invoke frenzy Full face shadow cast Twisted oath find favor And praise b

Flame - Open my heart lyrics

Intro] I guess we all hurt sometimes So I find myself takin' it one day at a time ya' know Cause' ain't nothin' easy about this life here I must seek my Source, one day at a time y'all [Verse One] Nothing in this world will ever be peaches and cream That's just in everyday livin

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