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Peter, Paul And Mary - Don’t think twice, it’s all right lyrics

aint no use to sit and wonder why, babe, It dont matter, anyhow. And it aint no use to sit and wonder why, babe, If you dont know by now. When the rooster crows at the break of dawn, Look out your window and Ill be gone Youre the reason Im travelin on, Dont th

Local H - All-right (oh, yeah) lyrics

right - oh, yeah Here we go, I'm back again Act surprised when I come in It's only me It's only stupid me You could never figure out What was all the fuss about I know its me It's only stupid me So stupid me All-right - oh, yeah Sickel-cell anemia Carpal tunnel and bolemia Don

Katharine Mcphee - Its not right lyrics

I jump into love Didn't know how to land Now I'm deep into water Unable to stand Can I silence the dangers Be blind to the signs I see hearts breaking around me What will happen to mine? Every now and then I feel these questions creeping in But if you leave me in the middle

Def Dames Dope - Its ok all right lyrics

it's OK, well it's all right Now is that nasty or what Well it's OK, well it's all right It's the DDD, It's the DDD Check this out, who do you think I am Talkin' about a thing, I don't stand for that I'm a Def Dame Dope, I'm never alone I got my bigid

Mya - Its all about me feat sisquo lyrics

cook yo dinner, I wash your clothes. Baby hell no that's not the way it goes. It's all about me tonight. I ain't stop luvin you. Cause you're still my boo, you're still my boo But you gotta see tonight It's all about me Me,me,me Chorus : Its all abou

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - It's all right here lyrics

would you rather be Anywhere else with me? I tell you man, It's all right here Wherever we are, wherever we are Check out the scenery We won the lottery I tell you man, It's all right here And I can't believe You'd even think, Of being any place Any place around he

Barenaked Ladies - Its all been done lyrics

met you before the fall of Rome And I begged you to let me take you home You were wrong, I was right You said goodbye, I said goodnight It's all been done It's all been done It's all been done before I knew you before the west was won And I heard you

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Its all good lyrics

about me babe, if you must. Throw out the dirt; pile on the dust. I'd do the same thing if I could You know what they say? They say it's all good. All good. It's all good. Big politician telling lies; Restaurant kitchen all full of flies. Don't make a bit of differ

David Gray - Its all over lyrics

the bitter violet night The stars wear sour grins In the vastness of the black sky I'm cradled in your arms Unbridled by alarm 'cos I know the end is night It's all over bar the shoutin' One things for sure Its all over now Its all over now Confusion wanders in Strid

The Byrds - Its all over now baby blue lyrics

must leave now, take what you need, you think will last. But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast. Yonder stands your orphan with his gun, Crying like a fire in the sun. Look out the saints are comin' through And it's all over now, Baby B

Lazyboy - Its all about love lyrics

all about love No matter what race they are Be together – love everybody Who ever loves you – love ‘em back You know…love is like a big pothole – you can look at it but don’t fall in it L O V E - well, we been married almost 50 years You have to try real hard and work at it

Magic Voices - Its all inside of you lyrics

if you dream the impossible dream we will share all the good and the bad times with you and if you don´t lose your way and head straight for your goal just believe and your dreams will come true and if you think that you stand all alone by yourself

Cold - Its all good lyrics

another motherf***ing hit of LSD Let all the love inside the world belong to you Well, I can't understand just why you went away Too young to feel the pain & bitterness of love Well, I can never understand a motherf***ing Word you'd ever say And all th

Jack Johnson - Its all understood lyrics

laughed at her joke As if they'd never even heard it before And maybe they were truly amused But every word that she spoke was a bore And maybe it's because they had seen The previews on the TV screen Well this part is good and that's well understood So

Mikaila - Its all up to you lyrics

we talk about the future You run away Why do you always see the danger You're so afraid I'm not the one you should fear Cause I'll always be here Show me how much you care We can make it anywhere How will I know what's on your mind this time How will I know your love ca

Newsboys - Its all who you know lyrics

the want of a marker The doctors lost their place For the want of a cut-line They couldn't lift his face For the want of a facelift His ratings dropped Then the sitcom folded Then the network flopped After the climb After time turns designs to despair It is good Nothing

Iggy Pop - Its all shit lyrics

it walks like shit Talks like shit It must be shit If it feels like shit Tastes like shit It must be shit If it looks like shit Sounds like shit It must be shit If it smells like shit Tells like shit It must be shit See Times Square A vacum of feeling Listen,

Rachel Stevens - Its all about me lyrics

met him Saturday He stole her heart away Twenty-four Sunday They didn't chat at all Romantic Monday Tuesday a better day But Wednesday to Saturday Don't know why he didn't call Oh, I wonder where you've gone Oh, did I do something wrong You said i

Mike Schmid - Its all true lyrics

They say: "She'll promise you the world And look deep into your eyes But she'll use you up And then she'll take it back and say that you lied"...

Skeewiff - Its all gone lyrics

K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F It's All Gone... S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F S K E E W I F F It's All Gone... S K E E W I F F S K E E

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Its all good lyrics

s all good, pop the bubbly, life is lovely All sun no rain No strain, can't complain Pass Hell pain, but no Coumbaya Now I Boomshaka-laka-laka Boo-ah-ah I got the good life, no strife, real nice An I'm a papa my son Trey haha An when I'm on tour,

2am - All right lyrics

nae yeopeneun niga eopgo jansori haneun saramdo eopgo oh oh geurae ije waseo geuriwojyeo handongan jumal bami neomu oeropgo sul hanjane niga bogo sipgo oh oh geurae cheongseungmatge nunmuldo jom heulleo All right (All right) niga haetdeon m

Puddle Of Mudd - All right now lyrics

originally by Free) Whoa-oh-oh-woah-ahh There she stood in the street Smilin' from her head to her feet; I said, "Hey, what is this? Now baby, maybe, Maybe she's in need of a kiss." I said, "Hey, what's your name?

The Runaways - All right now lyrics

she stood in the street Smiling from her head to her feet I said hey what is this Now maybe baby Maybe she's in need for a kiss I said Hey, what's your name babe Maybe we can see things at same Now don't you wait or hesitate Let's move before they rai

Amy Grant - All right lyrics

out To the hills, to the setting sun, I feel a cold wind Bound to come; Another change, Another end I cannot see, But your faithfulness to me Is making it all right. I fall down on my knees; Tell me that it's all right. You give me what I n

Peter Andre - All night all right lyrics

you feel it in your soul Let the music take control....all night all right Time to get your party on Do it till the break of dawn....all night all right Everybody knows about the place to be Especially on a night like tonight And baby i can't help but thinkin' you should be with

Flame - All right!all right! lyrics

ashita demo all right! all right! Waraitobashite ikimashou Madamada kimi no chikara shinjite you can fight Harikirisugite yokei ni karamawari Kazamuiki kaete ippo fumidasou Wari ni awanai yana koto zenbu Nomikondara mata tsugi ni ikimashou Jinsei subete timing Fumihazu shitemo

Handsome Devil - All right lyrics

buys me drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, I think that's pretty cool, and that's all right with me, and later on at night, she wraps me up so tight, I think that's pretty cool, and that's all right with me, Hey Hey, She's All Right Hey Hey, We're

David Cook - All right now lyrics

from her head To her feet I said "Hey, what is this? Now maybe, baby Maybe she's In need of a kiss" I said "Hey, what's your name? Maybe we can see Things the same "Now don't you wait Or hesitate Let's mov

Lee Dewyze - All right lyrics

far I haven't found a way To break her the news today No matter how hard she cries I tell her that everything's all right And everything is all right Mmm hm I take her by the hand And help her understand That everything's all right. Mmm hm I to

The Runaways - All right you guys lyrics

you The air is really thick tonite Hey you You wanna join your friends outside We don't care what we do is right as long as we do it We don't care if what we do is right cause we do it all night Alright, All right you guys All right All right

Anna Tsuchiya - All right now lyrics

with my treasure Sono manazashi itsumo mite ite kureta Nemurenai yoru wa sotto hoshi wo kazoe Day by Day It's time little Angel Omoide dake konna ni nokoshita mama Sono te wa mou nido to furete wa kurenai Time goes by But I'm all right now All right now Kono kizuna wa kodoku ma

Max Buskohl - All right now lyrics

she stood in the street Smilin' from her head to her feet; I said, "Hey, what is this? Now maybe, baby, Maybe she's in need of a kiss." I said, "Hey, what's your name? Maybe we can see things the same. &

Enuff Z' Nuff - All right lyrics

Right Feels good, Gotta say to myself. I don't have a lot But I still got my health. Well all right. (Oh yeah it's a sunny day) Well all right. (Oh yeah everything's okay) It don't matter When you see the light. You would rather Try and win the fight. But you can't win them all

Free - All right now lyrics

oh-oh-oh-woha There she stood in the street smilin' from her head to her feet; I said, "Hey, what is this? Now maybe, baby, maybe she's in need of a kiss." I said, "Hey, what's your name baby? Maybe we can see things the

Double Vision - All right lyrics

feel the things are going wrong And all the things that I knew are falling Falling from the sky And everything is never .... high Is it the time oh baby makes you wanna cry Is it your mother's lover or something wrong with your life Is it the baby that is

Silent Siren - All right ~ima wo kakeru ~ lyrics

sakebu no, ima hashiridasu no Kono merodii wa kieru kotonaku Mada kagayaku no, minna onaji rizumu de, All Right Fuanna kimochi wo ketobashita no wa minna no kodou Mayotte mitsuketa, sono kotae wa itatte shinpuru de Nooto no haji ni, kakitameta kotoba ga Myaku wo utte

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - All right lyrics

t say near that i just making you smile You're on mind and i see you in a while. It's gravity, taking over me Cause you let you go now i want to go. Baby everything i think about you i go crazy My mind in the min and i wanna get out Is killing me now Time ticking wishing t

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - All right lyrics

you had a dime for every time it rained on this parade you're marching in called life You'd start to wonder if someone out there's got your number well, hold your head up, breath in deep, remember. ooh ooh you know it's gonna be alright ooh ooh you know

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - All right reserved lyrics

Heaven's down And Hell is up All rights reversed Proven by the planets and their movements While, down on earth The primal chaos Is pushing backwards But even then the danger never stops And no-ones stopping It never stops And no-ones stopping It never

Konshens - All about you lyrics

Verse 1] This time you gat my intention undivided, Me and you... no one else invited Am gonna love you... Caz you worthy it Wanna do you right... Caz you deserve it [Chorus] Baby tonight... its all about you... Nothing else on mind..ooh..ooh...its all about you... Am n

Owl City - All about us (he is we ft. owl city) lyrics

my hand I'll teach you to dance I'll spin you around Won't let you fall down Would you let me lead You can step on my feet Give it a try It'll be all right The rooms hush, hush And now's our moment Take it in, feel it all, and hold it Eyes on you, eyes on me We're doin

Fabolous - It's all right lyrics

s All Right featSean Pual by Fabolous [INTRO: (SEAN PAUL)] All you need to know is the vibe round' here we built and instill it Sean Paul alongside Fabolous...You done know we buss'... Telling them again, ay!... Girl run away tha guy that wants to "vibe kil

A-teens - Thats what its all about lyrics

What Its All About (text) It's midnight we're feeling alright Dressed up for a cruise tonight Nothing can hold us back We´re alive and right on track All set, ready for a show It's gonna blast get out of control Nothing can stop us now the

Dj Harry - All my life lyrics

come running down to it How do I accept the gift? She doesn't matter that I exist I thought a lot about it and I am still in Limbo I still don't know if its down there in my soul If it's down there in my soul If it's down there in my soul I am

Smokie - When its the right time lyrics

s snding out the signals alone again tonight You can see the lifeboats racing in she's forcing mister right But her heart knows the difference when she's trying to pretend she gets hurt, it never works is this never gonna end when it's the right time love rushe

Eminem lyricsEminem - Right for me lyrics

Verse 1] I feel phenomenal as usual Pharmaceuticals, glue sniff and pools of vomit at Bonnaroo But I don't know if I'm in Tennessee, Chicago, or Houston In the corner trying to seek solitude Shallow but such a hollow dude I won't even swallow solid food Alcoholic too, plus I'm on le

Ok Go - Its a disaster lyrics

quot;It's A Disaster" Crash and burn, crash and burn, crash and burn (crash and burn) Patience is the hallmark of the old and the infirm Lived and learned, lived and learned, lived and learned Out lived theer lust and traded want in for concern Singing that's all right

The Clipse - All eyes on me (feat. keri hilson) lyrics

keeps that dirty money, I'm talkin' fast cash, I'm talkin' razor shaving, I'm talkin' duffle bags, I'm talkin' you can count it papi its all there. I'm talkin' hooking up that slumdog millionare, I like the fast girls, who like them fast cars, Who rather sell it to ya than a

Anouk - Its a shame lyrics

s a shame, the rules change not the game Such a shame, It's the same Now everything is in vain All in vain, it's such a shame Could it be true, that there's nothing left to do For me and you, can't be true We all can't be such fools Could life

Never Shout Never - All is love lyrics

re all for love We're all for love You know I love you, Its just tough to love myself (clap, clap) You know I want you Its just hard to want to change with the season You're my reason I've got this fire blazing in my chest I feel like I can't be put to

Field Mob - Its hell lyrics

up Hold ya head up It's hell in the streets boy Hold your head y'all, livin' cause it's there [Boondox] I'm sittin' in the courtroom, stomach full of butterflies Somebody help me, cause my life is in the Judge eyes They got me for a Humbug, and that's some bullshit I should'

Epmd - All in the mind lyrics

erick sermon] Oh.. yeahhuhh! Def squad Chorus: erick sermon Its all in the mind.. (pump pump, lickin shots!) *7x* (pump pump, lickin shots) [erick sermon] Aiyyo its the master rap maniac, comin fat like dat Thats my

Lisa Maffia - All over lyrics

[Chorus] All the thugs in the clubs get your cris on ice Ladies in the club shake your body like dice My kind of jam so we're doing it right Yo, who got the inf...

Dj Antoine - All we need lyrics

time to stand out there This night is something to care We try to find somewhere to go Its all we need Its all we need Its all we need Its all we need Its all we need Its all we need Its all we need Its all i need , baby No time to stand out th

Claude Kelly - All kinds of wrong lyrics

woke up, its day ten, It still hurts, like back then, Tears like rain, flood my face, Cant erase, what I did, This is what I get for telling you, I dont need you around, what a lie, And this is what I get for thinking, There was ever someone better

Sailor - Its christmas again lyrics

re all travelling home to family and friends, oh yeah Good times are here again, yeah yeah yeah Merry Christmas Bells are ringing Children singing Happy New Year Soldiers and sailors are dreaming of home tonight From Berlin to Bethlehem, everything's all r

Snow Patrol - When its all over we still have to clear up lyrics

re not fair Telling me You faked every orgasm You've had with me That's just fine Now it's over And I'm out here Banging my head After all the dancing And spilling beer all over the place I lie out here In disgrace You've had your fun Kissed s

Rodney Atkins - Its america lyrics

down the street today I saw a sign for lemonade They were the cutest kids I'd ever seen in this front yard As they handed me my glass Smiled and thinkin' to myself Man what a picture perfect postcard this would make of America It's a high school pro

Horrorshow - All summer long lyrics

sun on my windowsill, i sit and think and wonder, you know that i miss you still thou we were never lovers (x2) hear that girl the rains pouring soundtrack to our forgotten story, reminisce sometimes seeing the world through loves eyes your friend was my sunshine, til i realised you ecli

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