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Beneath The Southern Cross By Bushwackers lyrics

Browse for Beneath The Southern Cross By Bushwackers song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Beneath The Southern Cross By Bushwackers lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Beneath The Southern Cross By Bushwackers.

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Patti Smith - Beneath the southern cross lyrics

any cry so mournful that the dove just laughs the ... bliss who walked through the callow mist dressed in ... scraps who walked the curve of the world whose

Anihilated - The burning of the southern cross lyrics

curses all beneath the cross The symbol ever-changing, same ... ethos See the southern sky, it is burning And ... A single race ruling all others And hold the whip of death

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The sign of the southern cross lyrics

t light when no one sees Then how can I know what you ... real Somehow must reflect the truth we feel, yeah Fade ... Fade away, fade away Break the crystal ball - OH! It's the

Chthonic - Southern cross lyrics

the southern cross I am just a stranger in a ... strange land Shadow beneath the stars Though i have seen ... this cross I am just a whisper in the ... s mass grave So numb to the slaughter, wave after wave

Like A Storm - Southern skies lyrics

my compass home And find the footsteps I'll retrace Cause ... I thought I'd lost I found beneath this southern cross Cause ... Regretted every last goodbye But anything is possible

403 Forbiddena - Southern cross lyrics

on somebody else's lives. The Southern cross is twinkling ... beyond, so far away from us. The Southern Cross is a holy ... light. We are the crusaders of the Southern Cross. Go, if you come up

Jimmy Buffett - Southern cross lyrics

of town on a boat goin' to southern islands. Sailing a reach ... sea. She was makin' for the trades on the outside, And the downhill run to Papeete Bay.

Mason Jennings - Southern cross lyrics

4:35 still jet lagged from another plane ride And opened my ... over bondi beach Where all the stars seemed out of reach ... And recognized none but the southern cross Sitting on my bed with

As Blood Runs Black - Beneath the surface lyrics

and misspoken words Not the content of one's character, ... just by what you heard Have you ... with lies One degrades another out of despite Inhumanity

Divided By Friday - Beneath the moon lyrics

I've got to say this You're the only one I know I'll miss Got ... pay a visit but It won't be the same Cause when I hear your ... to say it 'Cause I'm sick of the charade And this silly game

Damh The Bard - The dreaming lyrics

rain and snow. Here where the endless skies reach for the ... sun, The gum trees stand like the oaks ... of Albion, And the land sings in lines of ... ancient song, For the soul to sing along.

Cradle Of Filth - Beneath the howling stars lyrics

wrongs the rites of Spring Her spinal ... chill rakes the earth Whilst pensive souls ... Mars maligned Near-suicides cross their hearts And unborns ... writhe in tepid brine For

Chris De Burgh - By my side lyrics

lost, I've got a reading on the Southern Cross, And I've ... been listening to the radio, For signs of new life ... Some people find the game too tough, And there

Hillsong United - Beneath the waters lyrics

through repentance At the cross on which He died Now hear ... for my sin And i sink beneath the waters That Christ was ... No fear of condemnation By faith i'm justified I rise

Megadeth - The skull beneath the skin lyrics

and infectious the evil prophets rise Dance of the Macabre as witches streak the ... of black magic sorcery In the womb of the Devil's Dungeon ... thing in agony necrosis is the fate Pins sticking through the skin the venom now sedates

Magnum - The tall ships lyrics

and they'll be waiting Nervous out ... in the cold Searching the blue horizon Praying they'll ... soon be home Sweethearts, parents and lovers Hear ... them say The tall ships are coming in They ride like a ghost on the

D.r.i. - Beneath the wheel lyrics

t be late first one out of the starting gate run! Be on ... time first one to cross the finish line swim ahead of the school, if you have to, cheat ... you lagged keep up with the traffic, or you'll be dragged

Machine Head - Beneath the silt lyrics

under sheets of rain The waves crashing inside my ... A gray horizon lies below The oceans pulling undertow ... Swallowed by the silence of this watery abyss

Mudhoney - Beneath the valley of the underdog lyrics

Every sailor is sacred In the arcade right next door All ... Down on my knees scrubbin' the floors Scratchin' at ... festering sores If I'm the guy you're lookin' for

Scum Of The Earth - Beneath the living lyrics

Go! Haunted by hatred {Haunted by hatred} ... in your place Down down Beneath the living Down down Beneath the living Hate! Go! ... Haunted by hatred Never again

Michael W. Smith - The wonderful cross lyrics

I survey the wondrous cross On which the Prince of ... so rich a crown Oh the wonderful cross (2x) Bids ... that I may truly live Oh the wonderful cross (2x) All

Anacrusis - The twisted cross lyrics

night the fires burn, cutting like a ... carrions of life Smell the putrid stench, sewage of ... Giving genocide its birth By waging war on the earth The ... father-land, the master race Annihilating all

Moonspell - The southern deathstyle lyrics

Rope - so hard to find. The silver bullet - so earthly ... Rope - symbol of Trust. The mandrake's root, your ... restless lover. The Morning blade, first to awake

Ribspreader - Beneath the cenotaph lyrics

the veil of the mournful Their revolting stench lingers ... too profound to exploit on their way to eternal doom At ... hand is the search for means To bring

Alpha Tyger - Beneath the surface lyrics

and grown up in the streets I've learned what ... mercyless In a land ruled by the strong Who solve a ... progress means? I'll write the script of my own dreams

Before Nightfall - Beneath the smile lyrics

times, when sorrow seems like the only truth.... Welcome ... as though we are one And for the one who looked out for us My ... brothers blood I hold dear to me

Down - Beneath the tides lyrics

React like gasoline Cornered by a house Fire You can't come ... clean beneath the tides of the washout Cut from the filthy ... chests Being burned around the heart The boil under your

As I Lay Dying - Beneath the encasing of ashes (re-recorded me.. lyrics

i am Reach inside of me Far beneath the encasing of ashes ... blinding mask Grasping for the wind Everything I've done ... I look at myself and see the scars That are brought to me

Battlelore - Beneath the waves lyrics

the storm shone the nobe colours Lords of the ... oceans from the Western shores The Golden ... eternal valour "Master the seas", in their blood

Matthew Perryman Jones - Beneath the silver moon lyrics

jeans With skin dark by the sun Eyes so wide and deep ... You were always talking 'bout the sea The brilliant mystic ... Where stars would light the room And trees would bend

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - Beneath the remains lyrics


Apostasy - Beneath the lies of prophecy lyrics

my eyes I've witnessed the cosmic aeon carnage ... Passengers on the awakening course Confessing ... existence Masses for the tempted beast Embracing

Bill Withers - Beneath the iron sceptre lyrics

iron sounds like thunder from the blackest earth It's the day ... of the beast the time for darkness' rebirth ... down like rain Flames of the earth consuming the living

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Beneath the moon scars above lyrics

within swarthiness The silence of insanity ... inspiration, defeating the laws. Its existence in sore ... scent enriched by mellow coldness Beneath the Moon Scars Above It is

Bloodthorn - Beneath the iron sceptre lyrics

iron sounds like thunder from the blackest earth It's the day ... of the beast the time for darkness' rebirth ... down like rain Flames of the earth consuming the living

Sinister - Beneath the remains lyrics

In the middle of a) (In the middle of a) (In the middle ... of a)... In the middle of a war that was not ... started by me Deep depression of the ... and slaughter Now they mean my home and work

Limbonic Art - Beneath the burial surface lyrics

sky is darkening soon the night befall Righteously ... to be shattered I am the fallen, from grace Water ... tears floats in streams The feeling from a thousand years

Memphis May Fire - Beneath the skin lyrics

in this prison, dreading what they'll say. So much to give, ... of running away. Crippled by the way they make her feel, ... at her wrists & turns to the blade. It's not a cry for

Memphis May Fire - Beneath the skin (acoustic) lyrics

in this prison, dreading what they'll say. So much to give, ... of running away. Crippled by the way they make her feel, ... at her wrists & turns to the blade. It's not a cry for

Arch Enemy - The last enemy lyrics

request Find truth beyond the flesh Fleeting past my ... A desperate race through the corridors of hell Chaos ... - Surrender I will not The last Enemy Is Falling Here

Arkaea - Beneath the shades of grey lyrics

down my face as I hold back the tears, Tell me what the f*** ... as you choke. Face down in the ashes of all my own fears, ... disappear. It's never quite the same beneath the shades of

Ayreon - Beneath the waves lyrics

Beneath The Waves] [Daniel Gindelow:] ... The water breaks the golden sunrays Silver dances ... on the wave But a memory... I ... often dream about the old days Playing hide and

Cowboy Junkies - Beneath the gate lyrics

was found beneath the gate, Forsaken at the gate. ... carelessly misplaced. Found. Beneath the gate. We gazed upon the moon, A honed and whetted ... moon. Wondered if you saw the same An hour from your mothers womb. Gazing at the moon.

Ed Harcourt - Beneath the heart of darkness lyrics

sporadically firing The roots of the house are ... cracking, caving in There's no way out, it's trapped ... in Beneath the heart of darkness Lies an ... and removed from feeling The peace in my mind is drowning,

Sacred Steel - Beneath the iron hand lyrics

our troops of doom are on the march Nothing left but ruins ... your earth is scortched There is no tomorrow for you : we ... It’s your fate, now pay the prize the conquered pay -

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Beneath the frozen leaves lyrics

is the rust of the mind, So empty inside, ... Awaiting the polar darkness, It is my ... Glances of hope, Visions of the blazing stars, Still I ... my sorrow I walked through the fire, Got through the ice,

Collide - Beneath the skin lyrics

the edge i look in touch the flesh touch the skin cup my ... pulsating through my veins beneath the skin skin and bone beneath the skin i am alone ... confined within i walk the wire on the ledge no return

Dispatched - Beneath the world of chaos lyrics

is making a storm Breaking the silence, making a roar ... rage, collecting hate The world is on fire, in flames ... into ashes, towns burnt to the ground Forests into deserts,

Dream Theater - Beneath the surface lyrics

Some day you would be there for me When the stars ... concerned I kept looking for the clues So I waited in the ... shadows of my heart And the still the time was never

Funeral For A Friend - Beneath the burning tree lyrics

copy aftertaste The taste of lips so delicate ... Stop the click and watch the room Sitting pretty in full ... fingers like a headache that the pills won't kill Your stain

Morbid Angel - Beneath the hollow lyrics

wills fall aimlessly beneath the Hollow Hollow words can't ... fill the void beneath Within they seethe ... Again they breed So Callous ... Waste is stripped away The venom growing with lust to

Panychida - Beneath the gate of sempiternal bliss lyrics

guide of all... guide of all the gone ones... One step closer ... to the bloody-fall she every new ... Enchantress! As rising, in the grey fog of the bones, cast

Ceremonial Castings - Beneath the sabbath moon lyrics

..Awaken... The swift of night And the ... marvel lays out their guide They come by shadow And unseen ... s eyes Sauntering through the wooded thick In secret where

Dj Drama - Beneath the diamonds ft.devin the dude,twista.. lyrics

The Diamonds Ft.Devin The Dude,Twista, La The Darkman ... & Mr. Porter Beneath The Diamonds Ft.Devin The Dude ... Twista, La The Darkman & Mr. Porter Beneath The Diamonds Ft.Devin The

Sampha - Beneath the tree lyrics

caught in flight You can let the breeze, let the breeze cool ... you And I hope the wind blows out those fires of ... doubt [Chorus] If there's a monster inside of here

As I Lay Dying - Beneath the encasing of ashes lyrics

inside of me Far beneath the encasing of ashes Bleeding ... showing signs of life Remove the darkness Take me away A ... (Leaving me desolate in the face of perfection) Unable

Black Label Society - Beneath the tree lyrics

nobody cares Here is where The setting sun is never feared ... on Welcome My Friends... Beneath The Tree of heaven Lies The ... Horror Of The Clay Beneath The Tree of heaven Come as you

The 69 Eyes - Beneath the blue lyrics

were born to light Some into the endless night, baby Every ... man's got to find What's there behind The silver side now ... baby Would you take me tonight

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