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Cryptopsy - Bemoan the martyr lyrics

a moment's notice, The truth has accelerated within. ... message you have left, Whether it was intended or not, Has ... only delayed, your fate. There does not appear to be a

Immortal Technique - The martyr lyrics

cut off my head and make me a Martyr The people will always ... it “No. They will forgetâ€& ... Immortal Technique - Verse 1] The point of guerilla war, is not

John Paul White - The martyr lyrics

really only fair You get the lion’s share You know the ... should hurt more than you These are the words I’m hearing ... in my head The ones that I deserve and

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The martyr lyrics

was born in the past time To take all our ... pain The kingdom of heaven's near The children of this time Must ... for his arrive To let all the legends be true The

Intruder - The martyr lyrics

in my bed, I hear his words, they echo in my head. Who we are, ... do, what we'll receive, when the work is through. I've been ... touched by the hand of fate. The winds of change fuel the

Senses Fail - The martyr lyrics

I look back I miss the hope I used to have The ... sense of passion and the meaning Cause I'm not the ... same I'm not the one that plays the part Of a ... fall down faster So what's the use of trying To be

Sleep Serapis Sleep - The martyr to end all martyrs lyrics

a Martyr prayed to the gods of his executioner As ... like dust, are confined to the fates of our former selves ... your flawed perfections But there's no need To mask these

Charlie Daniels - The martyr lyrics

I fear the night is falling Blacker than ... voice is calling And I hear the sounds of paradise See the ... innocent dying Has the world gone insane Now the ... I stand face to face with the enemy Defying his awesome

Alesana - The martyr lyrics

for me Lay yourself before the demon Spread your legs, bite ... If you should peek beneath the veil Don’t be surprised to ... find me there I’m ashamed, a victim of

Scar The Martyr - Mind´s eye lyrics

justified, redefined I am the Alpha and the second coming ... Fundamental discovery, for the need to create and control ... Seek no others, forms or cures before me

Anihilated - Blood of the martyr lyrics

is unflawed Blood of the martyr flows free in my veins My ... irrelevant, I revel in fame The lost and the ignorant flock ... to my hall The weak and malevolent, they all

Bandemonic - Martyr lyrics

strikes Cracks the sky Hunted Martyr's ... In God's eyes Guilty one The Justice orders Execution ... Cursed demon and legions of the damned The plot is set,

Rusted Root - Martyr lyrics

us down again Your horizons they crawl up to my chin I ... through your windows as they flew through the air All I ... How long should we play the Martyr? [x2] Hey Mister

After All - Becoming the martyr lyrics

mischief once for all Or pay the price, redeem control When ... for what I'll be Out of the silence Into the core A ... No more illusions A shade in the dark Surrounded by death

Epica - Martyr of the free word lyrics

a sudden turn And reaching the point of violence Because ... never guide you For even the fearful can take a beating in ... stand alone Left to atone their social blunders If you gun

Dropkick Murphys - The battle rages on lyrics

fist was raised with fury The signal came at dawn An army ... at the ready Their vengeance will be strong ... The kingdom (will always make its ... worth) The martyr (will soon fall on his sword)

Bury Tomorrow - Salvation & the martyr lyrics

We will, Suffer Under Sacrifice We will, Run To Your Side, We will, Suffer Under Sacrifice, We will, Watch As Our City Falls, Will you keep your promise? C...

No Bragging Rights - The prequel lyrics

important? If just one goes… then more will follow after. Yes ... display of power. I’ll take the firewood myself and I’ll even ... bring the matches. I don’t believe

Scar The Martyr - Complications (killing joke cover) lyrics

Enjoy yourself This is the new age Complications ... Complications Ransom the birth Of a new destruction ... Alienation Self-destruct At the count of ten Complications

Scar The Martyr - Never forgive never forget lyrics

punch to the gut Another three steps back I swear it ... placed my bets on you Another push and a pull A fog of ... I should've seen it coming The whole thing's going to hell

Scar The Martyr - White nights in a day room lyrics

with a kiss to betray me So the story goes... What you gonna ... re so quick to forsake me The shell of a man, the vows are ... our love is a memory... So the story goes... What you gonna

Holy Martyr - The lion of sparta lyrics

the foray of the fight A sweet whisper ... ascends into the sky Is the whisper from the Martyr Who ... His soul's ascending into the sky He's a fierce foe on the

Scar The Martyr - Anatomy of erinyes lyrics

black heart, black blood On the outside Black wings, Black ... black tongue Swept from the tide The currents pull with ... She guides, shapes, shifts The cave sucks you in. Sick,

Scar The Martyr - Blood host lyrics

Crimson shards, take their shape To infect each ... passageway Penetrate them into space, there is no ... With every word you say, the spew that you create And

Scar The Martyr - Coat of arms lyrics

be misunderstood. Sure for the surfacing But there no coat ... never want pretend Suffer the syndrom You're more than the ... of exploit. You're more than the sum of exploit. You

Scar The Martyr - Cruel ocean lyrics

..and so I beckon the seas The clamor of voices wash over me ... The crashing waves of hope, give ... cries out to God ...Tied to the ashes you leave Bleed all of

Scar The Martyr - Dark ages lyrics

tow, they the lowest level They lie, steal ... cheat...they stand for nothing The gods ... of greed...they feed on our failure They ... plant their seeds, Don't buy what they

Scar The Martyr - Digging for truth lyrics

we're going for a drive (they're going for the code) We ... it's like a scene of a crime (the devil that you know) Yeah ... re rolling out floors, like they're not too fab, it's the

Scar The Martyr - Flatline & fracture lyrics

beating as one inside me. The science fiction exceeds?. ? ... transcend. I'm the collector of dreams, a ... -Disconnected. We're on the fringe of fear.- It stand

Scar The Martyr - Prayer for prey lyrics

of loyalty I give Feast of the flesh to mask the art Pain ... your pleasure, empowered by the powerless You are my master, ... soul, it is our bond held by these chains A broken soul, but

Scar The Martyr - Soul disintegration lyrics

a waste, deception hangs, in the balance, we create: Our only ... hope is the truth. A bitter fate, it ... carnal, last embrace Turns the innocence to ruin Answer

Brodequin - Blood of the martyr lyrics

drawn tightly around the fingers until they become ... separated again by wedges others sawn in half bound to the ... wrapped three times around the limbs poles inserted between the boards gradually turned

Ministry - The missing lyrics

s missing... they took him away! the last ... days the sinking shunned the last rites of what we have ... and watch what you say the martyr dies so what's at

Scar The Martyr - Effigy unborn lyrics

are my lord of the flies Puncture wounds, carve ... out the eyes Through you live out my ... I wanna peel back the skin, to see the real you ... No legacy to protect You are the brain, I'm the bride

Scar The Martyr - Last night on earth lyrics

Nightmarish requiem Pierce the skin as you scream, Just ... like the slaughter of pigs Mask the ... pain, crown the king, It's all coming undone ... you never were Fall, into the cracks of the world Your

Scar The Martyr - My retribution lyrics

fortress, kneel to the lamb Bodies lay lifeless, their faces stare Your hall of ... mirrors, drag all the waters Unearth to offer, ... It's like we're looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.

Norma Jean - The entire world is counting on me, and... lyrics

earth. May it pass away in the beautiful flames that it was ... to come, today is just not the same. Inflamed earth. Roses.

Norma Jean - The human face, divine lyrics

I don't care about the way it looks. I don't care ... t sell out. It all comes to these words, a battle field

Norma Jean - The shotgun message lyrics

at the world through the whole you put in my hand.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The almighty lyrics

your master, cause I know the depths of your soul I saw ... agony I’m your madness, the almighty! Follow me, I’ll ... guide you into the holy land Follow me, I’ll

Dashboard Confessional - The good fight lyrics

the odds, Consider the obvious. The martyr is ... meaningless, The campaign has died. In the ... planning stages and the fallen faces Are the ... as my only hope And watched the floor as you retreated.

Heaven Shall Burn - The martyrs blood lyrics

confidence still penetrate the cannonthunder, so many ... daring dreams will fall, the vision of a better world ... dies in the bombingrain. No time to

Mastodon - The czar lyrics

Don't stay; run away The henchmen are gathered and ... away Tsarina has warned of the danger It's your own fault ... This is where we lay By the light of the moon You must

Lunarium - The divine infidelity of a false prophet lyrics

corrupt society, but I knew there was a world out there ... see. Upon my neck I carried the wicked emporer’s taint A ... gold medallion With the image of a saint So I

Deadlock - Martyr of science lyrics

my little friends You have the chance to become a martyr to ... to save mankind It's not the lust to kill or torture But ... to millions Swallow these pills, shoot me to fame

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Martyr lyrics

ve been a martyr for love And I will die in the flames As I draw my last ... your name I've been a martyr for love Nailed up on the ... you're having your fun As the damage is done I'm assessing

Job For A Cowboy - Suspended by the throat lyrics

I'll mend your loss. Let the carcass of the martyr burn, ... In the process of... Process Your ... and embers will light up the skies. Let the carcass of the martyr burn, In the process

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Martyr (bonus track) lyrics

so much I unleashed with the fury of a fire I only ... you so high I can feel all the traces of the sky I never ... you so tight I conceal all the worst that you desire You

Kamikazee - Martyr nyebera lyrics

Kinukumpleto mo ang araw koSa tuwing inaaway moPagising sa umaga mukha moAng nakita wala pang nagawaNakasimangot na at pagsapit ngGabi tampo lalong lum...

Fozzy - Martyr no more lyrics

can climb the highest peak
 I can stop the ... war
 I can force the dumb to speak
 I can lock the door

 I can locate ... treasures lost
 I can see the blind
 I can buy, no mind the cost
 I can read your mind

Alpha Tyger - Martyr's paradise lyrics

A lot of souls shall leave their shell tonight For the Martyrium Where disgraceful ... angels play The maidens shall wash their ... blood away Where God rewards the genocide Outlawed Martyr’s

Sacrifice - The devils martyr lyrics

your remains I can feel the pain Our blood, it falls as ... that you hold dear taken The devil's martyr I die, you ... to burn in hell We sound the toll I can feel the pain

Painside - Martyr lyrics

ways for our demise Now the world falls into oblivion No ... left to blame You've played their game Wandering inside your ... hell The answers never come Regrets

Carpathian Forest - Martyr/sacrificulum lyrics

You are not the only one Dreamers, I wish ... Losers of faith Grievers of the heart All the purity of sin ... To die for a cause A martyr's death An old conscience

Get Up Kids - Martyr me lyrics

in my hand I'm a good soul, Martyr me Wasting my life it's ... by it's a good fight throw in the towel The hours I've spent ... is spent a virtue I sent to the basement far from me The

Fear Factory - Martyr lyrics

What I thought was life Came to an end Born into a world I never asked for this I've got to get away I've got to get away I've got to get away I've got to get away! ...

It Dies Today - Martyr of truth lyrics

wanna breathe you in, senses realized At ... is fulfilled I wanna breathe you, in senses realized At ... of compassion Rises through the pores of my skin Before us

Radical Face - Martyr lyrics

s time to collect the bones We don't mind because ... razor blades We're always on the hunt with definitions of ... it takes to waste away There's nothing but holes in you

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