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Behold The Bridegroom lyrics

Browse for Behold The Bridegroom song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Behold The Bridegroom lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Behold The Bridegroom.

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Ross The Boss - Behold the kingdom lyrics

the sinners left their broken homes When the land was black and lost Orphan angels (were) spreading broken wings And the seas' eternal frost The kingdom of the world Is the last one to return Behold the kingdom Behold the land Behold the ki

Richard Smallwood - Behold the lamb lyrics

the Lamb Behold the Lamb Slain from the foundation of the world For sinners crucified, oh holy sacrifice Behold the lamb of God Behold the

Iced Earth - Behold the wicked child lyrics

up with fervid zeal Salvation's at hand Forged in flames as stars collide Recite the sacred rites Evoke the astral beast Black magic, astrology In sacred flames it congregates The ancient rage and priest Fusing the fetus and beast The Setian redeemer Man's blood must

Grave - Behold the flames lyrics

of creation for the second time Sin or salvation which one will it be? Meet the one who they call the fallen one Rules reserved now as evil is in command Sin or salvation? Feel no sympathy For the ones left behind Their times is soon to come Ignore the one w

Nightmare (fra) - Behold the nighttime lyrics

m on the run beholding the sunrise Searching what the story told I'm onthe run like a sailor in the sky I deny the day I will be old [Pre-Chorus] Ride-up! The thread of the time Ride-up! At the speed of light [Chorus] No one believed in me When I tried to c

Trip Lee - Behold the spirit lyrics

Verse 1:] I thought you already knew bruh Christ switched the rules up Dudes were tripping when they got a glimpse of truth the Moves that made was insane, His crew of Disciples, would later write it in the Bible the news of Jesus, the Word, but it seemed too absurd The m

Bal-sagoth - Behold the armies of war descend screaming fr.. lyrics

THE DISCIPLES OF ZAKUMAKURA:] Since before mankind hurled himself squamously from the sea we have awaited the awakening of great Zakumakura! Now... the Dragon-King shall at last rise to claim his earthly throne! Cast your gaze to the firmament and

Noble Beast - Behold the face of your enemy lyrics

have come to take the rights you have denied Too late to stem the tide There will be no quarter for you and your side We're coming for your hide Chorus: So look into the eyes of your enemy We are pushed beyond all reason We have chosen our ow

Sleeping Giant - Behold the pale horse lyrics

The Fourth seal screams The beast is holding The veil at bay And it all Seems surreal To war and conquer Life from all man Slain by sword The plagues rising The beast of burden Becomes your demise Oh My god I've not Known a fear So pure

Azarath - Behold the satan's sword lyrics

red vomit from the sky, Toxic rain of extermination falls. Acrid smell of burning flesh, total purification. Beasts of wrathful chaos descent from another world into the abode of life. Reborn in blasphemy from the limitless devine. Ancient blessings, spe

Septicflesh - Behold the land of promise lyrics

do pesnicky Septic Flesh sa mi ani po dlhom case nepodarilo najst :( Ak by ste mali viac stastia prosim kontktujte ma alebo text dodatocne pridajte..

Trip Lee - Behold the christ lyrics

yo, waddup? Dis ya boy Mac Mac the doulos supplyin' da track Yeah, got my man's Trip Lee on the verse We had to team up Let cat's know the truth about Jesus the Christ Not just a prophet, not just a man He's God in da flesh A O Trip, get 'at 'em

Horde - Behold the rising of the scarlet moon lyrics

the northern skies shall witness the rising of the scarlet moon from behind the blackened landscape of frozen Nordic wastes transformation of mountianous scenery to an eerie shade of crimson no longer a pale grey moon but one of fresh pure blood

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - Behold, the pretty filthy creatures! lyrics

quot;Largely because of his endorsement of shocking se**** practices, as a prerequisite to salvation" One, Two, Three, Four! Yeah, masters of pan-robot baby Use it lose it, yes I can Ham bones kill and ready to travel Throw your f***ing

Klone - Behold the silence lyrics

memories. Close the eyes to see... to see beyond the light Is life worth anything when the cries aren't felt? And leave these fears behind The wage for paradise is increased by your sins The sound of silence forgives no one you can hear the wind blowing o

Hagalaz' Runedance - Behold the passionate ways of nature lyrics

moon, mystic lamp of the night, Thy silver shine guides my way. The gates to the other side are open wide And my mind drifts so far away. Thou enchant my soul and seduce my flesh Whilst thou whisper thy secrets to me. With the ghosts of fog I dance in thy li

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Behold the night mare lyrics

ve faced the fathoms in your deep Withstood the suitors quiet siege Pulled down the heavens just to please you Appease you The wind blows and I know I can't go on, digging roses from your grave To linger on, beyond the beyond Where the willows wee

Infant Annihilator - Behold the kingdom of the wretched undying lyrics

gonna drain your heart dry I'm going to lap up every drop of hope and love and feel it run down my chin I’m going to turn men into beasts and ruin their women and spit poison into their children I’m going to scorch the earth with proper Old Testament despair And

Amy Grant - Bridegroom lyrics

will wait for the bridegroom, I've awakened early to say, I will wait for my bridegrooom, I will wait for Him today. I will give to him my impatience, I will give him all of my fear, I will make my heart very quiet, I will wait for Him here. In bright color

Saviour Machine - Behold a pale horse lyrics

the suffering unspeakable in death And the abominations of the earth; Its desolation turns, And now there is no life in her ... Behold the pale horse ... With fire in its eyes, with murder its rides, Behold the grave sword ... It slays in violent horror, it preys in war ... Beh

Atlantean Kodex - The atlantean kodex lyrics

the veils of time Where past and future intertwine Where written history subsides Subconscious memories arise Five keepers hold the keys To unlock the gate of dreams Behind the wall of sleep Where Choronzon lies in wait Behold the Urkraft, behold the sacred force We strike

Allegaeon - Behold (god i am) lyrics

s greatest mystery It's human nature to believe in something Legions died throughout history In debate of the one true deity Ages refuting cloned scriptures Races of reigning terror Behold the anger inside Eyes of the innocent sent their demise Foretold leade

Saviour Machine - The birth pangs lyrics

have had our last chance, The arm is at the door. Evil is erupting, it is coming. His agents are at hand. Atheistic passion breathes a wave of persecution. Locked together in hatred this is hell unleashed upon us. Apocalypse, apocalypse, Behold apocalypse, behold the dawn. A

Saviour Machine - The promise lyrics

have traced the movements of the tribes Led in chains from the burning ruins Of their beloved city into captivity ... After two-thousand years of exile and dispersion, They have returned home gathered out of Many people .. unto the former wasteland ... They have come to clai

Saviour Machine - The invasion of israel lyrics

all the nations for the final dream To break the scattered people dancing here unseen. To thee, complete destruction Israel is faced, Annihilation within warning she is placed. Apocalypse, apocalypse, Behold apocalypse, behold the rage. For all the

Kirk Franklin - Now behold the lamb lyrics

Now behold the Lamb the Precious Lamb of God born into sin that I may live again the Precious Lamb of God (2x) Holy is the Lamb the Precious Lamb of God Why You love me so, Lord I shall never know the Precious lamb of God (2X) Solo1 Now behold the Lamb the Pr

Saviour Machine - The sixth seal lyrics

.. And when the lamb opened the sixth seal .. the fate; Behold the earth shakes, the earth shakes, The sun became black as the night, The moon became blood of the dead, And the starts in the sky fell to the earth. The atmosphere is burning, And ev

Saviour Machine - The whore of babylon lyrics

I will show you the judgment of the great harlot; She is seated on the throne of many waters, And all the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her ... And I saw the woman sitting on a scarlet beast With seven heads and ten horns, full of

Orphanage - Behold lyrics

the Southern woods of a kingdom so small. A little baby which was born with a caul. The legend said if a woman would bear. We'd granted fortune and release from despair. Behold the quest is complete. Good fortune will lead our way. Baptized the child will be ours for eternity.

Sharon Den Adel - Behold (feat. orphanage) lyrics

the Southern woods of a kingdom so small. A little baby which was born with a caul. The legend said if a woman would bear. We'd granted fortune and release from despair. Behold the quest is complete. Good fortune will lead our way. Baptized the chi

Babylon Whores - To behold the suns below lyrics

hail Caesar / Horses in the Senate / Where did the eagles fly / Back in the German woods ? Lost by the walking wounded / Fleeing the devils of the forest / Taken to graven idols / Down in their shrines beneath the ground Oh to behold the suns below A heart that used to h

Borknagar - The earthling lyrics

behold the elders falling hear nature chime, the widow calling See that moldered face, once gazing throughout horizons, throughout seasons Men, behold the nature tolling hear the depravity of man See the sunshine blurring, once sharp and gleaming Throughout winters, throughout su

Draconian - The morningstar lyrics

ve cried a river for you to swim to let you know the state we're in. I've dreamt a vision for you to see that the night is the only worthy key I have seen Heaven's sleep, and I've watched the angels weep, they are slaves of fear and pain I know th

Masters Of Disguise - The enforcer lyrics

won't see him comin' He'll take you by surprise No poet but a strongman A master of disguise See the fierce look in his eyes On all the crooks and villains He declared war Come what may, he's here to stay He enforces the law Enforce the law! He takes all t

Savage Messiah - The fateful dark lyrics

from reason and carved into stone A shrine to sorrow that stand alone Our leaders from future to past From the wreckage, Forced to last It's of the mark, The fateful dark The cries of all It's of the mark, The fateful dark Behold the fall The fateful dark

Signum Regis - The voice in the wilderness lyrics

just with camel's hair Leathern girdle ‘bout my loins Spent my days on desert sand I'm sent to baptize in this land The kingdom of god is at our hands Repent and believe All heaven doors shall open wide Great things shall you see I baptize you with water Make stra

Aborted - The chyme congeries lyrics

fetid obsession emerges at dusk Roaming the streets Releasing my 'humanity' A colonic catastrophy Cavilating this mephitic plot A husk for my manure Despoiling a life so pure My colonic masterpiece And so I impregnate Skidmarks: the only proof of m

Lefay - The seventh seal lyrics

ve set the demons free I broke the first four spells And now they are riding eagerly Death awaits the ones Who live by natures law The wormwood star is Poisoning the wells below Behold the rumbling thunders Behold the light Behold the earthquakes Tha

Living Sacrifice - The training lyrics

down one by one They’ll take your pride and crush it The fall that comes is real, by pure degradation Amputate – Humiliate Who can take this punishment? Create something new A warrior where there once was nothing Destroy the body and mind – Behold the spirit can sur

Sanctuary - The third war lyrics

into the sky, the red glare will blind your eyes Afraid to see the light Your fears have spread this plight No way to kill the power Behold your race will die Deathrider comes from above No place to hide nowhere to run Deathrider's rage is on the loose Your

Saviour Machine - The bride of christ lyrics

bride of Christ awaits Fearless and faithfully ... His infinite mercy ... Behold the man of sorrows, the prince of peace ... Behold almighty God, the king of kings ... Behold the mystery, we shall not all sleep, But we shall all be changed in a moment ... For the trumpet will

Julie Laughs Nomore - The cold awakening lyrics

shade of death appears at the horizon With a cold embrace arrive the angels of darkness From a rip in the sky, the portal of madness A furious dawn, the dawn of destruction A violent holocaust - inevitable, fate is calling Ancient rage - reveals the lack of faith The a

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

THE ANTEDILUVIAN ORACLE:] Behold glorious Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom forever steeped in ancient legendry and the renown of its martial splendour... but of late, an ill wind whispers malignly through its opulent labyrinth of marbled citadels..

Sear Bliss - The venomous grace lyrics

inside the serpent’s den We are depraved and possessed By a temptation we can’t explain The venomous grace flowing through our veins Everything we see cannot be real The infinite flow of tears, an ocean of sorrow Emotions departed You are deceived by some

Dimmu Borgir - The sacrilegious scorn lyrics

I not been too long In the shadows of invention and creation? As I rightfully behold the flesh Fear of the conscious mind will have you facing away My word and world holds ground and is real Your world is like floods of poisoned water A language spoken with spit from differe

Falconer - The past still lives on lyrics

I walk On pathways so old, Travellers of yesterday I still behold Hearken to the waves Caressing the shore Oh how much land have they seen before Oh, mountain great How much you must know So tell me stories from ages ago Oh, vast sea Whom shop

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The parable of the old man and the young lyrics

Abram rose, and clave the wood, and went, And took the fire with him, and a knife. And as they sojourned both of them together, Isaac the first-born spake and said, My Father, Behold the preparations, fire and iron, But where the lamb for this burnt-offering? Then Abram bound

Bombus - The poet and the parrot lyrics

themselves in shades of rocks Mountains of man's division They all were first like no one else Walking the path to perdition Joking champs choking tramps Feed us with tired visions We've heard it before you've heard it before Talk like us act

Borknagar - The black token lyrics

the furious river The river that comes with the time Like a burning flood A flood in the shape of every kind >From the mountains to the shores Trembling aflame within the core I have come as far as the end now To an existence where my soul belong My cel

Dionysus - The orb lyrics

deceived, its powers hidden Darkness lurks, invisibility Fear the deed of Carwan's hands- A mythic treachery Fireborn, to rule them all An orb of might, hunger insatiable Evil craft A deadly tool, to seal the blasphemy You will see [Bridge] And then

Scar Symmetry - The spiral timeshift lyrics

revolution, response mechanical Thundering opposition to all new paradigms. At first denied! At first denied and then opposed with fervor. Resist subsequently, accepted as being self-evident. No one can avoid a thing whose time has come.

Aura Noir - The grin from the gallows lyrics

by Aggressor I am the blazing heart of the canyon Brandishing visions of cults I behold the secret sparks Like esoteric flames from a grave Grasp the untamed snake And wield it before me I'll stand tall while I read your dreams Leaving impressions of bla

Azaghal - The pit of shoggoths lyrics

abomination of abominations The goat with a thousand young Black flame rises beyond body, beyond life The unholy pit where the black realm begins And the watcher guards the gate The pit of shoggoths Place of utter blasphemy Down the six thousand steps To the abyss unkn

Dark Tranquillity - The one brooding warning lyrics

of life Far from the strengthening force From which it feeds The unbroken silence swear allegiance to thee Behold the answers that darkness sets free Freedom beyond the enslavement Never let loose upon the world Con we forgive the enchanter that Dance beyond the skyline dark

Demonical - The great praise lyrics

of a monumental collapse Going down The touch of a smothering spirit touches no one no more Existence The path of the wretched exposed The final high A sparking dance towards the downfall Incomplete creations Man-made gods and laws All going dow

Demonical - The healing control lyrics

and faded Man and insect alike Bred to feed our hunger As the sixth predator strikes Your whisper for forgiveness Now drowned in purest scorn Through the deeds of the wicked A new hierarchy is born A life on the hour foretold Beneath the

Dragony - The ride lyrics

The irons high Let the thunder be our guide And the water be our sanctuary And the wind be on our side The hooves are pounding And the horns are sounding As our torches light up the night In shadows mourning Ere the day is dawning And the darkness

Edguy - The pharaoh lyrics

the cradle of silence and of light It took a birth in human blood - angels cry - To the ages of violence and of hate To explore the left hand path I came alive Into my striding, the shell of a god in the cold My soul is just hiding, my spirit hauntin

Kenziner - The last horizon lyrics

re all seated, it's our last night Last ones to go, prepared for the flight Motors are roaring, no one can stay If there's a new home, please tell me now I should believe but I don't know just how New life in darkness, no night or day The countdown

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