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Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - The train lyrics

Oh, hi. We're runnung behind schedule today and we were ... Great! Okay boys, let's run the train through. Do we have to ... move the furniture? Don't bother, we'll go around it. Wow!

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - The train at midnight lyrics

'round so many lands The time was melting in my hands ... And where the desert meets the sky I saw the fires die All ... me your hand Can't you hear the train? The train at midnight

Shaggy - The train is coming lyrics

This girl got me waiting and the time has come for a decision ... made OH YES OOH WELL Tell them Ken Boothe [Ken Boothe] ... I SAY THE TRAIN IS COMING BABY I SAY THE TRAIN IS COMING NOW I SAY THE TRAIN IS COMING BABY I SAY THE TRAIN IS COMING NOW SO LONG I'VE

1910 Fruitgum Company - The train lyrics

train is comin' down the track It's bringin' my baby ... She been gone so long But now the train is bringin' her home, ... oh Chorus: Train hurry up Bring my baby back

Johnny Burnette - The train kept a-rollin' lyrics

caught a train I met a dame She was a ... couldn't let her go Well, the train kept a-rollin all night ... long The train kept a-rollin all night long ... The train kept me movin' all night long

Gil Scott-heron - The train from washington lyrics

reconstruction time they were folks who have been ... 40 acres and a mule. And they were told a man with their ... papers could be expected on a train from Washington. They were

Breakerz - The train's gone ... lyrics

do de Stay away from me. Mother I'm sorry. Ronri ronri kyou ... .. Mata tsugi ga kitemo... Mother I'm sorry... A miserable son ... wo My life is gone Last train semari kuru sono toki ! I

Gotthard - The train lyrics

out the window and seeing my life go ... by Many times I feel the joys, some others where I cry ... I still don't know The train of life just takes me down, ... to where the four winds blow But I'm

Holy Mother - The train lyrics

yesterday I took the train So many times You went away ... I searched the Whole world over Never ... Your silver linings Hold the key Just leave your Spare

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The train song (b-sides) lyrics

me how long's the train been gone? Tell me how long ... s the train been gone? And was she there ... And was she there? Tell me how long's the train been gone? Tell me how

Exodia - The train of death lyrics

per wagon for a one way trip There’s no seats, or floor enough ... all is full of piss when they reach their destination The ... Auswitchz you enter through the door and exit through the

Pemberton Daniel - The train from bloemfontein lyrics

from the torches of the breaker's yard Thirty years ... its stride [ ]: This is the train from Bloemfontein ... Mighty workhorse of the African plain This is the train from Bloemfontein Off to

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The train (feat. carla morrison) lyrics

Pretty face tryna chase the train And I could look the other way but it still won't erase ... And I pray that she stay the same, amazing grace Yeah, ... yeah, yeah Just another reflection in the window

Outkast - The train lyrics

[Verse 1] Little do they know when I was brought up ... I made a change Like the diaper on the bottom of my ... I wasn't ready to be a father, maybe, kind of, sorta

Tim Buckley - The train lyrics

t you hold me down And kill the man you love Sweet mama what ... a highway Tryin' to git to the other side, Don't know why

Big Boi - The train, pt. 2 lyrics

everydayyyyy Adding more to the story trying to make it more ... I think your lie just saved the day [Verse One: Big Boi] ... because Big Boi's from some other place Oh way deep in outer

Juanita Bynum - Behind the veil lyrics

go with Me behind the veil Take my hand and I'll ... lead you there Come go with me, behind the veil Caus in his presence we ... ll prevail There's a call to the remnant, you've been chosen

Diana Ross - The force behind the power lyrics

life's beginnings Right at the very dawning of the sun Any ... Now down in every heart there are two forces One is for the wrong, one's for the right

Van Morrison - Behind the ritual lyrics

wine in the alley, drinking wine in the ... that wine Out of my mind in the days gone by Making time ... Sally, drinking that wine In the days gone by, talking all out

Teena Marie - Behind the groove lyrics

to Xanadu {Where is that? } Behind the groove {Well, alright} ... Hoo... {Behind the groove} There's another side ... inside of you {Behind the groove} You can make your

Azrael (jap.) - Behind the mask lyrics

Sun and shadow Night and day They are all back to back Alone ... you fall You can see it The world is making progress day ... just like an actor to deceive them You may lock at me such a

Cher Lloyd - Behind the music lyrics

For a second in my world The same old song, it won't last ... long If you can't stand behind the music All the fame, ... all the girls And all the money in this world They don

Forbidden - Behind the mask lyrics

walks the razors edge, unconsciously ... Questioning the shadows, calling me Listen ... to the voices of my past I'm ... here I stand Reality slits the riffs of time now ticking

Living Colour - Behind the sun lyrics

behind the dark side of the sun everyone's here but ... things are finished before they've begun life is beautiful behind the sun you may see you ... re still here you're still there everyone's happy life is

Him - Behind the crimson door lyrics

of time with flowers To send the scent of blame to the grave ... Set the darkest thoughts on fire And ... watched the ashes climb to Heaven's gates ... We hide behind the crimson door While the

Indica - Behind the walls lyrics

loosing control I stare at the stars The places where i ... could go If I could bend these bars You help me ... through the pain But keep me bound I

Narnia - Behind the curtain lyrics

me realize That life goes on behind the curtain Life goes on ... me realize That life goes on behind the curtain Life goes on ... embrace me I pray You'll be there when I fall... I fall...

Jimi Jamison - Behind the music lyrics

I kept my vision focused on the charts Our love was in ... a reason In time we learned the balance of two hearts We ... were burning with the fire of new creation There's

Iron Fire - Behind the mirror lyrics

at them fight With magic at night The wizards from the past Look ... at them burn Look at them die With fire in their eyes ... Follow the winds of fire Deep down to

Molly Hatchet - Behind the bedroom door lyrics

got my attention, now I'm in the mood Love to see you shakin' ... don't you know? It's all in the name of rock 'n' roll Men ... feet Heads are turnin' on the street See you comin' for a

Francesca Battistelli - Behind the scenes lyrics

I take my time To set the stage To make sure ... place Even though I’ve got the lines rehearsed A picture ... Things aren’t always what they seem You’re only seeing

Cage - Behind the walls of newgate lyrics

m the reaper the sealer of fate Make your ... it's too late In this prison they call Newgate I am the hand ... tall Haunted by horrors Behind these great walls One day

Kreator - Behind the mirror lyrics

a new world and you are the first The mysteries of life ... becoming clearer Behind the mirror Behind the mirror ... Flying through the black hole Things look

Mortifilia - Behind the glass door lyrics

with burning pain under the skin Demons of evil are ... is becoming perfect Behind the glassdoor Brain is full ... by power of all evil There idyll gets unsuspected

Paradise Lost - Behind the grey lyrics


Ramp - Behind the wall lyrics

inside Awakening through the years you live To the powers ... said Of this maze of misery The light we hold inside But we ... see Search your truth Behind the wall Search your truth Behind the wall From the Budas of

Sicknature - Behind the backdrop lyrics

the facade You´ll find the smile of the frauds The love ... in disguise, the cries of the hard Behind the facade Is ... where the greed is topping the charts And broken people try

Slyphstorm - Behind the mask lyrics

into my office, don't bother with the door Get yourself ... we're gonna be here for Another six hours, all the kids went ... home I'm the nightly overwatch of the

Alexander Klaws - Behind the sun lyrics

be your guy Baby you're on the seven'th sky I'm writting on ... you if you fall" I love the way you love me my girl ... Chours: Behind the sun We'll find the place my

Rick Astley - Behind the smile lyrics

me by You won't look me in the eye Don't you think that it ... a crying shame We must play these silly games The pain in ... stronger day by day Behind the smile that I portray I am

Chelsea Grin - Behind the veil of lies lyrics

cry to the sky yields reply from hell ... Why the f*** am I here? I can't see, ... help from angels who hide their fangs behind a veil of lies ... help from angels who hide their fangs behind a veil of lies

Coldrain - Behind the curtain lyrics

Your life's declined From the blood that is shed by a ... warped empire The wall of lies Your happy eyes ... yourself We know it's you behind the curtain Pretending like

Crowbar - Behind the black horizon lyrics

believed in all you told me The need, the need to grow it ... below my spirit's twisting the truth I found the truth was ... it To hide I'd never hid behind it My faith, sometimes I

Manilla Road - Behind the veil lyrics

I kneel amongst the dead My mind a clouded haze ... Dancing o’er the field of death A vixen calls ... my name Behind the veil of gossamer frame ivory ... with cruelty in its’ chime The northern lights begin to

Tom Odell - Behind the rose lyrics

shown She took off her clothes and her jacket I fold She ... told me ‘bout somewhere behind a rose It’s looking out of ... she said “seen somebody’s clothes” It’s knowing that tomorrow

Pentagram - Behind the veil lyrics

shadows behind the veil What you see'll be ... shinin through Before the darkness I've seen The light ... you If you want I'll be there Before and ever, I read

Six Magics - Behind the sorrow lyrics

pray to a different God than they That does not change what ... t fight a war With you not there to guide me And I can't ... I pray for use we leave behind the sorrow If this might

Alexander - Behind the sun lyrics

be your guy Baby you're on the seven'th sky I'm writting on ... you if you fall'' I love the way you love me my girl ... Chours: Behind the sun We'll find the place my

Belphegor - Behind the black moon lyrics

the way of the hunter Not the f***ing victim Take your own ... misanthropy - hail nihilism Behind the black moon We praise ... Battlefield chaos distor their souls Behind the black

Crematory - The way behind the light lyrics

soul leaved the body And searched for his ... a endless passage to open the gate Behind the door you saw ... out of stone to carved There sat a shape of darkness to

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Behind the wheel lyrics

I don't care Tonight I'm in the hands of fate I hand myself ... plate Now Oh little girl There are times when I feel I'd ... rather not be The one behind the wheel Come Pull my strings

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Behind the wheel vince clarke lyrics

I don't care Tonight I'm in the hands of fate I hand myself ... plate Now Oh little girl There are times when I feel I'd ... rather not be The one behind the wheel Come Pull my strings

Elegy - Behind the tears lyrics

a punishment so real They played their cold and ... that wicked children played They made you feel afraid ... spell Subconsciously afraid The answer lies, behind the tears

Goldfinger - Behind the mask lyrics

funny I thought that you'd be there if I should ever call on ... that I know that you work for them Now that I know your life ... been asked So who is right? The one behind the mask So now

Lion's Share - Behind the curtain lyrics

walk on the water, to ride on the waves Requires believers ... praised by the grace In social distortion they stood there alone A spring ... revolution pushed from the throne Behind the curtain

Muro - Behind the wall lyrics

'cause your backs against the wall Oh no you'll never know ... voice you couldn't break the wall it was so high, it was ... thick step with your feet on the ground below the surface,

Revolution Renaissance - Behind the mask lyrics

my failures You still have the best cards in your deck But ... it's not over yet Behind the mask You think you can get ... Time has come to rip out the bad seeds I will make you

Shiraz Lane - Behind the 8-ball lyrics

Three, Four Hey Mister, the lies don't work no more Don ... gonna burn, burn Hey Mister, the cards are scaring me Can't ... you see? We make the world bleed, still we're

Alice's Garden - Behind the door lyrics

control I want, too see Behind, the door It waits for ... those who know There's no thing as control See the things that you fear And the ... clear I want, too see Behind, the door Now I've come to

Altar Of Oblivion - Behind the veil of nights lyrics

me from these nasty chains, pull the same ... disease Torn apart by the blitzing thunderbolts ... Screams are piercing through the dark Speed-raging sharks of

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