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Loverance - Up! (remix) lyrics

Intro: 50 Cent (LoveRance)] YAY AREA!!!! From the front to the back from the left to the right side, we worldwide From the east to the westside get it girl that's right, let's ride (I beat the p**** up) [Verse 1: 50 Cent] She ain't got to tel

Loverance - Up![feat. 50 cent] lyrics

the front to the back From the left to the right side I'm world wide From the east to the west I get it girl thats right lets ride I beat the p**** up up up up up up up [4x] I beat the p**** Yeah I eat it but much rather beat it Dick your girl down cuz I know she really need it

Loverance - Up![feat. iamsu & skipper] lyrics

beat the P**** UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP I beat the P**** UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP I beat the P**** UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP I beat the P**** UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP I beat the P**** Up [Verse 1: Iamsu] Make it shake like a vibrator Laugh now

Lil Boosie - Beat dat p**** up lyrics

Chorus) I know lately that we aint did much but on my mama girl I promise I'm gon make that up I know you sick of all them bitches with them rumors and lies but however gets the weather you gone always be mine And I'm gon stretch my time we can make thi

Accept lyricsAccept - Beat the bastards lyrics

up... Get the hell on outta here Cut the ropes that bind you Stand up... straight into your fear Leave the past behind you Your cautious ways...have spawned your nothing just an empty stage Where do you go from here Living...puts the wor

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the devils tattoo lyrics

have forsaken All the love you've taken Sleepin' on a razor There's nowhere left to fall Your body's aching Every bone is breakin' Nothin' seems to shake it It just keeps holdin' on Your soul is able Death is all you cradle Sleepin' on the nails There's no

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Beat the bastards lyrics

to the system there's no way out Slaves to the system do you have a shout You've got to beat the bastards and beat 'em now Sick of policies putting me down Beat the bastards, beat them now Beat the bastards, beat them now Beat the bastards, beat them now

Pallas - Beat the drum lyrics

is a place that has no name No sound of laughter, no children playing It's not on the map but it's there just the same The places that built the toys for the nuclear game Sascha digs the food in the snow It fills the gaps where his pension don't go He spent

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Beat the shit :feat. gunplay lyrics

Wayne - Beat The Shit (Feat. Gunplay) [I Am Not A Human Being II]Lil Wayne - Beat The Shit (Feat. Gunplay) [I Am Not A Human Being II]Lil Wayne - Beat The Shit (Feat. Gunplay) [I Am Not A Human Being II]Lil Wayne - Beat The Shit (Feat. Gunplay) [I Am Not A Human Being II]Lil W

Covenant - Beat the noise lyrics

can’t beat the noise I can’t cut the noise I can’t beat the noise In my veins I can’t hear the noise I can’t feel the noise I can’t wear the noise In my brains I can’t beat the noise I can’t make it go away Flooding my veins Four the bones Killi

Sister Sin - Beat the street lyrics

s make this one our own This is one of ours Now c'mon and bring this motherf***er home Places I have been, anywhere I'll stay Here is my life to sign away Riding the high waves along the city streets A fortune underneath these dirty feet There's a saying Eve

Alyson Stoner - Beat the system lyrics

piece won't come Then let it be here when I gone Hold me like child And sell like diamond for ransom Well that isn't fair You get to play the lottary With second chances So weather when you win today The rest of us lost ever game ok If those are your rules

Emmelie De Forest - Beat the speed of sound lyrics

circulate, circulate The searching is endless, the journey relentless In the air, in the air, in the air Oceans are breaking, senses awakening In your eyes, there’s a storm in your eyes Call of the wild, a wilderness child Take a flight in the dawn to the light Out of the ex

Petra - Beat the system lyrics

8:37, Mark 10:31, Matthew 10:39 Words & Music by Bob Hartman Caught in the undertow being swept downstream Going against the flow seems like such a dream Trying to hold your ground when you start to slide Pressure to compromise comes from every side Wise up Rise u

Anvil - Beat the law lyrics

step ahead, they're on your tail Live or dead you're skipping bail Over your shoulder, no time to stop You're getting bolder watch out for a cop A born thief on the lamb His mother's grief, he don't give a damn Has a rap sheet as long as my arm An escapee from a work farm

Edie Brickell - Beat the time lyrics

notice me-I notice you I see alot of things that neither of us do I notice me-I notice you too And there are simple things that we don't even try anymore Theres a way out of this Beat the time and everytime I turn around We got some clever way to put

Good Clean Fun - Beat the meat lyrics

sit and face your final meal, you'll be the first to blink A reminder that you're still alive Frightened of this thing you feel but still you start to think What price for you to survive? Join us! We need all the help we can get Together!

Great Big Sea - Beat the drum lyrics

still hear the snares in the square Colours ablaze in the evening The air was still down the stormy hills It's good to be young and daring She was the pride of the summer that year She was my sweetheart, my lady We walked to Black Rock and stopped by the

The Game - The best revenge lyrics

it's mind over matter, don't fall for the low key dogs Those have forsake it cause you're smart and you're beautiful Success, good friends The best revenge All my park has got bigger and I've never been hearin' Let 'em say whatever they want, they jus

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Beat the devil out of it lyrics

m a star, I'm a star (You said It don't forget it) Guns and glamour. (How we shine so brightly) Well its all over now (All the drugs have run out) You said it don't forget it Dolce & Gabanna. Louis Vuitton and Prada With a blank for a name and A hand

Q-unique - The set up lyrics

Q-Unique] My world was a broken scene and a broken home Broken dreams, and an open throne My world my mother doing her best at avoiding doom Me and my brother sleep on a cot in the boiler room My world was a lineup for welfare getting food stamps And moms working at shit jobs to feed

Reel Big Fish - The set up you need this lyrics

guess it's not fair for me to not care but I don't, and that's why you think I'm a great guy but I want you and you want me too and you need this, wanna give it to you and I thought this time i'd say something new I'll call you, I swear so, next time be there

Destiny Potato - The build up lyrics

of the things you said that you are Oh my love Every time you said you will

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - The call up lyrics

her go, let her go When the look in her eye said, "Cheerio, cheerio" "I don't want you no more" Mosquito, mosquito "Get the hell out of my bed" "torpedo, torpedo "I don't want you no more" If you c

Scott Hoying - The mash-up game ft.tori kelly, mitch grassi lyrics

Dear no one] I don't really like big crowds I tend to shut people out I like my space, yeah But I would love to find a soul mate And God will give him to me someday And I know it'll be worth the wait, oh [Better together] Boy, I miss you, said I re

Rhett And Link - The break up song lyrics

quot;OK, I think I'm ready." "Of course you're ready." "Hey." "Hey. I've been doing some thinking." "He's got something he wants to tell you. Get the guitar." "OK&

Beck - The f***ed up blues lyrics

got the f***ed up blues I got the f***ed up blues Lord what can you do About the f***in f***ed up blues Well the beans have been bakin Upon the camel's hump Like a voodoo curse in an old lady's purse Confetti on my grave I got the f***ed up blues I got the f***ed up blues Lo

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - The call up lyrics

s up to you, not to heed the call up And you must not act, the way you were brought up Who knows the reasons, why you have grown up? Who knows the plans or why they were drawn up? It's up to you, not to heed the call up I don't wanna die It's up to you, not to

Freak Morice - The break-up song lyrics

Day, I'm waiting in the cinema Tearing up our tickets, Sighing as I text your number You said you'd come, You said you'd come We both know that you won't turn up, You won't turn up Shut my phone and shut you out of my head Every time we brea

Janet Leon - The cover up lyrics

don't know what you're thinkin' But I guess you're not concerned about the way I feel Hey what's the deal I don't know what you're doin' But I'm feelin' that you're playin' me just like a fool And that ain't cool I picture her with you She's lyin' in your bed Her ha

Jasmine V. - The break up song lyrics

Had Our Love Behind Bars, No Visitors No Oh No He Held My Heart On Death Row Yeah, He Did! I Don't Know What Was Inside His Mind It Wasn't What I Thought So? ..Him Know, Yeah, Yeah Bridge: This Is When We Both Started To Change The Page Beginning After That And We A

George Jones - The window up above lyrics

ve been living a new way Of life that I love so But I can see the clouds are gath'ring And the storm will wreck our home For last night he held you tightly And you didn't even shove This is true for I've been watching (watching you) From the window up above You must have tho

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - The wake-up bomb lyrics I look good in a glass pack I look good and mean I look good in metallic sick wraparound blackout tease I scud along the horizon, I drink some sweet tree tea I get high in my low-ass boot-cut jean I like being seen I look good with my drink-eat-no-slee

Redman - The stick up lyrics

door shuts, bus pulls out* [some singin fool] Yeahhhahhyeahhhahahhehhh I got a soda, you can't have none of! I got a soda, it's only enough for one, hon I got a soda, y'all can't have a god damn sip I got a soda, I know you want it I... [Redman] Aiyyo shut that singi

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - The hook up lyrics

s a dance ting Blow Boys and girls come sit and ride on 'dis 'riddim Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Blow He was looking, said he Wanna hook up But she don't wanna hook up Told him just go But now she looked and said she wanna hook up Really wanna hoo

Atmosphere - The stick up lyrics

s and tramps, f***s and sluts Bitches, scams, tits, butts Bitches be creamin for this 8-inch demon And when you hear me screamin I'm about to free the semen Wipe myself off on ya couch cover If she talks any trash I'll flash my boxcutter 'cuz I'm rougher than any pimp ya had

Emmure - The hang up lyrics

m f***ing losing my mind I think everything you do just makes me sick Bullshit you say to get attention Just pretentious Growing tired of your shit ... What do you see? ... Go buy a motherf***ing ... ... Nobody cares about you ... And write a song about it Yet still,

Logic lyricsLogic - The come up lyrics

some guys they just hate for no reason, kapish? F*** yo money, f*** yo jewelry, f*** yo cars F*** all yo bitches that you got It's obsolete, now All that shit ain't fresh no more, f*** all that [Verse 1:] On the real homie, on the real Tell me how you feel Everything I sp

Nas lyricsNas - The set up lyrics

. (yeah, yeah, yeah) Q.B. since 1933 (know dat) To nine-six (nine-six motherf***er) Check the shit [Havoc] Nine-six Escobar 600 [Nas] Check the shit My mindset, son got wet, I'm vexed really They snatched off his Rolex, smacked his bitch silly Why ni

Sammy Wilk - The come up ft. skate lyrics

SKATE:] (Yeah, the come up) Music always been the first choice, ain't no time for plan b I swear my shit 'bout to pop off like it's someones [?] Ain't no joking around, we floating around Taking the stage and we holding it down Girl with the ass, Imma nee

Greg Kihn Band - The break-up song lyrics

had broken up for good just an hour before Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh Now I'm staring at the bodies as there's dancin' 'cross the floor Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh And then the band slowed the tempo and the music gets me down Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh It was the sa

Jamie's Elsewhere - The cover up lyrics

so fixed on creations But you're not my creator You pick apart the flaws you find in me But your broken so focus on Picking up the pieces of your State of mind You were never there when I was By your side Well unlike you The simple things in life Are what I need to get

Kilmara - The break up lyrics

still can see you sitting here what are you waiting for my dear you know the door is over here just leave the keys on the self Refr.: I decide the time to break up is tonight you deny you don´t believe it Cry tonight our story´s ended nothing´s wrong you have to try

Kings Of Convenience - The build-up lyrics

build up lasted for days Lasted for weeks Lasted too long Our hero withdrew When there was two He couldn't choose one So there was none Worn into the vaguely announced Worn into the vaguely announced The spinning top made a sound Like a

Tim Ripper Owens - The cover up lyrics

ve seen you all around the world Looking for chosen ones I wonder if it's true, are they here I see you looking up and trying to find the lights Among the trillion stars, there is life somewhere Look to the sky, they have arrived They're here among us, for years th

Rampage - The set up lyrics

seen many mc's getten laid to rest Under stress, shot through they're bullet proof vest Now you wanna be hardcore You were never an outlaw Until you just came off tour Yo you talk a good game, brothers around your way knows your name They wanna burn you i

Skate & Sammy - The come up lyrics

Yeah, the come up) Music always been the first choice, ain't no time for plan b I swear my shit 'bout to pop off like it's someones [?] Ain't no joking around, we floating around Taking the stage and we holding it down Girl with the ass, Imma need that, go ahead and drop it low t

Machine Gun Kelly - The break up lyrics

I know I know you bought me the watch You ain't get it back though My name's on the back though I flipped the lock to the back door And took the key under the mat though I know you hate that But you did some things that you cannot take back I needed change Left a nickel for

Eminem lyricsEminem - The re-up ft. 50 cent lyrics

Intro - Eminem] [Beatboxing] Yeah, we should do something like that... [Chorus - 50 Cent] Boom boom chop, boom b-boom chop Boom boom chop, Yeah, das whats up Boom boom chop, boom b-boom chop Boom boom chop, b-boom, Shady [Verse 1 - Eminem] There

Kimbra - The build up lyrics

from cities to touch the suburbs On the highway, but I'm barefoot I need a map but not the destination Need a compass but not a conversation I want to run far from this grey town You're on every street, marked on the ground Not the mome

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - F*** up the club (feat. future, rick ross, yg.. lyrics

This that '63 AMG Ghost music It's that Ace of Spade, girl and it's toast music Nigga let's toast to it DJ Khaled! We just gon' f*** up the club, baby, f*** up the club, baby We just gon' f*** up the club, baby, f*** up the club, baby We ju

Run The Jewels - Oh my darling don't cry lyrics

d-d-darling Dar-dar-dar-dar-d-ling Oh my Oh my F*** the law, they can eat my dick, that's word to Pimp Hol up (You are now listening to Run the Jewels 2) F*** the law, they can eat my dick, that's word to Pimp I don't f*** with or talk, like all these f***in' imps Style viol

Hey! Say! Jump - Beat line lyrics

up? What up? Ima heat my soul (heat up) Kono kokoro wo moyasou (heat up) Negai wo kakage saa gotta gotta go mae ni susume (movin' on) Kizutsuitatte don't mind itami wa knock you down Tsuyosa ni kawarunda osorezu take a chance Jounetsu ga jumpin' jumpin' kono mune de pumpin'

Dj Drama - Sweat ft. ray j, fabolous & la the darkman lyrics

da grillz, da da da grillz da da grillz, da da da grillz da da grillz, da da da grillz da da grillz, da da da da da [Ray J] i've been waitin, tonight girls it's on imma bring the weed? two bottles of patron you ain't been with me yet you ain't really

Ima Robot - The beat lyrics

clocking out at the station hurry up and get your pay a two day vacation friday, saturday down in the basement shower up in the sink throw on some lipstick and look pretty in pink short skirts in the cold to the club oh the night is waiting getting closer you feel

Jessica Mauboy - Up / down lyrics

it's Jessi, down can't be me, down can't stop me, down can't copy My recipe, down let it go The dance floor it knows me, radio ready Got this on CD, on repeat You know you need me I'm in ya speaker, the rhythm, got bodies talking You know

Me Vs Hero - Up beat (down) lyrics

song goes out to all the non-believers The way they treat us and the way they perceive us We'll make it out alive (tear down the walls tonight!) (They said) this would be our ending (But this) this friday night's the one Bursting at the seams with beats and melodies

Lil' B - Beat my ho lyrics

m smoking all this reefer, f***ing with the strippers I'll make that ass clap, I'm coming for your tippers Yes I need you to f*** my nigga on pillas I'm a drug dealer ho, I'm coming for realer The thrill in Manilla, stayin be here my strippers She was up on the dance

The Jezabels - Beat to beat lyrics

like crows, hair like bros, Seeking my scene, everything was good. All made up, yeah I've drawn the lines; Even steak don't cry, if you seal it right. And what am I crying about? Well, I can see the Don. Uh-huh. I'm gonna get my honour back, Brawl it out, into

Anjulie - The heat lyrics

got a loss of appetite, I'm so tired, I can't sleep, Can't dream wake up every night Chills runnin down my spine, my fever is so high, The thought of you and I got the Boy you don't know what it's like, it looks like, It feels like, acts like, taking on a life It all star

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