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Cianide - Battle - scarred lyrics

by my iron hand Conquer son of war Daylight rips my bloodstained flesh Consuming the wrath of my foes Battle is the curse of freedom War is the gift of peace Struggle is for existence Strife is for the weak Steel like nerves infernal slaughter Embrace my blo

Bill Withers - Scarred lands lyrics

night all winds were still And silence lay weightly on the soil By a water sat a voiceless man Alone by the moonlit mirror He looked to the horizon with a mournful heart In remembrance of what had been Still he could sence the smoke Of the countless pyres by the ston

Bloodthorn - Scarred lands lyrics

night all winds were still And silence lay weightly on the soil By a water sat a voiceless man Alone by the moonlit mirror He looked to the horizon with a mournful heart In remembrance of what had been Still he could sence the smoke Of the countless pyres by the stone He

Biohazard - Scarred for life lyrics

for life Scarred for life Scarred for life Memory, for all eternity There forever of how it used to be Scarred for life, try to forget the past And if you hold your head up high The sweet pain won't last I can't seem to rid this memory fro

Disdain - Scarred lyrics

a memory from the past Old scars hurt me once again It was a long time ago but still It still haunts me, I've suffered enough You stole a piece of me, forever gone How can I be complete again? You haunt me wherever I go I feel fear all the time What you did completely chang

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Scarred for life lyrics

got your junk - wasting away you couldn't care less - a dying friend you really look sick - the needle is deep you'll never give it up - tell me for what Scarred for life, scarred for life you don't give a damn so f*** you too On the street - wasting away begging for money -

Corroded - Scarred lyrics

t stand to live in this void blood flows cold and skin is dead My mind plays tricks on me I wish it was real But I am numb, I thought I could feel My thoughts is playing on repeat running down this one-way street There is no way for me to turn around I'm moving faster n

Kevin Rudolf - Scarred lyrics

came from a small town Hypnotized by the big city life She came looking for a piece of action All she got was the big city life She tried to convince herself This was leading somewhere Just like on the last day of school They were gone by the time

Redemption - Scarred lyrics

am scarred from the actions of others I am scarred from the actions of self I am scarred by the times That I held back the storm With no one to turn to Nobody else I have risen beyond what I used to be I have fought hard to gain what I lacked But I still hear the f

King Ly Chee - Scarred lyrics

is my life that you’ve scarred. And now honestly can you expect anything else from me? You’ve scarred a painful past full of painful memories. That sound keeps me up at night

Nightingale - Scarred for life lyrics

m feeling so empty inside When the fragments of pain return from the back of my mind Of all of the lies I've been told "We love you" must be the worst I couldn't find any reason to stay My life is too precious to sacrifice The darkest of shadows fol

Doro Pesch - Scarred lyrics

eyes just drink you in And I always feel so much I'm contemplating sin And you know I'm losing touch Everything is moving fast I know that this must end Like a drug that doesn't last Let the hangover begin There's pain that you left here Though I do

Shaman - Scarred forever lyrics

s a chance for you and me Far away from disbelief When the prayers reach the sky Comes a moment you will cry no more Run, running away, falling apart Thunder of fates colliding Every day I see your face Through my intimate disgrace When

Devian - Scarred lyrics

hollow black eyes watching the lies Season of unsane Hear them promise you all while poison salutes your fall Die in pain Coming down- our cult sets chaos free Bring it down- man and beast to equality Marching of ants, soon free in the remnants Civilization talls

Esoteric - Scarred lyrics

see them coming at me all the time, Lashing out, killing me over and over again. And I laugh for I enjoy all the deaths that I receive, The pain and destruction of my flesh, Killing me over and over again. The blackness still comes, forever killing me.

Combichrist - Scarred lyrics

you ever get the feeling that everything in America is completely f***ed up? The choice you make Will be your own A pattern forms Too scarred to feel Too scared to follow And so am I Wisdom will cower And so will I Words breed lies Beneath it all

Ignite - Scarred for life lyrics

disgraceful how many faces i've touched seen so many stranger now that i don't remember any of their names i just push away never been in love with anyone ever never been in love with anyone finding out the hardest way increasing your numbers only makes your em

Morta Skuld - Scarred lyrics

by day Memories remain Reality slips away From within your mind Suffer to exist Helpless are their cries Damnation pities none Scarred flesh to rot Condemned to suffer The pain of my forgotten past Suffering past remorse Chained upon my limbs Souls bound my unbearable

Nothing’s Carved In Stone - Scarred soul lyrics

that you say Won't bother me Rightness can be only found inside Discard your pride Release your soul Be ready go fight yourself now Skies that show your fate Larger than I thought Chances will come along And so If you die in your sleep it is

Patrick Wolf - Battle lyrics

Battle means victory B-b-b-battle Battle the patriarch Battle for equal rights Battle, battle, battle, battle Battle back your liberty Battle the long night Battle, battle, battle, battle It's your time so join the tribe It's our time for some

Blur - Battle lyrics

Battle, Battle, Battle, Battle Battle Someone..oooh Battle, Battle, Battle Battle Someone..oooh Completion Search Here I love the bow See me walk on down to Adorn myself, it's a new song glory Cos. see me, what do you think of now?

The Nightwatchman - Battle hymns lyrics

hymns for the broken Battle hymns for the misled Battle hymns for the wretched The forgotten and the dead Battle hymns of redemption Of solidarity and pride Battle hymns we will be singing At the turning of the tide Can you explain to the mothers And the fathe

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - Battle cry ft. havana brown & savi lyrics

m a straight shoot up with bang bang bang bang bang bang You tryna hit me with your ride hood Tryna sell me fame I'm a lone ranger, I'm a smoke you out Sugar, I'ma show you what I'm all about Locks up, two smoking arrows See that shit straight l

H2o - Scarred lyrics

again you find yourself Alone without a cause Still the same bad habits But you haven't paid the cost Still searching for the seed That grew into your need That's who you are don't hide the scar Now you look around for sympathy Your life's a f***ingg mess And she can't

Iced Earth - Scarred lyrics

calls down to me Sweat pours from my body like rain Growing wiser with each touch A pawn in lucifers game, am I? It attacks me in the black abyss The entity formless yet full of rage The mark of the beast my body Scarring me for eternal life [Chorus] I brought this all

Plentakill - Battle roar lyrics

used to be afraid to solo blue Scared of the invades, counters, and jukes So I farmed quietly, and jungled passively I guess that I forgot I had to gank I let them push us past the river bank I warded nothing, so I fell for everything They shut me down, but I pr

Reed Deming - Battle cry lyrics

see the rise, I see the fall I see my future, I hit a wall I see the cone full of storm Broken people and broken souls Hear the cries in the night People praying for the light To a clock in the morning and you just cant win the fight Win the fight so In the darkness of

Acrostichon - Scarred lyrics

inside Keep on twisting my thoughts things that are rationally right sre crooked to me but i make it work my way the thoughts inside are painfully and cruel but they are a fuel so strong that it makes my life go wrong i seek their pain to ease my mind it m

Dream Theater - Scarred lyrics

Rise, To Fall. To Hurt, To Hate. To Want, To Wait. To Heal, To Save. Can't hear it we fear it awareness won't come near it Distractive Reactive Disguised in spite of time I never bared my emotion My passion always strong I never lost my devotion but somew

Eidolon - Scarred lyrics

up, enter the pain Fists of fury - the deafening blows Ridiculed by drunken rage Unleashing the beast within Repeated sickness - pray in vain - to be denied Mental scars that never heal - in quiet misery Huddled in darkness - a wide eyed nightmare Together - maint

Gun Barrel - Battle-tested lyrics

from the hill Will bring the overkill We're born to fight with a heart of steel Comrades follow you That's what we'll always do One for all no one stands alone, no Don't you hear me calling you at night Are you ready to fight To the glory raise your glasses

Havana Brown - Battle cry feat. bebe rexha & savi lyrics

m a straight shoot up with bang bang bang bang bang bang You tryna hit me with your ride hood Tryna sell me fame I'm a lone ranger, I'm a smoke you out Sugar, I'ma show you what I'm all about Locks up, two smoking arrows See that shit straight like

Ill Niño - Scarred lyrics

give you my life, it's my only device You take the knife to cut a hole You carve my heart to make believe You can see through my soul and my eyes You use the vise to hold my heart You'll pay the price l bring you I wear the scars I will not wal

Indika - Scarred by beauty lyrics

brought your guns tonight And I am only armed with blurry smiles and hazy eyes Oh you will conquer all around you, While I kiss the sky It's been a long night Proving to ourselves that this is not the end And so here we are Washed up in the

Hugh Laurie - Battle of jericho lyrics

fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, And the walls came tumblin’ down Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, And the walls came tumblin’ down You may talk about your bands of Gi

Lupe Fiasco - Battle scars ft. guy sebastian lyrics

wound heals but it never does. That's cuz you're at war with love. You're at war with love, yeah. These battle scars, don't look like they're fading. Don't look like they're ever going away. They ain't never gonna change. These battle... Never let a w

Palisades - Scarred lyrics

I crept through your head Just to settle the score Thought you were done but you wanted more The satisfaction that I'll get my mind Is knowing that you couldn't ever really leave me behind Payback is always best served cold I took a page from your book just to torture your soul P

Crazy Town - Battle cry lyrics

time for words just choose sides No fear cause no one can hide No room to keep this inside I'm on the front line yelling out the battle cry Steppin' with my Armageddon, weapon I'll wet 'em and let 'em Step again, Armageddon weapon will wet 'em again Steppin' with my Ar

Garbage - Battle in me lyrics

look at you, an accident of drinking What a mess, a train wreck of lipstick What a joke, well, do you hear me laughing? Get out my face before I lose my patience Oh me and you, let’s cut this party Oh, little boy, it takes a lot to shake me S

Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian - Battle scars lyrics

the wound heals but it never does That's cause you're at war with love You're at war with love, yeah These battle scars don't look like they're fading Don't look like they're ever going away They ain't never gonna change These battle... Never

Otep - Battle ready lyrics

.. 1. simple souls overload as i explode data banks cuz the earth & space gave birth to this paleface supreme -- linguistic -- mental machine my brain cells swell - the intellects extreme fire fills my veins as i proclaim my resistance to the

Yolanda Adams - Battle is the lord's lyrics

is no pain Jesus can't feel No hurt He can not heal All things work according to His perfect will No matter what you're going through Remember God is using You For the battle is not yours It's the Lord's There's no sadness Jesus can't feel And there is no sorrow t

Judas Priest - Battle cry lyrics

the hero coming home Honour bound from whence he roamed Fortitude and skill Call of duty all alone Lead the nation for the crown Serve the orders coming down Charge ahead with pride Guard the chivalry you've shown Those forsaken reawakened with my battle cry

Domine - Battle gods lyrics

are watching the world from a mystical place for thousand of aeons they are guarding As the universe is forever at change You can feel their presence surrounding Everlasting, Incorrupted Sacred guardians of the miracle of life They are bonded together by the power

Five Finger Death Punch - Battle born lyrics

Once upon a time I swore I had a heart Long before the world I know tore it all apart, Once upon a time there was a part of me I shared Years before they...

Shontelle - Battle cry lyrics

ve been deep in the trenches ain't that friendship It's not always roses but everybody knows this We stuck in this battle field I know just how you feel Standin' up for us I'ma be a soldier You give me hope (hope) you give me strength (strength) I'd give you better than I coul

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Battle symphony lyrics

ve got a long way to go And a long memory I've been searching for an answer Always just out of reach Blood on the floor Sirens repeat I've been searching for the courage To face my enemies When they turn down the lights I hear my battle symphony All the world in front of me

Colbie Caillat - Battle lyrics

V1:] You thought we'd be fine All these years gone by Now your askin me to listen Well then tell me bout everything No lies we're loosin time [C:] Cause this is a battle And its your final last call It was a trial, you made a mistake, we know But why arent you sorry, why aren

Sacred Oath - Battle cry lyrics

the fields we see the fight On battlefields fought through the night We killed by force, we struck them dead The men were gored, we moved ahead So many fell to meet their doom So many more will be there soon We met our fate and felt the pain A t

Crimson Shadows - Battle hard lyrics

into The Trollmors Waging war up the mounds of bones Slashing through the thick hide of the swamp-kin READY THE FIRE!!! Pride inside, it's why we fight Power coursing through our thick veins We dig deep our boots into the soil of fate Enchanted blad

Morgana Lefay - Battle of evermore lyrics

wise man and the vagabond Walking on a mission Searching for an answer Looking for a sign See, the seven seals have been broken And the world has taken end Manifestation on the horizon The battle has begun Angels fighting angels Heaven is painted red A crimson rain is fallin

Paradise Fears - Battle scars lyrics

ohhhh-oh-ohhhh Oh-ohhhh-oh-ohhhh Oh-ohhhh-oh-ohhhh-ohhhhh Oh-ohhhh-oh-ohhhh Oh-ohhhh-oh-ohhhh Oh-ohhhh-oh-ohhhh-ohhhhh This is an anthem for the homesick, For the beaten, the lost, the broke, the defeated. A song for the heartsick, for the standbys, Living life i

Crimson Valley - Battle awaits lyrics

with sword in your hand The wind in your hair Whistle tune of our fate Stand in line to the end Shoulder to shoulder The battle we take Now we'll bring the fear and pain In sea of blood we take our steps Battle-cry tear our ears Inviting death to spread

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Battle's won lyrics

down their legions They die in vain Helpless against Your advanced weaponry What they will get Is their names on display Maybe a casket if there's funds Left to pay these at all Left in the swamps Bent ovet rocks That's the glorious Take of their lives What th

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Battle cry lyrics

one more time before I go I'll let you know And all this time I've been afraid, Wouldn't let it show Nobody can save me now, no Nobody can save me now Stars are only visible in the darkness, Fear is ever-changing and evolving And I, I can poison these eyes

Picture - Battle for the universe lyrics

into space, I'm a soldier in the sky Fighting for our race, many of us die Battle for the universe, we offer our lives Go, to their planet and attack We, know that we may not get back At the speed of light, our forces will destroy Those who want to fight And those who

Sacred Steel - Battle angel lyrics

the Pits of Hell A Legion of Hatred To break the Holy Spell All that is sacred In the midst of confusion Heat of the Battle An Angel in Armour The Power of Metal Warrior of Steel To fight the Deceiver You're in for the Kill A non-believer Wings s

Skillet - Battle cry (bonus track) lyrics

on the edge of giving up You know I feel it too It won’t be long because I’m with you Bring the fire, bring the smoke, bring the rain We will bend but we will never break If we believe we can’t lose Even mountains will move It’s my faith, it’s my

Skinless - Battle perpetual will lyrics

insurrection, idealistic mutilation A battle like we've never seen Far beyond chemical warfare The battle is fought within our minds A passion for conquest and plague Psychological war, fought on uncharted lands Zealots have taken control, They want t

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