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Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Mama kin lyrics

ain't easy, livin' like a gypsy. Tell ... I've been dreaming, Floatin' down stream and Losin' ... touch with all that is real. Whole earth lover, ... on the wagon. It ain't easy, livin' like ya wanna, And

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Mama kin lyrics

ain't easy livin' like a gypsy Tell ya ... feels I've been dreamin' floatin' down stream And losin' ... touch with all that's real Whole earth lover, ... on the wagon It ain't easy livin' like you wanna It's

Beastie Boys - Egg man lyrics

looked out the window and seen his bald head I ran to ... the fridge and pulled out an egg Scoped him with my scopes he ... had no hair Launched that shot and he was caught out

Mr. Bungle - Egg lyrics

from the inside Over-incubated by the heat of fear and ... love The self's coagulated Egg... La la, la la ... Slowly becoming part of the water Like a frog who never

Mr. Bungle - Egg (demo) lyrics

from the inside Over-incubated by the heat of fear and ... love The self's coagulated Egg... La la la la la ... Slowly becoming part of the water Like a frog who never

Bloodrock - Melvin laid an egg lyrics

t got the time, huh to sit and explain my mind crossing ... out mistakes would you look at all the time it takes? ... of things to say I just wanna go home and have myself an

The Dickies - Walk like an egg lyrics

m just a lonley egg Peel me down I'm not afraid ... What will we do What will we do What will we do ... Walk like an egg Yankee shake a leg,shake a leg

Hoodie Allen - Eighteen cool lyrics

da dadadada We All-American Yeah I said party over here ... off my ego Tell 'em that I made it 'Cause I listen to ... my haters Took what they said and negated Yeah I

Eminem lyricsEminem - As the world turns lyrics

world keep turning Round and Round But I wish it would ... stop, and let me off right now I ... world keep turning Round and Round But I wish it would ... stop, and let me off right now Yes

Polar lyricsPolar - Eighteen lyrics

youth We have taken our past For granted Just how easy ... A small spark Will make a great fire In time Will burn us ... all At eighteen we moved forward without

George Watsky - Strong as an oak lyrics

K. (yep) Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak) But ... money don't grow on trees And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (broke) ... K. (yep) Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak) But

Hocico - Spit as an offense lyrics

disgrace Do you hear what I'm saying? Now you hear all ... my scorn Demons dance and laugh Sweet feelings, ... revenge will come I spit at you, you're nothing in life

Silent Planet - Firstwake (ft. joel quartuccio of being as an.. lyrics

name, made king of all the wastes. And forever will ... be abstracted from time we can let the tides wash over. ... Hold tight all your systematic theories that help you to

Being As An Ocean - Sins of the father lyrics

quot;You don't want to go in there," is all ... the officer said, His face as pale as the dead. The ride ... saw white grow on his head. Hand on his clip, cold metal on

Antimatter - A portrait of the young man as an artist lyrics

all clutching your guitars As if it makes a difference to ... fall? How did you carve that psalms? I'm sorry but your ... intellect is really not that sharp You're drowning so you

Being As An Ocean - Forgetting is forgiving the i lyrics

of which Life freely gives. Languish in the mire of the past ... or steel our resolve And leave the darkness at our ... back. Stand firm in the face of our sins

Being As An Ocean - Sleeping sicarii lyrics

the One, The King to come and break our chains! Ambassador of change. We were ... hungry, filled with fish and bread. How could we relent ... will press on, Gracious King at its head. To whom all

Rory Gallagher - As the crow flies lyrics

ah, Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, As the crow flies baby, Well, I ... ain't so far from you, As the crow flies baby. Well, I ... since I don't have wings, I can't get home as fast as I want

Barbie - At the ball lyrics

that billow, sleeves that tie Are the only things to ... wear at the ball Tease your hair up three feet high ... If you want to show your flair at the ... ball what are those stuffy girls are

Being As An Ocean - Ain't nobody perfect lyrics

is a cell that I've made for myself. ... Things can be said before, &quot ... Farewell." Rich splashed his face with cold water, ... Took a look at the man in the mirror. He dried up and walked out to the porch To

Being As An Ocean - St. peter lyrics

s 2 am, as we pull into the humble hotel ... German countryside; everyone is shut ... up tight. Warmth and light welcome, as all file ... inside. I entered, belated, to see our troop elated

Being As An Ocean - The world as a stage lyrics

nights ablaze with blue and red, blurs gliding silent. ... As the first arrived on the ... scene Illuminating so vividly the darkness of ... man, obscene. The blood on his

Joe Bonamassa - As the crow flies lyrics

the crow flies baby And I ain't so far from you As ... the crow flies baby And I ain't so far from you ... Well I don't have wings And I can't get home like I want

Being As An Ocean - Judas, our brother lyrics

heart began to race as I drank of Your blood and again I ... felt the Sleep wash over me like a flood. ... Blessed and anointed, I stepped out in Your ... a flame. I'm struck deaf and dumb, alone amongst the

Being As An Ocean - The zealot's blindfold lyrics

tradition was an illusion A monstrous pillar ... of ash towering high Blacking out ... the sky; illusion of substance. As we pull that tower ... ground. Oh, G-d, the Life that shot through our bones. We

Biffy Clyro - Time as an imploding unit/waiting for green lyrics

am waiting for an answer to, all the lies they ... told to try and spoil you We were half a ... facing white, facing white Can't have lost the sweetness of

Graveland - At the pagan samhain night lyrics

was the sky and cold was this night I saw in dusk the ... mysterious sings A little casket drowned in blood The ... me the key I opened the casket to see my fate The ultimate fate of mine Pagan warrior,

Being As An Ocean - ... and their consequence lyrics

are not born with hate! It's learned and observed ... as we grind out our days. Handed down from those held close ... the most. Sins of the father, continued legacy or

Being As An Ocean - Little richie lyrics

How can we know Love when we were ... shown it?) Little Richie was the runt of the litter, given ... a thick hide by father and brothers. Identified more ... with his sisters and mother, always felt a bit

Benedictum - At the gates lyrics

I did what I was told I thought I’d be A ... better person than what I turned out to be Sacrosanct in the sacred society What’s working for you Wasn’t

10 Years - At a loss lyrics

we in are red Suffocating in this tie Down with you ... with me Unable to breathe force fed Blind to this so ... dead Turn to your back and walk away (cut out the

Burden Of A Day - Escapism as an art form lyrics

pretty This bloodstained canvas wreaks of failure Colors are ... smeared by turpentine Grasping to every written word ... We’re guided by children’s hands Running faster Faster,

Ours - As i wander lyrics

I wander at the bottom of the sand The ... t be afraid to die [2] We watch them [2] Tell everyone don ... t be afraid to die [2] We watch them [2

Sacred Steel - At the sabbat of the possessed (the witches r.. lyrics

moon is cold and bright, it’s the only light ... meet where the shadows creep And the ghosts of midnight haunt ... night when the witches ride Can’t you hear the chanting moaning in the air ? It is time,

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Egg cream lyrics

I was a young man, no bigger than this A ... chocolate egg cream was not to be missed Some U Bet ... s chocolate syrup Seltzer water mixed with milk You stir

Darkness - Bald lyrics

would appear that male pattern baldness has set in his ... hair, at an alarming pace running away ... he's losing his virility and now his masculinity has

Dave Edmunds - Egg or the hen lyrics

may be a hater, you may be a lover You can bet your life one destroys ... I don't know how it all began, which came first The egg ... the hen The moon comes up and the sun goes down This old

Limp - Eighteen lyrics

had that same dream again I dreamed I ... was an old man dyin' and tryin' to repent and facing ... backed nostalgiac no chance left to redeem I'm longing ... for my heyday give me a change to live again IF ONLY I

Die Prinzen - Bald ist weihnachten lyrics

im Laufe der Zeit werde ich fast depressiv Das soll nicht ... sein Für Tränen und Trauer an sich Ich bau mir 'nen ... Schneemann, schau mir den See an Und dabei denk ich an Dich

Bow Wow - Eighteen lyrics

minute Let's go Check it out man See man, Bow Weezy right here ... live and direct I'm talkin to ya'll ... young'ns out there baby I can't wait until I turn eighteen

Lauren Alaina - Eighteen inches lyrics

tonight, She sneaks out at three thirty in the morning, ... He cuts the engine when he coasts in the driveway, She ... slides in and gives him one kiss for the

Robert Francis - Eighteen lyrics

the sunrise I left to say that Soon it will all be over ... Outside an old motel Our true love was ... left out in the rain For seasons we could sleep and wander

Omega - An accountant´s dream lyrics

forty years old bald accountant had a terrifying dream In ... nightmare played a rocker rasing all his steam His eyes ... were sparkling, his frame was writhing His cheeks were

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Cemetery polka lyrics

Uncle Vernon Independent as a Hog on ice He's a big ... shot down there At the slaughterhouse He plays ... Mr.Weiss Uncle Biltmore and Uncle William Made a

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - Eighteen lyrics

wish that I was eighteen, Do all the things, You ... magazine, I’m not saying I wanna be Charlie Sheen She’s ... a little bit older, but I want to get to know her, And she

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Dream team lyrics

black green, red gold green Dat's how we know we a fe we ... gave me a call He said that the dream team was playin basketball Was so excited / that ... The first time the nba was in the 'lympics Players from

Matthew Mcginn - Eighteen candles lyrics

on a Tuesday, My head is hanging in my hands. All around, ... like me, Trying to understand. Black and greys across ... the room, As the seats start filling up. All of

Hep Stars - Bald headed woman lyrics

don't want no bald woman It makes me mean, yes Lord, ... it makes me mean I don't want no bald woman It makes me ... mean, it makes me mean I don't want no sugar in

The Kinks - Bald headed woman lyrics

I don't want no bald headed woman Gonna make me ... mean, yes, love, it make me mean I don't want no bald headed ... woman Gonna make me mean, yes, love, it make me mean

Aaron Pritchett - Eighteen lyrics

a death-deying walk she’s got Dancing to the parking lot… oooo ... 18 What she does to t-shirts Sure do ... ut so I did Makes me wish I was a kid again… 18 We were

Clc - Eighteen lyrics

tto yeori nayo jakku meong haneulman bwayo oh daeche wae ... ireonji isanghaejin geonji jugeulbyeongi ... deun geot gata sumi jakku ppallajyeoyo ... ijen nundo mot majuchyeoyo andoel marijiman nan ajik

Eighteen Visions - The nothing lyrics

me as I become a living blaspheme. force fed by your tyrant. choke on the lies of the ancients. so you are the demon ... to design my fate. disguise yourself as an angel of god in his revolution.

Glashaus - Bald (und wir sind frei) lyrics

teuflisch muss es sein, dass es scheint ich wollte dir ... schaden und dass du leidest, ich werd doch ... die Letzten, der Spuk ist bald vorbei. Und wir sind frei

Fink (d) - An dich werd' ich denken lyrics

aus'm glückskeks vom chinamann das ich noch nicht an der ... reihe bin aber sicher irgendwann die zeiten ändern sich ... nicht zu keiner zeit du kannst es an der uhr sehen sie

Nina Hagen - An einem tag in frühling lyrics

wie niemals im Leben Was kann es schön 'res geben Als ... einmal ganz ohne Wunsch zu sein? ... Alles ist heute so heiter, Das Glück hilft uns nun weiter,

Eighteen Visions - An old wyoming song lyrics

learn. love. hate. fist. f***. remember. rape. ... cry. laugh. face. smash. kill the smile. bones. ... gone. you couldn't suffer on an angels wing today. it slowly

Plastic Tree - Egg lyrics

Right now right now boukansha Under under sendousha ... POLYP tsukai heri TRICK Itaitashikute mou Anata no kotoba ... na no ka? Omoikomasarete Tada MANNER MANNER

Forward Russia - Eighteen lyrics

to fall asleep And take the fractions of ... emotions That still litter your stale ... like barley I'm falling asleep I'll bear this broken ... Piece it together like you wanted me to I'll protect your

S/mileage - Eighteen emotion lyrics

wo fuita Makeru monka Suki katte Iwaseta mama ja yada mon ... Hatsu kare no aitsu mo daigakusei ... mitai Deka FUREEMU MEGANE shite Funiki dashiteru rashii Yuugata kara wa

Kitt Eartha - An englishman needs time lyrics

guessed I'm continental Romantic and sentimental And I ... look on love as something of an art But I've found that nationalities Have different ... of the heart Now the Spaniard needs a soft guitar And

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