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The Monkees - Through the looking glass lyrics

call my name, then you run for protection I ... it's just your reflection Through the looking glass You've ... been looking at your life through a mirror It's time you

For The Fallen Dreams - Through the looking glass lyrics

everyday, I look to you Now through this looking glass, it is ... time to set this right Looking back on everything I have ... It's time to see what's at the end of the road It's dark

Pete Doherty - Through the looking glass lyrics

you hear over the buzz of flies Between the ... pillows and the skies That beg into your ... eyes Through the looking glass In between your thighs A ... As we go straight down the rabbit hole There we go

Dreams Of Sanity - The empress through the looking glass a drea.. lyrics

my sleep - A longing for the reason Before my spell will ... me again so bitter sweet. The Springtime's all renewing ... its time. So shall I break the ancient rule? Shall shame

Machinae Supremacy - Through the looking glass lyrics

can feel the sands of time passing through the hourglass and it ... in my eyes as I linger in the wake as eternity escapes I ... eyes find our hell And in the light of the sun we go Through rain and raging snow to find

Sleepwave - Through the looking glass lyrics

dry out my lungs Remembering the days when I collected the sun ... Isn't this all just a part of the process Isn't this all just ... killing me Stared you in the eyes through the shadow of

Mott The Hoople - Through the looking glass lyrics

Oh! Christ I'm tired. Why then did ya have to grin, now the blood rolls down my chin Oh ... - see every line chase them to destinations On through

Oliver (vocaloid) - Through the looking glass lyrics

it's about to start, It's the ticking of our heads and the ... I've fallen down down to the rabbit hole, down to the ... very bottom with the pretty red I stole Tick

Dream Theater - The looking glass lyrics

ignored Better to rise above the clouds Than be a stranger in ... doesn’t matter anymore Rather be stripped of all your ... up a gold mine Standing on the sidelines Watching through the looking glass You are not

Dj Fresh - The looking glass (ft. jeremy beadle) lyrics

one chance to take a look through the Looking Glass To see the ... it? Do you use it to look at the past or look at the future? ... look at yourself or look at the ones you love? Would you

Cradle Of Filth - Malice through the looking glass lyrics

away the wine For restlessness ... Than hatred and grief or the sum of their hideous crime ... mime Awaiting the sun to set, crimsoning seas ... by choice Who fell to their god o'er her vision and

Hypnogaja - Looking glass lyrics

s a place where the garden can take you Through the looking glass Find a way ... with the plants - they can take you To your path ... Chase away all the funny pain Down the rabbit

Avantasia - The looking glass lyrics

Gabriel:] Drawn by the sound Of that wild raving ... All about hell and below They never told me [Tree of ... Knowledge:] The quest for nexus In your

Tobias Sammet - The looking glass lyrics

by the sound of that wild raving ... all about hell and bellow They never told me The quest ... beyond ... When I gaze at the man who is gazing at me When

Screaming Trees - The looking glass cracked lyrics

t you close your eyes now The yellow moon could never reach ... the corner The looking glass cracked Stumble past the ... doors and leap beyond Beyond the mirror Behind my back now

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Looking glass blues lyrics

climb down in a hole down in the bottom of the world below ... myself back out of sight looking glass says have a look inside ... my fears I can fit inside the heard of anywhere looking glass blues and I don't care

Shpongle - Walking backwards through the cosmic mirror lyrics

big, make yourself small? Backwards through the mirror of the

Little Dragon - Looking glass lyrics

it forced us to swim but all the water pass was sinking fast ... Gave our all until the saw was digging in I watch ... be Made me have to throw the looking glass you you Made

Make Them Suffer - Though the looking glass lyrics

Everybody wants a piece of me. Cut me up taste my misery. How come nobody wants of piece of me. Stitch me up to fix my agony....

Euzen - The order lyrics

s more Than what meets the eye you see We are so ... in all our ways But the heartbeat felt it Felt need ... rigid sense Reach beyond the border Break free from the

Adagio - The mirror stage lyrics

shape in front of me Spying through the looking glass ? This ... Stealing my soul, my self, The presence of menace is lurking ... Behind the translucent surface

Anix - Glass lyrics

left me out to burn I feel the poison sink in Obsessed I ... away It's hard to see you Through this looking glass I'll run ... start to shut down You suck the air within me You're so

Eclipse Prophecy - The shattered mirror lyrics

possibly hide Take me to the other side of the glass My ... soul is gone A rush of pain through my brain Sometimes I just ... assume I'm dead Beyond the looking glass I can see the

Kraftwerk - The hall of mirrors lyrics

young man stepped into the hall of mirrors Where he ... a reflection of himself Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass ... Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass

Hallows Eve - Looking glass lyrics

felt that I would find "There lies your reputation and ... has brought me to a truth The sweeter the tongue, The ... sharper the tooth I stepped forth on the Mother In my search for

The Glove - Looking glass girl lyrics

a looking Glass girl in a minature world ... like dice and tumble to the floor like a looking Glass ... your disney arms and jump the merry-go-round The Umbrella

Erasure - Looking glass sea lyrics

love me, I'll fly you too the moon. The choir of stars ... if you're so enclined, The perfect melody. We'll go ... down to the water, And sail on a looking

Genuflect - Looking glass lyrics

and people know you What they don't see is that underneath ... nobody's there Yeah, you've got everybody ... anybody who really cares? Looking glass, show me a sign of life

Phish - Backwards down the number line lyrics

out candles once again Leave the presents all inside Take my ... hand and let's take a ride Backwards down the number line You ... Do you know what happened then Do you know why we're still

Aiden - Looking glass eyes lyrics

were grey Innocence ran through our bones you and I had much ... Well I've seen you twice in the last ten months Now you're ... were grey Innocence ran through our bones you and I had much

Siouxsie & The Banshees - The passenger lyrics

am the passenger And I ride and I ... ride I ride through the city's backside I see the ... stars come out of the sky Yeah the bright and ... so good tonight I am the passenger I stay under glass I look through my window so

Forbidden - Through eyes of glass lyrics

the light is flashing through your eyes, Deep inside your ... brain another stirs, They're telling where they've ... been And what they've seen Who is this that

The Birthday Massacre - Looking glass lyrics

notion of false emotion These words are spoken despite my ... My eyes are open now It's a glass cage So I can't pretend ... You hide beneath "the physical" I see it

Merchandise - Looking glass waltz lyrics

comes the new consciousness Riding the ... But I turn and connect the dots Between Man and what ... History shows They tell me it's a foolish thing ... nobody can wait In come the marching drum band To the

Annie Lennox - Through the glass darkly lyrics

caught up in the middle But I’ll take it to the end It’s comin’ back together And it’s breakin’ down ... again When I’m with you the days are bitter sweet I

Brainstorm - Inside the monster lyrics

away and I ask myself why Through the looking glass I'm too ... see You shall not fall, neither shall I despair In some way ... me You're blessed by the fate and it runs through my

Saint Vitus - Looking glass lyrics

is the time, to do something about ... a dime, you can't moan about the way it should be The passion ... is there, let it come out naturally ... You need not care, how others might think you should be

Atlas Genius - Through the glass lyrics

thought you'd see me through the glass, But you only caught ... I hoped you'd hear me through the noise, Of the street ... a while, But I don't feel the connection. I'd settle for a

Edguy - Behind the gates to midnight world lyrics

different name We got another stowaway In life and who's ... be a shame like you Just another you Just another fool in the game Welcome to this place

Ken Hensley - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

complicated Do you remember the days? Looking through You ... re looking through the eyes of a child You see what ... you believe Through the eyes of a child You see what

Toto lyricsToto - Living for the city lyrics

To keep him strong moving in the right direction Living just ... enough, just enough for the ha! His father ... barely makes a dollar His mother goes to scrub the floors for

Toto lyricsToto - Burn down the mission lyrics

tell me there's an angel in your tree ... in our home Living in the parish of the restless folks ... now bring your family down to the riverside Look to the east

Toto lyricsToto - House of the rising sun lyrics

is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun And it ... s been the ruin of many a poor boy And ... God I know I'm one My mother was a tailor She sewed my

Toto lyricsToto - Watching the detectives lyrics

and begs She is watching the detectives Oh, he's so cute ... She is watching the detectives When they shoot, ... shoot, shoot, shoot They beat him up until the

Dropkick Murphys - The dirty glass lyrics

You left me dying, crying there In whiskey, gin, and pints ... shut me off and you showed me the door But you always came ... kindness, a stool, and a tab Then you poured me my pain in a

Incubus - Glass lyrics

and buy a drink and drown the day But your pockets, they ... an about-face, and accept the love I send to you? You're ... to see outside your line. There you go, you did it again!

Matt Pokora - Through the eyes lyrics

people Standing homeless in the rain You can read about it ... Be outraged You can change the channel Turn the page It ... forget it Close your eyes Looking out through the eyes Of a

Britt Nicole - Through the eyes of love lyrics

true Since I've found you Looking through the eyes of love ... Now I can take the time I can see my life As ... much Since I've found you Looking through the eyes of love

Emery - The cheval glass lyrics

the cheval glass and find, corruption under my ... You can not be satisfied The worst isn't ever the curse of ... the cleverest lines Sang the song of never, never believed

Genesis - The conqueror lyrics

climbs inside the looking glass And points at anything he ... look out son That's a gun they're pointing at your pretty ... face" And the heads they are a rolling Cause the

Peter Hollens - The parting glass lyrics

all the money, e'er I had I spent it ... in good company. And all the harm that I have e'er done, ... can't recall, so fill to me the parting glass Goodnight and

Griffin L.o.g. - The nightmare suicider lyrics

sees herself in the mirror... does she see those ... different image does rise the form of her face changes ... stranger looks at her from the glass she knows his name

Sadus - Through the eyes of greed lyrics

of the Greedy See what they will Lust of the Flesh A ... need to fulfill The Fool and the Liar Must feed the desire The Will to acquire The Eyes of the Greedy will always Crave for

Oasis - The masterplan lyrics

And cast your words away upon the waves Sail them home with ... a ship of hope today And as they land upon the shore Tell them not to fear no more Say it

Ashbury Heights - The number 22 lyrics

and of being and right out the door I can't forget that ... going And whatever I do There's the number 22 And I've ... yet And whatever I do There's the number 22 And I've

Billy Joel - Through the long night lyrics

cold hands The sad eyes The dark Irish silence It's so ... late But I'll wait Through the long night with you With you ... The warm tears The bad dreams The soft

The Dubliners - The parting glass lyrics

all the money e'er I had, I spent it ... in good company. And all the harm I've ever done, Alas! ... I can't recall So fill to me the parting glass Good night and

Celtic Woman - The parting glass lyrics

all the money that e'er I had I've ... it in good company And all the harm that e'er I've done ... I can't recall So fill to me the parting glass Good night and

The High Kings - The parting glass lyrics

all the money that e'er I had I ... it in good company And all the harm I've ever done Alas, it ... I can't recall So fill to me the parting glass Good night and

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