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Lucky Dube - Back to my roots lyrics

and my go to a naughty party one day Them said it' s gonna be irie there But when I and my go to a naughty party I and I was disappointed yeah All we could hear there was their crackadoo All we could hear there was their Shoobee doobee yeah And the music

Odyssey - Goin' back to my roots lyrics

up my boots goin' back to my roots yeah To the place of my birth back down to earth. I've been standing in the rain Drenched and soaked with pain Tired of short time benefits And being exposed to the elements. I'm homeward bound got my head turned

Culcha Candela - Back to our roots lyrics

STRANGE everyone got to follow his own way everyone got his own destiny but there is something we all share together it’s the vision of Culcha Candela we’ve been searching long time to find it so many people and styles are behind it we gonna

Grave Digger - Back to the roots lyrics

ve got the feeling, turn on the lights YOu feel the power rising, lightning strikes the sky Siw million people wanna see the band The hit the stage tonight, guitars in our hands Watch out [Chorus:] We're back-back to the roots Heavy metal rules

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Back to my home (feat. matthew migliozzi) lyrics

moonlight It's always open If a time that passes by Forward and forward I'll keep on moving To give me that reason why And I won't forget No, I'll keep going back Back to my home For all of these years I've been waiting to leave Where would I call my home? A

Elisabeth Kontomanou - Back to my groove lyrics

me tell you the story Of a woman so trapped in love She gave her soul completely To a man so mean and cold When she understood that her life was her own She decided to end it all Whenever love takes me up to drop me down Leaves me upside down and confused Wheneve

Clairvoyants - Back to my dreams lyrics

come nothing more Moves me to tears? All the colours of a reckless heart Fade into shades of fear Heroes rise, our hopes with them But swiftly they disappear This world is no more a place that I call home I made my choice I shun the wretched struggles of the flesh

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Roots lyrics

t throw stones at me Don't tell anybody Woah, woah, woah Trouble finds me, woah All the noise of this Has made me lose my belief Woah, woah, woah I'm going back to my roots Another day, another door Another high, another low Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom

10.000 Maniacs - (don't go back to) rockville (originally by r.. lyrics

at your watch a third time, waiting in the station for a bus Going to a place that's far, so far away and if that's not enough Going where nobody says hello, don't talk to anybody they don't know You'll wind up in some factory that's full time filth and nowh

Rory Gallagher - Back on my stompin' ground lyrics

ve been bitten, Lord, I've been stung. Well I was cornered, And I was almost hung. Well, I sure made a getaway, And I'm, almost back on my stompin' ground. Well, it's been written, Many, many times it's been sung. Well, it's well learned by the old f

Alison Krauss - Find my way back to my heart lyrics

used to laugh at all those songs 'bout the rambling life, the nights so long and lonely Well, I ain't laughin' now Now that I'm caught up, it seems In all the same ambitious dreams That only lonely life allows And the home I don't go home to The

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Back to blighty lyrics

faced with a hinderance the brave mountainier turns and walks back into the wind but my hesitation in strange hemisphere makes me quit before I begin intrepid explorer his reason extremes persues the unknwo we perefect aplone behaves like a trooper who brags and

Gunfire 76 - Back to the gutter lyrics

up to a new problem everyday hold on to happiness with my foot in the grave i'm used to being negleted kicked out and being rejected pack my bags with nothing inside just wanna get back to my life cause i just wanna go back where i belong back to the gutter wher

Ace Frehley - Speedin back to my baby lyrics

m drivin' down the road, doin' 95 miles per hour, oh yeah My radio's blastin' and I'm passin' cars faster and faster, aha I'm feelin' kinda down 'cos I left her with a frown, my baby, oh yeah We always seem to fight when things are goin' right and maybe, aha Maybe I should turn a

Kiss - Speedin back to my baby lyrics

m drivin' down the road, doin' 95 miles per hour, oh yeah My radio's blastin' and I'm passin' cars faster and faster, aha I'm feelin' kinda down 'cos I left her with a frown, my baby, oh yeah We always seem to fight when things are goin' right and

Shinhwa - Come back to my life lyrics

back to my life Gidhyounjin miro sokae na Come back to my life (gadhyoujin miro sokeh hwakshikhi heemihuri hajido Let's go Get it on bouryoubwa Play the dance flow once in a while Nooulul dolabwa chajabwa ddokkatjimal Understand it's a true life we live it up

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Back to the future lyrics

through the do' back from a smoke Sit back relax and max with the hoes Chat with my folks laugh at them jokes I'm hard to the core and she bad to the bone Ask her to bone chats on the phone Her three friends with her just be tagging along As for the flow back to the song Fla

The Kooks - Put your back to my face lyrics

your back to my face No love to give but I want to And get on my high horse babe Put your back to my face No love to give but I want to And get on my high horse babe Let me pawn your heart Doesn't have to be a real thing I'd settle just for a touch of yo

Marmozets - Back to you lyrics

m crawling to a place where I'm not kept to Suffer White like surrender all my hope will muster I don't belong in hell It's hard enough in my own world The glass won't cut my feet I float freely. And I. I'm coming back to you. I'm coming back to you. I'm coming bac

Riot ( Usa ) - To my head lyrics

s not my life You set upon me all over I know It ain't right I've severed all connections that would grow And in my life I've been around to know Deep inside it's your eyes that show It goes right back to my head I feel you watching me, yeah, ooh I can't run A b

Jonathan Clay - Lucky to be loved by you lyrics

ve seen beautiful and I've seen blue And I've got nothin' I need to prove I've covered oceans Seen so many views And I'm so lucky to be loved by you In the mornin' when the lights comin' through And I've got so much I need to do Oh baby I'm not worried, I'm not blue

Divinefire - My roots are strong in you lyrics

s a battle in my flesh My living hope is in you You're the one and only Who can make my life complete I'm not afraid to live I belong to you Even through my failures You're always there for me My roots are strong in you Your words are true Divi

Shawanda Crystal - My roots are showing lyrics

my nails match my lips And my jeans hug my hips But I dont feel like doing all that right now Hes on his way over And my hair's in a ponytail holder And my true colors are coming out You better love me when my roots are showing or Ill pack up my boots

Kenny Loggins - Back to avalon lyrics

vision, A flash of light A gift we were given Within each others dreams We lived in the gardens of Avalon Together Believed that we could live there forever Then it faded away Forgetting we wondered to far from the land we'd known Of all the lonely people You're among

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Muckalee creek water lyrics

flows underneath the 32 bridge, And cuts through the heart of South Georgia. Big copperheads and mean wild pigs, And gators in the weeds waitin' for ya. I leave my phone in the truck, I leave my truck at the road My four-wheeler gets me where I wanna go

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - My culture (with 1 giant leap & maxi jazz) lyrics

m the sum total of my ancestors, I carry their DNA We are representatives of a long line of people And we carried them around either with This long line of people that goes back to the beginning of time And when we meet, they meet other lines of peopl

Dub Fx - Back to basics | ft. cade lyrics

it to another level we be getting louder Freedom to express now my people getting prouder Picking the flower growing tall like a tower Counting down the hour till it all goes sour We spreading hope like a disease of lies Miss communicating, stimulating yo

Jon Lajoie - Listening to my penis lyrics

have to stop listening to my penis Listening to my penis I swear I would be a genius If I stop listening to my penis I should be studying and I'm working hard My future depends on this bizarre? Why am I standing in this noisy club Where people i hate what th

Dorotea Mele - Lovely on my hand lyrics

s come the time through the windows of my mind I catch the breeze again Tried to find my play Tried to leave the game but then again I Couldn't stop to think of us I couldn't move the things how I used to do Time lays up the darker sides behind

Brooklyn Bounce - My roots lyrics

are the sounds of Brooklyn Bounce Get ready to bounce, to bounce Brooklyn Bounce Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready Get ready to bounce Get ready to bounce Get ready to bounce Get ready to bounce Get down Get down Get down Get down Get ready to bounce Get ready

Head East - Back in my own hands lyrics

I knew a girl, she was the child of the devil It took me so damn long to see That she could wrap me around her fingers Til there was nothin' left of poor old me I had a night job down in the city Where the hours seem to turn into days The frozen

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Come back to me lyrics

was born with a six - string Not a shotgun in his hand And he walked across the water To reach the promised land And he searched for the future For the meaning of our lives Hearing echo in the distance Telling love's so hard to find Catch the storm Don't wait

Dead Celebrity Status - Back to 88 lyrics

could make a earth shake, I'm your worst mistake, between skinny dipping and Camp Crystal Lake. I feel like Rob Zombie, my thoughts are morbid, like I slept in his house of a thousand corpses. Put on a page, could shatter a giant's ribcage, crush you and anyone that listen's to rag

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Back of my hand lyrics

hear a preacher on the corner Ranting like a crazy man He says there's trouble, troubles are coming I can read it like the back of my hand I see love, I see misery Jamming side by side on the stage In the wind some mournful melody I can read it like the

Dj Shadow - Back to front (circular logic) lyrics

by one, one by one, one by two by one by two One by one, one by one, one by two by one by two One by one, one by one, one by two by one by two One by one, one by one, one by two by one by two One by one, one by one, one by two by one by two I am DJ

Dbsk - Back to tomorrow lyrics

ni saita ichirin no hana hakanaku hokorashiku Ikiteiku chikara ni michiteru kimi wo mite namida ga afure dashita Mouichido saisho kara nagai michi wo arukou (to keep your life) Kitto asu wa kagayakukara back, back, back Ima wa back, back, back wit

Alice Deejay - Back in my life lyrics

want you back in my life Want you back by my side That's where you belong I won't give you up I will never stop my love is much too strong I want you back in my life Want you back by my side That's where you belong I won't give you up I will never st

Deejay Alice - Back in my life lyrics

you back in my life I want you back in my life Want you back by my side That's where you belong And I, I won't give you up I will never stop My love is much too strong I want you back in my life Want you back by my side That's where you belong And I, I won't

Editor - Back on my track lyrics

Friend Told Me You’re Dead Asked Me’ Why Are You Feeling Sad Life Is Hard, Look What I’ve Got You Just Need Another Shot Ain’t Wanna Go Back Now I See You Down On The Ground You Go Beyond The Safety Bound I Can’t Help You, I Know What You Feel I Have New Track A

Michael Bolton - Back in my arms again lyrics

day long I hear the telephone ring Friends calling, giving their advice From the one I love, I should break away Those heartaches, you'll bring me one day, oh I listened to my friends' advice But it's not gonna happen twice All advice ever brought m

Deals Death - Back to consciousness lyrics

to put this chasm to rest Time to close the gap between sane and insane Time to see what a travesty we've built Time to realise what it means To leave it all to the top of the pyramid A greedy hunt for possession To borrow alleviation Not again, n

George Jones - Back in my baby's arms again lyrics

honey bees are gonna be hummin' Guitar strings are gonna be strummin' When I'm back in my baby's arms again Happy wheels are gonna be turnin' Flames of love are gonna be burnin' When I'm back in my baby's arms again. Chorus: No more tears are gon

Kids Of 88 - My house lyrics

m gonna take you back to my house I love the feeling when you touch me baby It's not as good when I'm by myself You know you make me go Woo-whoo woo-oo-oo I'm gonna take you back to my house I love the feeling when you touch me baby It's not as good wh

Mandisa - Back to you lyrics

to you... I could never say enough to thank You For everything You’ve done for me And I might think I could do enough to show You But I know that’s just a crazy dream This shouldn’t be complicated This isn’t that hard to see It’s not about what I do for You I

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - Back to hell lyrics

to Hell! Resurrected from the dead Vengeance keeps on driving him You take a bullet in the head Cut you up, limb by limb He was betrayed by the force Behind bars among the thieves Smashing down the prison doors Badge of evil never sleeps He will hunt till Armageddon

Tracy Lawrence - Back to back lyrics

s a crying shame what fools we have been To fight for no good reason when neither one of us gives in I don't love you is what it takes to end it all But instead we'll go back to bed back to back to face the wall Back to back we're falling out of love

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Back to the future lyrics

to the future. Back to the future. It's a sad emotion. Think about the days gone by. My head is turning as I surrender. My heart is burning when i remember you. A touch in the dark. A kiss in the night. How I wanna be by your side. Let's go! Back to the future.

Jim Brickman - By heart lyrics

me close, baby please Tell me anything but that you're gonna leave As I kiss this fallen tear I promise you I will be here Until the stars fall from the sky Until I find the reason why And darling as the years go by Until there's no tears left to cry 'T

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Back to sleep lyrics

Verse 1] I know it's late, I know it's late And baby I can't focus, focus I just flew in, in town today I'm hoping that you notice, did you notice? I just posted my landing, oh Wondering if the same old understanding, stands [Pre-Chorus] I know you got work pretty early, I'll b

Cryptopsy - Back to the worms lyrics

every living thing forever accompanied by an alter dimensional being phantom pain brought on by the wounding of each individual's extracorporeal entity in this violent day and age we greatly fear their coming rage what technology has done forced apart what once was one ele

David Shankle Group - Back to heaven lyrics

TO HEAVEN Experience of lifetime, lessons of our past The mist of total knowledge lifted now at last A universal college, we learn from our mistakes Achieving understanding, achieving grace The legions of fate warn when it’s time to move on The

Don Williams - Back in my younger days lyrics

ffkug gzg l.g gzg. g -.g ftf gfu,t zg .zg. g. zfufutgf .igh .hug f,zfg.zg hg f,txdf .g .g fz ,z rxrm f f.zg ugutfd ,g. gg td,t f.zg .fu,tf .g ft

Fly Project - Back in my life lyrics

1:(2x) I'll never see your smile again, You'll never be my friend, Sailing on the seas, hiding in the trees, Crying on my knees. Refren:(2x) Stay with me, stay with me, I'll never be alone, Stay with me, stay with me, I'll never be alone, Stay with me

Framing Hanley - Back to go again lyrics

this really open to discuss Maybe we should just hang it up We were so close They said we were so far Well we swore by now we'd have them wowed But we're still stuck in this race With hopes and dreams undone When did we stop having fun We got lost somewhere the

Mac Demarco - My house by the water lyrics

Instrumental] 6802 Bayfield Ave, Arverne, New York Stop on by, I'll make you a cup of coffee. See you

Marmozets - Back to blackout lyrics

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's like taking a bullet to my heart And I'm so scared to see your face under the mask And pretending, still pretending, is not good enough Yes you said it, and I felt it But the feelings have flown away into... The sky is higher tha

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Back on my feet lyrics

many days will the wet weather last? I want know will the clouds When they roll back Reveal a man in an old mac Living on a park bench Sitting on his own? Cut the rain as it runs down the glass Eventually through the lightning and thunder We see a man going under This i

Pulled Apart By Horses - Back to the f*** yeah lyrics

ache, bones shake at your razor tooth smile I've lost track Count the amount of ghosts that you hide Is this a dream? 'Cause I'm still not waking up The acid pours but I still haven't had enough Yeah Yeah, huh Yeah, huh Yeah, huh Alright

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Back on my feet lyrics

m back on my feet again I'm flying high Watching my back again or I could die When we're up there flying And it all seems fine Half the time we're trying Trying hard what a fool Saying anything to raze it all But I'm back on my feet again I'm fly

Confess - Back to hell lyrics

you my friend you better listen again 'cause I heard that you're going back to hell. It feels nice to be free but unfortunately You're going back to hell, a nightmare for real. It's you who are weak, she left you on the street She never apologize for the f***ing thin

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