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Safe Escape - Back on the bottom lyrics

dragged me down Into the sewers And all the rats ... You set your traps Around the covers Guess I will never ... again So safe in a dark back down inside I'm back on the bottom Hiding the shades I

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Back to the bottom lyrics

wanna be! Hey I wanna get back, back to the bottom! ... Now, they will judge us from each and ... skip you life and tangle confusin' enuff, they wanto what

Hunters & Collectors - Back on the breadline lyrics

on the breadline by Hunters & ... cup you`re still waiting for the future of all your living ... souls wait for the incoming calls Your desperation Where does it lead to false

Van Morrison - Back on the corner lyrics

m back on th' corner I'm right back on ... corner I've been in this condition so many times before ... Back by my lonesome I'm right back by my lonesome Just watching th'

Blackfoot - Back on the streets lyrics

ve been lookin' for a direction to put me in touch, I'm a ... high and low for my connection, am I asking too much? Way back in my mind, there's a voice

Kacey Musgraves - Back on the map lyrics

too far off the map Not so sure I can get back. Was I the one who drifted ... I did everything I could've done But what good is love ... Without the trust? Does anybody wanna

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Back on the bottle lyrics

slaving all week long but now Friday's here I'm gonna blow my paycheck on whiskey ... degree Coz if I had just one wish baby I'd make all ... liquor free I don't know where I am and I just

Backyard Babies - Back on the juice lyrics

to do do to myself i'm now gonna walk away i swear i was ... half way there when you decided you could ... do it on your own now we're all gonna ... away cause you've been back on the juice again cause you

Greyson Chance - Back on the wall lyrics

know you think I'm coming undone But there's no need, no ... hit ya We want to feel emotion so let's feel it Cause ... when the night falls, your love puts

John Hiatt - Back on the corner lyrics

on the corner I'm singing the blues I can see my reflection In the shine of your shoes ... No news is good news And I'm back on the corner again Back on the corner Got my seeing-eye dog

Hiyama Nobuyuki - Back on the rocks lyrics

on the rocks Michi o akena OMAE ... wataru no sa Night Kids! Back on the rocks, back on the ... baby Yami o kiri sakunda Back on the rocks, back on the

Ray Lamontagne - Back on the mountain lyrics

to get back on the mountain Got to get back on the hill With my dog-eyed ... Ain't it just like Adele Go on and change your name So now ... Carmen But I love her just the same Give yourself over

Joan Armatrading - Back on the road lyrics

myself That I was fine Someone who liked my company I ... And Mr Sorrow He'd come along sometimes I never liked his ... Hey I know Where I would rather be I may not get to

Bay City Rollers - Back on the road again lyrics

a limousine Checking out all the bars and the mezzanines Won ... t someone throw me a line Let me out ... make it this time Cocaine, back on the road again. Strung

Madcon - Back on the road lyrics

Girls) we don`t know Get back on the road Go baby go ... Get back on the road (Tshawe) My people ... struggen and straven And the dine is off the nine Tranna

Eddie Money - Back on the road lyrics

stay But I've got to do the things I believe in So ... bring down the houselights The place is real packet Everyone likes it like that So it ... s on with the show 'Cause people still

Gary Moore - Back on the streets lyrics

hear me knockin', But you won't let me in. Might be fine ... hangin' round. But if you don't open up this door, I'm gonna kick it down. Sometimes ... I feel like I'm back on the streets again. Sometimes I

Phish - Back on the train lyrics

that would take me all around the world I stood and watched the smoke behind the mountain ... curl It took me a long time to get back on the ... train Now I'm gone and I'll never look back

Quincy Jones - Back on the block lyrics

All] Back Back on the block Back Back on the ... block Back, on the block, so we can rock With the soul, rhythm, blues, be bop ... and hip hop Back on the block Back on the block

Saxon - Back on the streets lyrics

ve been out in the cold Trying to get in We've ... through Finding my way back home to you Standing alone ... in the fight You've never been out ... of our sight We're back on the streets again We're back on

Scheepers - Back on the track lyrics

on the track - There's no looking back Got rid ... of the memories - Memories that tore ... I'm Saving my soul Crushing the enmy - My worst enemy Is me ... should learn to shovel In money brings no luck at all Time

Scotty Mccreery - Back on the ground lyrics

dropped by to check on mama, for a minute, I could ... her humming a tune through the screen door in the kitchen ... She was puttin’ the final touches on a homemade

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Back on the streets lyrics

ve been told in the name of something I've got ... to know what it means to play the game Too many faces ... around they're talking They play their parts oh, so well

Midnight Oil - Back on the borderline lyrics

the bar to the bedroom I'm swimming in the ... neon Lighted pictures of a ... redhead, plasticoated hot on And sometimes when that ... mirror shows The smile of disbelief Stained

Reo Speedwagon - Back on the road again lyrics

don't hate me mama for what i'm ... about to do But the good times we've had together ... about now through Please don't misunderstand me, i hate to ... i told you now goodbye I'm back on the road again, it's time

Bay City Rollers - Back on the street lyrics

ve been high on love I've been on my knees ... I've been stuck in the middle Now you know how it ... feels I'm back on my feet Down on the street ... Yes, I'm back on the street I feel the sound of the beat You know I'm down on the street I'm here to stay Yes

Bullet - Back on the road lyrics

know the feeling when the good times coming your way ... We're back on the road, what more can I say ?? ... out Shout all night We're back on the road They try to

Earth, Wind & Fire - Back on the road lyrics

to get back on the road Gonna leave these troubles behind ... Time to carry the load what my life is a true ... design You won't reach me by phone I'll be ... moving round between the line Time to get back on the

Firewind - Back on the throne lyrics

defiant And he's gotta take control No sympathy or kindness ... empty soul His legions set the pace Marching onward to the ... west So he looms behind the silence Let all his minions

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Back on the chain lyrics

t be bitchin' honey, 'Cos you're holding all the money, And now we're outlaws ... running scared, And I don't think it's funny, Keep ... your foot on the gas now baby, Don't you let

The Pretenders - Back on the chain gang lyrics

that night to a place in the past we've been cast out of ... Oh oh oh oh now we're back in the fight we're back on the train oh, back on the chain

Professor Green - Back on the market lyrics

s saying names? Who thinks they're f***ing clever? You ain ... bloke, you're a bird And I'm back to ruffle feathers They call ... me the professor Though I never got

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Back on the ground lyrics

can race over the mountains Sail over the ... spheres We can ride under the oceans But we can't fight ... our fear Something's wrong with the world these days

Metronomy - Back on the motorway lyrics

I've set out to find her, I'm back on the motorway At this ... wheel I drive the earth for her Every ... carriageway, a mile for her These five gears and wheels could

Lil' Keke - On the come up lyrics

Talking] Check the game, we gon do it like this For the 2 ... I'll cash it It's all about the cream, and getting paid you ... see I'm from the fourth largest city, called 7

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The one on the right is on the left lyrics

A pickin' singin' folk group They sang the mountain ballads ... And the folk songs of our land They were long on musical ability Folks ... thought they would go far But political

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - On the level lyrics

knew that it was wrong I didn't have a doubt I ... was dying to get back home And you were starting ... I said I'd best be moving on You said, we have all day

Van Morrison - Back on top lyrics

came to see me when the moon was new Saw you standin' in the pouring rain Left my message ... on the window pain Back on the street again Back on the ... beat again I'm back on the top again Saw me climbing

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Back to the future lyrics

through the do' back from a smoke Sit back relax ... and max with the hoes Chat with my folks ... laugh at them jokes I'm hard to the core ... and she bad to the bone Ask her to bone chats on the phone Her three friends with

Gun Barrel - On the road again lyrics

around all these unknown places to rock the ... living our dream with you – the crowd so many faces to bang ... believe in music from now on – until the end feels so –

Jaron Andthe Long Road To Love - Petals back on the rose lyrics

lying facing our own side Wondering if we're in the right ... We've gotten used to all the fighting I walk out, you ... start crying And neither one of us knows what we said.

Jaron & The Long Road To Love - Petals back on the rose lyrics

re lying facing our own side Wondering if we're in the right ... bed. We've gotten used to all the fighting I walk out, you ... start crying And neither one of us knows what we said.

Powerworld - Back on me lyrics

m back on the streets, I'm back on the line Try to capture the moment, leave it all behind ... Had enough of desperation, of the same old me I need a ... new destination, full of energy I wanna feel

Nick  Jonas lyricsNick Jonas - Stronger back on the ground lyrics

up To the alarm and the phone. Trying to stick out, ... Stuck in the world don't belong. Sometimes Something so ... right can be wrong. Into the weekends, Gravity's taking

Amon Amarth - Back on northern shores lyrics

thick fog lies ahead The ocean's deadly calm Their ... ship glides on the silent waves Into the ... s much too late He puts his back into the oar And rows ... towards his fate The ship cuts through The milk

Enter Shikari - Kickin' back on the surface of your cheek lyrics

chairs out lads, heres the spot, a spanking panoramic ... view. The soil here is silk, the air ... with my glory?" BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT STAND TALL,

John Mayer - On the way home lyrics

over, this town is closing. They're waving people out of the ... ocean. We have the feeling like we were floating ... when we first got here? The days were longer; the nights

Celkilt - On the table lyrics

we got a lot of booze sitting on the table And if we drink it ... all we'll end up on the table We're gonna give it ... all, Balls upon the table but tryin' to get on

Devour The Day - The bottom lyrics

I am Again Honest and afraid Doubting who I ... am The reason I was made Here I am again ... Honorable and lost Hanging from the edge So close to falling off

David Lee Roth - The bottom line lyrics

about meanwhile back at the ranch The ugly duckings ... rising, mihgt be more Gonna blow this whole town out the back door Give 'em hell tonight (Give 'em hell tonight)

Rick Astley - The bottom line lyrics

we were out dancing the other night You almost got me ... into another fight You always want to ... prove you've got the touch, baby To make all the ... other guys want you so much But

Grieves - Against the bottom lyrics

me with your back against the bottom There's somethin' 'bout these days that got you caught up ... Toss another empty bottle to the bay What did you say, what

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The bottom line lyrics

a cat Dragged in from the rain Who goes straight back ... do it all over again I'll be back for more It's something ... It's a hidden law The apple falls Destiny calls I

Fiddler's Green - Bottom of our glass lyrics

re facing our way, our feet back on the ground We're going ... down, we're going down There's no one who can really ... that night comes to an end Then let us sing once again We

Medalyon - Bottom line lyrics

are growing Poorman has his back to the wall Is it time to ... and blind injustice Are they walking hand in hand ... lines and unemployment Tax the mind of the middle class

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The girl at the bottom of my glass lyrics

ass Through its telescopic bottom I can't raise my glass, ... ass Through its telescopic bottom If you wanna know what agony is Ask the girl at the bottom of my glass Well love'll

Musical Newsies - The bottom line lyrics

we need to sell more papers. There's an answer right before ... my hair, Trim a bit here and then Trim a bit there. Just a ... modest adjustment Can fatten the bottom line. BUNSEN: What

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - The bottom line lyrics

to surrender and that was the only way to win if somebody ... offered you the freedom to open your mind ... in so meet me down at the bottom line and open my heart with

Big Audio Dynamite - The bottom line lyrics

that's going around When the hits start flying, you gotta ... get down All the young people dance 'round the ... square The old time groove is really ... nowhere So when you reach the bottom line The only thing

Sammie - The bottom lyrics

[1:] Ooh, ooh yeah From the bottom to the top I got 'em ... Yeah, yeah Miami Yeah the place to go Cause we got ... beaches We got them all We got everything

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