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Back In Your Hometown lyrics

Browse for Back In Your Hometown song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Back In Your Hometown lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Back In Your Hometown.

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Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Back in your face lyrics

m back in your face like I've never been ... away I'm back in your face and it's where I'm gonna ... mack, lika a union jack I'm back Hey! Hey! I can stand

Iron Weasel - Back in your face lyrics

trip from here To be right back at nowhere where your dreams ... we fought every battle to get back on top We've gotten so far ... gonna stop! Cause we're back in your face, packing a

Brenda Lee - Back in your own backyard lyrics

started from) The bird we think that are blue is waiting for ... you back in your own backyard You see your castle in ... Spain through your window pane back in your own backyard Oh you can go to the

Cappella - Back in your life lyrics

wanna be the sun Back in your life Back in your life Back ... in your life Turn up the bass Turn ... the bass Turn up the bass Your music My music My music

Magnum - Back in your arms again lyrics

forget to say Every little thing I feel When I am far, far ... away And nothing in this world seems real When I ... and I can't speak Everything I do goes wrong You tell me

Saliva - Back into your system lyrics

ve been gone away, but I'm back again Back with all my ... friends I've been floatin' away, on a silver cloud Lined with all of my wildest ... dreams I'm back in your system now and I've waited

Arven - In your dreams lyrics

in the silent ocean High up in the sky Second to the right ... and Straight on till morning comes There is a place ... where you can find what you seek This path

Brooklyn Bounce - Back in the place lyrics

no doubt Critical Mass be in the lab makin the bass push ... Loud and clear to make the hometown cheer I freak it for my ... with ears to hear Style bring style from around the aisle

Chris Isaak - Back on your side lyrics

And I do my best pretending I, don't love you. But when ... surprised, cause' then I'm. Back on your side, back on your ... side, back on your side baby I'm, I'm back on your side. And it was friends

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Back from your love lyrics

quot;Back From Your Love" Tears are falling faster than I hold them back ... It's only morning, I've got the whole day to ... apart forever and there's nothing I can change about that

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Back to your heart lyrics

I dream about you Ever since the day we said goodbye If ... a fool Right now I'd be holding you There's nothin' that I ... to say The road to take To find a way back to your heart

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - Back at your door lyrics

the lights went off Everything had changed Lie awake in an ... empty room In my head it all feels the same ... the day you left That still lingers on my breath And the

Ac Dc - Back in black lyrics

been too long I'm glad to be back Yes, I'm let loose From the ... noose That's kept me hanging about I've been looking at ... the sky 'Cause it's gettin' me high Forget the hearse

Agnetha Fältskog - Back on your radio lyrics

you picking up my signals again? Back on your radio I'm ... sending you a message I've been ... caught inside a radio shadow For the ... longest time Living on outside the range of your

At Sunset - Back in time lyrics

we go again feelings come and go yeah, She's ... got it going on and now im running ... on my head so baby, I was thinking maybe If i go back and ... change things, Would this drive me crazy

Gene Clark - Back in my life again lyrics

want to know where do I stand in my life You know that's up ... s just now that you are wanting to be For I had just gotten ... over the pain Finally gotten you out of my brain I just can't believe you

Living Colour - Back in black lyrics

been too long, I'm glad to be back Yes I'm let loose from the ... noose, That's kept me hangin' about I been livin like a ... star 'cause it's gettin' me high, Forget the hearse,

Matty B Raps - Back in time lyrics

/HOOK// I'mma take you back in time And together we can get ... the track And I'mma take you back I'mma take you back in time ... Now we're moving at the speed of light And

Mcbusted - Back in time lyrics

to have her number Somewhere inside of my brain If I could ... go back in time, then I would replay ... last night She got me losing my mind, wish I could go back in time Back in time If I

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Back in black lyrics

originally by AC/DC feat. Nas & ... Robyn Troup) Back in black I hit the sack I've ... been too long I'm glad to be back Yes I'm let loose From the

Six Feet Under - Back in black lyrics

been too long I'm glad to be back Yes, I'm let loose From ... noose That's kept me hanging about I've been looking at ... the sky 'Cause it's gettin' me high Forget the hearse

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Back in the saddle lyrics

m back I'm back in the saddle again I'm back I ... m back in the saddle again Ridin' into town alone By ... light of the moon I'm looking for ol Sukie Jones She

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Back in the day lyrics

re gonna do right here is go back Way back, back into time ... (Miss Aretha, (The Real Thing) James Brown, Billie Holiday ... Knight, Louis Armstrong) (Minnie Riperton, Otis Redding,

Angel City - Back in time lyrics

Ooh Ooh I wanna do it again Mistakes I've made I can ... chance to try, ooh The things I've done Wilst having fun ... Thinkin' what I did still makes me

Sebastian Bach - Back in the saddle lyrics

m back I'm back in the saddle again I'm back I ... m back in the saddle again I'm back Ridin' into town ... light of the moon I'm lookin' for old Sukie Jones she

E-type - Back in the loop lyrics

has come to get the troops back together No one's cruising ... for a bruising It's a landslide, can't die ... Time to get what's coming to me Time to let things go

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - Back in blacula lyrics

i drink your blood I'm black and ... And i don't give a f*** Your blood i'm gonna suck You can ... from me I'm gonna bite the vein that feeds because I'm back

Gwar - Back in crack lyrics

Without time Always the beginning Yet..perpetual end ... This time A battle un-won In the center of it again For ... former glory The never-ending story I'm BACK! BACK IN

Huey Lewis & The News - Back in time lyrics

me, doctor Where are we going this time? Is this the ... fifties? Or nineteen ninety-nine? All I wanted to do Was ... play my guitar and sing So take me away I don't

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Back in business lyrics

that good guys don't always win I'm gonna show you the ... brighter side of living in sin So when you're six feet ... a blunder And you put me back, back in business This ain't

Pulp - Back in la lyrics

get back to LA Gotta get back to LA I'm geared to what I ... say Gotta get back to LA Where May's just waiting for me Like a warm soft ... memory Drown all my troubles in her sea Gotta get back to LA

Skindred - Back in black lyrics

too long I know glad to be back it commin' Rocka loose ana ... From the noose It caught anin't me commin' one knew da I ... ve been looking at the sky 'Cause it's gettin' me high Forget the hearse

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Back in black lyrics

been too long I'm glad to be back Yes, I'm let loose From the ... noose That's kept me hanging about I've been looking at ... the sky 'Cause it's gettin' me high Forget the hearse

Ac Dc - Back in business lyrics

want some trouble, I'm the king of vice I'm a wreckin' ball ... I'm a stingin' knife Steal your money, gonna take your life ... You got screamin' murder, lock up your door

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Back in the game lyrics

loud It's good to be back Feel the sting the sweat ... Of the back of my neck It's been way too ... stage Lets get it on I'm back in the game Breaking hearts

Artillery - Back in the trash lyrics

you - might just have a hope Your life - your song - isn't ... little brick you know You're back once more Struggling hard to ... keep away Fromthis your private hell Knowing it's no

Asia - Back in town lyrics

turn - smoke rise Chrome wings - low ride Freeway - red line To city lights electric I ... glide If there's escape from your illusion You gotta break the

Babylon A.d. - Back in babylon lyrics

dawn Hopeless junkies out in my backyard The city of sin ... Yeah! C'mon! Just got back today to the city of sin ... snake is how it all began Living on the edge ain't paradise

Bif Naked - Back in the day lyrics

over there looks like he's in the headlining band We ... his amp Haven't washed in a week... I've got nothin' ... always be a part of me... Back in the day... When we slept in the van Back in the day...

Billy Joel - Back in the u.s.s.r. (the beatles cover) lyrics

I had a dreadful flight I'm back in the U.S.S.R. You don't ... know how lucky you are boy Back in the U.S.S.R. Been away ... place Gee it's good to be back home Leave it till tomorrow

Bubba Sparxxx - Back in the mud lyrics

2 1,2,3, let's go Back in the mud I've been in I ... m so happy here There's nothing you can do to make me stay ... me consider it more than a coincidence Even though they mama

David Byrne - Back in the box lyrics

sun shines on the living The sun shines on the dead ... The sun shines on you and me Wherever we ... lay our heads The sun shines on the evil The sun shines

Don Broco - Back in the day lyrics

really want it) Way, way back in the day there was nothing ... we could do, oh no. Nothing we can do, oh no. It's ... (I see the vultures coming) It's too late to satisfy

The Dubliners - Back in durham gaol lyrics

I'm of to Durham Gaol I'm going and nothing now can save me ... Calamities they always come in threes And that's how many ... gave me And it's no never in the livelong day Will you find me back in Durham Gaol No

Ivy - Back in our town lyrics

one who really knew me. Laughing out loud. We always knew ... see through me. Everything is all right. Everything is ... Under the sun whispering foolish things, You could

Head East - Back in my own hands lyrics

she could wrap me around her fingers Til there was nothin' ... me I had a night job down in the city Where the hours ... seem to turn into days The frozen clock on

Keane - Back in time lyrics

got time to kill I'm not living for the moment anymore I ... got time to kill I'm not living for the future anymore I ... t wanna wake up She goes back in time She goes back in

Kj-52 - Back in the day lyrics

a two-way pager You could find the KJ listening to hip-hop ... Blastin it so loud my parents was ... latest dance I did the running man they said not bad for a

Local H - Back in the day lyrics

Hard 'N' straight Face - Think I'll hang around and wait ... you were cool But that was back in the day Well, take a bow ... on high Well, beat them back the New Jacks More than

Lotti Helmut - Back in time lyrics

was looking at my daughter on her ... her Every second she was falling. In the evening very ... proudly she came calling Iam big now is what ... say a glimpse of me there riding around in grandma´s garden

Madai - Back in time ft.pitbull lyrics

me baby Go, yeah you baby Back, ooh you groovy baby In, ... Go, ooh you groovy baby Back in, let’s make a movie baby ... Mr Worldwide, Agent A, Reporting live From Cape Canaveral,

Maze - Back in stride lyrics

s so much going on it's crazy trouble all ... around I'll tell you something I'm not gonna let it get me ... down I been going through some funky changes ... we can't really stand the pain I'm just happy to see you

Mark Medlock - Back in my arms lyrics

back in my arms again back in my arms again Oooh I can´t ... cause I found the way back to your heart oh so many ... days Oh I was crying baby so many prays But now

Nickel Creek - Back in the saddle again lyrics

On the lonely jimson weed Back in the saddle again I'm riding the range once more Totin' ... And the only law is right Back in the saddle again ... Whoopee-ti-yi-yo, rockin' to and fro Back in the

Patsy Cline - Back in baby's arms lyrics

chorus) I’m back in baby’s arms How I missed ... those lovin’ arms I’m back where I belong Back in ... We never did before Since we found out how it hurt I

Pitbull - Back in time lyrics

me baby, Go, yeah you baby, Back, ooh you groovy baby, In, ... Go, ooh you groovy baby, Back in, let´s make a movie baby, ... Worldwide, Agent A., Reporting live, From Cape Canaveral,

Rage - Back in time lyrics

moment of my birth The intention's here, this was how I ... I wish that I could turn back time Journey far beyond ... my memory Driven back in time Travel to my secret

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Back in the picture lyrics

were times in life I was on my knees, Now ... its over, Deep inside my heart I know Simply ... put I've been stabbed in the back ever since I remember, But

Reo Speedwagon - Back in my heart lyrics

I lay awake When the morning breaks But what can i do to ... get you Back in my heart again The towns top gun Safe at ... change my life Safe and certain But now i'm hurtin So what

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Back in control lyrics

to secure what is ours Marching ashore in the cover of night ... Hide until dawn and attack in the twilight Shake them ... iron maiden Get the islands back! Failure will not be

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