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Baby You Could Hold Me Closer lyrics

Browse for Baby You Could Hold Me Closer song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Baby You Could Hold Me Closer lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Baby You Could Hold Me Closer.

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Lanks - Hold me closer lyrics

let you down I scream for help I don ... t need After you drown My nights are cold and ... lonely I let you down I scream for help I don ... t need After you drown My nights are cold and

Mindy Mccready - Baby you get to me lyrics

on Losing my grip The hold that I had so strong Is ... slip I'm trying so hard to hold up my guard To paint a ... like I'm so tough But you take me in your arms And I

Angel (us) - You could lose me lyrics

has got you turning green You talk too loud and you run ... around all night You tell lies but your eyes don't ... I've had enough and I think you know it You better change your ways or I'll change my mind

Barry Manilow - You could show me lyrics

to begin To let myself let you in But you Maybe you could ... show me There's so much more I would ... say If someone showed me the way Like you Maybe you could show me I've been so used to

Gorefest - You could make me kill lyrics

the giant's been slain? That you die by fire, if by fire you ... knowing he's dead Put your hands up to the sky. Were you stupid, were you blind? As you realise All you ever stood

Random Eyes - Hold me lyrics

I just wanna feel alright Could I love again Could I start ... my search of love forever? Hold me, darling Love me, heal me ... it's too late I'll fly away Hold me closer Help me find peace

Fm Static - Hold me twice lyrics

bet that’s what they all say You probably didn’t even notice I ... was starin’ at my shoes n’ couldn’t think of nothing to say ... goin’ one way, on “cross your finger” airlines I’m

Mindy Mccready - Hold me lyrics

I burn just to taste your kiss To hear passion call me by name To make love to you ... reckless abandon And become blue of the flame Sometimes when I need to know how much

Seals & Crofts - Baby i'll give it to you lyrics

say you wanna know what you gotta do, To make me forget ... what you put me through. So you want a chance to prove, lovin ... me is everything to you. Chorus: Baby, I'll give it

Mia Rose - Hold me now lyrics

of really falling in love Something told me I could let go ... with you And that's how I made my ... to give it a try I remember smiling the day we met You were nervous cause you didn't

Anne Murray - Hold me (just a little longer tonight) lyrics

here thinkin' over old times Old friends of yours, old ... have been broken in two Sometimes love just ain't strong ... enough Some give in and some give up and it started me

Jerry Lee Lewis - Baby, hold me close lyrics

listen here baby to what old Jerry Lee has to ... say Cause baby Jerry don't talk this ... nonsense to everyone I want you to get out on this dance ... floor with me now And now hold me close baby hold me close

Brian Mcknight - Hold me lyrics

me, Love me Givin' me all that you've got Tell me, ... For so long I've waited for you to come and love me Don't ... waste my time Cos I need you to let me know if you want me

Nemesea - If you could lyrics

fills up my empty heart But you are the one that stole my ... tears Safe in your arms I found my peace Oh ... To find my way through If you could see me If you could hold me For one last time I’d be

Conrad Sewell - Hold me up lyrics

a minute you can realize you lost it all In a second you ... there to break my fall Till you came and saved my life In ... hour Oh I’m praying for some help I can't do it by

Reilly Maggie - Hold me lyrics

me And save me from myself I claim to be so ... everyone else I was judging you when I realized Just how big ... a lie I lead Hold me I truly wish you could

Shwayze - You could be my girl lyrics

just lose control i know you know what i know l-l-l-l ... fine I’ve been thinking, you should be mine for the ... weekend or a long time baby you could, you could be my girl you could be my girl you could

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Hold me down lyrics

promise to keep you close to me you give me a ... of security Through drama you will be all I need straight ... up now I need you to hold me down hold me down I need you

Marvin Gaye - Hold me, oh my darling lyrics

want you to hold me, oh my darling & never, ... never let me go Oh kiss me & tell me you love me ... I, I I I I I, I I love you so (I I love you, I love you

Oleta Adams - Hold me for a while lyrics

to endure There's a way that you can make me smile Only if you ... ll hold me for a while Lots of speeches ... s no need for us to speak You can stop my heart from

Jason Gray - Hold me back lyrics

concrete Tie my hands behind me 'Cause I can feel the pull ... the man I was before Put your blinders on me Wrap your ... arms around me 'Cause I'm afraid that I

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - If you could see me now lyrics

they come Every night the same Silent stars Light from a ... distant flame Just like the memories of you That I hold ... inside I see you touch But all the warmth

Afi - Who said you could touch me? lyrics

don't know who I am so, you can not get close to me and ... I don't know who you are, so just leave me alone ... I know you can't believe the anxiety you're causing me and I know you can't believe your fake

Bell Book & Candle - Baby you know lyrics

me, could it be the last time and tell me, is it that I ... love you I'll carry on and walk ... another way tell me how say why can't you find ... the right words is it that you're feelin' unsure I see it

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Hold me tight lyrics

ve Waited All My Life For You Hold Me Tight Take Care Of Me And I'll Be Right Hold Me ... Tight Hold Me Tight Hold Me Tight Hugga Me Right Hold Me ... Tight Squeeza Me Tight Hold Me Tight Hugga Me Right Hold Me

A Storybook Ending - Hold me now lyrics

look at mine can't you see that i'm bleeding 6 ... hearts and filters beside me a rose once whispered, what ... hearts in case of.. don't hold you breath, hold me now set

Rick Astley - Hold me in your arms lyrics

ve been trying for a long time to say what we want to say ... But feelings don't come easy to express in a simple ... be the fool to say that if you Hold me in your arms I

Paris Hilton - You dont see me lyrics

This is the park where I love you to much. This is as hard as ... I'm tough. I'm here if you want me, I'm yours you can hold me, I'm empty and diggin, ... breaking. *Chorus* Cause you don't see me,and you don't

Savage Garden - Hold me lyrics

hiding places I might need you to hold me tonight I might ... need you to say it's alright I might ... need you to make the first stand ... I'm finding it hard to be your man Hey More than angry

Hardline - Hold me down lyrics

I've come to follow I'll crawl into your web It's your words I'll ... hear and swallow It's your voice I'll need and beg ... There's always always ways you say [Refrain:] But you hold me down I didn't see it

Jonny Diaz - Hold me lyrics

I'm Walking with you what is still unknown has ... of thoughts unseen but with your embrace i know i can face ... all that's facing me clouds assume command sky

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - If you could see me now lyrics

soul is alive, and so are you Helps when trying to pass ... the time, it ain't easy without you ... might take awhile, believe me if you only knew If you,

The Script - If you could see me now lyrics

if you could see me now (Oh if you could see me ... Valentine's Day The roses came, but they took you away ... myself calm but the truth is you're gone And I'll never get

Korn - Wish you could be me lyrics

You Could Be Me I am going insane This ... gnaws at my brain I wish you could be me And then the shit ... And how shit got the best of me At least you could look at me While you are ripping me You are taking my life and

Edwin Colins - If you could love me lyrics

and sound Suddenly I came to, A voodoo, amazed at ... m talking about siezing the moment When the moment has gone ... There's no telling me 'cos I'm holding on Hope

Thomas Anders - You have rescued me lyrics

Wondering why, i wasted my time on dreaming Just when i ... thought i'd had enough, you came on by Taking my hand, you ... lifted me higher Give me the strength to survive You, baby, you have rescued me You bring out the best in me You are the one i want to fly

Gosia Andrzejewicz - You lyrics

baby baby tonight Gonna talk to your ... heart You will never be alone In my ... arms you will find your home Oh baby baby tonight I'll ... be your guiding light Till we see

Low - Closer lyrics

me closer than that Hold me closer than that How'd we get here ... so fast? Hold me closer than that On a dark, ... Overhead, spinning past Hold me closer than that

Laura Branigan - Hold me lyrics

Waiting for luck to appear Meet a man, sit together, Talk ... career Feeling good, getting closer Putting her lips to his ear ... She whispers hold me Baby please hold me Make all

C21 - Could you ever lyrics

all my words I regret hope you never ever let go now I know ... I needed you so Tears are drowning my ... heart I need you to tell me tell me baby...... Could you ever love me again if I say

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Hold me lyrics

me darling hold me And I'll always be your, be ... your guy Closer, baby come closer Let me be the one that ... loves and be by your side Why should you be

Earshot - Closer lyrics

silently, I want you to set me free, Watch me, make me ... cling. Take my hand, you feel so cold I can't hold you like the day (indistinct) ... (little...) A little bit closer Litte bit, a little bit, a

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - Closer lyrics

forever. I see the ocean in your eyes when we're together. ... has been embraced now that you're in it. Hold me closer ... to your dreams. Closer to your fears. Close to hear your

Schultz Mark - Closer than i've ever been lyrics

ever been Lord, I long for Your embrace Can You take me in? ... Take me back again To that place ... where I am whole in You Yeah, let me fall down at Your feet Feel Your presence all

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Closer feat. ekow & kylian mash lyrics

days what it now I feel Let me act just like track do, wait ... real, boy. I’ma do it to you, If you do it well You give ... a second shot if you don’t kiss and fail You

Debelah Morgan - Baby i need your love lyrics

Baby I need your love Baby I need your love Baby I need ... you to hold me tonight Hold me and make everything alright ... Verse 1 I get sad when you go You told me how this

A Rocket To The Moon - Baby were invincible lyrics

see you And i'm waiting to make my ... i'm scared And i know that you got Better things to do I ... ll touch your hand And i'm wearing my ... It's cliche i know But baby it's the price we pay To get

Reef - Hold on lyrics

and nothing's ever clearer in your mind but if you go please ... bear me in mind hold on no matter what you're ... going through just hold on and celebrate the things you do hold on they can take

Lumidee - Go with me lyrics

Chorus] Won't you go with me, I could take you places you ... wanna be ,I could take you there, take you every where, ... won't you show me baby that you now scared, I could take you

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - Hold on lyrics

- Timbaland - talking] Oh! You know what? (Wyclef: good ... I go through a lot, since my baby girl´s not here Life ain´t ... been the same for me Li Li I miss you very much

Dan Hill - Hold me now lyrics

I could make sweet love to you all through the night All ... can I be sure that everything you say Isn't just another line ... away CHORUS Just let me hold you now I wanna feel you in

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Let me fix my weave lyrics

at ya peoples Oh! C´mon Ooh baby let me fix my weave Touch me ... up and let me fix my weave You could pick me up about a ... I gotta fix my weave (Oh) Baby fix my weave Baby baby let me fix my weave On the highway

Petula Clark - Baby it's me lyrics

you're gonna love somebody, baby it's me If you're dreamin' ... of somebody, baby it's me I've got arms that hold you ... lips that kiss goodnight If you're gonna love somebody, baby

Elastica - Hold me now lyrics

it's my head that makes me want to second guess at a ... distance hoping there's a method to your madness baby i ... might just understand if you obey me hold me now i need

Jeremy Zucker - You should get to know me lyrics

I took a picture with you tonight You look like somebody out of a fashion magazine ... I know you think that I'm not polite You should get to know me Swear

Divine Attraction - You never let me go lyrics

take all my cares away You can move mountains I don’t ... have to be afraid For You I know Are God and, all ... God and, none can replace You take all my cares away You

Bethany Dillon - You could be the one lyrics

I talk to you sometime this afternoon? About some ... I'm reading into Because you and me come at this ... just trying to be honest with you Now that I've found you

Boyzone - Baby can i hold you lyrics

m sorry," It's all that you can say? Years gone by and ... still Words don't come easily Like "sorry&quot ... quot;...) "Forgive me," is all that you can

Ali Campbell - Hold me tight lyrics

more fussing and a fighting Baby, hold me tight Let’s let ... just a fool Too blind to see you were the only girl for me Oh ... gonna be alright Baby hold me tight yeah Ba ba baba ba

Ronan Keating - Baby can i hold you lyrics

" It's all that you can say Years gone by and ... still Words don't come easily Like "sorry ... quot;..) "Forgive me," is all that you

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