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The Beloved - If pennies came from heaven could karl marx h.. lyrics

my darlings Jean and Rita Life couldn't be much sweeter ... Swinging all around you see What this country's made ... of me Until yesterday I'd thought The best things in

Randy Rogers Band - Kiss me in the dark lyrics

George; Foster, Radney M; Sailors sail, cowboys ride Lovers ... love when the get the chance Take it slow, turn ... down the light Soft and low, let the ... shadows dance Baby, don't hold back Kiss me in the dark Roll me through the night Hold me like you'll never

Forsomeone - Up in the party lyrics

In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party You smile, I don't You

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the name of tragedy lyrics

you ever lost, were you ever young, were you ever safe little ... brother, Do you see the sense of the evidence, are you still part of the struggle, ... Did you bang your head, did you go to bed, does it still

Ledapple - Kiss you - one direction (ledapple) lyrics

I just wanna take you anywhere that you like We ... could go out any day, any night Baby I'll take you there, ... take you there Baby I'll take you there, yeah Oh

Planetshakers - You lyrics

You, the one we desire and all that we came for is ... You, You, the treasure of Heaven, desire of the nations it's You, You, the hope and the cry of ... our hearts, God it's You, You, we're longing for all that You are Jesus, wonderful Jesus

Digital Underground - Kiss you back lyrics

shimmy cocoa-pop Shimmy shimmy cocoa-pop Shimmy shimmy ... cocoa-pop Shimmy shimmy cocoa-pop We-we chocolate ... cross-over See me cocoa might go pop I'm cocoa and I might go pop Now it's about time that I cleared this so

Merary Naraideth - Kiss me thru the phone lyrics

you know that I miss you I wanna get with you tonight ... but I cannot babygirl And that's the issue Girl ... you know I miss you I just wanna kiss you But I

Golden Earring - From heaven from hell lyrics

there's a reason why you leave me Then I like to hear ... it now I'll simply bend my head I won't cry ... out loud I know all this time we spent together Was not

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - In the name of god (deus vult) lyrics

the Name of God In the Name of God In the Name of ... God we go to heaven In the Name of God In the Name of ... God In the Name of God we go to heaven ... Martyrs in the name of god We are knights in war and fire Raise your

Andy Grammer - Kiss you slow lyrics

know you didn’t think loving me meant so much time alone ... Dinner for one on the couch another movie on your ... own You know that I am never going to be, a nine

No Mercy - Kiss you all over lyrics

I get home babe, I'm gonna light your fire All day I've ... been thinking about you babe You're my one desire Gonna wrap ... my arms around you Hold you close to me Oh babe I wanna

Alkaline Trio - Kiss you to death lyrics

m takin' a ride down to your place I'll be droppin' by ... tonight You'll hear me coming From miles away Screaming ... banshees haunting my motorbike Takin' a ride down to your place Be droppin' by in

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Kiss you all over lyrics

wanna kiss you all over Gimme that kiss Gimme that kiss Gimme that kiss Gimme ... that kiss Bet you if I kiss you all over You won't ... wanna get rid of feelin this Such a feelin Won't stop

Hymn - The magi came from lands afar lyrics

Magi came from lands afar, Led by the guidance of a star, They ... on to Bethlehem, To seek the Savior, born for them. And there in humble cottage-home, ... Unto the heavenly Child they come; And low before Him

Chicago - Baby, what a big surprise lyrics

before my very eyes I thought that you were only ... fakin' it And like before my heart was takin' it. Baby what a big surprise ... Right before my very eyes.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Heaven is lyrics

is a woman Dressed in blue And heaven is knowing ... Someone who is in love with you Heaven is a television Left ... on all day And heaven is making love And then running away

Fields Of The Nephilim - In the year 2525 lyrics

In The Year 2525) (3535) (4545) ... (5555) in the year 2525 if man is still alive if woman ... can survive they may find... (In The Year 2525) ... (3535) (4545) (5555) in the year 3535 ain't gonna need

Miranda Cosgrove - Kiss you up lyrics

uhoh uhohh Oh uhoh uhohh You just have to say What you ... need And I'll hear you out You don't have to hang In a ... scene Cause I'll be your crowd I'm on your side

Shontelle - Kiss you up lyrics

Woahhohohoh Woahhohohoh) You just have to say what you ... need and I'll hear you out You don't have to hang in a sea cause I'll be a ... crowd I'm at your side to hold you up when you

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - In the arms of love lyrics

see your face and feel your heartache I see the trace ... of the tears you have cried The silent sound of the hurt left ... unspoken You were strong enough to hide

Downgrade - In the shadows lyrics

s me tonight Sometimes abusive feel And God will helps you out Sometimes you make it ... real And fallin' to the ground Somewhere abandoned ... are No one likes you right now These grugs are

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - You hurt me (and i hate you) lyrics

the sun came up this morning Like a burning red balloon ... It broke into my window And it slipped across the room It ... spread itself upon me Like the smell of sweet perfume I was

Moloko - The only ones lyrics

often in the still of night Thoughts turn out twisted ... Well unwind Uncurl and lay the worries of the world By any fire you find Dreamers only believers

Dondria - In the morning lyrics

J. Cole:] Baby you summertime fine, I let you get on top, ... I be the underline I'm trying to get beside you like the ... number 9, dime You fine as hell, I guess I met you

Olivia Holt - In the dark lyrics

you find me here In this dark terrain? Can you pull ... me out From under.. Diamonds in the dirt. Shining ... through the hurt, Can you pull them out? And hold me

Psapp - In the black lyrics

found you in the forest And your bed was made of needles You ... were sleeping In the gloaming and the calm I took you in ... my arms Oh I laid you on my breast Breathing in your soft sighs and your milky

Ledisi - In the morning lyrics

Whisper:] I need you, I need you In the morning Will you ... be there in the morning To love me Love me Love ... me I don't know what it is about your love And what you've got that keeps me running

Bro`sis - In the cradle lyrics

What is the meaning? The definition – of “hook up”? ... Are you together, lovin’ each other? We never know! ... Hahahaha All: Cats in the cradle and a silver spoon. Little girl blue and the man in the moon So when you’re comin’

Janis Ian - In the winter lyrics

days are okay I watch the TV in the afternoon If I get ... lonely The sound of other voices, other rooms Are near to ... me...I'm not afraid. The operator, she tells the time

The Rapture - In the grace of your love lyrics

the grace of your love You don't turn me away In the ... grace of your love There is no other way In the grace ... of your love Every day when I wake up In the grace of your

Bird York - In the deep lyrics

you had all the answers to rest your heart ... upon. But something happens, don´t see it coming, now you can´t stop yourself. Now you´re out there

Camouflage - In the cloud lyrics

soul in a cage, a mind disarranged. you stare at the ... don't want to be alone. daily routine, rhythm machine. ... give up the fight and step into the light. won't you

Lil' Keke - In the club lyrics

Talking:] Ok, we gon walk up in the set the club You know, ... ay check it We gon do this in the club, when the place is ... blazing Packed wall to wall, man the joint amazing Naw ok we gon

Allen-lande - In the hands of time lyrics

on to my dream Winter is coming to me If there’s a mountain I must climb it and that’s the way it must be Day after ... day holding on Night after night out of sight Like a lifetime away I will never stop

Jakub Hübner - In the deep- bird york lyrics

you had all the answers to rest your heart ... upon. But something happens, don´t see it coming, now you can´t stop yourself. Now you´re out there

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - In the light lyrics

if you feel that you can't go on. And your will ... s sinkin' low Just believe and you can't go wrong. In the light you will find the ... road. You will find the road Oh, did you ever believe that I could leave you,

Omarion - In the dark lyrics

Spoken Omarion] Yea, all this time I ... been waitin' To get you in this room alone Now you're here its time listen [Verse One] ... This can't be real The time has come For us to do our

Rob Rock - In the night lyrics

can't believe all the time that passed between our lives Just yesterday it was a ... dream too far to come true I've fallen for the last time, I can see the sun it's in your

Dev - In the dark lyrics

my waist, through my hair Think about it when you touch me there Close my eyes, here you ... are All alone dancing in the dark Tell me baby, if it

Nick Lowe - The club lyrics

had someone come along Reach in, pull out your heart and ... break it just for fun As easy as ... humming a song Join the club If you've ever had nights tossing and turning Like

Faydee - In the dark lyrics

fast Turn me on on on on I'm gonna make it last take it off off off off let it let ... it go Give me more more more more I ... m gonna make you fall In the dark you can watch me come alive Lift me up lift me higher

Chris Isaak - In the heat of the jungle lyrics

the heat of the jungle, in the heat of the night. Sat an ... African princess in the pale moonlight. She said go ... bobalu, go baby go, I love, I love you, tonight. I go hide in the jungle, and I dance

Rattle Bucket - In the name of god lyrics

back everything you’ve done to my heart Take ... back everything you’ve done I had a friend my ... best friend with a really joyful heart we ... plans so much fun and stupid things we’ve done I’ve

Estelle - In the rain lyrics

this remind me of summer I'm talking 'bout an English ... summer You know where it rains (All night long) Yeah ... but this remind me of you We don't need to be, just a

Sally Oldfield - In the heat of the night lyrics

nights I'd wait for you No tangles in m ymind And ... everything was new I relive the memory Something in my heart ... is saying This is reality It can be if you believe In the heat of the night You're

Kelis - In the morning lyrics

baby what you doing? Your flight left yet? Pshh, I'm half ... way there I can't wait to see you So tell me have you left yet, damn I'm running ... late to the airport Every time we do this In my mind saying should I go through with this? All I see is you kissing

Rakim - In the ghetto lyrics

Earth was my place of birth Born to be the soul ... controller of the universe Besides the part of the ... map I hit first Any a rhyme that I can ... adapt when it gets worst The rough gets going, the going

Yolanda Adams - In the midst of it all lyrics

ve come through many hard trials Through temptations on ... every hand Though Satan's tried to stop me And to place my ... feet on sinking sand Through the pain and all of my sorrows

Lee Ben - In the morning lyrics

the morning, in the morning You were there and you felt things get strange Early in the ... morning You learned your lesson, learned your lesson ... Misery is too depressing, hey Now you learned your

Gabry Ponte - The man in the moon lyrics

they say – he's there with the Stars with his Eyes in the ... Dark There's a Man, in the Moon in the Sky – when it ... shines. And you can see his Face in the Light he's the

Ian Brown - In the year 2525 lyrics

the year 2525, if man is still alive If woman can survive they may find... In the ... year 3535, ain't gonna need to tell the ... truth Tell no lies Anything you think, do and say Is in the

The Kelly Family - In the evening lyrics

the evening by the moonlight, you can hear those darkies singin' In the evening by the moonlight, you can hear ... those banjos ringing. How the old folks would enjoy it, they would sot all night and listen. When they sang in the

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - In the end (demo) lyrics

starts with one.. and multiplies 'til you can taste the ... sun and burnt by the sky you try to take it from. but if ... it falls theres no place to run crumbling down, It's so unreal...

Megan Lee - In the future lyrics

you go now Shining just as brightly as the sun Looking up ... ahead With nothing that can bring you down ... Everyone can see The potential that you bring So please

Midnight Oil - In the valley lyrics

grandfather went down with the Montevideo The rising sun, ... sent him floating to his rest And his wife fled ... south to Sydney, seeking out safe harbour A north

Fukpig - In the absence of your saviour lyrics

the absence of your saviour Who will you turn to now? ... Just a million wandering sheep In the absence of your saviour Who will you turn ... to now? In a world without religion Who will you

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - In the name of love ft. bebe rexha lyrics

I told you this was only gonna hurt If I ... warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would you ... walk in? Would you let me do it first? Do it all in the ... name of love Would you let me lead you even when you

Hurricane - In the fire lyrics

your promises, and empty lies Have led me to the real you Every time you tried to take ... your disguise You could never see it through ... It's time to find your way up Before we hit the

Project Pitchfork - In the year 2525 lyrics

the year 3535 Ain't gonna need to tell the ... truth, tell no lies Everything you think, do and say Is in the pill you took today In the year 4545 Ain't gonna

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