Baby Girl Do You Like Lions Because You About To Be Lying In My Bed Tonight Song lyrics

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Bro`sis - Who's been sleeping in my bed lyrics

been sleeping in my bed? Ain’t nobody sleeping in your bed ... what you’re talking about? I’m innocent,I didn’t treat ... you bad girl, What you’re talking about? What? what?

Arrows To Athens - Lying in the bed we made lyrics

we smile, like we're supposed to. Say the ... lies just like we've been rehearsing. Every night ... when I hold you, Our eyes tell a lie that ... this is working. 'Cause it's one step

Day26 - In my bed lyrics

my bed, don't be shy, don't be scared Let's get right, take ... that chance, baby its alright Don't gotta rush ... we got all night We rocking (in my bed) We rocking (in my bed) We rocking (in my bed)

Dru Hill - In my bed lyrics

nah, this can´t be true I got this feeling ... it loose That somebody`s Been getting next to you Don`t ... wanna walk around Knowing I was your fool `Cause being the man that I am I just

B3 - In my bed lyrics

came into my life Like an angel - looking for something new You said hello and then ... Something happened - a whole different ... avenue I took you in my arms And it felt good Just

Millionaires - In my bed lyrics

D) I see you over there (M) There! (D) ... Giving me the stare (M) Stare! (D ... I'm playing with my hair (D) As if I just don't ... even care (A) I like the way you look tonight (A)

Bi Rain - In my bed lyrics

un namjaga saenggyeotttago beolsseo ni chingu-ui ibeul tonghaeseo modu da peojyeosseo ... niga eotteoke sagwigo inneunji neomu nollabeoryeosseo ... Na-ege ju-eottteon ttokkkateun seonmureul

Dru Hill - In my bed so so def rmx lyrics

My Bed So So Def Rmx [Jermaine Dupri] You wanna dance? Ha ... I'ma make you dance You wanna move? Ha, I'ma make you move Dru Hill come on ... [Dru Hill] I got this feeling I can't turn it loose That

Liberty X - In my bed lyrics

you ever woke up in the morning? Everything is dark and I don't feel like rising Can't ... face another day unfolding Out of dreams into routines ... Why can't it be easy to start a new day Why does it

Bizzare - Baby girl lyrics

waits for no one It's time to be a man [Verse 1: Bizarre ... If your got kids, you know what I'm talking 'bout ... But do like I did and just walk the f***

Sassy - In my bed lyrics

My Bed ...................... ...

Devilyn - To be awaken in the nightmares lyrics

can say what will happen in a while But still there are ... some stories Which are repeated ... .." Slowly decomposing corpse lies on the bed ... There is chiling silence all around The

The Hollies - You love 'cos you like it lyrics

love 'cos you like it You like it because you're loving me You touch 'cos you like it You like it because you're touching me ... You kiss 'cos you like it You like it because you're kissing me You hold 'cos you like

Amy Winehouse lyricsAmy Winehouse - In my bed lyrics

I could say it breaks my heart like you did in the beginning Its not that we grew ... apart a nightingale no longer singing Its ... something i know you cant do seperate sex with emotion I

Go Fish - Hard to be cool (in a minivan) lyrics

1 Sittin’ at a red light, down around Sunset A girl ... pulled up beside me in a candy-apple red Corvette ... She pulled down her shades, gave me a wink ... she hit the gas And I remembered where I was at CHORUS

Journey - To be alive again lyrics

time...where it takes you You know it's time that can break ... you We get caught in the moment ... Just ... sleepwalkin' most of our lives In your mind (when you need it) With a song (to help you believe it) You

Krizz Kaliko - In my dreams lyrics

Christopher, it's time to wake up [Verse 1: Krizz ... Kaliko] I keep having dreams of you and Me eating ... ice cream together I wake up and scream ... cause you're not Lying next to me forever You gone So my

Dokken - In my dreams lyrics

dreams--it's still the same Your love is strong, it still ... remains Toss and turn all night in the ... t sleep Night after night don't know what it means In my

M People - You just have to be there lyrics

a strange thing happened to me yesterday. I looked at your stars and ooh I saw the ... Milky Way. And if you could feel just half as much ... as me, then I wouldn't be just another leaf on your

Martina Mcbride - In my daughter's eyes lyrics

no fear but the truth Is plain to see she was sent to ... rescue me I see who I want to be in my daughter's eyes in my daughter's eyes everyone ... Is equal darkness turns to light and the world Is at

Chrom - In my world lyrics

your way in this cruel world Make it ... save and don't look back You can feel it's time to change ... Although you're lost you still go on There's no time to suffer It may be the last

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Like i love you lyrics

something about you The way I'm lookin at you ... whatever You keep lookin at me You gettin scared now ... right? Don't fear me baby, it's just destiny It feel

R. City - Take you down lyrics

Worldwide) Right about now All that I want is a ... gyal that bad to the bone Long black hair ... caramel skin tone Meet her in the club after that take her

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Do you mind ft. nicki minaj, chris brown & mo.. lyrics

Khaled] Another one We The Best Music! [Nicki Minaj] Yo ... he ain't messing with no average chick, pop, ... Eat the cake and he suck on my toes, yes Hitting them home

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Do you mind (feat. nicki minaj, chris brown, .. lyrics

Khaled] Another one We The Best Music! [Nicki Minaj] Yo ... he ain't messing with no average chick, pop, ... Eat the cake and he suck on my toes, yes Hitting them home

Jesse Mccartney lyricsJesse Mccartney - In my veins lyrics

I gotta have it, it keeps callin' for me. I need a fix, a ... quick hit. My body's achin' hand are shakin' for it. ... It's like dope, man, cause it's so dope

Nb Ridaz - Baby girl lyrics

just wanna let you know that this one's for my baby, baby, baby girl This is ... for my baby girl Because you never let me down She's my ... only girl (you are my world) This is my baby girl For my baby girl (cause you and I were meant to be together, forever my baby girl)

B3 - Angel in my bed lyrics


21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Baby girl lyrics

Intro] Yeah, whole pointers 'round my muhf***in' neck ... nigga Yeah, 6 karats in my ears, nigga Yeah, I look like a blizzard, lil nigga ... [Verse 1] Yeah, too many chains, bitch, you can't change

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Do it lyrics

Verse 1) I've been looking for this groove You've have ... it, I need it I can show you how to move To stay with your feet up (Bridge) Baby girl we'll dance Until the moon

Carpenters - Because we are in love (the wedding song) lyrics

It was more fun to be children We just took life ... happened Run thru the days Don't look behind Over wink ... it's over What a surprise to discover We were people

Mario - Lay in my bed lyrics

listen [verse 1:] I dont wanna fight, i would rather ... kiss you Come into this room and let me show you ... have much i miss you What i gotta do? to show you that i need you Baby im

Akanishi Jin - Baby girl lyrics

girl, come next to me Ooh, baby girl, you got me totally Infatuated and I cannot describe ... it in words Feelin' better next to you Baby girl, ... just take your time No need to rush, cuz we got all night

Boy Epic - Kanye's in my head lyrics

d rather be alone in my bed Alone in my head Alone by myself because I know I'm a mess ... Everyone's strange I'm hiding my name Cause I'm too ... afraid of all the things I might say Me oh my I

Javier Colon - My little girl lyrics

I can hear that) You can hear who? Can you hear ... dada? Can you say daddy? (Daddy) It’s ... daddy) I was never the one to be on time With anything in my life And that suits me just

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Crime to be broke in america lyrics

off the record and shove it in my arm whenever I feel life ... is comin' on too strong they left me in a ... clinic fulla cynical motha ****in ... bureaucrats and other kinda ding bats Livin on the

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Whoever you like lyrics

Gudda Gudda) I said im stepping out with my niggas tonight ... Its young money bitch and You can do whoever you like You ... can do whoever you like I said Gudda Gudda, T

Mark Knopfler - You don't know you're born lyrics

do you know about the hammer and the spike ... What do you know about the farm You don't know You ... don't know what it's like Because you don't know You don't

Doro Pesch - Do you like it? lyrics

you like a woman who's been around the world Would you like a woman who is like a ... little girl Would you like a woman who is strong and tough Would you like a woman

Eric Saade - In my head lyrics

my head, in my head, in my head, in my head Girl you ... could be the one for my show, I put you on it, I put ... you on it. Cuz' you're far from cool with this

Gus Gus - Be with me now lyrics

m lying in my bed now And it feels just like ... a prison cell I'm trying to get sleep With my head ... stuck in a vacuum shell And I want you to be here From the bottom

Ted Nugent - Girl scout cookies lyrics

I like to eat my Girl Scout Cookies I can eat them ... all night long I like to eat my Girl Scout Cookies I can eat ... them all night long I like ‘em late at night with a

Ola Svensson - My baby girl lyrics

didn't treat you right I wasn't there at ... always the man I should have been Wasn't there for you ... never know how much I needed you And it got out of hand

Anita Baker - In my heart lyrics

no baby here I go Fallin' in on the deep end one more time ... baby I'm helpless to stop this, there's no defense ... (Got this fever) Yea I'm sick baby (I'm on fire) I'm on fire

Aqua - Be my saviour tonight lyrics

you lay your hands on me Telling me words I really like to ... hear Like I love you (like I love you), like I miss you ... (like I miss you) Just be my savior tonight I'm gonna

Kim Hyun Joong - Do you like that lyrics

My Mic Up Hey, Hey Do You Like That You Gonna Love This ... Go Go bokjaphan meorido dapdaphan gaseumdo da ijeobeorigo, Go Go Faster, Faster ... geumbit mureul deullyeo bwa Baby Baby, Hot Lady Lady haejin

Passenger lyricsPassenger - Do what you like lyrics

never felt, like it felt when I felt it For ... the first time with you And you know I wouldn’t lie Now ... I’m standing by the fountain And I’m counting all the

Rapscallions - In my head lyrics

here I go again Just travelin' When all i want is you ... Just fishin' in these waters Casting anchors ... oh oh oh I swear I made my mind up Before this break up

Agent Orange - In your dreams tonight lyrics

your whole life feels incomplete learn this song and ... sing yourself to sleep anger turns to ... hatred - as the nights turn into days people disappoint me in

Foghat - Somebodys been sleeping in my bed lyrics

of someone, Somebody been sleepin' in my bed, ... Somebody been sittin' in my chair. Cigarettes in the ... ash tray, and I don't even smoke. Someone's been drinking my best booze, I

B. B. King - You don't know nothin' (about love) lyrics

you ever know how it is to be hurt Did you ever feel, ever ... feel like dirt Tell me did you give up all your pride? Just ... to have her by your side If you don't know,

10cc - Reds in my bed lyrics

scene Says he'll guarantee my sheet will be clean When I ... on the outside But who can you trust when the walls have ... ears I'm for takin' a chance, like a drownin'

Ferry Bryan - Because you're mine lyrics

you're mine Because you're mine Because you're mine Because you're mine Because you're

Freezepop - Do you like boys? lyrics

he could not love just one girl but he could not love at all ... and now you're saying that you're not sure if you want him ... so i guess i must choose for you tell me baby, do you like

Jo Dee Messina - Because you love me lyrics

don't know how I survived In this cold and empty world for ... I only know that I'm alive Because you love me When I recall ... what I've been through There's some things That I wish I didn't do

Dj - X - Motel room in my bed lyrics

the doorknob on my side if you don't mind i don't care put ... the doorknob on my side it's self-locking give ... me your key i go to bed soggy and forgetful ... hopefully not waking up so fitfully i like coffee

Daniel Bedingfield - He don't love you like i love you lyrics

don't love you like I love you Don't think about you like I ... think about you He don't want to have your children ... He don't wanna build his life ... around you Tell me I should not be

Nick Carter - Angel in my bed (now or never) lyrics

lost in the moment in time when your body felt so ... breathe it was all complete Touch your hand and feel your ... heartbeat Can't believe you're here with me Oh oh, you

Haddaway - Not in my bed lyrics

find a place for me I would like a family I don't need no ... wild and crazy girls Wanna have a new bed in my ... the money now People try to bring me down Been losing

George Jones - I don't want no stranger sleepin' in my bed lyrics

t want no strangers footsteps in my bedroom Pulling down my window shade and messin' up my ... spread I don't want nobody fluffing up my ... pillow I don't want no stranger sleepin' in my bed. If I have to cross

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