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Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Nightmare / the dreamtime lyrics

to set you free, We turn the screws to make you die, Soft ... eyes, All mine, all mine, Nightmare, the dreamtime, Black terror ... stalks the night, Claws to clutch and

Seven Witches - Nightmare (the devil inside) lyrics

in my mind you know I walk these streets with madness on my ... in my eyes Strayed from the pack now hear the hungry ... taken for a ride Chorus: Nightmare - trapped inside Nightmare -

Ayreon - The awareness lyrics


Insania ( Ger ) - Nightmare lyrics

strikes the night, a thunder is rising ... from the sky above - you feel the ... s like every night It's a nightmare - your nightmare tonight It ... s a nightmare It's a nightmare - your nightmare tonight It

The Amity Affliction - Nightmare lyrics

you living in a nightmare, One that eats away your ... cold? So you're living in a nightmare Well I'm living in one too ... But I'm trying to prevent the storm From bearing down on

Artension - Nightmare lyrics

where your world is safe Nightmare, always the same for me ... me a line Save me, give me the sense to see Nightmare, ... come near to me Far away, the warm light of day Round and

Stevie Nicks - The nightmare lyrics

down through the arms of sleep She fell ... through the ivory morning Deep into the ... waters Of the one she called love She ... paled in the wake Of what some call a

Easy Rider - Nightmare lyrics

never feared the darkness But now things have ... changed I am the stories now come true You´ll ... be lucky if you see the day The TV tells of all the nasty

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Nightmare lyrics

Argh This is the sound of an army in rage The ... kids are taking over the streets again The sound of ... broken bottles in the night, intense fright. Look

Mortal Sin - The price of peace lyrics

of the past, destiny is falling ... History ignored again as the war machine is calling ... Armageddon final warning by the sword to live and die The

Sigh - The red funeral lyrics

skies are red, so are the dead, Annihilation by ... incineration, Fiery hell, the midnight funeral held, As the black smokes reach the sky. They shouted out, I heard but I

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Dreamtime lyrics

dreamtime Dreamtime, dreamtime Dreamtime, dreamtime Oh the dream, dreamtime I will ... have my dreamtime My dreamtime, my dreamtime The only

Masters Of Reality - Dreamtime stomp lyrics

t exist Lay around and do the pretzel twist Because I ... it When we were laughing The pressure lifted And we went ... dancing Goodnight dreamtime transform She can't hold on

Hall And Oates - Dreamtime lyrics

You were talking thru the smoke in your fantasy I ... been so good at home And the people that you love never ... to fantasize And say the words you think will satisfy

L.a. Guns - Dreamtime lyrics

If I ever dreamed I was the lucky one I wanna touch you ... reach you It's stormin' all the time The lonely one's alone ... again There's no daylight comin'

Coal Chamber - Dreamtime lyrics

Shoved aside, pushed to the wayside If you lead, I will ... Vague memories in my mind they hide Shoved aside to get ... thrown by the wayside If you lead, I will

Dreamtale - Dreamtime lyrics

I have told It seems that the end came a long time ago A ... join us Into one with the earth and the sun... All you ... deaf and blind, join my Dreamtime Come and hear, come and stay

Boyfriend - Nightmare lyrics

so kurikaesareru This is a Nightmare Torimodosenai ... hakanai This is a Nightmare Hanasanaide sukoshidemo ... scared every night This is a Nightmare Kimi wa mo inai Namida ni

Crystal Tears - Nightmare terror lyrics

can haunt your nights Nightmare man will rise You can't stop ... side Invades your dreams — NIGHTMARE TERROR None hears your ... screams — NIGHTMARE TERROR Cry for help

Bones lyricsBones - Nightmare lyrics

feel alone Save me from this nightmare I can't do it by myself If ... feel alone Save me from this nightmare I can't do it by myself...

Dover - Nightmare lyrics

cold and here comes my nightmare oh! If I could take time ... dare and here come my nightmare oh! If I could take time

Deine Lakaien - Nightmare lyrics

nightmare, nightmare Golden touches of moonlight ... on maidenhair Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare Sending messages ... that she's been unaware Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare Little

Princcvok - Nightmare lyrics

I need play with your toy. I want play with your toy. You need play with me! You want play with me! This world is crazy! low price for our prostitution ...

Dry Kill Logic - Nightmare (rigano, scott thompson, dave kowat.. lyrics


Nega - Nightmare lyrics

o tsutau... kimi ga inai in nightmare of 'REALITY

Nightmare Of You - Nightmare of you why am i always right lyrics

.......... ............ .......... ............ .......... ......... .................................. ...................... ...............................

Los Fastidios - Nightmare lyrics

si alzera Oi! we are your nightmare Oi! we are your nightmare ... Oi! we are Your nightmare Oi! we are your nightmare in ... si alzera Oi! we are your nightmare Oi! we are your nightmare

100 Dead Rabbits - Nightmare lyrics

was like any another night I climbed into my bed ... Pulled back the sheets and fell fast asleep ... s when I realized It was a nightmare It was a nightmare I couldn

Shinee - Nightmare lyrics

girl Jami deun sunlight Nightmare nae modeun geol aseun ... ga Wae doraboji anha You, nightmare neol gajil su eomneun i’m on ... dream a dream, girl I see the moonlight Charari na pihal

Impellitteri - Nightmare lyrics

to my nightmare people Fear all, all the ... that you see Welcome to nay nightmare people Save me, from my own ... reality In my head the games begin, round and round they spin again Thoughts

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Nightmare lyrics

your eyes I woke up in another life When nothing's really ... wake up from this From this nightmare, from this nightmare Where ... right place But you're not there, no you're not there Hey

Fame On Fire - Nightmare lyrics

your eyes I woke up in another life When nothing's really ... wake up from this From this nightmare, from this nightmare Where ... right place But you're not there, no you're not there Hey

Brandon Ashley - Nightmare factory 82 lyrics

of a bull I am a man with the wish of a God I’m a black ... with some broken wings I am the silent drop of a big white ... I’m a sadistic entertainer on the way to the end I am a big

Rycky Style - Nightmare lyrics

your eyes I woke up in another life When nothing's really ... wake up from this From this nightmare, from this nightmare Where ... right place But you're not there, no you're not there Hey

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Nightmare lyrics

your eyes I woke up in another life When nothing's really ... wake up from this From this nightmare, from this nightmare Where ... right place But you're not there, no you're not there Hey

Iron Fire - Nightmare lyrics

but my eyes are closed In the darkness comes a ghost I ... wanna run but there’s no place to go Isolated ... horrow show When I’m asleep they torture me Fills my soul

Penicillin - Nightmare before christmas lyrics

Ayashi kurayami sekai wo tsutsunda ten no kamigami ha tsumetaku miorosu Asai nemuri yume no tsuzuki komori uta no naka de kanashisou na ushiro sugata Ko...

Snow (jap) - Nightmare lyrics

ima nanjika oshiete yume to ite dakishimete haikyou no machi ni mioboe ga aru anata to mekutta shashinshou no naka doushite hitori atashi wa hitori s...

Archive - Nightmare is over lyrics

And empty out my heart Cos the nightmare is over Cos the nightmare is over Shape my face how ... my every thought Now my nightmare is over My nightmare is over

Artlantica - Nightmare life lyrics

one thing on my mind What is the future of mankind? Blow it ... war for play Don't tell me there's no better way Blow it ... heart Only dreaming? Nightmare life Nightmare life Awake

Jigoku Shoujo - Nightmare lyrics

Ima nanji ka oshiete yume to itte dakishimete Haikyo no machi ni mioboe ga aru Anata to mekutta shashinshuu no naka Doushite hitori atashi wa hitori Sugu ni sugu ...

Romeo - Nightmare lyrics

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah No No No No beolsseo 10buni dwaessgo oneulttara yunanhi swipji anha neul naega gidaryeossjanha dan han beonirado ppalli nawa ara naega jogeum deo a...

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Nightmare avenue lyrics

I went to kill Some time at the famous grill Where the tall ... eats the small There were girls all over me ... you tell I see faces in the weirdest places Please,

Eidolon - Nightmare world lyrics

for carnage have eclipsed The lust for life Constraint ... unfurled Can we escape this nightmare world Tempestuous overlord ... Avoiding torture - the path of least resistance

Pretty Maids - Nightmare in the neighbourhood lyrics

roaring silence fills the city There's a sense of ... fear Only the stars are God's eyes And the moon glows so clear When ... it through Oh yeah Hear the cries of a woman A broken

Set It Off - Nightmare lyrics

re coming creeping from the corner And all I know is ... I don't feel safe I feel the tapping on my shoulder I ... impaired Awake me from my nightmare Wait, something doesn't

Golden Earring - The unforgettable dream lyrics

write me a letter Shut out the night Write me a song - this ... wheel of fortune We spin together - am I right, am I wrong? I ... your spell And I know - the unforgettable dreamline You

Heir Apparent - Nightmare lyrics

dancing madly underneath the moon Chilling cold of fright ... like frigid blades of ice The wind blows applause ... throughout the hills Nighttime brings vague

Aiden - The last sunrise lyrics

sink your teeth in. Bite the blood that drains the life ... those things you need to breathe. My body dies, But still my ... Explain, why me? This nightmare (This nightmare) won´t last

Arshad - Nightmare lyrics

Nothing’s going to be the same What we know is good ... and gone The life we lived has come undone ... So wake me from this terrible nightmare This wicked little game I

Arsis - We are the nightmare lyrics

figures ride towards the sunset. Searching for truth, ... for our loss. We are the nightmare, the chosen silence. We are the night. Three words to ... praise the reached. Those wretched eyes

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare lyrics

Now your nightmare comes to life Draged ya down ... below Down to the devil's show To be his guest ... acquaintance severed Burn the world your last endeavor

Deuce - Nightmare lyrics

am your worst nightmare I'll get inside your head ... it ends I am your worst nightmare Don't worry don't be scared ... I bet you missed me I'm the next to best thing Ever

Nightfear - Nightmare lyrics

in my head The dark rain falls again Brutal ... comes again now Silent nightmare shows Desperate screams of ... pain Emptiness of insanity The rage within, no way to scape

Saxon - Nightmare lyrics

Where were you in the night) (Where were you in the night) As the night closes ... I stand in my room I can't the light I wish you were here I ... at night I'm caught in a nightmare Alone in the night (Where

The Cramps - Wet nightmare lyrics

full o' crackers it was a wet nightmare.... there was a pin up girl ... painted on the wall of a cave a wolf whistle ... and a leather girl and a slave i got the

Brazen Angel - Nightmare lyrics

your colors, they bleed from black to white ... As you sleep, in the dead of night Spirits appear ... eyes Trying to tell apart the truth from the lies ... why You're trapped in a nightmare your life flashes by

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