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Destruction - Conductor of the void lyrics

we get fooled by the persons we trust They want conformity - we have to adjust ... Screams of desperation - stay unheard Who is to ... believe in the dreams of the absurd? They make up

Afi - The conductor lyrics

like the needle Today I felt it drain (felt it ... drain) I'll climb back up to you On ladders of the rain (of the rain) Break them down ... their frail beliefs I'll show them, show them a believer

B. B. King - Hold that train lyrics

that train, conductor, please don't let that ... engineer start Hold that train, conductor, ... please don't let that engineer start ... Well, I wanna ride your train this morning, just to

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - I constantly thank god for esteban lyrics

us this day our daily dose of faux affliction Forgive our sins Forged at the pulpit ... with forked tongues selling faux sermons. ... Because I am a new wave gospel sharp, and you'll be the

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Driver 8 lyrics

walls are built up, stone by stone, the fields ... divided one by one. And the train conductor ... says "Take a break Driver 8, ... 8 take a break We've been on this shift too long&quot

Hootie & The Blowfish - Driver 8 lyrics

walls are built up, stone by stone; the fields ... divided one by one. And the train conductor ... says, "Take a break Driver 8, ... 8 take a break we've been on this shift too long"

Comecon - Conductor of ashes lyrics

of ashes the structure of fear mythic malignance the ... realm of screams the sacrifice is ... formalized by demand of his dreams we are subject to the freedom of loyality of

Florence + The Machine - Conductor lyrics

tried to control my shaking With just one sound I tried to warm the ocean ... By writing it down I tried to tame my nightmare Line by ... line If I write a song about you Does that make you

Liz Phair - Baby got going lyrics

got goin' on a southern train, you know Fired ... up the pistons driving below And the whole vibration, ... seat upholstery Silky underwear, oh conductor, let's roll! Baby got

Intense (uk) - Anubis lyrics

scorch a broken sky As the night starts to fall The older gods they ... embrace me It's my purpose, I can't withdraw Since ... ancient times All souls are mine Walk the path

Comecon - Teuton tantrums lyrics

long due union of east and west freedom and ... peace brought on peaople's request but the halo is ... solied and the cabbage's gone sour teuton tantrums and a

Anata - The conductor's departure lyrics

by a sad melody I enter this old theatre I walk through corridors But for the music all ... is still I reckon i’m late for the show Strange to say ... there is no crowd But enchanted by the sound

My Morning Jacket - If it smashes down lyrics

s going to care If it smashes down Or ... flips you up in the air? It's just ... fast Risky ride at a fair On these lovely trips The conductor likes Your soft brown

Lucinda Williams - I asked for water (he gave me gasoline) lyrics

I asked him for water, he gave me gasoline Oh, I asked him for water, he ... gave me gasoline I asked him for water, ... he gave me gasoline I went down to the depot looked up on

Sammy Kershaw - That train lyrics

that train over yonder Headed on down the track ... See that train over yonder Headed on down the track ... Well, my baby's on it And she ain't ever coming back Well, she packed

Billie Joe Armstrong - Lightning express lyrics

lightning express from the depot so grand had started out on ... its way. All of the passengers that were on ... board seemed to be happy and gay. But one ... little boy who sat by himself was reading a

Metal Church - Conductor lyrics

m your conductor, welcome to the station Always got an ... empty seat, no need for reservation There's no ... need to hesitate, come and step inside Take a

Everly Brothers - Lightning express lyrics

lightning express from the depot so grand Had started out on ... its way All of the passengers that were on ... board Seemed to be happy and gay But one ... little boy who sat by himself Was reading a

Norah Jones - Lightning express lyrics

lightning express from the depot so grand Had started out on ... its way All of the passengers that were on ... board Seemed to be happy and gay But one ... little boy who sat by himself Was reading a

Dethklok - Bloodrocuted lyrics

targeted in the night by violent mercenaries. your ... identity´s been confused with one that looks like you, you´re simple man living live. You are an electrician. But

Karmaflow - The essence of grief lyrics

time slowly passed The lands lay forever in beauty Protected by ... him The guardian of this world A symphony A magical melody Ensuring the world will

Redfoo - Party train lyrics

I need to know Who came to turn up at their favorite ... festival I need some people, some party people To ... jump on stage and rage with your bro That’s why I’m

Lord Belial - Unorthodox catharsis lyrics

the lies from the sheets of the blessed manuscript ... Leaving behind a book of irrational fairytales and lore Burning scorn of signs ... and statues symbolizing the dogma of Christ Spit on the

Moran - Hologram lyrics

ni yarareta ore no me wa akaku tsuneni junsui sa ... Hirakanai nodo ni tsumaru yoku no katamari wo kui yaburi ... Kata ni hameru teigi wo kutsugaesu tame, shiborareta

Emmylou Harris - If you were a bluebird lyrics

you were a bluebird you’d be a sad one I’d give you ... a true word But you’ve already had one If you ... were a bluebird, You’d be crying You’d be flying

Rogue Wave - Sewn up lyrics

under mulberry skies the old conductor feeds his army of spies i'm sewn up and ... waiting on you see you walking with a suit and a ... tie do you tread water or just skim off the sides i'm

Nico - I´ll keep it with mine lyrics

will search, babe, at any cost, But how long, babe, can you search for what's not lost? ... Everybody will help you, Some people are very kind. But ... if I can save you any time, Come on, give it to me, I'll

Blue October - The lucky one lyrics

of the blue came the sun You bottled it up in times of ... rain You carry it with you wherever you go You share ... it with people that have different names

Liege Lord - Legend lyrics

the road until it's end never crouching to the bend of life ... Through a jungle lined with pain ... across a sea through dun and rain again ... Mercury's runner through night turns to day Forging a legend that holds up today Breaker, a huntsman, the

Elton John lyricsElton John - Passengers lyrics

the passenger, who want to get on Deny the passenger, ... who want to get on Deny the passenger, who ... want to get on Want to get on He want to get on Want to

Peter Von Poehl - Parliament lyrics

trumpets are down The wind callously composed The guitar is gone and ... the rest of the band transposed. But i stick to single ... notes And things i understand

Scelerata - Wings to fly lyrics

Even when her feelings blow up in her mind She dances to the symphony of galaxies ... Illusions of all secrets like chemical ... hymns Worthless conductor gives the rhyme Let there

Lionel Richie - Night train (smooth alligator lyrics

the station Somewhere down in east Oh baby, across ... the nation Looking for some fun And some hey down hey ... Tell the conductor you're headig For the cocktail

Primal Scream - Urban guerrilla lyrics

m an urban guerilla I make bombs in my cellar I'm a ... derelict dweller I'm a potential killer I'm a street ... fighting dancer I'm a revolutionary romancer I'm society's cancer I'm a two-tone

Dr.acula - The "l" train to "high street" lyrics

days colors never seemed so bright as when i look at ... them through shades of night i can't recall how or when i got here all i can ... tell you i don't care puff puff pass go a

Joseph Arthur - Crying like a man lyrics

must destroy All who you employ To protect your last ... invention Work hard its destruction Ignore your good intention You ... must ignore the wrong voice Whose voice A peculiar

Shadow Of Intent - The indexing lyrics

this time we ignored their pleas, fighting off ... waves of their regime. Ignoring the will of the defilers, ... an ever so lucid dream Decisions left ... to the recreants with their

Josh Ritter - In your arms again lyrics

oh, what a thrill it was To be in your arms again And oh ... what a thrill it was To be in those arms And all ... those plans I had, all they did ... was hold me down Those plans I had, they can't hold me now That I am back In

Dr. Dog - Uncovering the old lyrics

it down Start it over Alone is such an ugly game ... Pay it back Pay it forward Nothing means nothing ... to me So they went down to the station They were looking for a ride They were

Fountains Of Wayne - Acela lyrics

s a train on a track Painted silver, ... blue and black Heading to Massachusetts And then it's ... coming back And it's ... entertaining by New Haven Once you've had yourself a

Chuck Berry - Nadine lyrics

got on a city bus and found a vacant seat, I thought ... walking up the street, I shouted to the driver hey conductor, you must slow down. I ... think I see her please let me off this bus Nadine, honey

Acid Drinkers - Poplin' twist lyrics

band gives them a rhytm swollen procession in disgusting ... hops look at the blind - men following ... the sound exciting cacophony - money play but... ...I

Herman´s Hermits - Last bus home lyrics

ve walked out on the in crowd with a girl that you've ... just met for a little late night livin' on your own and you want to ... dance till morning with this piece of

Dark Flood - The monument of sin lyrics

the tombstone For the grave of the Earth They dragged the ... ark To the shores of the wastelands Their ... painted moon And suspended sun In throes of doubt Hitchhiking on

Oceana - The conductor lyrics

is the beginning of the end, I'm always wrong, ... it's always me Through broken ties fix me slowly I will ... take your hand to show you the way Delay and me: it's

Chapin Harry - Somebody said lyrics

said...Where's the music goin' Somebody said...It's gone ... Somebody said...With this bad wind a ... blowin' Will the music keep a rolling on I had to ask myself

Dead Infection - Life of a surgeon lyrics

graduated from a medical academy three months ago. He passed the exams ... perfectly. He's been working as a cardiosurgeon for a ... week now. He was to face his very first patient

Dropkick Murphys - Skinhead on the mbta live lyrics

let me tell you a story of a big ole' skinhead On a ... day He put 10 cents in his pocket kicked his wife and ... family And went to ride on the M.B.T.A chorus: Did

Vybz Kartel - School bus lyrics

Morning Students, Good Morning Sir, Listen to Adidja ... the teacher, what's that you doin? When you leavin school and jump inna the cluster? ... Good Morning Students, Good Morning Sir, Listen to

Meshuggah - Behind the sun lyrics

you sentence. How indifferently you kill The ... prophecies of mans corruption fulfilled Arbitrarily you ... harm. Snap your fingers, cue demise Murder ... on impulse. Your evil inclinations wrapped

R3hab - Care (ft. felix snow & madi) lyrics

m a vintage kind of love Whose side am I on You've been ... And slashing in I'm a ghost in your thoughts As you ... figured out all the costs You don't neeed to be staying I

Inxs lyricsInxs - Underneath the colours lyrics

division in the ranks The lines are ... long and proud No question on their lips But there will ... always be doubt Like a chinese painting ... s language Underneath the colours red-blue-white Catch a

Jojo - Just a dream lyrics

nails black, cuz it fits my mood I'm tired of lookin' around for something to prove You don't know how it feels ... inside my skin But neither do I, because I numb the feeling

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The resurrection lyrics

walked the streets of this little town Late last ... night when it all shut down Feelin' stuck between lost ... and found and nowhere Using my memory for a ... map I went lookin' for a train on the torn up track

Dropkick Murphys - Skinhead on the mtba lyrics

let me tell you a story of a big ole' skinhead On a ... day He put 10 cents in his pocket kicked his wife and ... family And went to ride on the M.B.T.A R.: Did he

Erra - Obscure words (ft. adam langston of by blood .. lyrics

that lingers within, forget your inherent pride. Cling to ... the concept of perpetual grief and allow yourself to die. Hand over ... hand, you’ve made your way down to an altitude of disdain.

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Big city train lyrics

you hear that whistle Loud clackety-clack Well it's ... calling to me The station is where it's at It's coming again now Chuggin' down ... that track Just check your records Got all my bags

Jimmy Kelly - Rock island line lyrics

the Rock Island Line she's a mighty ... good road And Rock Island Line she's a road to ... ride Yeah Rock Island Line she's a mighty ... good road And if you ride you got to ride it like you

Sacred Oath - Unholy man lyrics

ve got a white house, you've got power Let's start a holy ... war Inauguration or witching hour- Is there a ... difference anymore? Unholy Man. You get stronger,

Aborted - Chronicles of detruncation lyrics

celebration of my perverted mind - Your ... carrion exposed So calculated - my apparatus ... gesticulate Detruncated - your body, a sight to behold ... Fueled by disgust, by childhood foretold A mere corpus, noxious usurper of body parts A

Nazareth - Gone dead train lyrics

s a gone dead train Yes, it's a gone dead train My engine was ... steam And I was grindin' at you hard and fast Burnin' down ... the rails, tryin' to heat the way Haulin' ass and

John Lee Hooker - Cuttin' out lyrics

leavin', leavin', leavin', Won't be back no more Lord, Lord Lord, Lord Cuttin' out ... this morning, Won't be back no more Hey! Hey! Won't be ... back no more My woman told me, "Hit the road Johnny, Don't come back no more

Scary Bitches - There's a lycanthrope on the bus lyrics

m sitting on a bus to Hell, and I'm not feeling ... very well And there's one or two places I know I'd rather ... be I'm naked to the seat, wrapped up in a blood-stained sheet And there's some kind of naked lunatic next

Aldo Nova - Young love lyrics

west of 42nd street There runs a ... line It's a little piece of heaven Where the sun don't ... shine She's standing on the corner She's shining like a ... keeps time She takes a bow And the conductor smiles

Lee Rocker - City of new orleans lyrics

on the City of New Orleans Illinois Central Monday morning rail Fifteen ... restless riders Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of ... mail All along the southbound odyssey The train pulls out at Kankakee Rolls along

Willie Nelson - City of new orleans lyrics

recorded by Arlo Guthrie Ridin' on the City of New Orleans Illinois Central ... Monday mornin' rail Fifteen cars and ... fifteen restless riders Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Hitchcock railway lyrics

train tickets into L.A. One round trip the other way Oh, I ... get the feelin' when forever calls I get the feelin' ... when forever calls Home trip, ticket to sail away

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The train (feat. carla morrison) lyrics

tryna chase the train And I could look the other way but it ... still won't erase the pain And I pray ... Yeah, yeah, yeah Just another reflection in the window

Bo Burnham - New math lyrics

s do it/It's New Math What's a ... the ship? Just a creative homeless guy. And an anteater ... hungry mutant ant? An ironic way to die. And what's domain domain range? A kid with

E-dubble - Hip hop is good lyrics

unpackage the madness Try to figure out what happened with ... rappin' People clap gats over words and beats Rap music ... isn't art anymore its just beef I'mma go

Gyptian - School girl lyrics

[hello] I hear school girl callin, Callin me on ... my phone I tell flavor tell them gyptian aint home ... I hear school callin, on my phone And I tell my

Archspire - Join us beyond lyrics

awake on the shore. The entity that greets me ... upon this plane Appears as many ... changing forms. Flushing constant waves of shape, None of which I have ever seen.

Can't Stop Won't Stop - Stop, drop, roll lyrics

on hip hop phonics, yeah it works for me So jump aboard, ... yeah this train is free The conductor - Let me toot my whistle The ... instructor of the funky uncle fizzle We

Coolio - My soul lyrics

and pianos are heard tapping and a conductor clearing his throat to signal that he is ready* Chorus: Soul oul oul oul oul oul ... oul (My soul my soul) My soul oul oul My soul oul oul

Redman - Winicumuhround lyrics

hype's got me, I knock em out the box then out socks ... Cause winicumuhround, niggaz skate like the rocks My block...'s hot, so ... gimme all you got When I'm done rockin, I leave you all doin the Bus Stop My format

Lecrae - The bride lyrics

Hook:] Yeah she may look gritty When her man come ... back she gone look so pretty - She the Church You ... crazy, be patient with her tho cause she still God's baby -

Beanie Sigel - Don't realize lyrics

Beanie Sigel Talking] Somebody's burnin close to the ground I been here before, but I ... aint gone lay down naw, naw you suckas, i aint gone lay down ... Verse 1: Beanie Sigel] Uh aiyoa i walks like a pimp Spark

Method Man - Never hold back feat. e-3 & saukrates lyrics

Intro: Method Man (Dooney Boy) {Pinky Phat Phat}] Cool, okay, I'mma let ya'll take it on your own right now Why don ... t you do me a favor (What?) {What?} Tell me a joke (why did the chicken cross

Dj Premier - Afu-ra - defeat (prod. by dj premier) lyrics

Verse One: Afu-Ra] Peep the finisher ... blemisher, menace to sinister It's him with the, ... been with the, mic's Next to kin with the Lyrical ... assassinate like toxic waste Rocks is base,

Grieves - Sunny side of hell lyrics

Intro] Sunny, yesterday my life ... was filled with rain Sunny, you smiled at me and really ... eased the pain Now the dark days are gone and ... side shines [Verse 1] Come on man, not your same old

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Heat lyrics

Moka Only, Mad Child, and Prevail together] Who else you think ... this is? It's just us I don't wanna tell you again so ... just trust Who make the moves, makin the bucks and bring

Adamantra - Lionheart lyrics

my sad life I have wandered on the wrong side For such a long time in lie Captain of ... misery behind the mask of haze As sympathy of ... paralysed in a bed of white Counting the sins of a lifetime

3rd Bass - Product of the environment (remix) lyrics

quot;It's all made up huh? Cause ... here he is" -> Archie Bunker &quot ... You don't like anything about us. Y-you resent our ... attitudes, our politics, even the clothes we

Devin Townsend - Midnight masturbator lyrics

..all you know, go slow. Twenty-five years at the ... factory child, All for dying... Wife and children ... now... But you know? I've been working on a plan

3rd Bass - Product of the environment lyrics

coming up now another request (this one) This ... time from the boys down at Anna's Pizza Paradise A ... new arrangement of a great oldie in rhythm and blues ... Verse One: Pete Nice (Prime Minister)

Aesop Rock - Number nine lyrics

Aesop Rock] Deliver us from evil Litter bugged amoeba ... simmer on the brimstone Grim tone, bring him home ... Authoritative restoration will be rationed righteously

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - House of flying daggers lyrics

feat. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, GZA ... [kung fu sample:] Hehehehe, nobody is going to save you now ... [Chorus: GZA] Soldiers in the front, let the

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