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Graveland - Flame of doom lyrics

star outside the galaxies From the abyss of the ... universe Born in the darkness From non-existing matter A non-existing star An ... icy vacuum Filled with cold light

Forefather - Awakened hate lyrics

the darkness an ancient power lies If you ... rile the beast, in time he will arise ... Thieves disturb the peace, a reckless seed to sow A rage ... will be unleashed, purging fire bestowed

Ashent - Awakened's transition lyrics

ignites my senses I see another cancer devouring mankind A new reincarnation of ... the gene of survival Enslaving their minds and ... controlling every action Again… Again It’s raining ash I

Enceladus - Awakened eyes lyrics

lives we've been with Our backs up against the wall When ... the world No longer fears, empires fall Misled for ... Together we will forge a new way Claim to be our saviours But they'll just enslave us If we don't see through

Blaakyum - Awakened dreams lyrics

many times I’ve walked this road So cold and alone I never ... realised How heavy is my life Please stay away from me I need not awakened ... dreams Have mercy on me please Can't you see that it’s so

Deadlock - Awakened by sirens lyrics

the light of the moon dark thoughts rise up�they haunt ... my dreams while the wind carries their voices and screams ... over the land Awakened by sirens, armed with

Horrible Histories - Flame lyrics

Olympics were begun Greece was the only country, so naturally we won Cheats built ... were we honest winners The answer's no we had more statues ... than you've had hot dinners Our games meant

Onslaught - Flame of the antichrist lyrics

of christ breeding hate the flame of hell shall rise Satans ... force rains from the throne to slay ... the priest of lies 1,000 years was bound by chain Satanus

Edenbridge - Flame of passion lyrics

could it happen, that I was wrong? Speaking those words ... a malicious tongue It chokes me, ... I'm scared and I can't breathe Another day's passed, ... to crown it all A trial of patience before the fall It

David Gray - Flame turns blue lyrics

for someone I left behind Yeah but no-one just a stranger ... did I find I never noticed hadn't seen it as it grew The ... void between us where the flame turns blue Different places yeah but they all look the

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Flame lyrics

ve been searching I've been searching ... for so long Now I'm chasing the shadows away I've ... yes I tried to find my way No more crying in the make ... or break decade There were times when I was down There were times I

Neil Diamond - Flame lyrics

call her Flame For obvious reasons And I'll admit that's ... Whenever her lightening flashes Only ashes remain Don ... t get to close My friends all warned me And maybe I

Hide - Flame lyrics

sun. Should I know how low & low? Dear my moon. ... Should I know how low & low? Dear my stars hoshi ... no nageki kikeba Like a wind honno chisana koto darou

Silentium - Flame still burns lyrics

all the dreams I've ever felt Failing to ... reach or comprehend The essence ... of you... And all the times I've feared for ... you I've shut the door and passed right through The flame

Freedom Call - Flame in the night lyrics

call your name and I wonder why I should die ... to be free Will I ever get a chance to try Turning back ... the wheels of time Back to the dawn of my days

Ram ( Swe ) - Flame of the tyrants lyrics

standing tall, Our heels upon rotting ... world. Tenacious to the bone, Striking ... fears int the hearts. We break the walls, ... We break the laws, Tyrants of the iron faith, No

Neil Sedaka - Flame lyrics

it around, there's a fire in town And you'd ... better come quick 'fore it all burns down. She's real ... hot stuff and people tend to leave her alone, Her name is Flame and

George Jones - Flame in my heart lyrics

cheated on me (you cheated on me) I tried to be fair ... (I tried to be fair) But you don't believe ... enduring your share But I've learned my lesson ... (I've learned my lesson) And now I can say (and now I can say) The flame in my heart

Raised Fist - Flame still burns (youth of today cover) lyrics

their threats ruin your name thought I was broken but ... the spirit remains and this flame will keep on burning strong and I will continue to sing ... this song bad-mouthed behind us, taken

Cryptopsy - Flame to the surface lyrics

precise, burn the man A promise of scorching We hold ... a torch to the sun Flame to the surface We hold a ... torch to the sun Flame to the surface Cruddy

Omd - Flame of hope lyrics

a flame of hope Burning in my heart And there’s a strange ... emotion Tearing me apart Cause I know I know Cause I ... know There’s a flame of hope Calling out your name But when my arms embrace

Heatmiser - Flame! lyrics

always find out too late i always find out too late you ... wouldn't believe what i'm on in all this time i ... turning me down good to see ya anne maria (?) i never was

Skyline - Flame lyrics

don´t wanna be held in in the times that keep repeating But ... we´re lost in every single way that we know (that we know) ... I don´t wanna get stuck in and trapped in

Dead Boys - Flame thrower love lyrics

got a nuclear explosion Breathing down my back And my brain is burning Look through ... in my eyes Well I don't care about living (well all I care about's singing) And I don

Barren Earth - Flame of serenity lyrics

when the dawn''s Left hand was in the sky I heard a voice ... Within the tavern cry Awake the little ones And fill ... the cup As the well of life Will be

Bound By Entrails - Flame and hammer lyrics

for the conquerors of lands Slaughtered by the ... christian man Blood shed for the sake of ... expansion. Futures gone, ... forgotten pasts Burning. By Flame and Hammer Bring it down

Khors - Flame of eternity lyrics

the tops of the trees The death has come a moment before ... The glow is dying away, everyone is falling asleep ... The shadow is covering all by itself Power of night

Perkele - Flame lyrics

can´t stand there with your hands in your pockets Coz you ... for free You got to work hard to deserve your pride And ... for your dreams to come true Some days

Saved By The Fortune - Flame clouded ocean lyrics

post been sent and bound to you as leech ... Sleep in a cave and bleed an infinite sea This ocean ... only the wind is worth breathing, breathing of I´ve asked your name - they call me

Seven Kingdoms - Flame of olympus lyrics

in the sky On wings of Icarus I fly Broken Judges under ... me In ruins for all to see Bloody rage left ... behind Of where I've been and where I'll be Show me

Chelsea Wolfe - Flame lyrics

I wake up another day Knowing I lost you along the ... way When you came for me I was not ready When you called I ... was not able to move When I ran from you I lost my head

Hope For The Dying - Flame forged lyrics

it passes by We are but passengers along for the ride and all the faces change but ... we all know that the scenes remain the same ... dust off our gloves Though years have gone by we find they

Pain Of Salvation - Flame to the moth lyrics

the sun, gently touching my face I'll open my eyes, let it ... burn every splinter Unleash desert storms on its way to ... my heart And I had this coming every day of my

Jaden  Smith lyricsJaden Smith - Flame (just cuz) lyrics


Brymir - Cycle of flame lyrics

in flames, that haunting dream Relentless the echo of that ... scream Awakened by hope, a vision seen Faces in flames ... from the anvil now gleam Never again evil men shall

Lykathea Aflame - Bringer of elvenefris flame lyrics

he'll find himself in silence and solitude, again he'll ... rise from land of sadness, again he'll begin to shine for ... your eyes. Tears shall bear his inner beauty and noble

Avulsed - Dead flesh awakened lyrics

soon as the day has died awakens flesh equally dead the ... hunt is on once again I need to eat your head ... like prey nothing you squeal will help so be quiet as

Cage - I have awakened/across the sea of madness lyrics

we stood paralyzed in the starry night as the creature ... slowly slithered its way towards the few of us that were ... still alive. As it towered over us it was

The Killing Tree - We have awakened lyrics

feed from the fruit of lairs Dream of sleep but never ... grow tired Waist high in reminders of you ... Drown myself like a fish out of water tell ... myself that I'm not but I'm gonna track

Deinonychus - The awakened lyrics

is the path i'm doomed to wander, in this hunger for ... blood! A cold unlife I never desired, ... for the endless nights drag on! The night! the night ... At first i would not believe

Psyclon Nine - Order of the shadow (the heretic awakened) lyrics

heretic awakes in me The death of all and what will shall ... moon Promises the end of days: the sacrament of doom ... The fallen star ignites in me They come to

Birdman - Fire flame lyrics

Fire Flame, Flame, Fire Flame Spitters Fire Flame, Flame ... Fire Flame Spitters Bitch We tha ... Bizness, Hundred Million Dollars Bitch We tha Bizness, ... Hundred Million Dollars Back on my Block Nigga Gun up in

Sally Oldfield - Playing in the flame lyrics

was born where the nights are warm In the ancient land ... of my fathers Every game was wild and untamed Playing in ... the flame! Playing in the flame! Come talk to me now the

Mark Lanegan - The flame that burns lyrics

flame that burns Flame that burns The flame that burns ... Flame that burns The flame that burns Flame that ... burns The flame that burns Flame that burns Takes you

Lullacry - Dont touch the flame lyrics

you well, hope you understand If I could only tell (if I ... could only tell) Choice you have to make - a beggar or the ... throne But please don't Touch the flame that burns inside It will keep

A Guy Called Gerald - Fever (or a flame) lyrics

Page : Comes this feeling ... from a distance Like a fever or a flame Takes me ... over Let it just fly This star has wings and now so have I ... Close my eyes ready for sleep Let it rise up

Avalanch - Eternal flame lyrics

the calling of darkness Spending my time by ... your side I don't want to die I am looking for ... The eternal flame The flame of life Now I am walking

Gun Barrel - Dive into the flame lyrics

are you waiting for you won't get a ... try this is your only chance don't back down – no need ... to hide what are you angry with like someone's ... sitting on your back you gotta move ahead reach out for a

Dave Edmunds - Closer to the flame lyrics

to the flame With every kiss I came a ... little closer Closer to the flame Girl I feel it burning ... brought me in Out of the darkness Closer to the flame

Lloyd - Put out this flame lyrics

I learn my lesson Baby I miss you Baby I want you ... Baby I need you Please don't go [x2] [Verse:] ... Remember all the nights in my bed and all the love that we made, we made, we made, (we made),

Johnny Reid - Old flame lyrics

day started Broken hearted Like an old time country ... song Right then I knew All I had to do Was pick up ... the telephone I dialed the number An old familiar number I prayed hadn’t changed I knew the word, every

Bury Tomorrow - Black flame lyrics

I stand, alone, with hate Here I stand, too long, too ... late All I know, is you will leave ... us all Here I stand, alone, to fall Oh my Brother, ... into the eyes of your fellow man Who stood with you, through

Devin Townsend - Universal flame lyrics

Universal flame! Can't stand the shame! Universal flame ... for you tonight Through all the ways you've tried to ... I know The world is full of all the sickness and the dying

Extreme Music - Holding your flame lyrics

of the night I see your face Connected by the stars I ... can still trace The spark I locked away Deep in the ... dark Hidden in the depths of my ... heart So that No one can ever put out The fire you

Flame - Truth travels (ft. thi'sl) lyrics

Chorus- X2] Dawg the truth a travel When we spit get a ... grip like boots and gravel We bout to take it to the ... streets and scream from the roof tops From the

Portugal. The Man lyricsPortugal. The Man - Head is a flame (cool with it) lyrics

was born without a name A soldier for The streets they ... say This kid's on a mission Running high on fame ... guillotine No roots to find and no one to miss him My head is like a flame Well we all get strange And we know it

Lea Salonga - A flame for you lyrics

about you ev'ry minute Dream about you ev'ry hour of the day ... Close my eyes, and I think of your kiss Well ... that's all that I've got When you're so far

Eurovision - Julia samoylova - flame is burning (russia) lyrics

and night and all I do is dreaming Pacing sicking and staring at the ceiling I wish I ... had the answers I wish I had a courage to know Everybody ... is talking about the reasons All I wanna do is find the

Art Of Dying - Moth to a flame lyrics

s a fight to the end And death to the brave I will defend ... What's left to be saved You fade away You take ... the bait You won't survive There's ... no escape You're caught in the flame (It's always the same thing) No-one to

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