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August Alsina - Heavy lyrics

Hook: August Alsina] Walkin' through the club, ... bitches show me love Niggas hating so I'm ... up, you, you know wassup (shit is getting heavy) ... Walking through the club, goose

August Alsina - I luv this shit (feat. trinidad james) lyrics

Intro - August Alsina:] Man I luv this shit Man I ... I luv this shit [Verse 1 - August Alsina:] It's 2 o’clock and ... I'm in the car and I'm swerving I walked into her

August Alsina - No love (remix) ft. nicki minaj lyrics

Nicki Minaj:] (Drumma Boy) August Young Money I swear this is ... I'm serious [Verse 1 — August Alsina:] Red light You know ... thing that official Believe we had a great night but I ain

Kid Ink - We just came to party (feat. august alsina) lyrics

Pre-Hook: August Alsina] Let's skip the conversation ... Bitches be like [Hook: August Alsina] We just came to ... party, man we just came to party We we we

August Alsina - Benediction (feat. rick ross) lyrics

Hook - August Alsina:] Started off in the streets ... We would take collection from the ... So I gave you my testimony We were down from the beginnin' ... When the world wasn't listenin' Now that I

August Alsina - Numb (feat. b.o.b & yo gotti) lyrics

Verse 1: B.o.B] She was already on deck 'fore I ... like on these suckas Man I swear somebody better tell her ... I don’t care what’s on your mind I just want

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Gold slugs (feat. chris brown, august alsina .. lyrics

Khaled! She loves a nigga with them gold slugs, gold ... my nigga) She loves a nigga with them gold slugs (Ha), gold ... the same time She love the way, she love the way Oh, she

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Hold you down= feat. chris brown, august alsi.. lyrics

Intro: Chris Brown] I'll hold you down I'm on ... my way [Verse 1: Jeremih (August Alsina)] All you've been ... about Do anything you want and let emotion rule your

August Alsina - Sucka lyrics

August:] Why you callin my whole problems, them your ... phone Last time I checked I was full grown So I ain't got ... time to play withcha Keep on talking that

August Alsina - Confessions interlude (part 1) lyrics

I said go ahead girl you know your body tight Shoes coming ... down I was looking up Caught her ... attention that's when we got stuck 7 minute ... conversation Shawty talks about our life in

August Alsina - Ghetto (feat. rich homie quan) lyrics

love the way you keep them heels on ... for and it's real long Show them tattoos when you switch ... it up With your J's on And you got ... Feel On And you keep it real when it comes to having sex

August Alsina - Shoot or die lyrics

die shit, die shit Let me show you how we bang Let me show ... you how we bang I'll be on that shoot ... die shit, die shit Let me show you how we bang Let me show

The 69 Eyes - August moon lyrics

Moon Where are you August Moon Over the sea August Moon Where are you August ... Moon Do you belive In August Moon - let me follow you In

Jon Bon Jovi - August 7, 4:15 lyrics

.. It was another day Perfect Texas ... afternoon Mother and two children play The way they ... always do As they raced home ... one Ah... The deputies went door to door through all

Nofx - August 8th lyrics

not a cloud on the sky, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day. I ... of hippies crying, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day. ... Like waking up from a f***ed up

Hall & Oates - August day lyrics

saw the sun, though it didn't ... shine Gave up no shadows, gave out no way to know the ... time No wind to blow the silver leaves The drone ... hesitates to carry a thought Away from me And the sky

Rilo Kiley - August lyrics

I'll see you soon Under yellow moons Where i'll gather what ... s left of you And august I'm on your side Or did i ... speak to soon? Now we've crossed the great divide

The Boomtown Rats - August was a heavy month lyrics

past And quickly passed away But it comes on in the ... of devastation Crushing down on cue These days are growing colder now The light is ... growing dim August was a heavy month And now the

Robin Gibb - August october lyrics

and Friday, the winds blew July, September, I knew you ... And now as I sit on the sand-hill I ... sing our song to the sea August, October Mid-April, November

Hall And Oates - August day lyrics

saw the sun, though it didn’t ... shine Gave up no shadows, gave out no way to know the ... time No wind to blow the silver leaves The drone ... to carry a thought Away from me And the sky

Abandon All Ships - August lyrics

paid attention was it time well spent ? lies in the past, ... dragged by the current. how can you basis what was a lie ... on trust strangers now, lovers in august mist

Love - August lyrics

said August is all that I know It's with me wherever I go ... It's with me when I need a friend It brings ... me good weather It keeps me together ... It picks me up when I'm down Good evenings I love you

Sara Bareilles - August moon (live) lyrics

dear - you both don't know that I'm here watching alone ... My worst fear, now my home. Such a cruel ... Her eyes, they shine on you While I stay under the August

Automatic Loveletter - August 28th 3:30 am lyrics

your swords away I'm already down The ... higher we both climb The further we ... fall Now we're under looking up into the ... And burn each other though we're dying for more We're

Beirut - August holland lyrics

I lost the ramparts and now I want to send back the ... sound Watching the sunrise in Laos Why don't you turn back now? ... No, up where the air rushes out I

Delirious? - August 3th lyrics

the chance to live again I will run always for you clouds ... the chance to live again I will run always for you walking closer you are all I ... have in this world only you and I'll tell

Gloomy Grim - August - so i slept & slept lyrics

my contact with those who I don't know some people ... put me to a place where they told me I'll just ... have to take few pills and sleep. So, I slept ... Nothing more to tell. I just wonder of how those beings got

Hotel Books - August (part two) lyrics

gonna chisel away at this rock until I get ... the shape that I want and then I’m gonna ... to chisel it, because that’s what I do when I find myself in ... a new relationship. Because I

Jackie Chan - August carmen lyrics


Kendrick Lamar - Swimming pools (drank) (remix) lyrics

head shot, drank Sit down, drank, stand up, drank ... Pass out, drank, wake up, drank Faded, drank, ... [Verse 1 - Kendrick Lamar] Now I done grew up Round some

August Alsina - Kissin' on my tattoos lyrics

beautiful God made you to show that off Now I ain't ever ... jealous type of guy But i want you to myself, I can't lie ... I know we ain't on no one on one thing

August Alsina - Ah yeah lyrics

Verse 1:] Where did you come from? Am I ... one that you make feel this way? Where did you learn from ... taught these days You shine with picture perfect beauty,

August Alsina - Confessions interlude (part 2) lyrics

Born in 1988 My new addition Singing you're new ... still around I need somebody who can stand by me Hold up! ... shut up! Who the f*** am I kidding? ... I'm just singing This can't work go figure First girl I

August Alsina - Don't forget about me lyrics

about me I'll never forget where I come from, I'm from the ... shoes on my feet, remember how I got'em When I didn't have ... a car I was on the bus stop, when I needed cash I was

August Alsina - Down right now lyrics

s in the back, beating down the block When I ride by, ... Dog it ain't because I'm winning It's all because you ... the other day Heard she f*** with real niggas Her ex locked

August Alsina - Downtown (feat. kidd kidd) lyrics

Verse 1:] Word got around that a nigga ... got shot Heard a nigga drew down' and he bucked so his ... ass got popped We was on my block trying to move ... to stack this cash on the low, gotta duck these cops We was right off third and polock

August Alsina - Fbgp (f*** bitches get paid) lyrics

hoes [Verse 1:] You know you bad So a nigga like me ... I hit your city you're like, where you at? So I pull up at ... and come handle that You know I handle that But when I hit

August Alsina - Get ya money lyrics

you like I do First thing when you wake up Before you ... up And they don't really know you like I do Cause with me ... gotta run no game Girl cause what you do and what I do ain't

August Alsina - Hell on earth lyrics

m a young nigga who just lived life I done ... from the very bottom So it was always about just grinding ... out tha mud fa me I just want a nigga to know what I

August Alsina - Hell yeah (feat. juelz santana) lyrics

over to leave, but I think I want some more, I'm a nigga ... pour some more. Plus we getting faded, smoking on ... getting nugget, don't they know I hit and quit? What you

August Alsina - Hnfr (hell naw f***in' right) lyrics

babe, it didn't work out Now you feel played, your ... t mean to do it but you knew what it was But you went on ... that you and me is us Now you think I'm acting

August Alsina - I'm gone (feat. trae tha truth & 2win) lyrics

m gone The club kiss 'er down when I park outside All ... eyes on me when I walk inside When they go a ... nigga will like it's undecided ... up out my space Talk Obama, we gon cut the case Matter of

August Alsina - Illest bitch (feat. wale) lyrics

my sista and I'm so proud the way she hold it down Illest ... you richer in confidence When I'm paying you mind ... bitch alive! F*** you now not a five keeping your

August Alsina - Inhale lyrics

Verse 1:] Baby take it in slow Don't rush you don't wanna ... choke I know you say that it's your first ... time But I wanna see how far this goes Let it fill

August Alsina - Let me hit that (feat. curren$y) lyrics

re looking so good right now And I would if I could, pull ... you right now But I know that you're the type to make ... even say it's blazing You're wrapped tight, oh, you've got

August Alsina - Make it home (feat. jeezy) lyrics

Verse 1:] I don't always do what I should But I do what I ... inside of you Don't say what you won't do Cus it can ... all change When the going gets tough it'll

August Alsina - Mama lyrics

street lights come on Mama always use to cry when I left her ... Maybe cause daddy was gone I still remember the ... my mama taught me But now it's my turn to show you how

August Alsina - Nobody knows lyrics

Hook:] Nobody knows what I go through Wish you ... can't give up They don't know what I'm going through They ... don't know what I'm going through ... [Verse 1:] Nobody saw the struggle they just see

August Alsina - Nola lyrics

Intro:] West bank, down town, up town Back in town, king ... of the city New Orleans we in this bitch, you heard me ... man You don't know about where I'm from N O, in the air

August Alsina - Ode to my project chicks lyrics

Verse 1:] Now turn up the product This for ... the D shawn S lawn, her mama and her friends ... broads no disrespect to my dawgs But I love y'all broads ... To my ladies having babies without no drama To my niggas with figure to say I love my

August Alsina - Porn star lyrics

receive it Go deep, baby work them lips no time to speak ... When I lay back, shawty don't know how to act She ... ready when the lights go off she ... on top Her body rocking we don't stop No handle bars

August Alsina - Right there lyrics

there [Verse 1:] I know how it be when you trying your ... and you got nothing to show for it So you stay on your ... Even turn to crime, but how come I ain't made it yet?

August Alsina - Survival of the fittest lyrics

the four door Serving cause we're trying to get this cash ... flow Stacking till we pullin' up in the narrow ... Rolling out, blowing out, talking bout how one

August Alsina - Testify lyrics

Verse 1:] I remember wakin' up, bein broke but ... still it wasn't breakin' us I remember why I broke the rules, cuz I ... bein' bad, cuz I ain't have what them other kids had I

August Alsina - The product (feat. jazze pha) lyrics

nigga what you need Bitches what you need 'Cause I got the ... think you need a fix I'm a downtown nigga new kid on the ... I just gotta quit it If you want the good I can put you on

August Alsina - Work (feat. roscoe dash) lyrics

the table, ten for the lap Twenty five a song if we take it ... I said "Damn... tell me what would you do for the rack? ... said "Damn... I don't know if I should answer that"

August Alsina - You deserve lyrics

] This is for the girl down the hall Misused and abused ... you [Verse 1:] Girl I know sometimes that I mistreat you ... I ain't the move I don't know, cause girl it might be true

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Do you mind ft. nicki minaj, chris brown & mo.. lyrics

DJ Khaled] Another one We The Best Music! [Nicki ... Minaj] Yo, he ain't messing with no average chick, pop, pop ... He got Nicki, he know that he hit the jackpot

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Do you mind (feat. nicki minaj, chris brown, .. lyrics

DJ Khaled] Another one We The Best Music! [Nicki ... Minaj] Yo, he ain't messing with no average chick, pop, pop ... He got Nicki, he know that he hit the jackpot

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