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Andy Death Company - At war with myself lyrics

these dying days i pray Deliver me from nowhere Hungry ... wolves will wait on th eoutside to rape my soul forever ... No coming home no letting go I cannot force the fate

At The Gates - At war with reality lyrics

howling wind of nightmares Howling through ... barren streets Frozen in time The city woke up - ... paralyzed Where is the splendor? All our ambitions decay Among the ruins

Primal Fear - At war with the world lyrics

is something deep inside me That keeps my faith alive tonight You're gonna burn, ... there's no return A fight to survive There is no ... superman hero There is no place where I can hide It comes alive The monster in

Foreigner - At war with the world lyrics

had no need For any military aid And I never took ... charge of the light brigade I got no castle to defend or attack But still I seem to be picking up flack I am the

Artillery - At war with science lyrics

has caused destruction of life We are warned by Nature ignore it and die Chemical warfare, Nuclear attack All ... causes changes of what's after that The positive

Esoteric - At war with the race lyrics

unto a bastard nation, The dying remnants of ... our breed. Aura's of,an ancient past, Of those that knew ... so long before.... But time goes on... Misanthropic

Fearless Vampire Killers - At war with the thirst lyrics

you go Will you promise me the world And make me ... cry If you die Bloody sheets What I've give to make you bleed And have ... you mine Again Go home Go away These

Zack Hemsey - At war with me lyrics

notions he considers are hollowed and lost ... thoughts Visions that confer only sorrow that time’s caught A ghost upon a ... body so shoddy and scared soft A mind so terrified it’s resigned and it’s

The Big Pink - At war with the sun lyrics

for too long At war with the sun A crown of stars ... that we all wish upon And you whisper to me Are we out ... of time? And if it's so Then don't let go And

Rebaelliun - At war lyrics

our force we resist Apocalypse is our only ... revenge Nazarene feel my hate Feel my sword on your face ... An endless war we're going on With the black warriors

Fingertight - At war lyrics

can see the desert I can see the stars. But was it left for you or was it ... something that you had ignored, ignored? Like your life. And I can't see the

Carole King - Being at war with each other lyrics

comes from one father, one mother So why do we ... complicate our lives so much By being at war with each other Maybe I'm ... crazy, but I don't understand it Why do we seem to vote to dig more holes? It's such a

Masters Of Hardcore - Creators of the occult - we are at war with w.. lyrics


L7 - War with you lyrics

her hands are soft You're so easily ... bruised Not too terribly bright And she likes to be ... used My skins growing tough, so tough No, no, ... no, no My skins growing tough, so tough I'm at war with you Iron fist for you

Lower Than Atlantis - War with words lyrics

m wasting today Just like I did yesterday And I'm frustrated The words won't come out ... of my mouth Nothing to write about And I'm tearing out ... this page Inspiration lost in thoughts I've got writer's

Dream Evil - Kingdom at war lyrics

stand here in silence Ten thousand with ... weapons in hand Brought out of violence For ... freedom I gathered these men We're riding on the wings of Odin In

Manic Street Preachers - Litany lyrics

at war with myself since the day I was born cannot ... find any real peace, just invisible treaties been at war with myself and all the things I ... ve said if you live with regrets, they can give you

Sean Kingston - "i'm at war" feat lil wayne lyrics

moola baby JR I’m at warrrrrrrrr [Chorus] I'm at ... war Fighting for the one that I love And the one that I ... truly need I’m at war Shawty I’d take a bullet

Ash - War with me lyrics

this our final destination? Bide my time, that's my situation Caught up in your personal ... battles Your desires, your desires If only you ... could see things more clearly Through the

Abigail - At war lyrics

Shoot down enemy Endless war We are conqueror Marching ... for life Marching for rising sun At war! We shall reign in blood Terror! ... Knocked down and pray Bomb and till submission The future will be cold Marching for life Marching for rising sun

Conqueror Divide - At war lyrics

is war Just take a look around ... We’re outta time, watching it slip under our feet If we ... dont keep it alive If we dont keep it alive What’s left inside Oh, if you still wanted All the things that

Conquer Divide - At war lyrics

is war! Just take a look around ... We're out of time, watching it slip under our feet If we ... don't keep it alive, If we don't keep it alive What ... s left inside? Oh, if you still want it All the

Jade West - With myself lyrics

like the moon, Flies like an Angel Only you think that I was different but I do not ... change I'm still the same cold blood and ... yeah I love the same Just me just

Letters From The Fire - At war lyrics

weight of the words on my ... shoulders I've always carried on Thought they'd get lighter as I got older But all I know is wrong Each minute ... that passes feels like a lifetime The clock falls off the

Dilated Peoples - War lyrics

Iriscience] War is life and war is death War's a vaccum but war's a breath And war is a war ... that can never be won But war is the way Johnny got his gun

Hall And Oates - War of words lyrics

love’s grown older seems like it’s colder Than the rock so ... which l carved your name On ... down the road we walk in separate shadows Now there’s

Ja Rule - It's murda lyrics

all motherf***ers ready or what? Is y'all motherf***ers ... ready or what? I don't think you are I don't think so! ... They got my back against the building I'm the villian that's creeping around

Annie Haslam - It came upon a midnight clear lyrics

came upon the midnight clear, That glorious song ... of old, From angels bending near the earth, To touch ... their harps of gold: 'Peace on the ... earth, good will to men,' From heav'n's all

Anathema - At one with the earth lyrics

intense grasp death's strangle-hold has over me ... confines me to my own personal ... let me go Release the chilling grasp with which it ... clutches me The earth issues it's extreme unction

Jack Johnson - At or with me lyrics

they laughing at or with me? Aww, baby, those are ... such great shoes I think that I'm so happy now And I think ... this is a bitter you Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,

Magic Kingdom - With fire and sword lyrics

man against all One heart as brave as ... thousands One battle for God His country lost in fights Cossacks are waiting ... to strike On the Eastern border One

Morbid Angel - At one with nothing lyrics

Lyrics - Tucker, Music - Azagthoth/Tucker] Omniscient are the eyes that see ... beyond what we choose to see transcending of beliefs, that limit man

A Tribe Called Quest - Like it like that lyrics

Ya (echoes) Say What? We was in the back of the ... joint cooling out And I saw this girl Asked her if ... she like it like that Nod her head yes, therefore I didn?t stress Let my beat

Angelspit - Like it lick it lyrics

out my heart Beat me to death with it Let's play doctor ... let's play rough With my suitcase full of intoxicants ... Baby i lust Like the knife splits the bread Like the

Carola - I think i like it lyrics

think I like it, when you put your arms ... around me I think I like it, no doubt about it, you ... really turn me on I get the feeling, when you do ... the things you're doing I hit the ceiling, I get the feeling It's creeping up my spine

Better Than Ezra - Like it like that lyrics


Adema - The way you like it lyrics

ll get inside you I'll get inside you Don't live ... ashamed, 'cause feelings change but fame remains ... gonna wanna take me home tonight It's all the same up in

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - It's like that lyrics

is, the point when I need everybody get to the ... dance floor It's like that y'all (that y'all), that y ... all (that y'all) Da da da da, I like ... that y'all (that y'all) It's like that y'all (that y'all), that

Pretty Ricky - Make it like it was lyrics

Mathis, Corey; Garrett, Stephen; ... Young, R; Smith, Joseph; Smith, Spectacular; Cooper, ... Marcus; Smith, Diamond; Sternfield, D; Deveaux, ... C; Said I've been lookin', babe But I can't find no

Aly And Aj - Like it or leave it full lyrics

you don't owe me You say that you won't be happy waiting ... You think that you're worth it You think you deserve it ... You want it all right now, your way Together

Halestorm - I like it heavy lyrics

like beautiful, perfect and pretty I see the good in the ... bad and the ugly I need the volume one louder ... than ten I put the pedal to the metal, ... needle into the red And if the windows ain't shaking

Meekakitty - It's chill lyrics

Its Lancifer and meekakitty Are you chill? Ermm I'm ... not warm I'm chill Lets GO! I drop it like its hot, correct is the bestest ... Summer sun I got you warm like Texas. I'm city smooth sailing down the Bill Hay bailing

Thomas Rhett lyricsThomas Rhett - Like it's the last time lyrics

on your boots and your jeans With the worn out seams And your ... goin' out shirt Put some shine on your truck Get it all ... cleaned up Just to kick it in the dirt You put it in drive, Start comin' alive You

36 Crazyfists - At the end of august lyrics

I lit lanterns to light up all these words Looking back I know it's what I'd die for And through all this life Smashed away all the strife A friendship I paint

Daniele Negroni - I like it hot lyrics

like your shaking, baby I like it cool I like your body, ... lady Play it cruel I like your loving, baby I like ... Be my baby, baby All for this night I like your flirting, baby Day and Night I like

Gun Barrel - With might and main lyrics

times of monbelievers We're fighting tooth and nail ... Stonehearted and relentless Determined to ... prevail We hit you like an avalanche Get ready for ... storm We blast away your apathy Attacking like a swarm

Darren Hayes - Like it or not lyrics

oh yeah yeah I've been broken, shut down and ... useless Feet above me hands in the air You got me falling ... over and over You got me twisted tied up and tangled I do

Itchy Poopzkid - Like it lyrics

boxes make the most sound This is how it's always been I ... never really liked their playground, no I never ... really liked their scene at all Dismantle every word we

Lancifer - It's chill lyrics

Its Lancifer and meekakitty Are you chill? Ermm I’m ... not warm I’m chill Lets GO! I drop it like its hot, correct is the bestest ... Summer sun I got you warm like Texas. I’m city smooth sailing down the Bill Hay bailing

1990s - You made me like it lyrics

me You made me You made me I get it can't you see it all ... over my face? A-ha I tried to hide it But I kept in ... covered in case Cause I liked it I've got a green light

Damnwells - Like it is lyrics

wants to be on your mind 'cause you're one of a kind ... wants to be on your side Come along for the ride if you want to baby Don't ... tell me like it is Just how it could be Like I want Not

Jefferson Airplane - And i like it lyrics

is my life I'm satisfied So watch it Don't try to ... keep me tied So why not Let me be satisfied This is my life This is my Way This is my time This is my dream You know i like

Shivaree - It got all black lyrics

got all black in the bottom of my glass I ... looked up and there was Bridgette Fontaine I've got poison in my head, I've got ... chocolate and bread And I may never leave this room again Now its dark and you love

Inxs lyricsInxs - Like it or not lyrics

is sex and love is love, mix 'em both up, baby, that's ... the stuff I can't believe I'm seeing the world come tumbling, crumbling down Yeah, this ... love the world's receiving, more chance of it on shutting down Shutting down, yeah,

Jackson 5 - It all begins and ends with love lyrics

joy you bring to me each day Makes lonliness seem far away It all begins and ends with love Each ... time you're near I feel so good I'm touching ... stars I never could It all begins and ends with

Draconian - With love and defiance lyrics

in a slumbering world As structures outside cave in So harbor us, ... sweet sorrow This lonely, exquisite hollow ... Oh, mother on conscious dark sails... In your theatre of sirens, hear us! They

He E Family - I like it lyrics

the boulevard my girls on the side And that’s ... the way I like it Tryin’ to catch a spot on a Saturday night ... And that’s the way I like it No matter where we go girl,

Kreayshawn - Like it or love it lyrics

strawberry letter 27 I got gold bananas engraved With my grandmothers title signature What you got? I got me a ... bunch of haters, Got me a bunch of faders

Architecture In Hesinki - Like it or not lyrics

ll tell you anything but not the truth My Mum ... thinks she's in love with you and I'm not And just to be sure ... do you wanna ride Let me tell you something

Billy Currington - It don't hurt like it used to lyrics

had a couple beers with one of my friends ​Told him just how our story ends ​Did all I could to try to make it work ​But you drug my heart ... through the Alabama dirt. ​ ​I've been out the

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