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Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - At the cross (love ran red) (acoustic) lyrics

mercy reigns and never dies, There's a place where streams of grace flow deep and wide. Where ... all the love I've ever found, Comes ... Comes flowing down. At the cross At the cross I

Hillsong Worship - At the cross lyrics

me I know You love me At the cross I bow my knee Where ... Your blood was shed for me There's no greater love than this ... You have overcome the grave Your glory fills the

Nina Hagen - Down at the cross lyrics

at the cross where my Savior died Down ... cleansing from sin I cried There to my heart was the blood ... so sweetly abides within There at the cross where He took

Matt Redman - The cross has said it all lyrics

cross has said it all, The cross has said it all. I can't ... deny what You have shown, The cross speaks of a God of love ... There displayed for all to see,

Jonny Diaz - Beauty of the cross lyrics

the cross I find the beauty of Your matchless grace At the cross I see a King ... died to take my place It's the moment that You made me clean ... pardoned my soul Amazing grace that I would be allowed unto

Don Moen - At the foot of the cross (ashes to beauty) lyrics

Scott, Kathryn; At the foot of the cross Where grace ... shown me your love Through the judgment you received And ... my heart, now I can Trade these ashes in for beauty And

Kari Jobe - The cross is my confession lyrics

my soul, the mercy seat Where's Jesus answers prayer ... For none can perish there Your promise is my only ... plea You gather broken souls Oh, healer ... draw me close Bowed down beneath a weight of sin By war

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - The cross, the crown - no love greater lyrics

To make a way for us The cross the crown The blood ... falling down The love that cost A price greater than ... righteous A sinner saved by grace The wrath of God was

Reba Mcentire - The state of grace lyrics

works down at Wal-Mart For thirteen years ... she's punched that clock Been ten weeks without ... thought Til one morning in the mirror Two new lines opened

Michael W. Smith - Come to the cross lyrics

you are Wherever you are at the cross there is room Tell ... heart Your burdened heart at the cross there is room Tell it ... in the Savior's ear Cast away your

Saga - The cross ( home no.3) lyrics

I belong, but I’m sure that it’s not here Is he just ... shy, what do you think he’s got to hide ... in time, we’ll find out what’s behind those eyes I don’t

Avantasia - The cross and you lyrics

road Screaming-you´re oh so battle weary They say it´s ... lonely at the top Let alone when you hit the ground All ablaze, you´re ... rushing down the tightrope With your only

Dave Edmunds - Standing at the crossroads lyrics

standing at the crossroads again with an empty ... or Elmore James Standing at the cross roads again Well, I ... nowhere around I looked in the kitchen, I looked in the hall

Fairyland - At the gates of morken lyrics

The Gates Of Morken The gates of Morken lay in sight, ... is coming to an end Behind the walls of the darkest place we ... ll see the Angel fall from grace Witness the end of flowing

Mindy Mccready - Cross against the moon lyrics

streaks across a picture of Marilyn Monroe ... While the corn stalks rattle outside her bedroom window ... laying those prairie fields flat She reads those Bible

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The cross lyrics

remember me I finally found the strength to face The pain ... held my tongue And all the things you´ve done to me Are ... play your wicked games With the mask you´re wearing And now

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The cross lyrics

remember me I finally found the strength to face The pain ... held my tongue And all the things you´ve done to me Are ... play your wicked games With the mask you´re wearing And now

Chinchilla - The cross lyrics

river flows down the skin of his face step by ... step he's walking through the mist life ordains died by the hand of men who preach in the ... silver moonlight shines on the eyes of emptiness see the

Mud Flow - The eyes of grace lyrics

won't cry For the eyes of Grace Everything's fine ... allright I could cry For the eyes of Grace She shows us a ... way To make it perfect Mrs Grace is white And so talented

Galloglass - At the shadowcross lyrics

dreams of fire Eating through your soul ... Entering the woods Where the fear and darkness grow Your ... starts to pound Misty eyes that glow Resolutions fading

Laibach - The cross lyrics

Don't die without knowing the cross Ghettos 2 the left ... of us Flowers 2 the right There'll be bread 4 all of us If ... we can just bear the cross Sweet song of salvation A

Prince - The cross lyrics

Don't die without knowing the cross Ghettos 2 the left of ... us Flowers 2 the right There'll be bread 4 all of us If ... we can just bear the cross Sweet song of salvation A

Inkubus Sukkubus - The rape of maude bowen lyrics

in the brook she's naked Cold and ... Bowen victim of a man Now at her side does lie her rapist ... Her mother's brother, cold as she is An avenging ... s arrow in his heart And the squire he does blame her

Danko Jones - The cross lyrics

love the smell of burning bridges Can ... t help but bite the hand that feeds me I love to raise my ... Goddamn would NAIL YOU TO THE CROSS! NAIL YOU TO THE CROSS

Eternal Oath - The cross i bear lyrics

my thoughts you hide Behind the dreams of countless sins ... words Of events impossible, the cross I bear Dressed in ... Of events impossible You are the cross I bear The secret

Nas lyricsNas - The cross lyrics

Chorus 2X: Nas] I carry the cross, if Virgin Mary had an ... I'd still be carried in the chariot by stampeding horses ... back to New York I'm happy that the streets is back in New

Krystal Meyers - The beauty of grace lyrics

Thought if I figured out the mess you made Then I’d leave ... are Is never too far away There’s freedom from your scars The mistakes that you’ve made

Samael - The cross lyrics

of spring blows in heaven in the land of gold in the land of ... god manipulate the holiness maculate our ... s pole give or take what has to move for I will fight

Hades - The cross lyrics

God, believe also in me I am the way, the truth, and the Life ... The truth I leave within you You ... Judas, hear your fate and then carry it out Once Satan's

Matt Redman - The way of the cross lyrics

me the way of the cross once again Denying myself ... for the love that I've gained Everything's You ... things must live. Not, What can I gain, But, What can I

Axenstar - The cross we bear lyrics

the time to realize what we have done We're standing ... on the edge of desperation We've been blind by ... staring right into the burning sun Yet pray to ... Heaven's might for our salvation It seems we've used up

Dark At Dawn - At the frozen lake of bliss lyrics

a virgin skin A feast for the ice, she is so worth a sin ... Soft as silk and white as mother's milk [Chorus] I will ... reveal what no light shows With a knife

Pallas - The cross and the crucible lyrics

the beginning there was darkness And in the ... darkness there was fear And fear gave ... and God became a man He retreated to the skies Though some ... began a search to comprehend the universe The men of God

Sleeping Giant - The cross is suicide lyrics

to the life. We represent the trial; The dead existence – ... Don’t look in our eyes. They won’t be seen again. This is ... a former state – We’re Non-existence. No

Eagleheart - At the end of forever lyrics

of human race Who will catch our fall from grace? ... Love is out and war is in they blow your mind so you ... noone turning life into death We reap the evil you have

Necrophagia - The cross burns black lyrics

Cities collapse Our nation collides War within ... Army of damnation Holocaustic winds ... Spread contageon As the flame rises Bodies turn to ... ash Trophy corpses of the fallen The cross burns

Lemuria - The cross and the crusade lyrics

force will rise In the name of God And war shall ... heretic belief Repent now or the wrath of God Will hunt you ... my people For freedom is the highest good of man All will

Neurosis - At the end of the road lyrics

motion of tongue Deflower the nature of light Deflower the ... nature of water Realize, reflect, and ... grow deeper Like roots into the ocean The wellspring is

A Call To Sincerity - At the edge of... lyrics

yourself, running to numb the conflict You can build the ... from both sides Pilling the bricks with both hands You ... walk away Trust me, you're the one to blame It's a

Arkngthand - At the head of the serpent lyrics

was only half a lie But now the Karstarks finally blew their ... horns We can wait no longer The scarlet victory, we'll deny ... ride with Robb and Grey Wind At the head of the Serpent

Enigma - The cross of changes lyrics

believe or if you doubt There's a universal justice And the Eyes of Truth are always watching you

Bloodbath - At the behest of their death lyrics

advent of Christ shall matter not to us Abortus ... be gone Yearning to entice the cowardice in our enemy So ... hasten the plague when all the rats shall come Kings from

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The secret life of arabia lyrics

ever green I was running at the speed of life Through ... s thoughts and fantasies Then I saw your eyes at the cross fades Secret secrets never ... Secret secrets ever green The secret life of Arabia Never

Behemoth - At the left hand ov god lyrics

Serpent and Lion! I invoke Thee! Inside the shrine called ... life By the seven wonders By myriad ... mortals That gone And are to come ... In act ov rebellion On the sea ov motion Stability ov matter By serenity, strength and

Enthroned - At the sound of the millenium black bells lyrics

horned shadow appeared in the red wintersky. The ... unbearable resounding of the pagan bells awake the souls ... of their tombs. Hades calls them ... in front of the almighty throne for the gathering of the black pact. I've

Impending Doom - At the churches' end lyrics

your flag-wear your cross, stand silent of the cost. ... Our spoiled rotten nation has taken for granted our ... our maker, our first love. The church age in America is

Mercyful Fate - At the sound of the demon bell lyrics

is the night The legend says the ghost will rise On Halloween ... soul from an ancient scene At the sound of the demon bell ... s Halloween Rise... rise... The ghost will rise Reconciled

Ceremonial Castings - The crucible and the cross lyrics

accused For practice of the witches craft Silent tongues ... that speak no truth Continuing ... down the devil's path Are ye guilty folk, ... ill Riding dead air unto the tomb? Speak not, hear not as

Devilyn - The rule lyrics

quot;Look at the castle full of crime it's ... is paying your debt off in the face of the world has ... around, you are alone, but there are spors of blood still on

Arkan - The way of the cross lyrics

you chosen me Bloody life I hate you We used to love you ... to implore you Lord is that a test? Have I something to ... prove I don't fear death anymore Now, I am ready to

Grace Jones - The apple stretching lyrics

sun comes swaggering across the harbour, And kisses the lady ... waiting in the narrows, She already plenty ... shaky stands there, Blushing, clutching the ... Backing his dumptruck into the fence, The tin cans go clattering down the lane, A

Dead Infection - The ambulance lyrics

were on duty when the telephone ringed. Ambulance ... mistake. He got quickly to the place of incident. A young ... kid lied under the wheel of a bus. His right

Sacred Steel - The chains of the nazarene lyrics

Part I : divine damnation) (Vengeful angel :) I ... come down from heaven, I bear the key to the pit And with this ... great chain in my hand I shall lay ... hold on the dragon called Satan (The fallen angel :) Is

Dark Princess - На самом дне (at the bottom) lyrics

Образ твой манил, растворяясь в танце ветра Мне не хватило сил счастье воскресить из пепла… Кричу во тьме: не исчезай! Чувствам оборвали крылья Что хранили м...

Iio - At the end lyrics

our time Honey you say that I'm cold And sometimes I'm ... Baby, you know how I am, at the end, you're always mine I ... let me be when I'm crazy, At the end you're still my only. At

Chava Alberstein - At the moment it does not look good lyrics

כרגע זה נראה לא טוב כרגע זה נראה לא טוב אומרים שבקרוב לא מדברים על סוף וגם זה טוב מה שחשוב עכשיו זה לשמור על יציבות שלא תחול חלילה שום הידרדרות כי אז המצב יהפוך לנ...

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