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Diddy Dirty Money - Looking for love lyrics

with Dirty Money feat. Usher) She says she’s looking for love You know we have to ... do it again, right? All the girls in the club know wussup ... though and this is what she want She’s got me

The Pack - At the club lyrics

Like Ty Cause My Flows Is The Cleanest And They Call Me ... her Ass Real Large Bring The Beat Back Cause Is Slap Like ... Me She Miss Me Freaked Her At A Party It Was Hard To Tame

Ratt - Looking for love lyrics

said, "I'll take you to the top of this madness." ... I'll even take you all of the way. I'm gonna take away all ... I'll make it if you say that you want me." She said,

Anouk - Looking for love lyrics

I'm in need, where's the love of my life? Is he hiding ... behind the moon? 'Cause I could use ... somebody who will treat me right, Who'll shout it 'I ... me find my man?! Where is the one who protect me from harm,

September - Looking for love lyrics

it ain't gonna play Mama, what do you see Is anybody looking for me Everybody's looking for love Everybody's ... searching above Everybody's looking for love Everybody's

Da Brat - At the club (interlude) lyrics

boo ya know I'm try-na treat my baby right [Girl] Word ... [Girl] I'm feelin' that, I'm feelin' that [Guy] ... Oh shit there go Da Brat [Girl] Oh shit? What you

Issa - Looking for love lyrics

started off like part-time lovers But soon we realized that ... it all, just to discover What started out so right turned ... all alone But don’t come looking for love ‘Cause you can

Midnight Sun - Looking for love lyrics

ve been together for so many years now No ... stranger to each other baby you and I I stare in the mirror trying to find a clue ... how come I never knew The warmth of our love could melt

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Looking for love lyrics

hey, hey Hey now, there's a lovely girl and she's ... all your sheets Hey now, there's a lovely girl that's the ... of girl to meet, oh Hey now, there's a lonely boy and he's

The Kelly Family - Looking for love lyrics

for love But you just don't seem to ... give it I'm the one who mostly needs it ... me around I'm so hungry for your love When you come ... around You pretend that you don't see me Oh you know

Looptroop Rockers - Looking for love lyrics

million bucks Leaving behind the pain and the building blocks ... …blockin' the sunshine mockin' the young ... from one time …to fly the nest and try the next Leave

The Cars - Looking for love lyrics

on lover make the switch pull the cover make ... a wish find out later it's all right keep the ... faith kill the light you can't stop but ... t be long here she comes looking for love come on lover do

Jaheim - Looking for love lyrics

no 10 after 8 I'm runnin' late I jump in my ride headed ... down the west side I picked up the ... home? See I saw you and the brother last night And you ... were lookin' rather fine Your fine ass line you

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Looking for love lyrics

of all the girls I've loved before Out of all the stages I've ... performed on Out of all of the cities I've been to I bless the day that I found you I

Darin - See u at the club lyrics

this outfit And how it fits The young star looking fly ... me twist you up Put you in the game Let me work that sexy ... my sexy ladies Make sure that you looking fine Tonight I

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The club lyrics

going home Leaving my job on the highway, turn up my stereo ... drunk and we gonna' kick it Then my friend's like hey man what's going on? (I don't know)

Ramones lyricsRamones - I wasn't looking for love lyrics

t looking for love, looking for love I wasn't looking for love, looking for love I wasn't looking for love, but it was ... happening I turned around the corner and I bumped into her

New Hope Club - The vamps - rest your love lyrics

don-t understand, why you get attention And I hear you talk, ... know where to go when you're looking for love Yeah you know, you ... you know, oh you know When the stars go out, you can rest

Everything But The Girl - I didn't know i was looking for love lyrics

Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love I was alone thinking I was ... just fine I wasn't looking for anyone to be mine I thought love was just a fabrication A

Gordon Lightfoot - Looking at the rain lyrics

at the rain Feeling the pain Of love lost running ... though My brain Looking at the wind Watching it spin The ... leaves along the street You win Waiting for

Skillet - Looking for angels lyrics

through this life, looking for angels People passing by, looking for angels Walk this world ... and all new pain All the faces are filled with so much

Blaque - Dont go looking for love lyrics

It's just transitional True love will materialize, yeah You ... [Chorus:] Oh baby don't look for love Don't you know that love Will find it's way to your

Connie Francis - Looking for me lyrics

a-lookin' I'm just lookin' for love Don't want fortune, ... Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, I'm just looking for love Don't want ... t want pearls Don't wanna be the envy of the teenage girls

Rick Astley - No more looking for love lyrics

ve been waiting For a love to call my own I've been ... I'm so glad I found you There aint nothing I can do Now ... that I'm in love with you * No more looking

Boyzone - Don't stop looking for love lyrics

But I knew you were meant for me When I looked into your ... passed me by You fell from the sky and I could hear you say ... Don't stop looking for love It can be found In the

Foghat - Looking for you lyrics

look back Too many things that seem to distract I'm on the ... to begin But it just beats bumming around Keeps my ... feet on the ground - Looking for you I'm on a mountain but

Radical Face - The road to nowhere lyrics

lightning climbing up the walls The finger drawings on ... the glass The map of those who used to live ... here Until the gilded hand was broken ... Often there's a voice in my sleeping

Battleroar - The wrathforge lyrics

rage, a hear of stone That's what we have learned ... your head No time to lose, there's no regret It's fight or ... dead Soldiers marching on, the last command Young souls

Eddy Arnold - I'm throwing rice (at the girl that i love) lyrics

m throwing rice at the girl that I love After she just said ... gal he was my pal But she loved him better somehow I ... stepped aside after I kissed the bride And I'm throwing rice

Nat King Cole - The end of a love affair lyrics

I'm reckless it's true, but what else can you do At the end ... of a love affair? So I talk a little ... I'm out in a crowd, So that people are apt to stare.

Billie Holiday - The end of a love affair lyrics

I'm reckless it's true, but what else can you do at the End ... of a love affair? So I talk a little ... when I'm out in a crowd So that people are apt to stare Do

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - The grooms still waiting at the altar lyrics

in the ghetto with my face in the cement Heard the last moan ... of a boxer, seen the massacre of the innocent ... Felt around for the light switch, became nauseated She was walking down the

Dream Master - At the edge lyrics

around, around it I feel there´s no more ways to leave A ... situation I can´t handle It´s eating me alive I see I´m ... all my heart I won´t be beat again I know The final station have not seen, I must live

Eddie Money - Club michelle lyrics

But you know I had a time there Hey driver, can you help ... me? I'm lookin' for the Club Michelle Well our eyes met ... As we stared right through the crowd And we started dancing

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Looking for you ft. migos lyrics

What's up Migos? What up JB, it's time to go to the ... - let's do it Hey where the party at? Let's go Let's ... s roll Yea, everywhere I go, them girls follow Na, na, na, na

Lil' Keke - Love for ya lyrics

] E.S.G. (huh), Lil' Keke the Don Ha-ha, it's long overdue ... baby (Huh, been waiting for the Southside That swanging and ... banging, to put it down what) Mr. Slim Thug, Northside

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Welcome to the word lyrics

why don’t you let me welcome the n-ggas to the World they aint ... understand? It bring me great pleasure to welcome the real ... and banish the fake no big mouth that hold

Schoolboy Q - I'm good (feat. punch & bj the chicago kid) lyrics

class, my football pass Kept the burner stashed, they ain't ... gon' catch my ass In the Pontiac with the bad speakers ... Back then? Shit, I was into sneakers

The Pharcyde - Bullshit lyrics

gotta get up off of that Bullshit... stop fighting that feeling [x4] [Imani] Let ... you And Interphaze you, with the new sound the sound is the ... "cyde" And the PHAR is the "CYDE"

Shwayze - Love is overrated lyrics

just wanna f*** tonight Love is overrated I don't wanna ... take my time Cause that gets complicated And you get ... t, please don't think were dating I just wanna f*** tonight

Blood On The Dance Floor - Looking hot, dangerous! lyrics

your seat belts, It's gonna be a bumpy ... ride What? What? What? What? Throw it up, throw up it ... Just don't give a f*** What? What? What? What? Throw it

Hell In The Club - Pole dancer lyrics

saw you baby down at the club Just a flash, lost my head, ... see your legs in a twirl And the fire is starting to burn deep ... my desire Maleficent looking pretty take me to your

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - The brightside lyrics

Verse] I know that you want me, you know that I ... want you The memories haunt me, I know that they haunt you too But it's ... as you're mine, take a look at the time It gets cold at

Alexia - Looking for my baby lyrics

walking under the rainfall Im ready to get out ... is always empty I know what I need I keep on dreaming ... I keep on dreaming Searching for a brighter light Because

Lil' Keke - In the club lyrics

] Ok, we gon walk up in the set the club You know, ay ... check it We gon do this in the club, when the place is ... Packed wall to wall, man the joint amazing Naw ok we gon

Rae Morris - Love again lyrics

days, I'm afraid of me There's fire, where my heart ... to speak 'Cause I've been looking too hard for something Looking too hard for something ... Giving it all for nothing, trying too hard to love again Oooh, Ehhh Looking for, looking for love again Oooh

Nick Lowe - The club lyrics

your heart and break it just for fun As easy as humming a ... song Join the club If you've ever had nights ... churning On your own In what used to be your happy home

Lil' Flip - The souf lyrics

] Hey Note, I'm tired of these niggaz stealing our shit ... off riding blades Having the big chains, the diamonds in ... Niggaz trying to act like Clover Geez, ain't got no money

Prince - The holy river lyrics

s go down 2 the holy river If we drown then ... be delivered U can still see the picture upon the wall One ... eye staring at nothing at all The other one trying 2

The Animals - Club a go go lyrics

to go Hangs around town at the Club-a-gogo Takes all my ... money for the picture show But I know she ... spends it at the club-a-gogo Let's go babe, let's ... go, I love you, come on, yeah! It's

Lmfao - What happens at the party lyrics

dont stop, grab a freak to the beat and let ya body rock ... X4 I be, I be, on it, (that asss) I be on it, I be on ... it, (that assss), I be on it I be, I

Plies - I am the club lyrics

who possibly gon' be in the club that I'm goin' in tonight ... & get'cha shine on before I get to the club dog... ... Let me think tonight, what I'mma do at the club? Might

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - The brightside lyrics

Verse] I know that you want me, you know that I ... want you The memories haunt me, I know that they haunt you too But it's ... as you're mine, take a look at the time It gets cold at

Reba Mcentire - Look at the one who's been looking at you lyrics

t you tired of looking For love you never find Aren't you ... so blind It's all you wanted love to be Is close enough for ... you to see Look at the one who's been looking at you

Robyn - Love kills lyrics

you're looking for love Get a heart made of steel ... 'cus you know that love kills Don't go messing with love It'll hurt you for real, don ... t you know that love kills If you're looking for love Get a heart made of

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Looking for my life lyrics

you listen in to me now Oh Love, I got to get me back to you ... somehow I never knew that life was loaded I'd only ... and bees I never knew that things exploded I only

Nick Cannon - "looking for a dream" (feat. afrojack) lyrics

oh oh I must be lookin' for a dream Oh oh oh I must be ... lookin' for a dream Oh oh oh I must be ... lookin' for a dream In my head I must ... be lookin' for a dream Oh oh oh I must be

J. Geils Band - Looking for a love lyrics

right now (CHORUS) I'm looking for a love I'm looking for a ... love I'm looking here and there I'm searching everywhere ... I'm looking for a love To call my own Gonna get

Elton John lyricsElton John - Club at the end of the street lyrics

the shades are drawn And the light of the moon is banned ... And the stars up above Walk the heavens hand in hand There's ... a shady place At the end of the working day Where young lovers go And this hot little

Jls - The club is alive lyrics

club is alive with the sound of music Who's that ... girl in the spotlight oo coz she turns me ... it back back baby baby like that Came to the club not ... lookin' for love Out with my boys just havin

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