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Miracle Of Sound - Assassin's creed syndicate song - london town lyrics

in seas of soot we drown Come on down to London town The cogs they creak and the pistons pound Come on down to London town Power cloaked in progress Smoke in Eden’s eyes A million choking chimneys burn and Blacken out the sky Grab your mates an

Bina Bianca - Assassin's creed tribute song lyrics

me hearties it's time to begin to tell the story of a man who sailed into battle for glory and metal slaying all those in his path Now we're sailing over oceans our quest has begun the ol' Jolly Roger waves high we may have to battle we may have to fight whe

Lazerz - ¨defy' - assassin's creed 4 song lyrics

out running, leaping ship to ship, dreaming of my life without all this shit, but lately, I've been, I've been praying hard, said, no more shooting cannons, I'll be sailing far, I'll sail off in the dark. You see my life full of troubled times, sinkin

Assassin's Creed Unity - Assassin's creed unity trailer lyrics

to your life There's no turning back Even while we sleep We will find you Acting on your best behaviour Turn your back on mother nature Everybody wants to rule the world Help me to decide Help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure Nothing ever lasts forever

Dan Bull - Assassin's creed 3 rap lyrics

Verse 1] An eagle soars as the people fall However, he ignores All your feeble wars He will steal a horse Speed the steed across Clean between your forces And beat them all In a free-for-all These scenes of gore Are nothing but another bit of heathen lore From Fl

Miracle Of Sound - Assassin's creed 4 - beneath the black flag lyrics

on the endless ocean We tear along the gales With rum inside our bellies warm And freedom in our sails A wayward bunch of scoundrels Assassins, thieves and slaves The rich and blue bloods fear us When we hunt upon the waves And when you see it com

Dan Bull - Assassin's creed iv rap lyrics

Intro] Alright, Lads I'm one of the only people who have heard Edward Kenway rap And live to tell the tale And now I'm going to tell you exactly what he said He said: [Verse 1] These aren't the high seas They're my seas It's likely you'll find me inciting some

Smosh - Assassin's creed 4 rock anthem lyrics

knows that Blackbeard’s the best There’s nothing more to say But I hear there’s this new bloke around, by the name of Kenway He’s always hiding in his white hood with his girly hair and crap But I’m still the baddest pirate around ‘Cause I’ve got this treasure map Yo ho,

Oliver Onions - London town lyrics

Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London Town London

Laura Marling - London town lyrics

know, I know she came to save you, But she knocked my drink over too. And I know, I know that she wants you, She looks at you the way that I do. Well if you think that I'm lying, Why would I give up trying so soon? Where'd you go, where'd you go, Where'd you leave

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - London town lyrics

down the sidewalk one purple afternoon I was accosted by a barker playing a simple tune upon his flute Toottoottoottoot Silver rain was falling down Upon the dirty ground of london town. People pass me by on my imaginary street Ordinary people it'

Bellowhead - London town lyrics

London City I made my way It was up Cheapside I chanced to stray When a fair pretty maid I there did meet And greeted her with kisses sweet cho: For I was up to the rigs, Down to the jigs Up to the rigs of London Town She took me to s

Smosh - Ultimate assassin's creed 3 lyrics

many fools can I kill today? Too many to count, don't get in my way I shoot a mofo in the throat with my bow Tomahawk chop is my death blow Freedom fightin' machine, big-ass hatchet in hand Why'd you have to kill my bros? I'm-a slash your face, man I'm a very skilled assassin

Girls Aloud - Swinging london town lyrics

Sarah] Do you know the me that wakes and sees the live wire in her eyes The It girl with a twist Girl and no one realises Just that I'm living on a tightrope, I can't, I won't look down I p****foot from drink to drink in swinging London town [Kimberley] Do y

Gallows - London is the reason lyrics

are the rats and we run this town. We are the black plague bearing down. We have no fear, and we have no pity. We hate you, we hate this city. Every mistake you ever made, the bodies you thought would never need graves. They pave the gutters o

Fire And Ice - The werewolves of london town lyrics

the days of the year, little man When the moon hath a face like a silver crown Cleave if thou may'st to the home of thy clan And hide from the Werewolves of London Town Beware the coverts and courts, little maid Where walks the man with the coat of br

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - A foggy day in london town lyrics

was a stranger in the city Out of town were the people I knew I had that feeling of self-pity What to do? What to do? What to do? The outlook was decidedly blue But as I walked through the foggy streets alone It turned out to be the luckiest day I've known

Astral Doors - London caves lyrics

a world of terror Well, he's a man on a mission; He's sent from Allah Longing for the glory in Shangri-La Got God on his side; no one can take him away He's glorious, he said Viva the revolution I know I will be born again Long live mass confusion I'm a martyr Hidden in the L

Everlast - Syndicate soldier lyrics

we are, my friend. Once again I'm inclined to rhyme one time. So won't you lend me your ear? 'cause it's clear That this here has no pain If this song was the blues you'd be sheddin a tear Like a baby Maybe Is shoulda held back. Some of you look shocked I guess you couldn't tell

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - London bye ta‐ta lyrics

bye, ta ta, strange, young town London bye, ta ta, brought me down Don't like your new face, that's not nice Got to go far, far, London bye, ta ta Gigi, Gigi take me away Gigi, Gigi take me today The boys in the clothes shop sold me curry for a pound His

The Kooks - It was london lyrics

was in London, Where we heard the revolution, From Covent Garden, All the way down to Brixton. It was in Tottenham, Man got shot by a policeman, A young girl went to test them, Went up against the system, Oh oh, I don't know Who are you Who are you On the television

Elvis Costello - London's brilliant parade lyrics

my window Not long before sleep arrives They come with their sirens And they sweep away all the boys Busy draining the joy from their lives They never said their prayers out loud And while I'm dreaming There's a passing motor car That broadcasts a

Rachael Lampa - Song for you [london daydream mix] lyrics

for You [London Daydream Mix] Song for You [London Daydream Mix] Song for You [London Daydream Mix] Song for You [London Daydream Mix] Song for You [London Daydream Mix

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Assassin lyrics

now, no more time I am death. The hand is mine Great honour comes to thee Tonight in my reach Assassin, Assassin, Assassin, Assassin Your years all dust, speak my name. Assassin, Assassin, Assassin, Assassin We shall see, as before, you are

Eskimo Joe - London bombs lyrics

me by my ankles To the bottom of the ocean There I'll stay forever Until you come back from England The London bombs I stayed up forever Tried to call your number But you were lost forever In the early days of winter The London bombs Dirty little town on the Thames is cal

Smokie - London is burning lyrics

is burning, see the flames in the night And I don't want to know any more London is burning, it's a terrible sight And I don't want to know any more See the churches and houses Burned to the ground London is burning Spread it around London is burning,

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - London's burning lyrics

across the town All across the night Everbody's driving with full head-lights Black or white you turn it on And face the new religion Everbody's sitting round watching television! London's Burning (with boredom now) London's Burning (dial 9-9-9-9-9) London's Burning (with bo

Vybz Kartel - Song writer lyrics

Intro:] Hey singer, mi yuh a call songwriter, eh? War teacher gal fighter Gunshotn write off yuh gang like paper from di typewriter Yuh boss mek yuh feel hyper But this rifle this sniper mek hollow tip blow like ten pied piper Bout man a traitor, oonu is

Jethro Tull - To cry you a song lyrics

so high trying to remember how many cigarettes did I bring along. When I get down I’ll jump in a taxicab riding through London town to cry you a song. It’s been a long time Still shaking my wings Well, I’m a black bird I’ve got changes to ring

Assassin - Assassin lyrics

comes through the night And is going to be ready to fight His sword will kill every time It is going for his will The death has taken You can see his anger in his face The hate and the fate mixed up Because it is far too late Go assassin, fight ass

John Mayer - Assassin lyrics

work in the dead of night When the roads are quiet, no one is around To track my moves, racing the yellow lights To find the gate is open, she's waiting in the room I just step on through You get in, you get done and then you get gone You never leave a trace, or show

The Fray - Syndicate lyrics

around the world Lies the one thing that you want Buried in the ground, hundreds of miles down First thing that arises in your mind while you awake Bending you til you break Let me hold you now Baby close your eyes Don't open til the morning light Baby don't forget You ha

Farscape - Assassin lyrics

and misety take the world Morals and justice's boundaries were closed The massacred ruins of the society feel A creature that has pleasure to kill Half man, half monster, you'll die faster Carrying inside a personality in dementia Follow the road of fury there's only ashes With m

Tony Bennett - My love went to london lyrics

the Lord I am here at last Now I found London Town Never thought I'd live to see The city on the Thames Where's that sky of grey Where's that foggy day The gust winds had their say But now I'm here to tell you My love went to London And left me behind I'm going to London And I'll find

Dawnrider - Assassin lyrics

Feriatus] Hiding here behind that tree, I know the way he comes The daylight is my enemy, the darkness is my home [Meriad] I know there's someone near the path, I feel the evil's here I can see a shadow there and I can smell his fear [Feriatus] Has he seen me? Is it pos

Buldok - Creed of iron lyrics

the mist of the spite and the darkness of today, drowned in the decadence of the age of human degragation, deep inside of the heart of my race, I can see the flash of the lightning of my faith Flags with runes flew at European battlegrounds, clashing iron

Canned Heat - London blues lyrics

I came here last year You promised much to me When I came here last year You promised much to me You lead me on and teased me You picked me up and let me down When I asked you here for dinner And you brought all your friends When I asked you here fo

Saint Etienne - London belongs to me lyrics

a tube to Camden Town, Walked down Park Way, and settled down in the shade of a willow tree, someone hovering over me Close my eyes, breathe out slowly. Today the sunshine (sunshine) loves me only To the sound of the World of Twist you leant over, and gav

Destillery - Creed lyrics

part of me is lonely Hard hours for me Mustrust, mistake and mistbelieve No matter when I'm dreaming The forlorn ego is sleeping What's the creed what's the sense Disclose the creed in the depth of thoughts The crystal night is coming soon I cannot feel what is real wh

Foghat - Stranger in my home town lyrics

s that stranger walking out in the cold? Standing on the corner with his Kodachrome roll? He may be a psychopath, he's acting so strange, Lying to himself, saying nothing has changed. He stares across at a house on the block, Trying to find the courage to go over

London Tipton - London,tess,sharpay too cool lyrics

m too cool for my dress These shades don't leave my head Everything you say is so irrelevant You follow and I lead You want to be like me But your just a wannabe love it or hate it I can't help the way I am Hope you don't misunderstand C

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - London bridge lyrics

There wasn’t much left, except for the last twenty sack, and the last twenty of my last cheque, I took a pill and went to sleep on the last step, woke up and took it in with a half breath, Then a deep sigh, I struck a matchstick, I lit my cigarette, feeling half dea

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - London bridge lyrics

There wasn’t much left, except for the last twenty sack, and the last twenty of my last cheque, I took a pill and went to sleep on the last step, woke up and took it in with a half breath, Then a deep sigh, I struck a matchstick, I lit my cigare

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - London girl pt. 2 lyrics

Yeah! 50! Part 2! [scratches] {BRING IT BACK!} [gunshot] Uh! Yeah! {CAN'T FORGET TONY!} 50! {UK!} Part 2! {DIRT T!} [kids ovation] [giggle] She so-so distipated, I think she underrated! She happy that I made it From the US back to the UK!

Muse lyricsMuse - Assassin lyrics

is overdue The time has come for you To shoot your leaders down Join forces underground Lose control in increasing peace Warped and bewitched in time to erased Whatever they say, these people are torn Wild and bereft assassin is born, yeah Oppose and disagree Destroy

Malevolent Creation - Assassin squad lyrics

discrimination of who they slay This group gets it done, they kill for personal gain Armed and fearless, packed to the gills Incentive drives them to rack up the kills Assassin squad... creeping, Assassin squad... seeking Life threatening discourse F*** with the bul

Morbid Saint - Assassin lyrics

and leading a life A life that was chosen Feeling you can not feel the pain For those you have murdered Laughing there is not a soul That can take you alive Dying not only until you've Taken your own life Living on the deaths of others Your identity unknown Killing not e

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - London sky lyrics

on the roofs - who they are no one knows Men on the roofs going where no one goes Men on the roofs - who they are no one knows Men on the roofs going where no one goes There are men on the roofs against the grey-white sky There are men on the roofs and

Fergie lyricsFergie - London bridge lyrics

shit, oh shit, oh shit. Are you ready for this? Oh, shit! Oh! It's me Fergie The pen Polo! Fergie Ferg, what's up baby?! Come on When I come to the clubs, step aside (Oh, shit) Part the seas, don't be having me in the line (Oh, shit)

Barry Manilow - London lyrics

York winter Traffic squeals The city old Late December taxi ride Then run inside it's cold Got your letters Monday I think or Tuesday I lose track since then I've been thinking of you and I've been looking back to London Can you believe it's so many years

Charli Xcx - London queen lyrics

away from Hollywood I said to mom, this isn't a holiday Listen up, I ain't going back To London to the shackler with do-do dance Some come, hell run Locker on depart on the baseball bat When I'm driving on the wrong side of the road I feel like JFK you

Devlin - London city lyrics

your hair down in London City...everybody just keep moving with me. Let your hair down in London City...everybody just keep moving with me. Bud, sweat and beers! And tonight we're in London city. I'm on the A13 on the way to the city, where the lights are

Dj Antoine - London ft. timati, grigory leps, mad mark lyrics

only happens here in London It only happens in London Where the freaks come alive We are wreckless and wild We're the kings of the night It only happens here in London They say London Bridge is falling I say the UK ballin The Arabs pulling them whips out They lov

Queensrÿche - London lyrics

was November 4th I last held your hand It seemed our time would last forever You said don't ever leave I thought you'd never go I wish I could just remember your name... You're just a memory now Like all the ones before But with your pain I've had to suff

Orpheus Omega - Creed of ulfilas lyrics

unbegotten son, The question of ages, Few centuries now mark his grave, He who brings hope to all, who's origin stays in doubt, Now swiftly brings their fall, Believe, in one, The council is undone, The Creed Of Ulfilas Scripture, Which stands the test of time,

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - London lyrics

came from the far North summered in Crimea deserted the armed forces had to disappear made it to the free West on a chartered flight so we could see what we trained to fight We were in London "Let's do it - let's break the law'." We were in London

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - London genuine piano mix lyrics

came from the far North Summered in Crimea Deserted the armed forces Had to disappear Made it to the free West On a chartered flight So we could see what We trained to fight We were in London "Let's do it - let's break the law!" We were in London Tell it l

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - London thee radikal blaklite edit lyrics

came from the far North Summered in Crimea Deserted the armed forces Had to disappear Made it to the free West On a chartered flight So we could see what We trained to fight We were in London "Let's do it - let's break the law!" We were

Shinedown - London calling [by the clash] lyrics

calling to the faraway towns Now that war is declared and battle come down London calling to the underworld Come out of the cupboard, all you boys and girls London calling, now don't look to us Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust London calling, see we ain't got no swing Exce

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