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Miracle Of Sound - Assassin's creed 4 - beneath the black flag lyrics

on the endless ocean We tear along the gales With rum inside our bellies warm And freedom in our sails A wayward bunch of scoundrels Assassins, thieves and slaves The rich and blue bloods fear us When we hunt upon the waves And when you see it coming That flag of b

Ryan Leslie - The black flag lyrics

red lights Ain't never slowing me down, oh no no Uh yea My passion – a reason for my existence My success the product of my persistence Self-made, I did it with no assistance Luxury suite view through these Cartier lenses Huh, and we started in the nose bleed

Dan Bull - Assassin's creed iv rap lyrics

Intro] Alright, Lads I'm one of the only people who have heard Edward Kenway rap And live to tell the tale And now I'm going to tell you exactly what he said He said: [Verse 1] These aren't the high seas They're my seas It's likely you'll find me inciting some maritime crises

Bina Bianca - Assassin's creed tribute song lyrics

me hearties it's time to begin to tell the story of a man who sailed into battle for glory and metal slaying all those in his path Now we're sailing over oceans our quest has begun the ol' Jolly Roger waves high we may have to battle we may have to fight when

Assassin's Creed Unity - Assassin's creed unity trailer lyrics

to your life There's no turning back Even while we sleep We will find you Acting on your best behaviour Turn your back on mother nature Everybody wants to rule the world Help me to decide Help me make the most Of freedom and of pleasure Nothing ever lasts fo

Dan Bull - Assassin's creed 3 rap lyrics

Verse 1] An eagle soars as the people fall However, he ignores All your feeble wars He will steal a horse Speed the steed across Clean between your forces And beat them all In a free-for-all These scenes of gore Are nothing but another bit of heathen lore Fro

Miracle Of Sound - Assassin's creed syndicate song - london town lyrics

in seas of soot we drown Come on down to London town The cogs they creak and the pistons pound Come on down to London town Power cloaked in progress Smoke in Eden’s eyes A million choking chimneys burn and Blacken out the sky Grab your mates a

Smosh - Assassin's creed 4 rock anthem lyrics

knows that Blackbeard’s the best There’s nothing more to say But I hear there’s this new bloke around, by the name of Kenway He’s always hiding in his white hood with his girly hair and crap But I’m still the baddest pirate around ‘Cause I’ve got

Cradle Of Filth - Beneath the howling stars lyrics

wrongs the rites of Spring Her spinal chill rakes the earth Whilst pensive souls at zero sing Woebetidings of rebirth Under cold stares of Mars maligned Near-suicides cross their hearts And unborns writhe in tepid brine For something wicked this way starts Beneath the

Six Feet Under - Beneath a black sky lyrics

to the sky it's turning black no sun shining light day turns into night no moon above lost in the shadows eclipsing the sun only darkness above beneath a black sky All life will end infinite winter eternal darkness thunder cracks the silence emptiness above us only blac

Gallows End - The unborn flag lyrics

Thord Last night I had a dream, a vision so it seems I saw the world slowly fading away I don’t know what this means or if it’s meant to be But something told me what we have to do Chorus: We will raise the unborn flag To show the world that the time is here This is t

Machine Head - Beneath the silt lyrics

under sheets of rain The waves crashing inside my brain A gray horizon lies below The oceans pulling undertow Swallowed by the silence of this watery abyss Save me I'm drowning Beneath the silt I'm sinking Beneath the silt Clouds of ashen paint the sky A black fog forc

Ayreon - Beneath the waves lyrics

Beneath The Waves] [Daniel Gindelow:] The water breaks the golden sunrays Silver dances on the wave But a memory... I often dream about the old days Playing hide and seek within the caves But a memory... [Bob Catley:] I still feel the rising tides embrace me Carrying me

Bal-sagoth - Beneath the crimson vaults of cydonia lyrics

Ruminations from the Six Pyramids of Cydonia:] This red charnel pit of primal horror, howling black ecstasies to the void. Ancient and divine, older than the hidden Icosahedron, now rebirthed beyond the chaosphere. Rise... rise and destroy! Hatred, carnage, slaughter, havoc, chaos, m

Apostasy - Beneath the lies of prophecy lyrics

the blindfold before my eyes I've witnessed the cosmic aeon carnage Passengers on the awakening course Confessing their sulfur stinking existence Masses for the tempted beast Embracing black shepherds with human harvest The sun shall never capture my face

Bane Of Winterstorm - The black wind of morthion lyrics

“I have come for your kingdom You will fall to your knees in agony as your sons are crushed before you” Aranon: “A war has come to claim our land From Ravenhall their legions came Take your blade, we will stand My brother; Haldir of the North Haldir: “Grant power to m

Limbonic Art - Beneath the burial surface lyrics

sky is darkening soon the night befall Righteously angels are weeping for my soul All childhood dreams are soon to be lost All innocence to be shattered I am the fallen, from grace Water from a thousand tears floats in streams The feeling from a thousand years flow over me

Iperyt - The black emperor lyrics

he'll become the gloom of your graves, Reviling all sanctity Black Angel, And he'll become a pale that will pierce you, And your carcass create desserts of rot. He will drink your torment, Fed with fears when you're lost in dread. You're lost in the abys

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Beneath the moon scars above lyrics

glare of daytime wilting sets a glow nights mercerized finery. What is emptiness? What is vacuity? Profound blue transmuting to utter black. A barrow within nothingness, within swarthiness, within swarthiness The silence of insanity struggling

Black Label Society - Beneath the tree lyrics

this garden full of good Lies a garden full of evil Awaits strange, bizarre, Unusual people Here is where Tripping and nobody cares Here is where The setting sun is never feared It goes on and on and on Oh, it never ends It goes on and on and on Welcome My Friends...

Bill Withers - Beneath the iron sceptre lyrics

of iron sounds like thunder from the blackest earth It's the day of the beast the time for darkness' rebirth Demons of war, bearer of plague and of pain Minions of chaos, make holy blood pour down like rain Flames of the earth consuming the living with sin The

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The dead flag blues lyrics

car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides And a dark wind blows The government is corrupt And we're on so many drugs With the radio on and the curtains drawn We're trapped in the belly

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The dead flag blues (intro) lyrics

car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides And a dark wind blows The government is corrupt And we're on so many drugs With the radio on and the curtains drawn We're trapped

Battlelore - Beneath the waves lyrics

the storm shone the nobe colours Lords of the oceans from the Western shores The Golden King in eternal valour "Master the seas", in their blood forever Port city, once healthy and fair Set in doom by cancer and plague Leeches and black water

Bleeding Through - Beneath the grey lyrics

I'm dying before you Courtesy of misled expectations Disdain because I've swallowed your venom You built this up so you could piss this away I'll write this off all of you This conversation's heading south To your jaded cliffs headfirst And all you empty praises

Bloodthorn - Beneath the iron sceptre lyrics

of iron sounds like thunder from the blackest earth It's the day of the beast the time for darkness' rebirth Demons of war, bearer of plague and of pain Minions of chaos, make holy blood pour down like rain Flames of the earth consuming the living with sin The scent

Galneryus - The promised flag lyrics

Yes, I could find the meaning of established flag And then I'm able to move outside with my intuition from you I only believe myself but don't wanna say more Good...

Lazarus A.d. - Beneath the waves of hatred lyrics

@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@

Megadeth - The skull beneath the skin lyrics

and infectious the evil prophets rise Dance of the Macabre as witches streak the sky Decadent worship of black magic sorcery In the womb of the Devil's Dungeon trapped without a plea See thing in agony necrosis is the fate Pins sticking through the skin the venom now

Coldworker - The black dog syndrome lyrics

eyes, submissive mind, this came to shape my life Stand divided when the black dog is approaching fast Doubts arise, the leash is bound with straps that never tie It defies and despair is gaining ground at last Chased into the highest gear Tail between legs in fear Lic

Jethro Tull - The chequered flag (dead or alive) lyrics

disc brakes drag, the chequered flag sweeps across the oil-slick track. The young man's home; dry as a bone. His helmet off, he waves: the crowd waves back. One lap victory roll. Gladiator soul. The taker of the day in winning has to say,

The Dreadnoughts - The dreadnought lyrics

there is a flash packet, Flash packet of fame. She hails from New York And the Dreadnought's her name. She's bound to the west, Where the stormy winds blow. All away to the westward, In the Dreadnought we'll go. Derry down, down, down derry down. With the gale at h

Dvsr - Beneath the skin lyrics

1st Verse) Was it all but a dream, my heart sinks I detest my own speech I can hear the walls speaking my name they seek Wasn’t it me speaking when I could feel two hearts at beat up in the back of my brain Caught in a trap slipping through the cracks Need t

As Blood Runs Black - Beneath the surface lyrics

by appearance, and misspoken words Not the content of one's character, just by what you heard Have you heard of rumors? Some clash with lies One degrades another out of despite Inhumanity [chant:] how can one Claim to be perfect despite the things he has done

Fresh Out Of The Bus - The black one lyrics

to myself And everything is so sweet Can't afford more thoughts It brings me back to your feet Mindless beasts are there Asking for a new story Standing close to them Reveals a feeling of fury again So you'll take more than you can handle And hide beneath y

Beneath The Massacre - Black tide lyrics

can see you're scared And I can see your hands shaking like leaves I can see you're scared And I can see your hands shaking like leaves "Blessed are the peacemakers, the children of God" And we all witness the massacres in its name The genocides it creates And w

Mudhoney - Beneath the valley of the underdog lyrics

the Catholic seamen's club Every sailor is sacred In the arcade right next door All the girls dance naked Down on my knees scrubbin' the floors Scratchin' at festering sores If I'm the guy you're lookin' for Just look down under

Adramelech - The book of the black earth lyrics

forth, Ancient Worm: rise from the cold red deep As the world unnatural finally stands united. Come forth, Ancient One: heed the silent call of the words never spoken, of Wordless prayers unknown. Come forth, Dog-faced One: As the stars are

Arkaea - Beneath the shades of grey lyrics

runs down my face as I hold back the tears, Tell me what the f*** am I doing here. Denial sets in my mind as you choke. Face down in the ashes of all my own fears, Felt enough pain for a thousand years, Unable to set myself free to save you.

Cowboy Junkies - Beneath the gate lyrics

was found beneath the gate, Forsaken at the gate. Who would have thought that so much love Could be so carelessly misplaced. Found. Beneath the gate. We gazed upon the moon, A honed and whetted moon. Wondered if you saw the same An hour from y

Ed Harcourt - Beneath the heart of darkness lyrics

the heart of darkness Lies an old machine that's dying Spluttering like an army of artillery sporadically firing The roots of the house are cracking, caving in There's no way out, it's trapped in Beneath the heart of darkness Lies an old mach

Sacred Steel - Beneath the iron hand lyrics

us ride like thunder, our troops of doom are on the march Nothing left but ruins : your glory’s gone, your earth is scortched There is no tomorrow for you : we bring new gods and kings Your children born as servants ; now see : you’ve lost everything War crimes - Eye for an eye It

Ancient Creation - The brotherhood lyrics

on a ship at sea, mutiny arrives Cast away conspiracy, lost in troubled times Lurking on into the dark, seeking troubled lives Seething hate within my heart, only to despise Afloat this ship of sadness The crew is all but free A vessel full of terror The end is what we seek

Collide - Beneath the skin lyrics

the edge i look in touch the flesh touch the skin cup my hands time stood still intoxicate fire at will pulsating through my veins beneath the skin skin and bone beneath the skin i am alone smoldering release, expire confined within i walk the wire on the ledge no return

Dan Bull - The crew rap lyrics

Verse 1] You're a dead man walking Going hard on the brakes It's like you're Dead Man Walkn Going hard on the breaks I'm going to LA To roll over you, ese Then I've got to get to New York today Roll over USA Set the car onto cruise control And roll on the roads that my crews

Dispatched - Beneath the world of chaos lyrics

smallest ripple is making a storm Breaking the silence, making a roar Raising rage, collecting hate The world is on fire, in flames into smoke Cities into ashes, towns burnt to the ground Forests into deserts, the sea can't be found The people into deserts, mankind at war A

Dream Theater - Beneath the surface lyrics

there ever really a right time You had led me to believe Some day you would be there for me When the stars above aline When you weren't so concerned I kept looking for the clues So I waited in the shadows of my heart And the still the time was never righ

Funeral For A Friend - Beneath the burning tree lyrics

copy aftertaste The taste of lips so delicate Stop the click and watch the room Sitting pretty in full bloom Your stain on my fingers like a headache that the pills won't kill Your stain on my fingers like a headache that the pills won't kill Hold your breath this is t

Horse The Band - The black hole lyrics

will not fade! I will not fade! I might be a baby caught in the snow, But you know... I will not fade! I will not fade! I ripped off my arms So long ago. All these wheels: They seem amazing! All these bombs Must be ready to blow. All this time I could have tried.

Morbid Angel - Beneath the hollow lyrics

Music - Azagthoth/Lyrics - Tucker] Hollow lies fill weakened minds with Hollow dreams Weakened lives fill infamy with failed beliefs Shattered wills fall aimlessly beneath the Hollow Hollow words can't fill the void beneath Within they seethe Again they bre

Scum Of The Earth - Beneath the living lyrics

Go! Haunted by hatred {Haunted by hatred} Hating ever I will I will get you I will I will bury you So I put you in your place Down down Beneath the living Down down Beneath the living Hate! Go! Haunted by hatred Never again Nothing ever I will

Alpha Tyger - Beneath the surface lyrics

and grown up in the streets I've learned what life can be Cruel, cold and mercyless In a land ruled by the strong Who solve a problem with a bomb I can't hide my scorn anymore Do you think is what progress means? I'll write the script of my own dreams

Before Nightfall - Beneath the smile lyrics

are times, when sorrow seems like the only truth.... Welcome home I hear you say to me A smile of lust set on your face Passionate love is all I see I feel as though we are one And for the one who looked out for us My brothers blood I hold dea

Dj Drama - Beneath the diamonds ft.devin the dude,twista.. lyrics

The Diamonds Ft.Devin The Dude,Twista, La The Darkman & Mr. Porter Beneath The Diamonds Ft.Devin The Dude,Twista, La The Darkman & Mr. Porter Beneath The Diamonds Ft.Devin The Dude,Twista, La The Darkman & Mr.

Down - Beneath the tides lyrics

sail From a crushed rooftop Fathoms deep Shallow as a raindrop Attempt to feel 20/20 now React like gasoline Cornered by a house Fire You can't come clean beneath the tides of the washout Cut from the filthy cloth A sucking wound left in our chests

Sampha - Beneath the tree lyrics

t fail me now I need your wishes (wishes...) [x 2] I imagine those coloured skies Window down and we're caught in flight You can let the breeze, let the breeze cool you And I hope the wind blows out those fires of doubt [Chorus] If there's a monster inside of he

As I Lay Dying - Beneath the encasing of ashes lyrics

inside of me Far beneath the encasing of ashes Bleeding red Still showing signs of life Remove the darkness Take me away A Stream of Hope destroy this corrupted cell Purification (Leaving me desolate in the face of perfection) Unable to hide I am drawn to the fir

The 69 Eyes - Beneath the blue lyrics

were born to light Some into the endless night, baby Every man's got to find What's there behind The silver side now baby Would you take me tonight Back into the garden of delight Don't let the promise in your eyes Ever stop burning up so bright Sunlight in your hair T

Fractured - Beneath the ashes lyrics

from beneath our feet another King will rise, once all is anarchy, the end we all surmise and like the phoenix lives, we know we all must perish, into the emptiness to know what we must cherish. It’s always breaking, the tides are slipping down, in

Matthew Perryman Jones - Beneath the silver moon lyrics

were once a boy in tattered jeans With skin dark by the sun Eyes so wide and deep with reckless dreams To carry you along You were always talking 'bout the sea The brilliant mystic view You never seemed to shrink from mystery That was life to you

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