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Ashrae Fax Ultravaca lyrics

Browse for Ashrae Fax Ultravaca song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Ashrae Fax Ultravaca lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Ashrae Fax Ultravaca.

Down By Law - Automatic lyrics

s world is always on my modem speeds life right along my brain is off but that's ok you can reach me any day my darkened ? with blinking digits let me know the world is r? monitor so bright and huge sanity you slowly lose turn your fax on turn your fax on

Daft Punk - Technologic lyrics

it, use it, break it, fix it, Trash it, change it, Mail - upgrade it, Charge it, Point it, zoom it, press it, Snap it, work it, quick - erase it, Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, Load it, check it, quick - rewrite it, Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, Drag

Mr. Bungle - Ma meeshka mow skwoz lyrics

blal he chaduduh chee hugh weh chee keh xooo hee hoh ooooooo cikeetah xoo xeh eooh le hugx yerheggkkk ryzl ou hueau pppddtdptdtt pppddtdptdtt ue ue fhay goouuhf o lltt chteee huucgcgudoo wuad! chugaouh! Poodah paytahy poodah paytahy pooda

Conor Oberst - You should be in sweden lyrics

saw you at the subway the other day You were drinking hot chocolate I thought about asking you for a sip But on second thought I didn't want to burn my tongue I chased you up the stairs and outside I got into a taxi cab I didn't want to see you, you wer

Deichkind - Bück dich hoch lyrics

die Deadline ein, so ist's fein! Hol' die Ellenbogen raus, burn dich aus! 24/7, 8 bis 8, was geht ab, machste schlapp, what the f***?! Bück dich, bück dich, bück dich hoch, bück dich, bück dich, bück dich hoch, bück dich, bück dich, bück dich hoc

Public Enemy - Can't truss it lyrics

in your face Not an eight track Gettin' it good to the wood So the people Give you some a dat Reactin' to the fax That I kick and it stick And it stay around Pointin' to the joint, put the Buddha down Goin', goin', gettin' to the roots Ain't givin' it up

Beenie Man - Chaka dance lyrics

Intro:] Ziggy! Uummm! Alright, Cool. Mi nuh innna di argument wit dem unno I jus go an sing a song! Alright. Tell dem seh! So unno move outta di way! Gweh man gweh! Chaka chaka chaka. Tek dem on! [1. sloka] John Hype, who dat ah run, who dat ah

Firehouse - Get in touch lyrics

I Just Got To, Got To Got To, Got To Get In Touch Write me a letter Drop me a line You know I'd love to Hear from you anytime Anywhere Oh yeah Well you know that I'll be seeing you Before too long I'll give you good lovin' When I get back home I swear Ooh

David Lee Roth - Counter-blast lyrics

me, tell me, tell me, tell me Who's your favourite page? I'm gonna fax you Into the atom age, yeah My engine searching like a harpoon Like a monsoon in your chat room Who are you Are you online? Woman Your page or mine My engine searching like a harpoon Like a monsoon i

Satellite Stories - Mexico lyrics

and all of your old CDs Went away in box from 21th street It´s funny how we talk nowadays much more Then you came to me and said "oh that´s odd" And I call for taxi Driver comes to me Asking where to go Well I don't know Somewhere

Alabama - Right where i am lyrics

runnin' under the city Condos reachin' to the sky Each to his own, but I feel at home Standing on this mountain high And right where I am is where I wanna be It's all I want, it's all I need Forever in your arms it's alright with me 'Cause right where I am'

Antidote - Rat race lyrics

phones and fast cars Fax machines and credit cards Internet and fastfood meals Airmiles and business deals Don't wanna be part of your rat race Space shuttles cybersex Skyscrapers IMF Stock market concrete cities Non-stop

Asian Dub Foundation - Change lyrics

through the square or round window Now a change gonna come Whether you come by bus or underground Still a change gonna come If you're north or if you're south You know a change gonna come Whether by fax or word of mouth Still a change a gonna come Meters peaking Truth is l

Beenzino - 진절머리 lyrics

temporeul natchwojwoya hal ttaega on geot gatae naneun geuman ssaullae gyesokhaeseo pedal to the metal, from the bottom to the top eum~ agui temporeul natchwojwoya hal ttaega on geot gatae naneun geuman ssaullae gyesokhaeseo pedal to the metal, from the bottom to

B2k - Boys for life lyrics

J-Boog Talking] Yo, why ya'll have to bring this up man? I mean it ain't like I forgot but it's like I wasn't thinkin about it man, now that you wanna talk about it... You got me all watery in the eyes ya know but uh it's all good I wanna tell you all 3 I love y'all like ya'll

Carlene Carter - Little love letter no. 1 lyrics

answer machine is feelin' lonely and blue Cause it ain't seen a message in an hour or two And my fax machine has tears in its eyes Cause there ain't no words burnin' through its wires Is it something I did Is it something I said Is it so

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - High all the time lyrics

Chorus] I don't need Dom Perignon, I don't need Cris Tanqueray and Alize, I don't need shit Nigga I'm high all the time, I smoke that good shit I stay high all the time, man I'm on some hood shit Give me some dro, purple haze, and some chocolate Give me a dutch and

Chamillionaire - All mine lyrics

Movie Bites from "Scarface (1983) ", Al Pacino as Tony Montana speaks:] Time has come. We gotta expand... The whole operation... distribution! New York... Chicago... LA! We gotta set our OWN MARK... and enforce it. We gotta think big now.

Chamillionaire - Cloud 9 lyrics

Intro: Chamillionaire] Comin down clean, like I'm coastin on cloud nine Cloud nine, I ride, so cleeeeean Hol' up, some people don't like me Must be cause I'm ridin so clean Like I'm coastin on cloud nine Cloud nine, I ride, so cleeeeean Hol' up, some people don

Common - Coldblooded lyrics

common] Cold-blooded, cold-blooded, hard-core Rough and rugged, rugged and raw For you and your-your, for you and your You got the c to the, huh - cold-blooded Ain't it - huh, c'mon - hard-core We take it hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh-er Yo, yo My little daughter, s

Jon Lajoie - Nine to five lyrics

s a nine to five office job? That sounds exactly like what I want Young man, that is one party you may not be able to handle Nine to five, nine to five Monday to Friday live Nine to five, nine to five Cubicles and neon lights Nine to five, nine to five Stay till six

Cuccarini Lorella - Uno di noi lyrics

che i soldi non dan la felicità ma però lo dice solamente chi li ha già dicono che i poveri son pieni di virtù ma non ti convincono se il povero sei tu Sarà uno di noi un tramviere una massaia un impiegato un papà sarà uno di noi a comprarsi la Ferrari per

Deichkind - Gebor'n für das! lyrics

Chorus:] Wir sind gebor'n für das! Wir sind gebor'n für das! Wir sind gebor'n für das! Wir sind gebor'n für das! Wir sind gebor'n für das! Wir sind gebor'n für das! Gebor'n für das! Gebor'n für das! [Strophe I:] Der Mann vom Arbeitsamt hat nur derbe gegrinst: &q

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Wayfaring stranger lyrics

m just a poor wayfarin' stranger Travelin' through this world of woe There's no sickness toll nor sorrow In that bright world to which I go I'm going there to see my father I'm goin' there no more to roam I'm just a goin' over Jordan I'm just a goin'

Exotype - Prism lyrics

I peer into the void, my sight is multiplied. And you, you and I, Will see, we’ll see this to the end. And you, you and I Will be, will be the end of everything. You only see what you want to see, when you look at me. Your mind is your own prison. Step outside

Juvenile - Rich niggaz lyrics

why, why Why, why, why Why, why Cash Money, Rich Niggaz Look [Lil' Wayne] Loud pipes, big rims Nigga, that's my life When I pull up at the club sorry that's my night I know a lot of haters probably sayin that that's not right Well, my diamonds so much bigger So, that's

Levellers - Liberty song lyrics

s one too many, two too many holes Getting bigger in the garden wall And the people looking in are getting busy, they're getting bad They're trying to suss it all They're trying to get to me, to take my liberty Got to go go, get out of here away-way, you don't w

Lil Kim - Heavenly father lyrics

Heavenly father... Creator of all things I humble myself... As I bow to the throne I pray for love, joy, peace and happiness [REPEAT 2x] I pray for love... I pray for love... I pray for love, joy, peace and happiness [VERSE 1] They say the closest ones to ya Be the ones

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - You aint got nuthin lyrics

feat. Fabolous, Juelz Santana) [Fabolous] [Talking at start of the verse] Yess! What it look like Alc, tryin to show the niggas man It's that Street Fam man, we rep that Loso, Street fi-di-di-di-dam yess! I'm with (101) niggas, we (dalmation doggy) b (yess) And fly with

Lonestar - No news lyrics

said, "It's just a woman thing," And pulled out of the drive And I said not to worry I'm an understanding guy I heard that when you love someone You gotta let 'em go She hollered, "When I find myself You'll be the first to kn

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Mind on my money (feat. brinx, busta rhymes) lyrics

got my mind on my money And I'm not goin awayyyy... So keep on gettin yur paper... Now you hold it's yur excellence... see I t.c oh forward slash president... East side resident oh so evident... Brinx billy ride cousin black On black pha

Night Lovell - Dead lovell (ft. fifty grand) lyrics

Night Lovell] All black packs in the day Bitch you better get the f*** up out the way Takin niggas to the back of the play Plots to the shots kill all damn day Runnin back, runnin fast, never no gas Bait when I’m runnin with the shit from the past All black kit, a

Night Lovell - Still cold / pathway private lyrics

Verse 1] Still checking at the place still cold Moving in a way no place no snow Straight chillin' with my niggas and shiver Thinking about the sun lay thoughts on the river Move back nigga, move back nigga Fake Jordan-ass whack-ass bitch nigga I come packed with eleven

The Ordinary Boys - Seaside lyrics

I'm here, But where are you? You're inside with better things to do. With better things to do, Like sitting in a room, And staring at computer screens, And fax machines. Not gonna wait, gonna wait for the weekend, To step outside. Hurry up, hurry up put your

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - One of the crowd lyrics

I go fishing with my rod I often get that urge To fall asleep a sleep so deep that No-one notices me Don't want anyone to know my name Don't want to get a fax Don't want to meet the Royal Family Just 'cause I've paid my tax Don't wanna be seen or heard Don't

Public Enemy - See something, say something lyrics

home to the terrordome Land of the forbidden Cause that man be sinnen And his hand be hidden To rule the planet He planned from the beginnin Superegoman sounds like lucifer is winnin Yo he wanna buck us So im stoppin all that ruckus Yall dont know the d in my name Is like fre

Public Enemy - Revelation 33⅓ revolutions lyrics

revelation... Yeah that's right, y'all better act like you know Shit is gettin critical (in all the nations) Shit is gettin crazy, that's right (all the lands) Y'all better listen yo shit is blazin G Shit is blazin, that's right, I'm tryin to let y'all know... Soldie

Public Enemy - Move! lyrics

sealed, delivered I B yours I pour it on the breaks Till it break laws Givin' the gabbin' So the brothers be havin' it Or else the five fingers of dope'll Be grabbin' it Wit' no complaints Givin' uppin' I ain't On the mike Like Karl Malone in the paint Why rip a rapper When

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Organic anti-beat box band lyrics

friends to my thoughts of when the fax city 4 were four young men time has come, now we jam with the uplift mofo party plan we're the organic anti-beat box band One comes from the holy land another was born an australian me i'm from michigan

Robin Skouteris - Poplove lyrics

like the people I like the song This is my kind of music They play it all night long This is my kind of music (I need to know now, can you love me again) Don’t you ever say I just walked away I will always want you I can’t live a lie, running for my

Sean Paul - Head in the zone lyrics

Intro] yeah well everything nice you know pass two crate a Smirnoff Ice you know alright sean paul, inna di club, get crunk, blaze it up inna di club ladies willy bounce inna di club yo yo... [Chorus 2x] woman just get you head inna the zone get properly crunked and willie

Sido - Sido - taxi lyrics

feat. Olli Banjo) Fahr los Alter drück auf's Gas strapazier die Achsen! Siehst du die Knarre hier? Glaub nicht Ich mach Faxen! Chill dich! Mach dich locker Ich fahr schon den ganzen Tag! Ich scheiß mich nicht ein wenn du 'ne Knarre hast! Zieh d

Skyclad - Fainting by numbers lyrics

One - the only number I can really trust, Dual faceted - these people that I talk to when I must. In triplicate my body hangs - left drying in the sun, Four horses at the starting gate - their riders waiting on my gun. Misused just like the pentagram - distrusted as the

Slovo - Killing me lyrics

degrees off kilter Spinning with my cup of tea Grey skies, sleepy eyes as usual Morning paper says I'm free Late again no time to witness Spring flowers dance on this cold wind Peeling poster sex reminds me Why pierced tongue ticket man, just grinned This is killin

Abradab - Miasto jest nasze lyrics

to co słyszysz nie od razu ja skleiłem, ....... kosekwencji od wyrazu tryska tak jak od ogniska iskra i z tamtad błyska znany głos nieznajomy z pyska czyzby złyszales chyba o tym w miescie to jest ten hip-hop co wysyla w przestrzen deabe antonim muto nie lece w ch** dziw

Astronautalis - Gaston ave lyrics

you up on the telephone, noone answer Call again, it rings, I call again Think of stopping by or stopping in But never leave home Tripping back and forth between the bar and home Looking back and forth at what I done Collected bottle caps and soggy scraps of h

Beck - Corvette bummer lyrics

my days, I had mouldy bread Robot brains in the flying airplanes Hollowed out, and filled with dust Rockin' like a hurricane under the rug Bored to the core on a sunken boat A worn-out candle in a plastic coat A Ziploc bag, a pelican bone A perfect, stupid, cardboard reject

Beck - Hell yes lyrics

for my place on assembly lines Fake prizes rising out of the bomb holes Skeleton boys hyped up on purple Smoke rings blow from across the disco Bank notes burn like broken equipment Looking for shelter, readjust your position Thought control, ghostwritte

Beta Band - The beta band rap lyrics

We're the Beta Band and we're nice and clean We're always polite and hardly ever mean Times have changed, we used to be smelly, We lived in a squat 'til a punk nic...

Jimmy Buffett - Flesh and bone lyrics

men came from Venus And women came from Mars, Then I'd be lunching with my boyfriends While you girls talked about cigars. But that's not how it happened; Evolution took a different turn. We may be creatures with some unique features But we've still got

The Cardigans - Dont blame your daughter diamonds lyrics

t blame your daughter that's just sentimental and don't blame your mom for all that you've done wrong Your dad is not guilty you came out a little faulty and the factory closed so you can't hold them liable You come from an island, you're cutting diamonds with a

Deee-lite - I.f.o. (identified flying object) lyrics

F.O. - I.F.O. - We are trying to make contact Can you hear me? We'd like to conduct a fax orgy What's your 10-4? Can you hear me

Digital Underground - Future rhythm lyrics

em with the rhythm of the future x4 [Krazy Horse/Shock G] (In the future) It's gonna be a rhythm divine A paradise peace of mind vibe for every kind Text to the sexless, dollars to the needy Power to the people but DEATH to the greedy (In the future) There's gonna be

The Dresden Dolls - Dear jenny lyrics

wear overcoats in heat like this to keep themselves from showing girls fill out prescriptions for the tricks that keep their hearts from growing specialists review the year in tears and call for drastic measures send them to resorts for boys and girl to get their shit toge

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Don't pay the poll tax lyrics

commin through your letter box A sheet for you to fill in You know you have to do it Cause you know you just cant win Dont pay the poll tax Stick it up her arse Maggie said community charge You better watch out the governments at large You do

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Don´t pay poll tax lyrics

commin through your letter box A sheet for you to fill in You know you have to do it Cause you know you just cant win Dont pay the poll tax Stick it up her arse Maggie said community charge You better watch out the governments at large You dont fill it in f50 fine So y

Floodgate - Second guesser lyrics

m getting down I'm feelin' good to go another round I've got a fistful of broken promises cast to the wind Will you be yourself again? Another day is gone and if I'd have done it differently And so it goes, falling short of guarantee I sailed across the

Flotsam And Jetsam - Way to go lyrics

s watching, none of them I've ever met Starring in the headlines no good news is death Threats fly through the airmail, e-mail and express Fax instructions for the bomb A bone breaking game of chess Starved and banged what a way to go Slit wri

Fort Minor - Cover and duck lyrics

and ladies Please put down your expensive champange It's about to get ugly in here Let's go! [Set it off motherf***ers!] My name is Mike Shinoda And with some help From my man Celph Titled [You goddamned right!] I would like to introduce to you from S

G Gina - Rhythm of my life lyrics

night I go to bed When I got that feeling tonight I'm dreaming I'm dreaming of you baby Reach out, take your time Gonna take good care of this heart of mine This is the boy so freeze him Call him to you now Chorus Baby baby b-b-b-baby To the r

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