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Ekhymosis - Malas cosas lyrics

gustaba verte solo en el sillon ahora te quiero besar no se si es atraccion se que hoy en la tarde me vas a llamar olvide tu nombre ya te voy a esperar son malas cosas tengo mis secretos nunca lo sabras tengo otros tantos que te voy a inven

Screaming Trees - Ash gray sunday lyrics

don't wanna know, I just wanna be Up inside the life held in front of me Never felt so empty inside I can't find the tears to cry Ash gray Sunday with you Ash gray Sunday with you I wanna live where I've never been In case I try to hide, think you'll understand I

Murder By Death - Ash lyrics

set out at dusk We left them, well, not much The boys were shoutin' and kickin' up dust Oh and as we ran With the fire behind us And the torch in my hand I knew I couldn't do it again The ghosts were howlin' in the late afternoon We were singin' along

Dark Sarah - Ash grove lyrics

quot;Who holds the key of love in her hands" the old man posed this question How can I solve the puzzle he just didn't mention when he spoke in riddles here! I hate these statues with my own name on to ashes they will burn! The fire of my lonely heart will hold the flame

Ignite - Ash return lyrics

again everyone who just left us for dead what did you really expect? we'd never come back well we did well we did well we did better take another look these are the faces you forgot when the trend wore thin when the flame dimmed now you're gonna get burned now yo

Luna Mortis - Ash lyrics

imposing suspicion Unaware, part of the grand design Lines have blurred Now return out into the world A fit of rage, the dagger's blade Kickstarts the massacre Straight divide, left to die Err of foolish youth The water's black No turning back Gone far beyond t

Gackt - Ash lyrics

Kaze no naka ni mau waraiau koe Kirameku yuuhi wa asu he no yakusoku Tsuki ga utsushidasu kimi wo mitsuketa Iroaseta toki no utakata no yume Modora nai yasuragi sae Nandomo kowasarete yuku Afureru nikushimi ga Kono sora wo yakitsukushite... Mori no zawameki

Paradise Lost - Ash & debris lyrics

beliefs shadow everyday (Never again) Live and breathe, shelter and restrain (Never again) Never wanted loss My ever needing soul Never wanted blood... You conceive tragedies innate (Feel so revived) You redeem fallacy remains (Fear so in mind)

Shade Empire - Ash statues lyrics

as far as the eye can see Filled with human remains Scorched to their feet They were all praising the sun And this was their reward Now they form the army of ash statues In to the shadows you must flee And whom ever can find a path there Shall become the king!

Dir En Grey - Ash lyrics

na garasu no mukou de miru mo muzan na sono karada nazeka ima ni mo haki-dashi sou de haha ni dakarete nemuri mashou sonna jibun ni kizuita aru hiboku no karada ni "sa · yo · na · ra" o haha ga egaite iru rakuen de naze boku ha umare-kawaru no ganjigarame no kono

Ms Mr - Ash tree lane lyrics

oooh Creatures seem to scream and faint Shadows blink and the laws will brake Questions we could never solve As answers in darkness evolved Oooh oooh Moving space but not in time Choices made but nothing's right Flakes of memory played by disease Have only seen what I wan

Apparat - Ash black veil lyrics

I swear Saw her right out there Caught a glimpse of her grace Slightly misplaced She's around Without audible sound Comes moonlight, gloom She's alone in her room Today time froze I'll need a cause To carry on on my own The walls are melting The walls are melting

Fraag Malas - Ella me pone lyrics

Me Pone . Hay nena muevete bailame uoooooooo bailando ella me pone , me pone sigueme mirame me excita de como te pones muevete bailame uoooooooo bailando ella me pone , me pone sigueme mirame me excita de como te pones Como te pone Hola

Powerworld - Black ash lyrics

wake up at night You can't wait until tomorrow You wanna make things right Because you don't need no sorrow Black ash all around you You're standing all alone You've gotta be tough, gotta be strong Black ash will surround you You gotta keep cool You'll make it, you've be

Annihilator - Reduced to ash lyrics

sky is falling, timbers they rush down All is in rubble, vomiting sounds Screams in the night, yellow and orange Blackened indent, future deformed The Earth it doth shake, molested and torn All living aborted None left but unborn Contrived de

Dew-scented - Turn to ash lyrics

ve come to face the final task Rituals of gracing shape, in ambivalence For another higher sphere (for another higher sphere) Put out the lights to disappear Indulgent oblivion In lifeless dreams When will I ever come to be? I praise the end, counting

Cataract - Black ash lyrics

the grazes, the wounds oe this time, scratches and cuts lie open in the mud empathy stolen from the ones yet to come, what's left is not more than a crumb the flag we're waving is of forward progress life took us down to the lands of dryness leaving behind wasteland and trash left

Karolina S. - Dirt and ash lyrics

you imagine world without dirt and ash? World full of senseless goodnes Where would you forever live in fear That they could see trough your soul Still hiding it, Doesn't sham hurt you? And now imagine world without dirt and ash Where ruin smel

Miracle Of Sound - Shadow of the ash by miracle of sound lyrics

Is the spirit Deep In the flame Curse Of the wicked Creeps Into my frame And the glow Is a guide Time is cold, forlorn And the rage Smothers all In a molten scorn Broken blade Revenge is calling Savage shade In the dark I dash Broken blade Black blood f

Runrig - Clash of the ash lyrics

now boys there’s something not right did anyone see Willie at the dance last night let’s pick up Boa without a fuss chuck him in with caimans at the back of the bus ‘cause we’re running late, it’s way past ten we’re driving through the straths and glens come

Sarah Brightman - The ash grove lyrics

yonder green valley where streamlets meander, When twilight is fading, I pensively rove, Or at the bright noontide in solitude wander Amid the dark shades of the lonely Ash grove. 'Twas there while the blackbird was joyfully singing, I first met my dear one, the

Necrophagist - Only ash remains lyrics

is never gone from your soul That saw humiliation. Being prey to the blackest of demons, Paralyzed you fail Fallen beneath The mark of dignity You fail (A) demon passed on from one To the next infiltrates A mind innocent and pure Planting t

Pig Destroyer - Waist deep in ash lyrics

never could escape you Your wings forever In silhouette of the sun Climbing The mountain She's wearing her latest victim on her arm Hurry up My disguises don't last long They don t last long Scan the room for exits Granite pulverized in a clenched

Corrosion Of Conformity - Man or ash lyrics

from reach how the serpents preach life is a sin when the shepherds are breeding In the quiet place force the mind to erase so the people can pray to the distant drummer These are primitive times These are primitive times These are primitive times no care

Antropomorphia - Crowned in smoldering ash lyrics

from this carnal garment full ov wretched, cancerous devouring light A desirous carrier ov a venal melancholic lie Subdeud misery Affirmation Loathsome in every stride Profound intense exultation Vermin ov the womb Lamb ov deceitful desire :Chorus: Devouring pal

Black Tongue - Prince of ash lyrics

cross I bear cracks the earth at my feet. For the love of god, stay away from me. Everything I touch turns to rust, I'll only drag you down with me. This world breaks us all. All life is suffering and life is long Nothing eases the pain, nothing halts the

Case Studies - In a suit made of ash lyrics

came to you in a suit made of ash but you were already gone. Laying on the beach with the beast at your back. His fingers were playing our song. What was it you said when you came? "What does it matter? I've already given my soul.&q

Manilla Road - Truth in the ash lyrics

out from the ancient graves The truth is found within the ash The dead still have something to say Within the clay of Man's past The time is here the logic clear Throw off the hate that's shackled man Seek out the truth lost in our youth It's not too

Skeletonwitch - Of ash and torment lyrics

For Your Betrayal For Your Lies Suffer In The Fires Of Hell Blister In The Pain Burn Forever In Damnation Tortured In The Flame You Shall Never Know Of Flesh Again Bound To This Fate You Suffer Tortured Within This Domain Commit Your Flesh To The Fire Your Soul Condemned

Skelator - Rubble and ash lyrics

"Arioch, Arioch! I give you blood and souls, aid me now, og evil one!" Yyrkoon you fiend, die by my sword You'll be sent to limbo, I'll have your soul Your blood is gushing, it falls to the floor Stormibringer is calling, watch it take its toll

Amr Diab - Law ash'anny lyrics

Ashaany Kalam Tany Kalam Maadaresh Ya Alby Aleh - x2 Hlam Ya Alby Wa Eshnaha Law Hata Aletlak Ah Dayba Fee Hobo Wa Ashah Esaal Tany x2 Gowaha Shoa Wala Kol El Ana Feyh Dah Khayal Olly Afoa Wala Kol El Ana Samao Etaal x2 Hlam Ya Alby Wa Eshnaha La

Ha-ash - Amor a medias lyrics

busque ya no hay ni un motivo para estar A tu lado y en soledad. Te regalo los porques de un amor que solo fue Como una oracion dicha sin fe. Yo te di lo mejor de mi Y a cambio solo recibi nada de ti Coro: La mitad de una mentira no es la verdad, no pretendas Digas lo que digas aho

Ha-ash - Estes donde estes lyrics

tus besos, en la distancia puedo oir tu voz, diciendo que esto no era un adios. losiento no puedo quererte si no estas cerca de mi, no voy amar la idea de ti. cuando el tiempo, nos vuelva a encontrar, no esperes nada, busca a ver que pasa... Estes en donde est

Ha-ash - Estes en donde estes lyrics

tus besos y en la distancia puedo oir tu voz diciendo que esto no era un adios lo siento, no puedo, quererte si no estas cerca de mi no voy a amar la idea de ti cuando el tiempo nos vuelva a encontrar no esperes nada busca ver que pasa Coro: Estes en donde

Ha-ash - Mas perfecta que normal lyrics

aqui sentada ya no puedes respirar Ni te acercas ni me dejas de mirar. Quiero el mundo entero se que me lo puedes dar, Ven si te quieres arriegar. Estas obsesionado y no acabas de entender Como es que no soy tu mujer, Lo unico que quiero pocos me lo pueden dar, Te reto si lo quie

Ha-ash - Prefiero lyrics

el cielo se cerro y la confusion llovio no hubo luz en la ciudad no hubo nadie en tu lugar cae la noche y en verdad pierdo ante la soledad es dificil de creer que tu escudo sea la distancia una palabra este demas Prefiero entenderte a verte escapar quedate en mi camino prefiero

Ha-ash - Si pruebas una vez lyrics

si tu notas que he cambiado Ahora no es casualidad No soy la misma Me cuesta confesar Es que hace tiempo que Ya no te veo igual Me empiezo a enamorar Antes te tuve a mi lado Como el amigo siempre fiel Y ahora que no estas aqui Llame para decirte

Ha-ash - Superficial lyrics

en su lugar, ni una arruga en tu camisa deja de posar, no te queda esa sonrisa si buscas mi amor, puedes esperar sentado porque para ti tengo el corazón blindado Quiero algo real no una imitación de Superman Superficial, tan irreal dime que escondes bajo la envolt

Ha-ash - Te quedaste lyrics

llenaste mi sonrisas con tus besos y me ensenaste a nadar en tu mar Porque tu modo de mirar fue mas que eso fue nuestra forma de hablar Porque al pensar en el pasado,sabre que nunca has dejado este lugar, jamas Por todo lo he encontrado te llevo siempre a m

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - She looks so perfect (ash demo vocal) lyrics

hey hey Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Simmer down, simmer down They say we're too young now To amount to anything else But look around We work too damn hard For this just to give it up now If you don't swim Yo

Secrets Of The Moon - To the ultimate embers and ash lyrics

am thee... liar I am thee... star (Through the) unnatural fundamental We are... Crowns... Charon leads us against the streams of salvation Sirius tongue like razorblades meeting the cold white flesh Alpha wolves blinding the omega and guzzling what remains Wh

Nothing’s Carved In Stone - Raining ash lyrics

colder Heavy air in my room The circulator sings a busy sound Checkered shirt that I left to dry inside Is swinging under weatherglass now Leaving this place within a few hours Will the heat haze mirror all my life Countless journals set on fire l

Set It Off - Partners in crime (feat. ash costello) lyrics

ll never take us alive We swore that death will do us part They'll call our crimes a work of art You'll never take us alive We'll live like spoiled royalty, lovers and partners Partners in crime Partners in crime This, the tale of reckless love, living a life of crime on

Soundtrack - Soy Luna lyricsSoundtrack - Soy Luna - Cuenta conmigo (atellagali remix) lyrics

tienes tiempo Para un amigo Aquí estoy yo (siempre soy yo) Cuenta conmigo Y si estás mal Yo estoy contigo Yo no me voy porque así soy Cuenta conmigo Y yo siempre voy a estar Vamos siempre a conectar Tus heridas curaré Y yo te acompañaré En las buenas y en las m

Soundtrack - Soy Luna lyricsSoundtrack - Soy Luna - Cuenta conmigo lyrics

tienes tiempo Para un amigo Aquí estoy yo (Siempre estoy yo) Cuenta conmigo Y si estas mal Yo estoy contigo Yo no me voy por que así soy Cuenta conmigo Y yo siempre voy a estar Vamos siempre a conectar Tus heridas curare Y yo te acompañare En las buenas y en las malas Te

Pedro Fernandez - Yo no fui lyrics

te vienen a contar Cositas malas de mi. Manda todos a volar Y diles que Yo no fui Yo te aseguro que yo no fui Son puros cuentos de por ahi Tu me tienes que creer a mi Yo te lo juro que yo no fui. Si te vienen a contar Cositas malas de mi Manda todos a volar Y diles

Luis Fonsi lyricsLuis Fonsi - Por una mujer lyrics

estoy alucinado porque veo mi futuro en las manos del destino Yo jamas tenia la esperanza de volver a encontrar a una por el camino Y una carretera, por una via nueva me desvio a donde todo se va, todo se olvida, las viejas heridas por

Eros Ramazzotti lyricsEros Ramazzotti - Dime que dia es lyrics

qué día es Dime si sabes que vas a hacer Dime qué esperas hoy Que habrá cambiado respecto ayer Dime qué santo es Qué diferencia hay Dime qué tiempo hará Que sale hoy en las portadas Qué bomba va a estallar Dime si hay guerra declarada Dime si tu edad Coge velocidad Van pasa

Álvaro Soler lyricsÁlvaro Soler - Sonrio (feat. max gazzè) lyrics

que no puedo pretender Buscarte en el silencio pienso Que pierdo tu mirada sin querer No puedo entender cómo el amor se escapa y tapa Todo aquello que algún día fue Se fue Mírame en mi espejo recuerdo el ayer Aún sin ver la salida sonrío a l

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - One ring to rule them all lyrics

quot;We wants it, we needs it. We must have the precious." (-Gollum-) In the leaf of the oak, in the heart of the rock. In the shade of the icy, misty mountains. In the vast lonely reigns of the whole Middle Earth. Somber whisper unveil forgotten dangers. Then he

Control Machete - Presente lyrics

niveles, ligan rotundos y fieles Rotando espacios, solicitan, tienes Entre el preciso lapso deslizo Hiciste, hicieron, se hace, hizo Junta colecta, conjunta accion Intolerancia en cuestion u opinion en razon Se ha corrido el cable, hable Por si dable, pr

Necrophobic - Astaroth lyrics

agsheblah Hell salamanders Midst a furious storm, up blazing wind Thy darkness infringe hither upon us The arrival of thee devouring prince Whither thou goest, we shalt go Chief rebel governor, first hierarchy Fowled angel with black feathered wings Holdeth vi

Gloria Estefan - Hablemos el mismo idioma lyrics

la vida hay tantos senderos por caminar Que ironia que al fin nos llevan al mismo lugar A pesar de las diferencias que solemos buscar Respiramos el mismo aire,despertamos al mismo sol Nos alumbra la misma luna, necesitamos sentir amor Nos alumbra la misma l

Miranda! - El agente lyrics

me regocija q preguntes acerca de mis costumbres el saber q te intereso me resulta alentador comprenderias si te digo el motivo por cual vivo o seras de las del...

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - Cómo decirte adiós lyrics

decirte adiós cuando todo es normal no me has dado ni un sólo motivo Cómo decirte que me ha llegado otro amor más intenso y más vivo que nuestro amor y me siento culpable no mereces más dolor No sé cómo decirte adiós Cómo terminar la relación Cómo contártelo sin dañar

Nas lyricsNas - Blunt ashes lyrics

Intro:] Yo I wonder if Langston Hughes and Alex Hailey got blazed before they told stories, Well I'm gonna get blazed before I tell y'all stories, I saw on TV today this man lost his son, his son died, So he had him cremated, took his ashes, and made it into a diamond ring Now

Blackmore's Night - The ashgrove lyrics

ash grove, how graceful, how plainly ‘tis speaking The wind through it playing has language for me Whenever the light through its branches is breaking A host of kind faces is gazing on me The friends of my childhood again are before me Each step wakes a memory as freely I roa

Clutch - Sink em low lyrics

> Pure Rock Fury > 9 - Sinkemlow I Ain't Joking When I'm Telling You That While In The Yakima Digging Up Them Thunderegg Stones. Well, We Cracked Them Wide Open, The Mountain Started Smoking And The Sky Turned The Color Of A Crow. Fires In The Northlands, Floods To

Psyclon Nine - Widowmaker lyrics

flows from thy lips into the mouths of our young unblacken our eyes, breathe the decease from our lungs venomous kiss stealing lie from thy most silver tongue from the grim most serrated the light of the serpents song sung Disease flows from thy lip

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Retrieving my carcass lyrics

of humanity, slavish victim of All his dreadful deeds Leperous cadavers, bodies tied with lash Scorching through cinder's veins I take back my flesh My cage Suffered shifting, crystallizing instinct Taking back my corpse Dust, I regain my dust Ash, relieve my ash

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