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Abaddon Incarnate - The phoenix returns to ashes lyrics

pillars of solar fire, extinguished in ... and killers, choose me as their patron You've wandered ... religion Spit on your human aspect, mock your proud ... a billion years I've walked the gangways in the deepest pits of Hell I see in you a

Gaelic Storm - The rocky road to dublin/kid on the mountain lyrics

in the merry month of June, From my ... home I started, Left the girls of Tuam, Nearly broken ... hearted, Saluted father dear, Kissed me darlin' mother, Drank a pint of beer, My

Kshmr - The spook returns lyrics

told you before I told you he would be back But ... you didn´t listen And tonight The Spook returns .. ... . The Spook returns ... One, two, three,

Abs - The dog in me lyrics

.. Is bootylicious, I have to... ooh! Creep upon you as I ... pass you, Wanna blast you, But I didn't wanna ask ... Damn! [Abs:] It's just the dog in me. Got a hold of my cool

Otis Redding - The dog lyrics

the dog, do the dog Do the dog now, baby Come on, do the dog, yeah Do the gog Everybody ... s doin' the dog come on, hey baby Do the ... hound dog, yeah Do the hound dog, baby, come on Let's do the

Gregory And The Hawk - The bolder thing to do lyrics

trying to make up for the one before Climb three ... flights to tremble at the site of your already open ... door The frustration I see when I tell ... you I'd like some company Breaks my heart

The Medic Droid - Its about love lyrics

only letting ourselves Down tonight The rain comes ... pouring over you And doubt the thing you felt When she's ... it Waiting for this night to end On you know and you

Dubliners - The rocky road to dublin lyrics

in the merry month of May from me ... home I started, Left the girls of Tuam so sad and ... broken hearted, Saluted father dear, kissed me darling mother, Drank a pint of beer, me

Demonic Resurrection - The summoning lyrics

Summon Thee Forth. I call upon thee, ... of darkness and terror Unleash your fury on this mortal ... race Oh father, abandon us not in this hour ... oblivion. From this life to your demonic soul With my

Frankie Lymon - The only way to love lyrics

only way to love to love to love to love the only way to ... love the only way to love to love to love to love the ... only way to love You've got to love

Jonathan Coulton - The world belongs to you lyrics

of the clear blue cloudless skies A ... lightning came Were you at least a bit surprised When angels ... spoke your name? They said it's you Who puts the

Ash - So the story goes lyrics

to last a lifetime of course So the story goes And you and I ... were meant to be So the story goes I never meant to ... cause you harm Wouldn't want to see you torn apart But that

Chronology - The way leads to nowhere lyrics

s the land of nowhere Dark side of ... fields With lifeless stones around Hopelessness in my ... mind God, which way I have to choose Pleas give me the ... answer God, give me something I can use Just send

Erasure lyricsErasure - So the story goes lyrics

close my eyes To the sound of the sky and i see ... Birds in the trees in pastures green Nothing to do ... With the time or the place i perceive The rush of

Jape - The hardest thing to do lyrics

forget about the faces And all the things I wasted Forget about what's true ... It's the hardest thing to do Wake up and still stay ... Act like I didn't lose It's the hardest thing to do The

Ashes You Leave - The passage back to life lyrics

of dirty minds Walk through the flowers and colourful ... mountains Where you sense the odour of the sky Where you touch it with your fingers ... Breathe in the air that the sky gives to you Sense the

Gotthard - The oscar goes to you lyrics

you? Who are you in this masquerade? Is your love Just a ... Are you for real Or is still something that I shouldn't know? ... grown traces And I’m in need to really understand. There’s

Mamas And The Papas, The - The right somebody to love lyrics

makes life the sweetest, Bestest, and ... or a Mickey Mouse, But the right somebody to love. Ice ... fine and dandy - But if you ask me, they aren't one, two,

Richard Hawley - The sun refused to shine lyrics

all the guests were guessing there Fake tender smile blinded ... a doubtful eye It's almost to much to bear Give a careless ... rose a thorn for her to needle all her life The

Ganglion - Returns to you lyrics

hitotsu no ito wa togirete myakuutsu you na tokei ... no oto wa yami ni tokete nanimokamo ga me no ... mae o tada toorisugiteyuku madobe ni ... utsuru kisetsu mo itsuka tooku kanjite kanata ni mukau

Running Wild - Return of the dragon lyrics

when the last dragonslayer has been layed by the heels And ... his demonic soul is melting in the holy ... flames of eternal truth The dragon's kingdom will return to free the enslaved soul from

Belphegor - Vomit upon the cross lyrics

mouth Tyranny throughout the centuries of pain Blinded ... zombies followed into the decline Kneeling... in a ... of adoration... Burn the scriptures - f*** your

Mortem - Vomit of the earth lyrics

broken is the silence of the night Unaware is the earth ... of the terrors to come Hear them squirming below Listen to the cracking of the woods ... Rising from the deep, from the bowels of a glowing Hell

Gaelic Storm - The dodgy pint - bonus track lyrics

last Saturday it was me and the lads went on the tear ... Dressed up to the nines looking suave and ... debonair Down to the city center for a mighty ... night o' fun There were colleens to be charmed

The Cramps - Can your p**** do the dog lyrics

You better move along. Cuz the big cats walk at the break of ... dawn. Now doggonnit baby. Oohh I said doggone... Hey can your p**** ... do the dog? Can your p**** do the dog?

Katana - The samurai returns lyrics

set out - side by side With the rising sun in our backs, we ... With honour, we fought for the lords of this land Against the invaders from the west, we

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Its christmas and i hate you lyrics

it's been so long Since we first met And ... honeymoon is over I'd like to forget The night we met You ... lied to me You said that you were ... in here Every year i want to leave you I get the use I

Hillsong United - Tear down the walls lyrics

down the walls see the world Is there something we ... from ourselves Look beyond There is so much more than this ... And I don’t need to see it to believe it I don’t need to

Chamillionaire - The morning news lyrics

between rival factions along the Israeli - Syrian border ... fighters bombed a guerrilla base, Killing at least 49 soldiers and 13 civilians, ... damage to the base is said to be heavy And the Israeli

Azarath - Under the will of the lord lyrics

life's memorial as a gleam of the torch hidden in the night ... A breath of the past so distant and so unreal. An ... illusion of the other side. A soul condemned to

Eve - Dog match (dmx) lyrics

Ugh! Ugh! Now for every real dog There's that bitch that's ... that when that nigga get to missin' She gon' find him ... Old girl gonna stand with the dog Hand in hand with the dog And whatever the f*** went

Insane Clown Posse - Dog beats lyrics

man! *Oh well, must be out then.* *Alright, well then uh, ... No meat man, damn! *Alright then uh, I'll take a salad then.* ... damn salad, man! *Ah, well then what the hell do you have?*

Alan Jackson - Dog river blues lyrics

you on a hollow log Down by the river they call the dog We ... and we vowed that day Like the flow of the river our love ... and we built a house On the bank of the river where the

Klaatu - Dog star lyrics

on a distant star Just as long as you're feeling right ... You could be tripping through the galaxy Lost in a dream, just ... me You reach your arms up to the sky And cast your love

Comecon - The dog days lyrics

iron must suffer corrosion there is but one truth so no ... mom & dad: implosion they are a couple so which one ... die? under his eyes, under the shadow of the gods of reason

Alice Cooper - The nightmare returns lyrics

feeling hazy I just need to rest my eyes But I won't ... go to sleep because it's crazy ... What happens to me in the night Coz when I go to

Pellek - The dragonborn returns (from skyrim) lyrics

I tell you, I tell you, the Dragonborn comes With a ... Voice wielding power of the ancient Nord art Believe, ... believe, the Dragonborn comes It's an

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Puttin' on the dog lyrics

gotta stomp whistle and scream you ... you're mine we're puttin' on the dog tonight we're puttin' on ... the dog tonight we'll be puttin' on the dog tonight puttin' on

Heart - Dog and butterfly lyrics

I was with the old man Stranded again so ... off I'd ran A young world crashing around me No ... no, no, no, no child. See the dog and butterfly. Up in the

Necrophobic - The third of arrivals lyrics

- we vomit on the crucifix Hell - as we come ... demonic cries Fire - from the flames we rise to walk the ... - our wrath will strike upon the skies It's the dawn of

Bauhaus - Hair of the dog lyrics

man who was mortally wounded in war Kept ... on fighting The man who was cut to the quick by love ... Kept on loving The man who was merciless tortured by ... thoughts Kept on thinking The man who was crippled with

The Damned - The dog lyrics

wanders alone through the night A child with eyes ... on her doll- like face The danger's a mystery here As ... she invites you to hold her near Her mirrored

Modern Baseball - The waterboy returns lyrics

help in a bottle or a cut They'll choose the wrong way to ... remember you They'll find the wrong words to say... Hey ... whatcha thinking about? Not to be blunt, but haven't heard

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - Dog days are over (florence and the machine c.. lyrics

a train on a track Coming towards her,stuck still no ... and from it she fled The dog days are over,the dog days ... are done The horses are coming so you ... better run Run fast for your mother,run fast for

Krayzie Bone - The war iz on lyrics

Krayzie] We so thuggish ruggish (the motherf***ing war is on) You ... do like Krayzie Bone Cause the motherf***ing war is on What ... do Say nigga we marching stompin in the big black boots

Jamelia - Beware of the dog lyrics

you want it? You're trying to be cool about it You're ... trying to be big about it You're ... denying You're like a moth to a flame You hardly wane ... what I'm saying He's trying to catch you in it And then he

The Peculiar Pretzelmen - The garden is growing over lyrics

got the black clouds rolling in we ... got that carrion smell on the wind the walls of this ... whole town are closing in the vines are hanging heavy with the fruits of all our sins The garden's growing over into

Cathedral - The voyage of the homeless sapien lyrics

Misty Mourn Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn Summer Faces - ... Poisoned Flowers Thorns Blackbird ... A Jaded Requiem Engine Storm, Earth Reborn Caterpillar

Taylor Dayne - Fool to cry (originally by the rolling stones.. lyrics

She whispers in my ear so sweetly And you know what ... She says Mummy, you're a fool to cry You're a fool to cry ... I got a baby He lives in the poor part of town I go and

Killswitch Engage - The turning point lyrics

these days that pass before me There was an ... Bleeding my spirit This is the turning point, the rising of the tide No fear inside This is ... the change that takes the suffering away No more wasting time Face the pain

Lil Bow Wow - The dog in me lyrics

I'm the hottest thing to hit the block Since the ?? From CO to ATL I keeps it locked Like a ... a triangle Ya heard me? I'm the truth like beans And when it

Nevermore - I am the dog lyrics

quot;The darkwave came again last night. I want it all to ... end, I want the world to end" Every night the ... dream is the same I sit here waiting for

Immortal - The call of the wintermoon lyrics

Demonaz] Buried beneath the mountains of frost Years of ... silent sorrow grim and dark My ... deaths cold crypts of snow The moon chaimed my return With

Jethro Tull - The dog-ear years lyrics

and ropy. Dog-eared old copy. Vintage and ... classic, or just plain Jurassic: all words to describe me ... Relaxed in the knowledge that happily ... present are all things to sustain me, nurture and

Bal-sagoth - The dark liege of chaos is unleashed lyrics

ALTARUS:] You must learn to control your spirit-form, ... Xerxes... for by mastering the art of traversing the mists ... you may effortlessly travel to many places, and many times.

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

Episode IX: The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud ... Gul-Kothoth] [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the ... and resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the

Hecate Enthroned - The slaughter of innocence a requiem for the .. lyrics

time I shall free my wings as our souls align Mortal ... falling in crippling time In the moonlighting darkness, the ... garden divine For invoking the dark, and the blood of its

Redman - The points (d.j. u-neek's remix) lyrics

DJ U-Neek:] From the east coast followers, to the west coast ... riders DJ U-Neek and Violator presents The ghetto's top ... [laughing] [Chorus: Satasha Williams] We're standing

Redman - The points (easy mo bee original version) lyrics

The Notorious B.I.G.:] Uh Uh [Easy Mo Bee:] [scratching] ... our rhyme" [Verse 1: The Notorious B.I.G.] I went ... from Construction Timbs, to Ac's with rims Flippin'

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