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Avenue Q - You can be as loud as the hell you want lyrics

Bad Idea Bear #2: She's wasted! Bad Idea Bears: Yaaay ... Kate Monster: My God, Princeton! Right there! Right ... my left - ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Princeton: Oh, my God, Kate, no

Axxis - Living in a dream lyrics

dream - I've walked on air Was so impressed - by Kiss and ... And here I stand - still in the scene I'm still alive ... - survived - as for my life I truly can say

Oar - Living in the end lyrics

road A million dollar man in a lower class home Chopping ... for needs of a spiritual kind Forever getting lower while ... he tried to be high He was an early morning, evil eyeing

The Frustrators - Living in the real world lyrics

day you've got to wake up, and ... dissappear behind your makeup Take away your ... calendar watch, and you can't keep track until your ... heart attack I'm living in a magazine, page to page in

Cobra Starship - Living in the sky with diamonds lyrics

heart is racing, And the room is heating up ... And her eyes are glazing, But she still can't get ... enough. The beat is pumping, now she's blowing up (blowing up) The last thing on her mind is growing up (growing up)

Michael Heart - Living in sin lyrics

can't keep this up for long You know, you & I We both ... that this is wrong And I think, Id's time, For you to take ... stand now That there is no easy way out But still you've

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Quick as a day lyrics


Ace Of Base - Living in danger lyrics

for yourself Its a wonderful thing ... You can do what you want You can live in a dream Get up, ... get in, get the rhythm, get down ... You're living your life in peace and in harmony You

Billy Talent - Living in the shadows lyrics

no sense Hop on andwagonsb, you make me sick Don´t you ... tell me, what you think is right! When you´re living in the shadows I can tell ... that, you have lost your sight! When you´re living in the shadows Distant loud

Hutchinson Eric - Living in the afterlife lyrics

gets lost inside itself Flash back now as someone else ... Playback your life in the blink of an eye Is this what you ... a picture Take a picture of yourself And say good-bye to

Kill Hannah - Living in misery (feat. amanda palmer of the .. lyrics

And tell me just what do you see Schools that look like ... Look through my eyes As missing children fill the streets ... Joan of Arc and Josephine You can hear them sing We are living in misery, in misery, in

Living In A Box - Living in a box lyrics

up this morning Closed in on all sides, nothing doing ... I feel resistance as I open my eyes Someone's ... fooling I've found a way to break ... through This cellophane line 'Cause I know what's going

House Of Lords - Living in silence lyrics

want to give I want to take I want to run it ... There's so much at stake I want to stand I want to fall I want to spit it out Up against ... to say a word Listen Something like nothing is heard So

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - As young as we are lyrics

Love is all we got and we want it all Love is all we got ... Love is all we got and we want it all My face is numb I ... Break my heart Cut and paste I'll try to down all my

Emma Ruth Rundle - Living with the black dog lyrics

a gun Always with him Always in sin It's shocking like your ... tongue Shocking, how come? I just can't ... believe You’re living like a southern lord Living ... with the Black Dog Living like a... He's coming to LA

Ingram Hill - As long as i'm with you lyrics

wanted more, I wanted to I wanna be nobody's ... I wanna hear that they think about me I need the truth, ... just to breathe I'm still achin' But I'm not breakin' As

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Living in the material world lyrics

m living in the material world Living in the material world can't ... say what I'm doing here But I hope to see ... much clearer, after living in the material world I got

Frightened Rabbit - Living in colour lyrics

in colour, living in colour, I can see the paint ... on your toes, Living in colour Even in the blackout, ... I know I am floating, I, I am floating, With my

Ross Lynch - Living in the moment lyrics

got a smile on my face Moving in my own pace Time I wont ... let it waste now Yeah Work hard if you want it now Lets get the ... momentum up Keep reaching don't ever stop Boom I gots

Cheap Sex - Living in fear lyrics

out my window i watch the sun go down. ... my body is numb and my mind filled with fear i never ... come here! [Chorus:] living, living, living, living in

Classic Case - Living in a dream lyrics

it you or me Or neither one just ... meet That keeps us together in here We overlook the obvious ... The only thing that's odd is that we rush ... To find an antidote and cure what's

Dyslesia - Living in the winter lyrics

these days aren't the same as yesterday And my world keeps ... fading away This rising feeling of emptiness Like a dream ... dying inside of me As if time was frozen whereas I

A Flock Of Seagulls - Living in heaven lyrics

tell me how does it feel You're in the end of your time ... No future no past No reason no rhyme All you friends ... will arise So you have nothing to tell And you think your

Agent Orange - Living in darkness lyrics

at me now, i've got no reason to be like everybody else ... - so dumb, so happy i like things that bite things that ... creep at night everybody's asking me what's it like down

Dark Moor - Living in a nightmare lyrics

in black is coming back there is a Light ... that never fades from unreasonable dreams I can think in black ink about the world ... Tragic World of magic Master War disaster Goya Living in a nightmare Manic Mind in panic Freeman Cult of demon

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Living in the line of fire lyrics

doctor driving in his AUDI in the holy land A soldier ... a bunker with his partner up in Bethlehem To treat the ... patients in cases of the emergency storming in To know who's right, who

Kiss - Living in sin lyrics

know you write me sexy letters, and you send your pictures for my ... wall You found the hotel where I'm ... stayin' And you built up the nerves and then you called Chorus: I'm living in sin (at the holiday inn) At

Kottonmouth Kings - Living in fear lyrics

ahead never slow my roll lightin J’s as I pass your Hi-way ... – On the sidewalk spittin as the cop drive by- piggy starin at me like Im supposed to blink an eye – I don’t fear other

One More Time - Living in a dream lyrics

has to be a dream When I wake up ... here beside you You sleep so peacefully Just how ... happy can two people be You're lying here so close I can ... hear your gentle breathing Your love's my favourite theme

Seelennacht - Living in the night lyrics

was a time you still remember Living in ... dark like a cold November Living in the night The night has ... fallen on your face And desperation's ... grown And then your life it seems to fade And

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Living in chicago lyrics

your happy and marching forward in your band Holding hands together, I will ... understand In my life I'm together on my ... eggshell, and my phone If your mind is in the darkness,

Blondie - Living in the real world lyrics

TWO THREE FOUR!!!) Every day you've go to wake up Disappear ... behind your makeup Take away your calendar watch And you can ... t keep track until your heart attack Hey, I'm living in a magazine, page to page in my submarine Hey now, Cindy,

Eric Burdon - Living in fear lyrics

Where the crime rate is rising There's people out there ... doors and hide They're living in fear Fighting for ... crime and corruption There's innocent people Living in

Buggles - Living in the plastic age lyrics

bed at six am Then the shiny serving clones Run in ... with my telephones Talking fast I make a deal Buy ... what?s real What?s this pain here in my chest? Maybe I

Dj Sammy - Living in a daydream lyrics

Time will carry on. Living in a daydream. Time will ... carry on. Living in a daydream. Time will carry

Dreamaker - Living in fear lyrics

can´t explain all my emotions And I don´t ... The only way To know what I want to say Tell me now what you ... think about me Tell me what are you seeing Lie down by me, feel

Edenbridge - As far as eyes can see lyrics

the traces they stand out in relief the sands running out ... the eve a trough of the sea in emotions lies on the shores ... of your dreams a poignant look of

Jael - Living in between lyrics

m living in between To hours that could ... Between the future and the past Between feelings that wont ... last In a game that i cannot win. Living in between The

2 Live Crew - Living in america lyrics

There's 8 million stories in every city And Americans love ... for TV But America rules, nasty as we wanna be Always #1 ... time than HBO And even Don King should promote talk shows It

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Living in harmony lyrics

s not funny when you're lonely It's much better ... when you're living in harmony With someone you're ... really digging And you want to give it all that you've

Willie Nelson - Living in the promiseland lyrics

Us Your Tired And Weak And We Will ... Make Them Strong Bring Us Your Foreign Songs And We Will Sing Along Leave Us Your Broken ... There's Still A Lot Of Love Living In The Promiseland Living In

Omnium Gatherum - Living in me lyrics

is love Love surrounding a being All too fateful heart ... Evades one from seeing The number of ways In a ... change the pace of the days Into living breathing Living

Plazma - Living in the past lyrics

ries take me back in time To the spring of my ... life When the whole world was mine And I was in the ... water Like a rose without rain Now I'm like a fish out of

Gene Simmons - Living in sin lyrics

know you write me sexy letters, and you send your pictures for my ... wall You found the hotel where I'm ... stayin' And you built up the nerves and then you called Chorus: I'm living in sin (at the holiday inn) At

Ella Fitzgerald - As long as i live lyrics

I can’t live to love you as long as I want to. Life ... enough baby, but I can love you as long as I live. Maybe I ... can’t give you diamonds and things like I want to, But I can

Leo Sayer - Living in a fantasy lyrics

-- you are my reason to liveyou make me shine -- with all the ... love that you giveand when I think of you - ... - I keep driftin' awaylittle by little -- I ... love you more ever dayI lay in bed but I just can't sleepI

Black Abyss - As long as i'm bleeding... lyrics

angels will you find the time To heal the bleeding wounds of mine Stones and ... steel smashed hard on the ground We ... Run aground on an empty coast of hope Silent waves awake

Brandy - As long as you're here lyrics

t let your fear of a broken heart [1 ... - Well as long as you're here Can we sit together ... and work it out? Well as long as you're here Can we ... and work it out? Before you walk out the door Give me

Diana Krall - As long as i live lyrics

I can't live to love you As long as I want to Life isn ... enough baby But I can love you as long as I live Baby I ... can't buy diamonds and things Like I want to But I

Grim Reaper - You'll wish that you were never born lyrics

you, Yeah you. Come here, You gotta prblem? Have now, ha ... If you're coming to get me, make sure that it ... s your day, 'Cause if you're not feeling lucky, then pain's the price you'll pay, If you ever deceive me that's the last thing you'll ever do, Then

Riverside - Living in the past lyrics

of the hollow men Embarrassing Carnival Parade Can't stand ... times are over I'm not going to live like everyone I don ... times are over My future is living in the past I feel like

Jason Mraz - Living in the moment lyrics

traps We put them right in our path When we just wanna ... be free I will not waste my days Making up all kinds of ways To worry about all ... the things That will not happen to me

Marc Anthony - Living in a strange world lyrics

all take chances, tormenting chances fighting letting go ... Not knowing what tomorrow brings hour to hour, day by day ... We pray someday we'll find a place to stay but darkness

Baltimora - Living in the background lyrics

ve come out of hiding by and by (Been ... own) Slowly emerging from the dark (It's ... night) I feel like I've wasted so much time I've

Jane Birkin - Living in limbo lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - Living in fame lyrics

you've got to live up to your name Or else I'll put you ... to shame... Listen! If you say you a selector You a fe ... selection A-and I say if you say you a de special Man I

3 Doors Down - Living in your hell lyrics

say this will be your ride Just in my faith in you Let you have another try You show me of you can do But ... now we're go again Back down demonstrate I'm

Patty Griffin - You never get what you want lyrics

first found me in my holding pen Stopped to take a look ... and stuck your finger in I bit one off and you came ... back again and again Then the nice people let me

H.e.a.t - Living in a memory lyrics

out feeling down yeah Im searching for you tonight You´re out of sight ... Feeling lost you where gone Should have ... cherish the love you gave i know today Standing

Hellion - Living in hell lyrics

into the future, There ain't nothing I can see Everyone ... is trapped inside a false reality Only thinking of yourself is leading you nowhere Do you call that

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