As I Wait We Were Made Stronger In Your Precense lyrics

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The Monkees - We were made for each other lyrics

wanted you from the first day I saw you, The first day I ... looked into your eyes. That's when I knew ... that I would adore you. It was no surprise. We were made

Combichrist - We were made to love you lyrics

were made to love you But our only ... hope to save you, is to terminate you. Humanity is now a ... threat to itself and extermination is the only way. We will start the elimination

Aaron Gillespie - We were made for you lyrics

have come to be with You, come to bring You our ... attention Our affection We’re here to be with You, come ... to bring You all of our praise Here in this place Deep inside our hearts, we wanna

Andrew Belle - In your sleep lyrics

much for medicines and healthy patients We ... ve got a little bit of a situation now, oh oh I ride ... this gurney towards my confession It's just another day in

Sleeping At Last - In the embers lyrics

live and we die Like fireworks Our legacies hide In ... the embers May our stories catch fire And burn bright ... enough To catch God's eye We live and we die Like fireworks We pull apart the

Agent Orange - In your dreams tonight lyrics

your whole life feels incomplete learn this song and ... sing yourself to sleep anger turns ... to hatred - as the nights turn into days people disappoint me in so many different ways close your eyes

Living Colour - In your name lyrics

ve got missiles and tanks We've got bombs and planes We ... ve got plans and people And we do it in your name We've ... you back from where you came We are hurting you to heal you

Kina Grannis - In your arms lyrics

now, let's go quiet to the park where it first ... started Cold night, us lying in the dark I felt my heart was trying to find a place for ... you to stay A place where I'd feel safe Anything we

Cash Cash - We will live ft. night terrors of 1927 lyrics

you so worried 'bout me? What I eat, who I f***, where I wanna sleep We ... re not a plague or disease For you to cure or purify as you please Can't fight

The Format - Wait, wait, wait lyrics

chords we play, ways left to communicate. These roads are paved ... with plans we've made, and your headboards never felt so safe ... Well they'll reach our graves,

Tim Mcmorris - Made to be free lyrics

along, new beginnings and new ends Spendin’ out ... time, with our family and our friends Celebrate, ... with the cool autumn air And we’re livin’ out our lives, as we dance without a

Baby Bash - As days go by lyrics

Chorus: Paula DeAnda] As days go by I'm missing you ... baby Patiently waiting For you To hold you To ... thrill you To feel you Tender kisses Give you the love you've

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Wait til you hear from me lyrics

quot;Wait 'Til You Hear From Me" [intro] This song is about Maria A close friend of mine Who ... lost herself in drugs She told me to wait ... .. She never came back And I'm still waiting She told me:

Despised Icon - Made of glass lyrics

merely took a year for your pledge to disappear. Farewell friend, our ties no longer ... mend. This tale has come to an end. It wasn't ... meant to last. You came and left so fast.

Human Nature - When we were young lyrics

- been and gone When we were young Remember when We ... started out as friends We were one and the same Don't ... even think that I knew your name That was then So many

Electric President - We were never built to last lyrics

on your own now. We’re tired of lending hands. Our ... new agenda: it cuts you from all our plans. ... So get in line, boy. And keep that mouth ... of yours closed. Don’t need opinions. Just work them hands to

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Made to love (feat. kimbra) lyrics

was sent here for you We were made to love We were made ... to love You was sent for me too We were made ... to love We were made to love Oooh I've never

Sick Individuals - Made for this lyrics

for you You don't know a thing about me I could be your ... lover You don't know a thing about me Let me in and I ... will take you over You don't ... know the things I'm gonna show you Come and

Maddi Jane - In your arms lyrics

were in college working part time waitin' tables Left a ... town, never looked back I was a flight risk with a fear of ... fallin' Wondering why we bother with love if it never

Khia - We were meant to be lyrics

feat. Markus Vance) [chorus] We were meant to be I'm that bitch that makes you moan keeps ... that body hot You were made for me I'm that bitch that ... body hot [verse] Me and you we were meant to be But you

Rage - We were the brotherhood lyrics

were the brotherhood We blindly understood Were all we ... needed, it was good Has been as close, just as we ... could But as the years went by I've seen our friendship die And when I look into your eyes It seems you're going

Boy - We were here lyrics

walked these streets like kings, our faces in the wind ... And everywhere we were, we made the city sing We sang &quot ... forever young," we had our fingers crossed And

Hot Chip - Made in the dark lyrics

we fell apart I've been nothing but blue Longing for a night time to bring back my ... youth Every night in motion together apart Apart from ... so dear to my heart We were made in the dark Since I

Saosin - What were we made for? lyrics

imagine we were made, I imagine we were made, I imagine we ... were made, I imagine we were... Woke up again, sweating out all the pores. And ... then I feel it again, I know it's coming again. So I try to

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - We found what we were looking for lyrics

found our strength - we found our way at last We ... found tomorrow - by building on our past We paid our ... dues - we stick together - come whatever ... We're still standin' - didn't fall to pieces Never

Issues - Made to last lyrics

back And no one’s there I feel thunder I won’t ... pretend you’re not Shaking up my world No I took ... you for granted But now I see So let me be the man I

The Cribs - We were aborted lyrics

A breeze blew over exposing A memory so small What is ... it here for Your virility, makes me forget empathy Dig your hole That's what we're ... here for To make you feel important cause you knew we were aborted It's the same things that we're saying all the

Defending The Faith - In your eyes lyrics

and take me higher let us become as one ... Start to feel my desire my heart ain't made to ... stare You came into my life You love hurts like a knife You can't only answer my

Astralion - We all made metal lyrics

sun rose like a blood red star Behind ... mountains of rust A blood red horizon filled with Thick dark ... clouds of dust Night and day hammering away ... Melting steel lighting up the gray The tower of

Rebecca Black - In your words lyrics

can’t see What you don’t realise you once had until you see ... that it’s not free And as for us It’s not clear The ... clouds ain’t always bad if when they fade it’s love

Jupiter One - Made in a day lyrics

day it was explained to me I understood it finally I got ... the letter in the mail I saw the stamp, I knew I'd failed In a way it was better ... than today, it was a special day It was the last time

Chapin Harry - We were three lyrics

old lady on the park bench In the park with just one tree ... Was there from the very first day That you were part of ... me It seemed like she'd been sitting there Since 1000 B.C. And you said,

Icon ( Usa ) - In your eyes lyrics

you've been gone And ever since you went away It's hard ... to go on And it's getting harder every day I think ... of all the things that I've done wrong I'll never

Bo Burnham - We think we know you lyrics

Bo] Thank you so much, I think that I probably should ... ve, uh, ended it on a higher note A big ending or ... whatever, but,'s been "what.", I

Ronan Keating - In your arms lyrics

were always signs of you Hidden in clear view Saw pieces ... cross the landscape of my life Your eyes belong to ... fragments of nostalgia Your hands and your smile too

Sarah Mclachlan - In your shoes lyrics

turn the radio on play your favorite song and cry… cry ... You let it all disappear push back the doubt ... fear they try… try To hold your head under the waves but

Debi Nova - We were young lyrics

the summer you saved me and giving into the love you gave me ... when we were young and life was easy reminisce on the place we'd meet we were all alone on

Quiet Riot - (we were) born to rock lyrics

alive Something in the air We're writing up a brand new ... constitution Don't want to grow old ... Age is in your head Another boy has soul His soul for rock and roll (We were) Born to rock Pull out

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - We were born for this lyrics

at all the choices the choices in this world world ... spreading no freedom freedom for the ... boys and the girls but the boys and the girls they don't know what

Elevation Worship - We were far from you lyrics

time began The world was never meant To carry all our ... sin Before we ran away And lost what you ... had made You planned to take our ... place On the cross You died so we could be alive And

Matt Redman - We could change the world lyrics

we live like Your grace is stronger Than all our faults and failures? Could we live like Your love Is deeper than our ... hearts can fathom Could we live like this? Could we live

Dvbbs - We were young lyrics

were young We were dumb We would do it all again We will never sleep We will stay ... up with our friends Where we go,we dont know Where we go,we dont know These memories will fade but we will do it again We were hight on you

Diana Ross - In your arms lyrics

me, touch me, make me your woman I will love you with sweet surrender Tonight our ... hearts will beat as one So won't you hold me, ... make me your woman Tonight, something in your eyes I

Raised By Swans - We were never young lyrics

spoke through walls too thin to hold, the weight of what ... they heard. So fires crept through spaces long ... soft and blurred. Notes slipped under the doors, frozen

Gang Of Four - We live as we dream, alone lyrics

is in too many pieces No-man's-land surrounds ... our desires To crack the shell we mix ... with others Some lie in the arms of lovers The city is the place to be With no

Of Montreal - We were born the mutants again with leafling lyrics

says I'm boring her camera It takes more to delight the ... cadaver Night eyes on icy patrol Yours were not so ... Nazi feline Mine were as dead as monks And our particles are in motion Night

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - We were born to fly lyrics

again You've been alone awhile And I can use a friend Your shades are down And I've ... been waiting here for you to come around ... And it's not about forgiveness Cause it's all about

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - We were born to fly lyrics

again You've been alone awhile And I can use a friend Your shades are down And I've ... been waiting here for you to come around ... And it's not about forgiveness Cause it's all about

Destine - In your arms lyrics

I take the fall The city lights don't comfort me at all ... Can you recall What got me climbing up the walls I'm out of ... patience I'm still waiting on A brand new break of

Jason Mraz - In your hands lyrics

lines, and places to dine Taking baths and drinkin' wine ... People ask I say I'm doin' fine Motorcycles and for sure ... The Eiffel Tower They were made for two A double bed has

Bullet For My Valentine - Your betrayal lyrics

I going insane (insane) My blood is boiling inside of my veins An evil ... feeling attacks (attacks) My body ... shaking there’s no turning back So take your eyes

Dare - We were friends lyrics

were times we could never say no there were times the cold wind will ... blow yeaye And I wonder where you are tonigth? ... Do you ever really think about the times, I believed

Gareth Emery - We were young (ft. alex & sierra) lyrics

let me begin, On an old dirt track back home, That we ... used to know, Oh, when we were young, Remember the days ... We were wild and on the run, Carving

Priscilla - We were free lyrics

t think you would go With the moon shining low On a ... night like tonight with me But I asked you to be ... Something you couldn't be You were ... free You were free You were free There's a feeling

Priscilla Ahn - We were free lyrics

t think you would go With the moon shining low On a ... night like tonight with me But I asked you to be ... Something you couldn't be You were ... free You were free You were free There's a feeling

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - We were falling in love lyrics

caught a glimpse of waving hair And we're feel better standing there My feet just left ... the floor She realized I'm sure That we were falling in love She looked around

Dillon Francis - When we were young lyrics

know your hopes and dreams They will ... collide Take all your things You'll go and run and hide Do you remember How it ... felt when we were young? Do you remember

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - We were doomed from the start (the king is de.. lyrics

darling. Know any bands for my... ... play my party? Um, I don't know. How 'bout Fall ... Out Boy? The king is dead (Long live the king) ... The king is dead (Long live the king) The king is dead

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - We were us (featuring miranda lambert) lyrics

crosses Railroad ties Oh, Hail Marys Friday nights ... Heartbeat baby Low-beam lights God, I miss when you were mine Chorus: Back when ... that song was a song I could sing along without thinkin bout you every time it

Revive - We were meant to be lyrics

d we drift so far apart? Oh God, it ... breaks our hearts We can hear heavens tears cry ... For wasted years The time for change is now Can you ... hear us calling out? We were meant to be A city on a hill Shine like the stars in

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