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As I Sit And Reminisce About The lyrics

Browse for As I Sit And Reminisce About The song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed As I Sit And Reminisce About The lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to As I Sit And Reminisce About The.

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Mann - Reminisce lyrics

We used to go party Now, I'm in the club all alone Now, ... I reminisce Now, I reminisce over you, my girl Now, I reminisce Now, I reminisce over you,

Tupac Shakur lyricsTupac Shakur - Tupac 5 deadly venomz lyrics

2Pac talking:] [*laughs*] We're going ... platinum nigga, we going platinum [2Pac:] Yeah, you got the Live Squad in this motherf***er We get my nigga

The Verve lyricsThe Verve - Sit and wonder lyrics

I sit and wonder, yeah I often wonder I sit and ... wonder 'bout the things she does I sit and ... wonder, I often wonder, I've been waiting for this ... to come Yeah, she's the teacher and I'm the pupil

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Sky's the limit lyrics

said the sky is the limit Well I guess it all depends ... on you And your views In this American dream Don't tell ... me that the sky is the limit Cause it ain't about what

Atmosphere - Yesterday lyrics

V1] I thought I saw you yesterday But I didn ... t stop, 'cause you was walkin' the opposite way I guess I ... out your name But even if it was you, I don't know what I

Bloc Party - Where is home lyrics

the funeral, breaking cola nuts We sit and reminisce, about the past and in ... her voice, only sadness her only ... son, taken from her... In every headline, we are, reminded, that this is not home,

Willie Nelson - Forever and ever amen lyrics

may think that I'm talking foolish You heard that I'm ... wild and I'm free You may wonder how, I ... can promise you now This love that I feel for you, ... always will be Your not just time that

Jedi Mind Tricks - The rage of angels lyrics

Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Yeah Jedi Mind Tricks ... My man Stoupe holdin' me down Yeah, yeah It's ... been five years since you've been locked in the ... pen And not to mention all the f***ing drama it bring You

The Kinks - Did ya lyrics

for a walk down the Old King's Road, To see if anybody ... was there. But there was nobody home at 3 Bywater ... Street, And they had sold Cadogan Square. And I remember myself in my tie

Jefferson Airplane - The ballad of you and me and pooneil lyrics

you were a bird and you lived very high, knew even the ... wind as the breeze came by, say to the wind as it took you away, That ... s where I wanted to go today" And

At The Skylines - The amazing atom (ft. kellin quinn) [acoustic.. lyrics

took my heart away and with His hands we'll take it back ... deceiving tongue of a serpent you've ... twisted your ways now demise is your path Now I'm feeling

At The Skylines - The amazing atom (ft. kellin quinn of sleepin.. lyrics

took my heart away and with his hands we'll take it back, ... Deceiving tongue of a serpent, You ... ve twisted your ways, now demise is your path. Now I'm

Bt The Roots - Dont see us lyrics

yo yo P-5-D uncut Check it out, yo yo, S-P uncut Yo yo ... what P-5-D uncut, yeah yeah it's that Philly shit Yo yo, ... check it out, yo yo Chorus 2x

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - The song we were singing lyrics

a while, we could sit, smoke a pipe And discuss ... all the vast intricacies of life We could jaw through the night Talk about a range of ... subjects, anything you like Oh yeah But we always

No Use For A Name - The dregs of sobriety lyrics

hope someday that we can sit and talk above the surface For ... now I'm drowning in a sea of you The irony of ... alcohol and this conversation piece Is exactly what we

Agnostic Front - Sit and watch lyrics

sit and watch as time goes by My ambitions are ... Whatever happened to the way things were? The way things used to be Broken glass from a stolen car Drug

The Classic Crime - The happy nihlist lyrics

am a happy nihilist, no absolute truth does exist When I decide to shake my ... fist, I only got myself to blame ... Cause we’re all players and life's the game I only take

Devil You Know - "as bright as the darkness" lyrics

ve become the ghost you know Where time ... moves too slow It's been far too long Since I ... ve seen another face In this empty space When you've ... seen it all It becomes so clear That each

2pac lyrics2pac - 5 deadly venomz lyrics

Yeah hehehahaha, we goin platinum nigga! Plaahahatinum.) ... Yeah, you got the Live Squad in this motherf***er We got my ... nigga Treach from Naughty by ... Nature in this motherf***er My nigga Apache up in

Lo Key - The creep ft. mr. liqz & samson samson lyrics

at you through the window I am the creep that is sinful I wanna watch your body dance ... slow Pop it on me to the tempo F*** me until I'm ... bored By the end of it I will be sure To chloroform that

Radical Face - The scarecrows are marching lyrics

wisdom teeth still stab my cheek And I'm ... always sucking aspirin The life I stole is full of holes And my pants don't fit me right ... My dreams are old and faded and My head feels thick and

Mika lyricsMika - Stuck in the middle lyrics

sit and think about the day that you’re gonna die, ... ‘Cos your wrinkled eyes betrayed the joy with which you smiled. Care to ... see my reason? Care to put your life in

Rodney Atkins - About the south lyrics

pickles, drunk chicken, craw fishing in the creek Wild ... turkey, deer jerky tough as Tarzan's feet Hot women skinny swimmin', barely belly ... button deep Turn muddy river water into sweet, sweet

Badly Drawn Boy - The long way round lyrics

and wait for the day Where your life might ... change And that day never comes This is ... rule number one All the changes must come from you Is the second rule Take a long

Rilo Kiley - The good that wont come out lyrics

s get together and talk about the modern age All of our friends were gathered there with their pets just talking shit About how we're all so upset about the dissapearing ground As we

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The empty world lyrics

stiff as toys And tall as men And swaying like the wind torn trees She talked about the empty world With eyes like poison birds She talked about the armies That marched inside her head And how they made

Acid Reign - The fear lyrics

sit and wait for the last straw Never knowing when crime will strike you down Society has sentenced you to be a ... prisoner A prisoner of your body and your

Bette Midler - The folks who live on the hill lyrics

men with lofty aims strive for lofty goals. Others ... play at smaller games, being simpler souls. I am of the ... latter brand. All I want to do Is to find a spot

Narita - As long as i'm here (for you) lyrics

you ever felt that everything is changing constantly Have ... ever seen what we are becoming rapidly Did you ever stop and think about the world ... surrounding you Did you ever stop and this it’s

Phil Ochs - The war is over lyrics

soldiers on a silver screen Framed in fantasies and dragged in dream Unpaid actors of the mystery The ... mad director knows that freedom will ... not make you free And what's this got to do with me

Alela Diane - The alder trees lyrics

can hear the elders whispering in words so sweet and low The alder trees were listening to ... songs been sung before My friend and I collecting skeletons

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Forget about the world lyrics

had to take the time 'Cause you had to make up ... your mind You really didn't want to choose But you ... had too much to lose Time was passing by Didn't have it on

Smokie - Think about the night lyrics

you close your eyes tonight Think of what we had Don ... true romance Oh, we had it all A love so bright Like ... a diamond in the sky Before you sleep and

Drake lyricsDrake - About the game remix(feattrey songz) lyrics

DRAKE:] It's Southern Smoke Boy ! Ho, Yeah, Uh ... huh It's Trey Songz and uh, D-R-A-K-K-E Ahahaha, the ... are here man Ayo Track, I got something mean for this

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The talisman lyrics

I stand and look about the port And contemplate my life will I ever see my ... countrymen again As the captain calls us on the deck ... I take my things and walk To the harbourside I

Joe Walsh - The worry song lyrics

I worry about my present situation My bookie says my ... odds are next to none But I'd worry if my chances were improving I got ulcers from the worrying I've done And they

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - About the boy lyrics

intro] Something about Something about the boy ... Something about Something about the boy Something about ... Something about the boy [Jade] Just something

Oar - About and hour ago (the gas was low) lyrics

was a man on the road bout an hour ago and he ... was looking for a ride to New Mexico Well we was ... driving by Way too fast to know Well then we got to the place on a high speed chase There was a girlie in the corner

Hey Monday - The one that got away lyrics

me up too late Call me the one that got away You locked ... locks were made to break I'd rather die a thousand ... deaths anyway I can run I can fly You can kiss this thing goodbye Call me out and

Legend - The screaming screen lyrics

me, break me up and shake, shake, shake me up. I’ve never been a mother f***er ... who wanted to sit and stare at the tv screen. Brainwashed and f***ed up from the

Nahko And Medicine For The People - Vultures of culture lyrics

it to ya with Sister Golden Hair Surprise on the road We be ... passing through Montana these days, brah Oh, but we in Idaho right now, man We been ... postin' up on the side of the river With a good fireplace and a marshmallow bag And our

Plastic People Of The Universe, The - The universe symphony and melody about plasti.. lyrics

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text...

Linda Ronstadt - The dolphins lyrics

world may never change Not the way it's been And all the ... ways of war Can't change it back again I've been ... searching for the dolphins in the sea Sometimes I wonder do

Loreena Mckennitt - The lady of shalott lyrics

either side of the river lie Long fields of barley and ... of rye, That clothe the world and meet the sky; And ... thro' the field the road run by To many-towered

Mandy Moore - We can never know about the days to come lyrics

me I think I'm falling In love again When I get that ... crazy feeling, I know I'm in trouble again I'm in ... 'Cause you're a rambler and a gambler And a sweet-talking-ladies man And you love

Silverstein - Discovering the waterfront lyrics

will promise myself I won't care distracting ... myself from your stare and I've seen this mistake once ... before with your games I will never fall for I've hung

Kendrick Lamar - The heart pt. 2 lyrics

Intro: excerpt from interview with Dash Snow] I'll tell ... you what I don't believe in, can I do that? Alright, I ... don't believe in the, in laws, or the system by any

Machine Men - The gift lyrics

is not your friend God doesn't know you at ... all You will prove the end of creation From the brightness to dust Oceans and ... lakes will dry out Then you'll take your step into the gloom Now your love turns

Natalie Merchant - The blind men and the elephant lyrics

men of Hindustan To learning much inclined went to see the Elephant Though all of them ... were blind That each by observation ... Might satisfy his mind Satisfy his mind, satisfy his mind

Lp lyricsLp - The darkside lyrics

s go back and talk about the beginning And what we liked ... so much about each other then And I hope you're happy with your ordinary life It's the wrong place, the wrong time, the darkside Hoppin' bars in the summertime And no one cared if you lost your mind But you

Helia - The siberian lyrics

m running from your memory deep in the woodsI try to escape but I ... only wish I could.I still hear your voice, it haunts ... me forever. Forgetting you is for the best, to be alone was the only choice left.Keeping the good memories and forget about the rest. Stray away from

Nok From The Future - About the youth (smoke and drive) lyrics

Hook (x2)] Ain't shit to do out here just smoke and drive Smoke and drive Smoke ... and drive Smoke and drive Ain't shit to do out ... here just smoke and drive [Verse 1] I can't live my

Goodbooks - The illness lyrics

up, rise with the morning sun Lay down your love, and put your lipstick on And ... forget about the pain you gave And blur your ... eyes, paint through and through To keep the world

Alesana - And now for the final illusion lyrics

. Wake up... My eyes open wide as I wake, panting, some ... that dreams have deeper meaning. That they are cries from ... our subconscious. I feel strangely compelled to

Bloody Hammers - The witching hour lyrics

daylight we prepare Check all the ... locks leave no windows bare Cause you know we ... must absolutely sure All the lights go down In this petrified and forsaken town We side with caution from the impure It's the time of much

Chalice (australia) - The jesters banquet lyrics

must be remiss when their prospects of bliss Will abandon all reason to blend with ... decay A banquet of fools in the lunatic season The cards ... that I've dealt are so vulgar today

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - The right moment lyrics

on another wheel Going round in slow motion Caught up in ... another dream Drifting on a blue ocean When you ... turn your world around When will you surrender And wake up

Saves The Day - As your ghost takes flight lyrics

last time that I saw you, August of '99, I ... should've had my hammer and a few rusty spikes to nail ... you on a wall and use bottles to catch your ... blood and display you for the neighbors so they know your time had come. And I'd drink

Sick Of It All - The future is mine lyrics

to save me leave me alone with your sick polluted soul if you want to save me leave me ... alone the future's mine It's such a waste of precious time, precious years precious

Eminem lyricsEminem - The re-up ft. 50 cent lyrics

Intro - Eminem] [Beatboxing] Yeah, we should do something like that... [Chorus - ... chop Boom boom chop, Yeah, das whats up Boom boom chop, ... b-boom, Shady [Verse 1 - Eminem] There's never been this, much of a menace in this

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