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Arm A Nation, The Woidbine lyrics

Browse for Arm A Nation, The Woidbine song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Arm A Nation, The Woidbine lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Arm A Nation, The Woidbine.

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Airged L'amh - The silver arm lyrics

hear the chant of three spells War ... witches ease my pain The sword of light will lead the ... way Eyes cold and cruel I am dreaming Far out of space and time The Mochin' word shaking my mind I am in trance

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The one on the right is on the left lyrics

once was a musical troupe A pickin' singin' folk group They sang the mountain ballads And the folk songs of our land ... They were long on musical ability Folks thought they

Bulletproof Messenger - Arm yourself lyrics

is the way of the bold and the fallen Breaking our backs on ... the weight of nothing Slow as it goes there's no time to ... expose we Live in our lives and pretend it's all right and

Matt Pond Pa - The crush lyrics

off the crush It started with my arm Across your ... chest It was enough There is so much That never ... goes away There is a crush From how our arms can

The Decemberists - The sporting life lyrics

fell on the playing field The work of an errant heel The ... din of the crowd and the loud commotion Went deafening silence and stopped ... emotion The season was almost done We managed it 12

Golden Earring - The sad story of sam stone lyrics

Stone came home, To his wife and family After serving in the conflict overseas. And the ... time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And ... left a little shrapnel in his knee. But the

Gorefest - The war on stupidity lyrics

to the tribes, Back to the nations. A global war On globalisation. Arm yourself for the sake of common sense. Shoot ... straight in the name of life's defence. Shoot

Suede lyricsSuede - The living dead lyrics

I was the wife of an acrobat... Could of had it all.. ... .Could of had it all... Where's all the money ... gone? - I'm talking to you, All up the whole in your arm,

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - The young black lyrics

Intro: Ghostface Killah (Raekwon)] Yeah... mm-hmm, yea.. ... . yea... Yea... (what is it lord?) yo [Ghostface Killah (Raekwon) {both}:] ... Shootout in Stechman's, fire in the city {a block

Crimfall - The writ of sword lyrics

we truly claim that war isn't the heart unchained The will and the action performed in their purest form As reach of ... god's arm is always the blade of his followers This was

Elbow lyricsElbow - The bones of you lyrics

I'm there Charging around with a juggernaut brow ... Overdraft, speeches and deadlines to make Cramming ... commitments like cats in a sack Telephone burn and a

Saviour Machine - The birth pangs lyrics

have had our last chance, The arm is at the door. Evil is ... erupting, it is coming. His agents are at hand. Atheistic ... passion breathes a wave of persecution. Locked

Group Home - The legacy lyrics

Melachi The Nutcracker Yo this is the Nutcracker, youknawhatI'mmsayin? I ... got my mine Lil Dap, and my man Guru from Gang Starr With ... my man DJ Premier on the track So sit back, and hold your

Abominant - The ecstasy of sufferance lyrics

the war I come. The new king of this kingdom. A ... new beginning has begun. The time is now for everyone. I ... practice an art called pain. Feel my wrath and see the

Lowkey - Obama nation (part 2) lyrics

don’t, I don’t want no, Obama, Obama Nation I’m not gonna, ... vote for your inauguration 'Cause I don’t need your ... Obama, Obama Nation I’m not gonna Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is

Kacy Hill - Arm's lenght lyrics

come and go and you'll stay as you please Convinced a ... moment's time is all that I need These temporary ... highs can't make me believe That your ... feelings are true  Holding out your hand While you turn your head

Hadouken - The bounce lyrics

give up your day job (day job) Don’t give up your day ... job, boy (Don’t give up your day job) Don’t give up your day ... job (day job) What do you mean? This is my day job you

Jeff Buckley - The sky is a landfill lyrics

around the park Joining hands in silence Watch the evil ... black the sky The storm has ripped the shelter Of ... is no mystery to us now. Leave your spirit genocide The cancer you won't remove We cast

Park Shin Hye - Arm pillow lyrics

gakkairo wa.. ni nundongjae..bichineun nareul boge.. na ... pyojeong jieumyeo.. ni sarang meoggo..masigo issneun ... geonji.. haru haru kkumman gata..neo ttaemune nan.. Oh

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Twist my arm lyrics

she blows, Jacques Cousteau Hear her sing so sweet and ... low Lull me overboard, out cold Gathered in and ... swallowed whole Do I want to with all that charm? Do

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The law lyrics

many times did you call me And I knew it was late I left ... But I never went straight I don't claim to be ... guilty But I do understand There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand

The Dubliners - The nightingale lyrics

I went a walking one morning in May I ... met a young couple so far did we stray And one was a ... young maid so sweet and so fair And the other was a ... soldier and a brave Grenadier And they kissed so

Muse lyricsMuse - The globalist lyrics

were never truly loved You have only been betrayed You ... nurtured By churches or the state You were left ... unprotected To these wild and fragile lands But you can rise up like a god Arm

Primal Fear - Nation in fear lyrics

this planet From far out a space The pearl in a shadow of darkness A fled into nowhere, ... without destiny These human killers, victim's won't be ... seen About progression - without charity Nation in fear - why are

John Cougar Mellencamp - The face of the nation lyrics

this life Sometimes it breaks my heart Seein' old people ... goin' downtown Stumblin' their way through the dark And the little babies cry For their ... mothers' warmth Sometimes I feel so

Josh Ritter - The curse lyrics

opens his eyes falls in love at first sight With the girl ... in the doorway What beautiful lines and how full of ... life After thousands of years what a face to wake up to

All Gone Dead - The holy city of karbala lyrics

story starts here with bloodshed on our ... hands And the setting takes place in an oil infested land As the raging fire, now ... begins to grow A city becomes a victim and they don’t know One nation,

Insane Clown Posse - The shaggy show lyrics

Detroit, deep within Zug Island's industrial waste ... depositories, it's Shaggyyyyyyyyyy Tiiiiime! [Shaggy 2 Dope:] Hey! How ya doin ... down there? I've got mice here! Alright! What up y'all? Welcome

Nicole Scherzinger - Club banger nation lyrics

la, la, la, La, la, La, la, la, la, la, La, la, la. ... Club Banger Nation! Tell me, can you feel ... it? Tell me, can you feel it? The Club Banger Nation! RedOne! Nicole

Deathstars - New dead nation lyrics

you feel how the bullet took you Did you feel ... how easily your life got shed Did ... you feel how the system shot you 9mm through ... your f***ing head I love it and I hate it and I take it and I feed it I

Dr.acula - Nation lyrics

in time for a decade of heresy. A nation born ... on pain and disbelief. We are a permanent structure. One ... nation over god. Hunger struck a beaten down to the ground.

The Dubliners - The rebellion (medley of the songs) lyrics

history of Ireland is a history of oppression And the struggle of the people against it The history of grasping landlords And coniving ... politicians who sought to deprive the

Oyster Band - The early days of a better nation lyrics

fall asleep with the TV on Wake with an ache it's another ... week gone And consider how my light was ... spent And where it was that the real thing went I asked a

Keel - Arm and a leg lyrics

s ready to fight if the price is right He don't need ... to reason Into the ring and everyone sings This sport ... has no season A fighter by trade, the choice

Lunatic Gods - Nation of the blind lyrics

re the nation of the blind Underground We're the ... nation of the hard In the night You never see the ... light I am just a worm Hiding all my life in darkness There is nothing more

Sammy Hagar - The revival lyrics

listen Listen up, it's party time Bring on 1999 Hit ... it! (Na na na na na, come on) The Revival ... (rejuvenation) wooh (Na na na na na, come on) The Revival

Aaron Carter - The clapping sound lyrics

1] 3, 6, 9 The goose drank wine The monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line The ... line broke, the monkey got choked And they all went to heaven in a little

Darkest Hour - The sadist nation lyrics

nation under the gun Where forward thinking ... is shunned A morbid tradition Of archaic value ... violence justified Is just another pride Under the surface lies A holy plastic empire

The Enemy - Nation of checkout girl lyrics

nation of the finest shopkeepers Now a nation of cloudy eyed checkout ... girls Career opportunities love You can stack the shelves Or if you ... re lucky you can work the tills And all the lads are packed off fighting Now that

New Model Army - Arm yourselves and run lyrics

up high on a Belgrade wall in 1991 I saw the words of ... a prophet in a ten-foot scrawl Arm yourselves and run ... Now the streets are quiet for the closing deals

Nightmare (fra) - Children of the nation lyrics

the time, when the days of glory have arrived The ... last in line have saved our sons They've trained ... for years for their awards To pay the price or die They make you feel the kisses of their swords Until you lie

Belle Stars - The clapping song lyrics

six-nine the goose drank wine The monkey chewed tobacco on the ... street car line The line broke the monkey got ... choked and they all went to heaven in a little row boat Clap

Nocturnal Rites - One nation lyrics

world was growing colder They watched from far away How man was weakened still In his ... final day How fear became his shadow The feeble lead ... the blind Another hell begins You're next in

Pale Young Gentlemen - The crook of my good arm lyrics

start to worry about your health as you reach a certain age. So in a careful tongue, I ... have chosen one, that I believe is safe in the ... crook of my good arm. All the liars I know tell me the

Raised Fist - Nation of incomplete lyrics

of your business How ready is your conscience to ... dismiss The reality that comes along? Once you start ... to dig, you'll be scared It won't take too long All this built for business and

Firelake - The city of ghost lyrics

causes nation tears Destroying reality Forget ... child’s smile here Get ready to emptiness Reactor ... chain produces chain reaction Atoms rotate in eagerness of timely fraction The world of science applauses in

Pythia - Cry of our nation lyrics

s no beginning there will be no end 'Til every ... enemy becomes a friend The will fall on the battlefield ... that we defend To the cry of our nation There's

Cryptic Slaughter - Nation of hate lyrics

this country, we live and we die Paranoid violence, ... we’re sick of your lies Hatred runs deep in the eyes of the youth Your prejudice is ... sickening, We’ll make the our own truth A country’s

Crystallion - The bravest of the brave lyrics

am the brave, the rider in the storm I am the rear of the ... elite Under the sign of freedom I was born Faith is my armour, pride my ... shield But I had a dream, our nation's free The

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Horse nation lyrics

they come And they come See them prancing ... They come neighing They come A horse nation See them prancing They neighing ... come See them prancing They come neighing And they

Deuce - The one lyrics

m supposed to be the one who brings us all together Weak or strong, not just a ... song We sing along when things go wrong You ... will need me when you fall And I'll need you when I'm

Doomsword - The great horn lyrics

my infinite journey I, at last, return To my native lands ... of the ancient gods of old Under a ... boulder I found the legendary great horn The moment is

George Jones - The baptism of jesse taylor lyrics

baptized Jesse Taylor in Cedar Creek last Sunday Jesus gained a soul and Satan lost a ... good right arm They all cried hallelujah when Jesse ... s head went under 'Cause this time he went under

The Kinks - Shepherds of the nation lyrics

by Mr. Black The Do-Gooders Down with sex and sin, Down with pot, ... heroin. Down with pornography, Down with lust. Down ... with vice lechery and debauchery. We are the new

Lonewolf - The birth of a nation lyrics

the year 9 before Christ was born Took place a battle that changed Europe Greatest ... defeat ever seen of the mighty roman legions Often ... seen as the birth of the German nation Germania Magna's clans gathered and fought the invader as one As the Roman

Joseph Arthur - Nation of slaves lyrics

live in a time where we're all gonna fall apart and ... chemicals rising up over the sun A nuclear mind evolution ... of human heart Is the creation we're gonna become Nation of slaves, we all say that I can't find my way without

For Today - Arm the masses lyrics

the masses! For too long, we have lived like captives. Now we ... fight for freedom. Arm the masses! [x2] Godless generation, turn around! [x3] Turn ... your face away. The weapon I hold separates soul from

Freedom Call - Hero nation lyrics

the times When we were young and wild The beautiful times ... Under blue blue skies Now the years have gone by And we realized Creation's divine We

Fear Factory - The industrialist lyrics

quot;They say the world was coming to an end... Well... ... It was by our own hand Turned out the world kept ... turning Only we ended All the evidence was there... The

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