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Social Distortion - I was wrong lyrics

when I was young I was so full of fear I hid behind ... anger, held back the tears It was me against the world I was sure that I'd win But the ... world fought back, punished me for my sins I felt so

A R I Z O N A - I was wrong lyrics

I can see the doubt in those eyes Even though you ... try to hide it There's not much to figure ... out 'Cause I know why And I won't try to fight it, try to

Nick Mason - I was wrong lyrics

I used to think this talk of spaceships Was ... just so much hype I really believed there was ... nothing out there Except the ... Stars and the Stripes I mean the scientists said they

Kosheen - I was wrong lyrics

s not easy, for someone like me, to always see both sides. But in this situation I ... d agree, yeah all right. I was wrong, I was wrong. I'm ... sorry it took so long, to come clean

Lisa Marie Presley - I was wrong lyrics

truth, well you wouldn't believe me You wouldn't believe ... me at all I always thought that he never ... loved me That he didn't love me at all I was wrong I was wrong He loved me all

Bell Book & Candle - I was wrong lyrics

are we free hope become reality Am I free but only in my mind We are saved are we ... the cradle to the grave Am I saved but only in this mind ... I've come to the conclusion my escape was an illusion

Sleeperstar - I was wrong lyrics

saw you fell asleep While you were reading Pages on ... your face You had been weeping And I saw What it was ... That I had done But last night We fell apart And broke

Sloan - I was wrong lyrics

your eyes Move with the flow Compromise just ... let it go, it’s ok Look at me then look ... away The sorry state of our lives today until I say I was ... wrong You were right Open up just let me in

2am - I was wrong lyrics

jal jal jalmotaesseo Ni mari dal dal dalkomhaeseo Maennal ... wanna hurt me? Why are you doin' this to me? Why? Neoui ... dareun namjadeul yaegi An jodaneun haengsildeul

Chris Stapleton lyricsChris Stapleton - I was wrong lyrics

ve been thinking 'bout my thoughtless words ... And I know just how much they must ... have hurt And I take it back Won't you let me take it back You know I told you

Badly Drawn Boy - I was wrong lyrics

always hoped I'd build my world around you And it ... s a miracle I ever found you Do the ... colours of the rainbow radiate to everyone Now I don't ... know how I could live without you But certainly I

Meat Loaf - You're right, i was wrong lyrics

ve listened when you said I'd miss you Should've listened but I could not hear ... You said I'd want you back I said not a chance Now I can ... see I was so blind You're right I was wrong To ever leave you I made

Planet Funk - I was better off lyrics

everyday Words that have nothing to say Well, I'll find ... something someday I thought that I was better off ... I was wrong I am where I don't belong In a flash I am

Marcus Foster - I was broken lyrics

was tied, but now unbound my head is off the ground For a long time I was so weary Tired of ... the sound, I've heard before The gnawing ... of the night time at the door Haunted by

Robert Pattinson - I was broken lyrics

was tied but now unbound My head is ... off the ground For a long time I was so weary Tired of ... the sound, I've heard before The gnawing ... of the night time at the door Haunted by the

Phantom Planet - I was better off lyrics

Words that have nothing to say Well I'll find ... something, someday [Chorus:] I ... thought that I was better off, I was wrong, I ... am where I don't belong In a flash, I am gone, to

New Years Day - I was right lyrics

never knew that I was dealing with a graduate with a ... major in defensive and a minor in excuses It's not that ... hard to say you're wrong, admit oh, go on, go on You know I wouldn't want to make you

Dolly Parton - Because one of us was wrong lyrics

m sorry I was weak enough to step out on ... you Well I should have been strong ... not to step out on you too I know that I hurt you And I ... stepped out for spite Because one of us was wrong Don't mean the other one was

Skunk Anansie - I believed in you lyrics

like to invite you To this pretty little thing Where ... the fruits of your labors Are eaten ... by the queen Yeah I’d like to bequest you A seat with ... greedy boys But I’m sorry, I’ma stop you, at the door I

Everything But The Girl - Wrong lyrics

wanted everything for a little while Why shouldn't I I ... wanted to know what it was like I pushed you too far And ... you started laying down the law Til I didn't

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Wrong lyrics

kissed your lips - you said that I was wrong. I kissed ... your cheek - you said that I make you weak. I kissed your ... head - I guess that I am not fair. I touched your

Evergrey - Wrong lyrics

unanswered calls Just put it all to sleep Lay it all to ... rest I need to rid the doubt To believe again ... To even breathe in the same way But someone

Murder By Death - I came around lyrics

lined up the street A procession for the thief The men were ... howled As they professed their grief A smoke was lying ... on his lips And in his hand a rusty flask Even in

Kalan Porter - Wrong lyrics

knows what was in my head But I guess it all ... came out Can't believe that I said what I just said Tell ... me what's it all about You know I don ... t mean to hurt you And I just want to tell you That I

Josh Gracin - I don't want to live lyrics

know you said when I left, Id regret every word Every ... breathe, every step, every minute without you, go do what ... you have to I know I said you were wrong Id move on It was only a matter of time till Id make it without you but

Airborne Toxic Event, The - Wrong lyrics

my young life I’ve been trying to say Just one thing right And now We’ve come to ... the day You’re here in my arms I don’t know what ... to say I believe I was wrong Probably most of my life Am

Cheap Trick - Wrong all along lyrics

wrong all along I've been wrong all along You never hit me ... more than lightenin' I can't understand it myself I ... guess I was wrong Now that you're gone I have

Deacon Blue - I was right and you were wrong lyrics

was right and you were wrong girl Nothing lasts forever Inside every one of us There's ... only so long I believe the longest day girl The ... lovely light of May girl If asked if I could ever leave

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - I was hoping lyrics

we were taking outside it was cold we were shivering yet ... by the subject matter my wife is in the next room we’ve ... been having troubles you know please

Neil Diamond - I'm on to you lyrics

no more, I'm on to you Know the score ... and I'm on to you Take anything you want Baby, I'm movin' ... on You can complain, rant and cry Can't deny ... Baby, I'm on to you Talk your talk

Good Riddance - Wrong again lyrics

saw you from a distance somehow i knew our ... paths would cross someday in my eyes you could do no wrong i never thought i'd ever ... have someone like you you came at a time

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - I was gonna cancel lyrics

was gonna cancel then I looked into the sky, Knew ... won't prevent the sun to shine I was gonna cancel then ... took a sec to realize All the disappointment

Foreigner - I have waited so long lyrics

have waited oh, so long Please don't ... tell me baby I was wrong Dreaming of you every night ... Holding back until the time was right I've counted the ... days, day after day Since we've been apart Now I've

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - ( i can't make it ) another day ft. lenny kra.. lyrics

My life Has taken me beyond the ... only one that can take me this far I’ll be forever searching for your love Whoooa Michael and Lenny: I’ll admit

Danger Danger - I don't need you lyrics

may name Keep all my shit just go away You suck me ... dry, leaving me numb I curse the day I whispered ... re the one, the one, the one I was wrong, I was wrong, I was

Tim Mcgraw - I didnt know it at the time lyrics

thought that my first love would be my wife But ... in junior high she moved away from here I ... would always be my best friend I haven't talked to him, in 15 years Back when I had

Tom Odell - I thought i knew what love was lyrics

thought it was easy I thought you could choose I ... thought that if you tried hard Then you couldn't ... lose I thought it was pleasure I thought it was ... pure Oh I thought I knew what love was 'till I

Alela Diane - I thought i knew lyrics

was the last day of the year It was coming down in sheets I ... was sitting on the street Soaked ... through from the sleet I'd had too much to drink I ... called you up and drew you in I thought I knew but I was wrong You came to my town, I

B. B. King - I need you baby lyrics

I need you baby Yes I need you baby Oh I need you ... Come on back home to me I'll make it all up to you, ... woman Just you wait around and see I was wrong baby I thought I was having

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - (i cant make it) another day lyrics

life Has taken me beyond the ... only one that could take me this far I'll be forever searching for your love I walked ... away but I was wrong (I can't make it another day)

Naomi King - I miss you lyrics

I find that Im dreaming And not when Im sleeping Its when Im awake Recently Ive found that Im missing My ... heart, it keeps screaming That I made a mistake I

Deee-lite - I had a dream i was falling through a hole in.. lyrics

Oh precious land You're in the wrong hands Stretched ... every way like a rubber band I'm calling ... to all Earth fans Come on, give a damn, and take a stand

Diana Krall - I'm pulling through lyrics

m pulling through and it's because of you When I was ... stranded came your helping hand Lonely, hurt I had ... not known which way to turn 'Til you said, ... "Try smiles, not tears, just laugh and

Rancid - I aint worried lyrics

ain't worried about a god damn thing I ... hear them talking. I ain't listening Listening How many ... times did you tell me I was wrong But I didn't listen to you

Royce Da 5'9" - I ain't coming down lyrics

m floatin' away without leavin' the groouund, groouund; ... (ground!) They askin' me (me!) - "What's it ... like up theeeere? " ... (theeeere!) I tell 'em: "IIII ain't

Eva Cassidy - I never thought lyrics

has been a special day An anniversary, a request That you ... play your piano as the evening sun slowly sets I never ... thought I get this old dear Never had a reason

Sade - I would never have guessed lyrics

know that the damage is already done There's no going back I would never have ... guessed We'd come to this I know that it hurts To turn ... you away But I know All that I was wrong

Another Messiah - I never noticed lyrics

I look back on all the time in the playground at home I ... you were always alone What I remember then, the sun, the ... lemonade but you, you stayed inside We always rang to get

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - I'll be on my way lyrics

sun is fading away That's the end of the ... day As the June light turns to moonlight I'll ... be on my way Just one kiss and I'll go Don't hide the ... that don't show As the June light turns to moonlight I'll

Girls Aloud - I say a prayer for you lyrics

when you watched me sleeping, oooh And I'd pretend I didn't know I gave you everything worth giving Please don't ... worse regret me, no Pretending I'm OK No regrets today

The Material - I´d be lying lyrics

day I see it The memory of me leaving I ... still don't even know the reason ... why Early one morning I left a note with no warning ... even really say goodbye Oh I wish you could hear the truth

Fifth Harmony lyricsFifth Harmony - When i was your man (bruno mars cover feat. b.. lyrics

bed, but it feels Just a little bit bigger now Our song ... on the radio But it don't sound the same When ... our friends talk about you All it ... does is just tear me down 'Cause my

Elton John lyricsElton John - I must have lost it on the wind lyrics

m no longer counting I'm not keeping score I could ... say my list of lovers doesn't matter ... anymore But some are always in my heart And some I'm not ... so sure Either way they all left their

Go Radio - I wish it would snow lyrics

was wrong For the first time in a century And no one believed me But it hurt like a bitch You said ‘Bye’ In a way ... that almost fit me And how you’re leaving

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - When i was your man lyrics

bed, but it feels just A little bit bigger now Our song ... on the radio But it don't sound the same When ... our friends talk about you All it ... does is just tear me down 'Cause my

James Morrison - Once when i was little lyrics

the one who would always jump in first I didn't think twice ... to look behind Got such a good feeling ... just from playing in the dirt Once when I was little

Jona Selle - When i was your man (bruno mars) lyrics

bed, but it feels just A little bit bigger now Our song ... on the radio But it don't sound the same When ... our friends talk about you All it ... does is just tear me down 'Cause my

Lady Antebellum - I was here lyrics

will notice me I’ll be leaving my mark like initals carved ... in an old oak tree You wait and see Maybe I’ll write like Twain wrote Maybe I’ll paint like Van Gogh Cure the

Eddy Arnold - I was born to love you lyrics

born to love you so what can I do Sometimes you've hurt ... me deep inside And you're so careless with my pride But when you ... touch me the world is new I was born to love you so what can I do Sometimes you're distant and you're cold And it

Elmore James - I was a fool lyrics

I was a fool, believe what ya said Yes, I was ... a fool, believe what ya said Yes, I'm goin' back home, ... I wish that I was dead I'm goin' back home, gonna

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