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Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Arizona lyrics

really was a gas I was screwed up in a total mess Mindblowing all the way, you ... know Just out of sight Some girl stopped me in ... the street at night Ooh, what a knockout and

Dorrough - This time you was wrong lyrics

.. Ringgg... Hello? Dourrough: This time you was wrong, I ain't ... had no bitch, no trick, no hoe all over my dick. ... This time you was wrong! You say you got evidence,

Social Distortion - I was wrong lyrics

when I was young I was so full of fear I hid behind ... anger, held back the tears It was me against the world I was sure that I'd win But the ... world fought back, punished me for my sins I felt so

A R I Z O N A - I was wrong lyrics

I can see the doubt in those eyes Even though you ... try to hide it There's not much to figure ... out 'Cause I know why And I won't try to fight it, try to

Nick Mason - I was wrong lyrics

I used to think this talk of spaceships Was ... just so much hype I really believed there was ... nothing out there Except the ... Stars and the Stripes I mean the scientists said they

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Was i right or wrong lyrics

a restless leaf in the autumn breeze Once I was a tumblin' weed Like a rollin' stone, cold and all alone ... Living for the day my train would come I never cared

Meat Loaf - You're right, i was wrong lyrics

ve listened when you said I'd miss you Should've listened but I could not hear ... You said I'd want you back I said not a chance Now I can ... see I was so blind You're right I was wrong To ever leave you I made

Kosheen - I was wrong lyrics

s not easy, for someone like me, to always see both sides. But in this situation I ... d agree, yeah all right. I was wrong, I was wrong. I'm ... sorry it took so long, to come clean

Lisa Marie Presley - I was wrong lyrics

truth, well you wouldn't believe me You wouldn't believe ... me at all I always thought that he never ... loved me That he didn't love me at all I was wrong I was wrong He loved me all

Dr. Dog - The man who was wrong lyrics

I've been cruel to my baby ... She asks if I'm hers And I only say maybe Playin the ... fool Who knows nothing about love I act like I ... doubt it But I'm nothing without it Oooh And if i

Bell Book & Candle - I was wrong lyrics

are we free hope become reality Am I free but only in my mind We are saved are we ... the cradle to the grave Am I saved but only in this mind ... I've come to the conclusion my escape was an illusion

Evergrey - Wrong lyrics

unanswered calls Just put it all to sleep Lay it all to ... rest I need to rid the doubt To believe again ... To even breathe in the same way But someone

Everything But The Girl - Wrong lyrics

wanted everything for a little while Why shouldn't I I ... wanted to know what it was like I pushed you too far And ... you started laying down the law Til I didn't

Dolly Parton - Because one of us was wrong lyrics

m sorry I was weak enough to step out on ... you Well I should have been strong ... not to step out on you too I know that I hurt you And I ... stepped out for spite Because one of us was wrong Don't mean the other one was

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Wrong lyrics

kissed your lips - you said that I was wrong. I kissed ... your cheek - you said that I make you weak. I kissed your ... head - I guess that I am not fair. I touched your

Sloan - I was wrong lyrics

your eyes Move with the flow Compromise just ... let it go, it’s ok Look at me then look ... away The sorry state of our lives today until I say I was ... wrong You were right Open up just let me in

Kalan Porter - Wrong lyrics

knows what was in my head But I guess it all ... came out Can't believe that I said what I just said Tell ... me what's it all about You know I don ... t mean to hurt you And I just want to tell you That I

Sleeperstar - I was wrong lyrics

saw you fell asleep While you were reading Pages on ... your face You had been weeping And I saw What it was ... That I had done But last night We fell apart And broke

Airborne Toxic Event, The - Wrong lyrics

my young life I’ve been trying to say Just one thing right And now We’ve come to ... the day You’re here in my arms I don’t know what ... to say I believe I was wrong Probably most of my life Am

Jeremy Greene - Loving u was wrong lyrics

it's best to let go then to ... hold on knowing she was never good for you from the ... beginning... Loving u was wrong, I just hate the fact that u ... don't know that you were wrong but I hate u more than I hate

Amasic - All i did was wrong lyrics

those tears, and look me in the eyes, I‘ll make it ... clear, this time you don‘t have to fear. I know I‘ve made my mistakes, ... but I can‘t change, I can‘t fix the past. I know I‘m not

Cheap Trick - Wrong all along lyrics

wrong all along I've been wrong all along You never hit me ... more than lightenin' I can't understand it myself I ... guess I was wrong Now that you're gone I have

Chris Stapleton lyricsChris Stapleton - I was wrong lyrics

ve been thinking 'bout my thoughtless words ... And I know just how much they must ... have hurt And I take it back Won't you let me take it back You know I told you

Good Riddance - Wrong again lyrics

saw you from a distance somehow i knew our ... paths would cross someday in my eyes you could do no wrong i never thought i'd ever ... have someone like you you came at a time

2am - I was wrong lyrics

jal jal jalmotaesseo Ni mari dal dal dalkomhaeseo Maennal ... wanna hurt me? Why are you doin' this to me? Why? Neoui ... dareun namjadeul yaegi An jodaneun haengsildeul

Skye - Wrong alright lyrics

want it, got a need taking over can't breath. Every night ghost in your soul. You're ... alone. As you take your aim, you know it's wrong but it ... makes it alright. As you drown, love

Drist - Wrong lyrics

it goes again, this way I contemplate I fear my ... surroundings, dissolve around me Delayed ... reactions, you think about what you should have ... done This position, you put me in Your gravity draws me in Her screams

Badly Drawn Boy - I was wrong lyrics

always hoped I'd build my world around you And it ... s a miracle I ever found you Do the ... colours of the rainbow radiate to everyone Now I don't ... know how I could live without you But certainly I

Lucky Boys Confusion - Arizona stand lyrics

many eight hour long journeys out of ... reality Made me think nothing mattered showed me nothing was real After 100 episodes, man ... I had to chill I had to stick to the herb, had to keep my

Pianos Become The Teeth - Arizona lyrics

don't know and you won't, Arizona you burned my throat, ... you were loyal to a fault but I know I left a lot of it all with you, I was so passive ... don't know and you won't, Arizona you burned my throat,

Hey Monday - Arizona lyrics

took two days, For me to figure out, This isn't working ... out, But I lost my way. I drove all night, Just to be ... with you, But you weren't worth ... the view. I gotta hit the brakes. Now you know,

100 Monkeys - Arizona lyrics

yeah shes gone to Arizona, with my money with my money ... yeah shes gone to Arizona, with my money with my money and ... she got a friend, a real pretty friend,

Bomshel - Arizona lyrics

quot;Arizona" Those pictures that I saved of you ... Are lyin' along the 202 Well, I don ... locket that you gave to me Is hanging off a Joshua tree It took up too much space here

Priscilla Renea - Arizona lyrics

left Arizona with my tear stained cheeks Your skin on my fingertips and dust at my feet ... (dust at my feet) Wanting to get away from whatever ... Your love So why don't I love you anymore; don't I miss you any longer; don't I

Faster P****cat - Arizona indian doll lyrics

s got high top moccasins And shines in the sun ... Does her rain dance for me And I'm wet ... be the last of a long lost tribe I got my bow & arrow

Kings Of Leon - Arizona lyrics

taste All I ever needed All I ever wanted So hold on to ... surrender She shakes Like I'm on a railway Ch-ch-checking me out Someone on a ... shoulder Her lamp Slips her in a bedroom She must

Gaia Mesiah - Arizona lyrics

with fires fuelled by broken backs ... and broken minds we find that stories of our race ... not blind With the good intention and open hearts We ... through the hatred and past lies To find the dragon risen with knowledge shining in his

Rebel Meets Rebel - Arizona rivers lyrics

you're young You wanna believe Believe in love Believe in everything Time ... Seems to be on your side When you're young And in ... love Time To move along, baby I've

Karliene Reynolds - Arizona moon/blue shadows on the trail - rand.. lyrics

pa Blue shadows on the trail (Bam-pa dam-pa bam-pa dam ... pa) Soft wind blowing through the trees above ... pa dam-pa) All of the doggies are in the corral (Bam-pa

Los Lobos - Arizona skies lyrics

down the gutter All my hopes in vain Crows up on the ... rooftop Laughing out my name Here I am on ... the short side of nothing Here I am on the short side of nothing We danced all

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Arizona lyrics

engineering All we need is a clearing We don't know ... what to feed 'em Or even if we're really needin' Highway to the stars tonight ... Leave the bad news at home Highway to the stars tonight

Clawfinger - Wrong state of mind lyrics

was dreaming that I was caught up in the middle of a ... parade But I wasn't paying attention to the statement ... being made And when I looked up at a banner and saw

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Wrong! lyrics

(4x) I was born with the wrong sign, in the wrong house, with the wrong ascendancy. I ... took the wrong road, that led to the wrong ... tendencies. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, for

Get Scared - Wrong lyrics

take it back, take it back You were wrong You ... took from me You always lied to me while I tried to ... fake a smile Is the only way That you know

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Wrong trentemøller lyrics

(x krát) I was born with the wrong sign In the wrong house With the wrong ... ascendancy I took the wrong road That led to the wrong ... tendencies I was in the wrong place at the wrong time For

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Wrong trentemøller club lyrics

I was born with the wrong sign In the wrong house With the ... wrong ascendancy I took the wrong road That led to the wrong ... tendencies I was in the wrong place at the wrong time For

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - It's wrong (apartheid) lyrics

of Satan's wrath Will come to seize you at last ... upon the deeds you are doing And you know deep in your ... heart You've no covenant with God 'cause he would never

Jojo - Wrong man for the job lyrics

the Wrong man for the job. hmmm..hmmm ... I Thought that you were the ... best part of me, Baby I guess that we just believe ... what, We wanna believe I Thought I knew you so well , I couldn't tell That this was

Ximena Sariñana - Wrong miracle lyrics

am a million years old A million years old oh yes it's true I got the wrong Miracle The wrong Miracle cuz all I wanted was ... you. La - La - La... I am a ship in a bottle A

Nashville Cast - Wrong song ft. connie britton and hayden pane.. lyrics

you think you're gonna hear how much ... I miss you If you're needing to feel better 'bout ... yourself If you're wainting to hear me say I forgive ... you 'Cause tequila turned you into someone

Pipes And Pints - Right or wrong lyrics

of my life I’ve been all alone Living my ... life and being on my own Fake friends ... that I left behind told me I’m wrong all the time I never ... cared for what they said to me Right or wrong

Richard Cheese - Wrong way (sublime) lyrics

whore, Nobody ever told her It's the wrong way. Don't be ... afraid with the quickness you'll get laid For ... your family get paid It's the wrong way. I gave

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Wrong side lyrics

I was just a boy of ten My father ... met a miner’s death Trapped inside through twenty nights ... No one made it out alive So there I was alone but ... free The master of my destiny And trouble found me right

B2k - Where did we go wrong lyrics

Platinum Status B2K Dave Mac We ... gone bump your speakers with this one Yeah............ ... .Uh Y’all know who this is it’s B2K Check it out I wan

Patsy Cline - So wrong lyrics

been so wrong, for so long Thought I could ... live without the love that you give I was wrong, oh, so wrong I’ve been so wrong, for so long ... I didn’t know that I loved you so I was wrong

Brett Dennen - Wrong about me lyrics

my humble beginning, To our bitter end, You were the one ... who was pretending. That I was your orphan. In a brown ... stone apartment in Brooklyn, I found a new place to dwell I

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Wrong when you're gone lyrics

Have Shut My Mouth But I Had To Get It Out So Much ... For Being Headstrong Now Im, Going Halfway Out My Mind ... I Know I Was Outta Line No Scratch That, I Was

Dj Lubel - Wrong hole lyrics

took her on a date things seemed so bright I knew I ... would not need my youporn tonight We go to her place and we ... to the ground We begin as she turns out the lights

Paul Gilbert - Wrong man lyrics

upon a time lived a boy and a girl and ... another Boy and the girl made plans so the other ... left home Little bit late could have found a ... better way to discover She chose the wrong

Reba Mcentire - Wrong night lyrics

set my mind to it said I wasn't gonna do it no how so sir ... no way I wouldn't give my heart up gonna keep my ... guard up and save it for another Then you walked

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