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Azarath - Arising the black flame lyrics

Lucifer Illuminatio Mea! 000000 00000000 000000000 00000000000 000000 00000000 000000000 00000000000 000000 00000000 000000000 00000000000...

Enthroned - The antichrist summon the black flame lyrics

awake the eternal flame who brings desolation Into ... my master Satan lead me with the legions of destruction ... through the fires of hate. My vengeance ... a tremendous holocaust, the end of all races. The third

Nile - The black flame lyrics

Thy Phallus Baboui, open the Gates of the Dust For I am ... in Aataakhu, chains bind me, flames encircle me And burn my ... flesh open For Me the Gates Shall Open, over the

Renaissance - Black flame lyrics

heard my conclusion Lost the way in my confusion, in ... illusion Lost inside the picture frame I'm not to ... blame, I didn't see the black flame I'm not ashamed, its poetry,

Wolf lyricsWolf - Children of the black flame lyrics

the northern wind is blowing And ... screaming in the trees When the darkness moves And dances on ... in sight but you can hear them all around Be silent, be

Ragnarok - The predicted future lyrics

a cold Autumn night lies on the ground and devour the ... environment A moonfog makes the infernal mood A time comes ... man get his bestial mind The dark sign blaze through the

Bury Tomorrow - Black flame lyrics

alone, to fall Oh my Brother, how could you? Not look ... into the eyes of your fellow man Who ... heart but hate Red stain on the blade All sense of worth has

Naglfar - The dying flame of existence lyrics

at the dying Flame of Existence. As your mortal ... coil withers and fades. With A sigh the ... great black opens. The final Journey is about to ... begin. Into the Night we all shall wander.

Nocturnal Graves - The conqueror's flame lyrics

in the fires of heaven's damnation ... Rejecting the poisonous virtues of slaves Their laws we shall burn, With ... For none Shall be spared by the fists of Satan! Our

Bal-sagoth - Shadows neath the black pyramid lyrics

hearken to the grisly murmer of nameless ... fiends, Black jaws drooling blasphemy, ... Beyond the witch-song, darkly sweet, The wyrm-horn sounds cross Dagon

Enochian Crescent - Black flame of satan burning lyrics

call The Fire from within. Let Thy Flames grow stronger and burn ... higher till the enemy is won within me. ... lick my soul to Charcoal Black. Let Thy Blaze burn the worm

Azaghal - The pit of shoggoths lyrics

abomination of abominations The goat with a thousand young Black flame rises beyond body, ... beyond life The unholy pit where the black ... realm begins And the watcher guards the gate The

Satan's Host - Black order lyrics

We Open: SATANS' Door. In the name of SATAN, Summoned by ... Will Devour. From this Black Order. Ritual Chamber. ... New Standards. From this Black Order. Upon the Alter, A

Cephalic Carnage - The incorrigible flame lyrics

inside Sends chills up the spine Reeks chaos on the ... or divine Staring into the mirror Red eyes glaring back ... you tell your friends Visit them in dreams In the timeless

Dark Funeral - The secrets of the black arts lyrics

Show me the secrets enshrined The ... wisdom That dwells within the abyss Infernal majesty ... eternal search Lead me to the ancient empire Of dark

Runemagick - The black wall lyrics

is the ancient time carved in our ... sign i can't look thru the black wall i can't touch the world ... beyond memories color the emptiness but still the wall

Ryan Leslie - The black flag lyrics

for my existence My success the product of my persistence ... Luxury suite view through these Cartier lenses Huh, and we ... started in the nose bleeds No my feet up on

Elvis Costello - The only flame in town lyrics

and God bless She's not the only flame in town And when ... I'm miles away now here's the moral She's not the only flame in town She's not the only ... a match girl To burn down the whole place Now you're not the only flame in town But you

Wolf lyricsWolf - Black magic lyrics

I am used Standing alone in the rain This night is dead the ... stars are cold The wind blowing dark in my mind ... In the gathering gloom I sit all alone

Ancestor - The black waltz lyrics

rise, once again from beyond the woods Dark shape in its ... light, dancing the dance of doom You´re alone ... in the darkness, like a dying flame You feel the coldness of

Freedom Call - The eternal flame lyrics

Is it real or fantasy I hear the call of fame It’s for all the world to see When I go down ... in history A flame for our freedom Enlightens the sky The sign of the rings

Dreamscape - The violet flame forever lyrics

on Faces in the distance Change will come ... it whisper Waiting for the gifts Healing your defenses ... Study on… And catch the wisdom More than light

Ark Storm - The burning flame lyrics

is to save the world It's going off the ... track There is no chance for bloody ... where should I go I see the burning flame But you know ... You are not tainted like all the rest It's turning around

Hammerfall - The templar flame lyrics

me mad Out of control The system mounted on the wall ... For every soul there's no way out In this ... world where nothing lives The walls are caving in, life's a

Attic - The invocation lyrics

tonight We forced our way in their sacred halls To chant a ... to our lord One of the nuns will join sacrament of ... lust A human sacrifice under the inverted cross "Oh

Black Funeral - The land of phantoms lyrics

of humans, who haunts the roads near Tirgoviste, holds ... and give rebirth unto the blood of Nachttoter... ... Ghastly images haunt the domain decayed as the tombs

Eternal Oath - The secret flame lyrics

.. Forever keep it burning, the secret flame Our lives soon ... to pass Never let it fade, the secret flame Feeding of your ... thoughts Withered skies, fallen from grace

Runrig - The greatest flame lyrics

shadows on the wall you come and you go ... through the streets and the rain that falls down on our ... forever this way whenever the greatest flame in the world

Wolf lyricsWolf - The bite lyrics

roaming screaming in the dark Twilight maniac hunting ... raging sadistic terror The hunger I can't hide Is ... And I'm looking for The Bite - The thrill of it all The Bite - The heat and the blood

Dimmu Borgir - The foreshadowing furnace lyrics

burning I rebelled against the flock Declined to submit to ... As a token from my legions of the chosen few I reveal the ... secrets to the world's most famous forgery

Wolf lyricsWolf - The dead lyrics

Dead eyes stare back from the void Reflecting what I see ... I am the key that locks the door The link between the ... Dare to walk with fire Let the dead rest in peace Step

Primordial - The darkest flame lyrics

I... could be a martyr in their eyes I... wished only for them to see I... embraced where ... If rape, arson, poison or the knife has Wove no pleasing

Omnium Gatherum - The second flame lyrics

Bout you don't know The right part to heal It won't ... Despite you need it Or the intellect The one from where ... it clean To make it last the fight (like a knight) And I

Omnium Gatherum - The third flame lyrics

to be awaken Runed to 0 On the radio show Are we? Who ... to be awaken Tuned to 0 On the radio show Care to have a

The Cramps - The creature from the black leather lagoon lyrics

to make a monster... i'm the creature from the black leather lagoon, i'm a beautiful ... how to shake my hips in the inner sanctum, satan gave ... me tips and then i thanked him, i'm the

Icon & The Black Roses - Black cage lyrics

these eyes the world gives me pain Knowing the sadness all the lies and the ... Wait everyday inside this black cage Hope doesn't seam to ... Wait everyday inside this black cage Hope doesn't seam to

Icon & The Black Roses - Black rose lyrics

are black roses for you today (2x) ... Some black roses on the floor And gliding petals on the river Your tears are so cold ... They 're twisting streams on your

Satanika - The black queen lyrics

commands the demon breed owns the beauty ... of the night welcomes to you to ... hellfire takes the rays of light horny visions ... raped again by magic tease Black magic is everywhere... tease

Foe - The black lodge lyrics

s a little boy lost out in the woods with tangerine jeans ... and black leather boots Mummy I'm ready I've ... got you the loot Come back to me mummy I ... m scared without you There's a little girl lost out in

Queen - The march of the black queen lyrics

Like going up to heaven and then coming back alive Let me ... tell you all about it (If the world will so allow it) Ooh ... powder - monkeys praying in the dead of night Here comes the Black Queen, poking in the

Abdullah Ibrahim - The black ones lyrics

the path of the righteous ones, yeah Don't ... follow me, take my hand The Black Ones will shine on ... tonight The Black Ones will rise to new heights ... The Black Ones will shine on tonight The Black Ones will suffer

Lloyd - The black ball line lyrics

Ball Line I served my time on the Black Ball line To me ... way-ay-ay O Ri-o On the Black Ball line I served my time ... Hurrah for the Black Ball line! The Black Ball

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - The black rider lyrics

on a long with the Black Rider We'll have a gay old ... time Lay down in the web of the black spider I'll drink your ... bones So come along with the Black Rider We'll have a gay

Anouk - The black side of my mind lyrics

Chorus:] The black side of my mind is getting ... weaker The black side of my soul is getting ... deeper So I can change the wrongs into what’s right ... Dark were the days when our life was gone

Before The Dawn - The black lyrics

life is gone forever and the black wearing out your soul ... is the black haunting you in echoes the ... starting to break and leave the inside for demons to take

Coldworker - The black dog syndrome lyrics

my life Stand divided when the black dog is approaching fast ... Doubts arise, the leash is bound with straps ... ground at last Chased into the highest gear Tail between

Human League - The black hit of space lyrics

a record on I reached for the one with the ultra-modern ... label, and wondered where the light had gone It had a ... straight from Buck Rogers The record was so black it had to

Iperyt - The black emperor lyrics

he'll become the gloom of your graves, ... Reviling all sanctity Black Angel, And he'll become a ... in dread. You're lost in the abyss And it will engorge

Keep Of Kalessin - The black uncharted lyrics

of leaf-thin safety Where the trails of burning holg Cross ... upon the Black Uncharted When all waters ... You can never flee From the fate of your mortality

Shooter Jennings - The black dog lyrics

a place to rest When I saw a black figure walking slow in the ... a while I could see it was a black dog The black dog stopped ... until I came to a clearing on the side of the road And I

Asking Alexandria - The black lyrics

Just leave me to sleep in the dirt. Finish me, I'm ... floating away. There's a demon staring straight ... wish you'd just speak to me, Black is all that I see. Speak to

Blaze Bayley - The black country lyrics

De Rots Back from Brazil but the boys are gone smell of ... I feel strong I'm back in the Black Country Sometimes ... can break your metal heart the father of the unborn girl was

Circle Ii Circle - The black lyrics

the black With a final chance to save ... me from this hold I feel the cold wind through me Like I ... s all that you can take Let the demons go Into the black

Alice Cooper - The black widow lyrics

- please, don't touch the displays, little boy, ... hahahaha a cute! Moving to the next aisle we have arachnida, ... the spider is our finest ... This friendly little devil is the heptothilidi, unfortunately

Cradle Of Filth - The black goddess rises lyrics

seething fall from grace Thee I worship Thou art ... Gabrielle Lilith who rode the steed thou art pale Hecate ... rising from thessealy Crush their unworthy

Deafening Silence - The black swansong lyrics

Born Under The Mighty Sign Of The Shining ... Seven Stars Chosen By The Higher Forces She Will Erase ... The Infinite Fears The Changeling Has Torn The ... Peaceful Kingdom The Curse Of Deygon Is Killing

Domine - The bearer of the black sword lyrics

runes are singing the truth aloud, their riddle is ... now clear I'm just a pawn in the hands of a fate, finally ... deep inside my soul to find the reasons why But for all these years I always knew that I

Fallulah - The black cat neighbourhood lyrics

Licking, licking on the street Licking, licking on the street You know you're not ... succeed in becoming part of the neighbourhood The black cat ... neighbourhood Somewhere, they stare Tu n'est pas mon

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