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Anywhere The Wind Blows .. lyrics

Browse for Anywhere The Wind Blows .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Anywhere The Wind Blows .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Anywhere The Wind Blows ...

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Lauren Christy - Anywhere the wind blows lyrics

bad, no storm in my tea-cup It's so sad, my stockings they have no runs I look up, no smoke in the chimney By the lamplight I promise this room Anywhere the wind blows Anywhere the sea breaks Anywhere the earth quakes Let this world explode Take me to a new place

Evil Masquerade - Anywhere the wind blows lyrics

the wind blows Like a leaf you're floating in the air But you don't know Carried by an angel, a stranger You don't know her name A ghost outside the frame Every day is the same Anywhere the wind blows You are bound to follow where it goes Night

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - The wind blows lyrics

the-thought-of (me together) you-and- Shake-the-thought-of Shake-the-thought-of (me together) you-and- Shake-the-thought-of Shake-the-thought-of (me together) you-and- Shake-the-thought-of Shake-the-thought-of (me together) you-and- Shake-the-thought-of I've got to breathe You

Galneryus - The wind blows lyrics

sky is so bright and I'm standing alone I was parted from you and I'm walking alone I know it's not from you but I'll pick up the phone I was parted from you and I'm on sandstone I feel very lonely I miss you My only mistake is that I let you go on that day Wander around looking

Rush - The way the wind blows lyrics

it's come to this It's like we're back in the Dark Ages From the Middle East to the Middle West It's a world of superstition Now it's come to this Wide-eyed armies of the faithful From the Middle East to the Middle West Pray, and pass the ammunition So many people t

Anti-flag - The weathermen know which way the wind blows lyrics

2, 3 - in the dead of night 1, 2, 3 - the weather seems alright 1, 2, 3 - fear less, live more 1, 2, 3, 4 - declaration of war The days of rage and nights of peace You wanna find us, this is where we sleep In every commune, barracks, town hou

Home Free - Any way the wind blows lyrics

tonight It's gentle and light And coming from the rest And girl yesterday Nearly blew us away Tomorrow's anybody's guess Oh, you never know Life's an uncertain road Take ya high and take ya low But don't you worry baby I'll go anywhere As long as you're ther

Joshua Radin - Anywhere your love goes lyrics

ve been alone The time passes slow Clock on the wall Its hands don't move me at all Time passes slow Memories fade, so much more to say I guess I'll save it for another day There you are I wanna be there but it seems so far Take me where the wind blows An

Secret Service - Where the wind blows lyrics

waiting for such a long time For you to come along I knew right from the start Straight from my heart The place where we belong Every dream that we’ve been chasing Every dream we shared What the two of us are facing In the open air We can go anywhere We sail whe

Sara Bareilles - Any way the wind blows lyrics

t tell you the truth 'least I don't like 'bout that. A kind of comfort in you comes when you lie right back Safe from such a strange point of view to hear your own words on you. I'm onto you; go to be gone, you are any way the wind blows Any way the wind blows in. Don't wann

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Anyway the wind blows lyrics

the wind blows Is-a fine with me Anyway the wind blows It don't matter to me 'Cause I'm thru with-a fussin' And-a fightin' with-a you I went out and found a woman Who is gonna be true She makes me oh so happy now I'm never ever blue Anyway the wi

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Any way the wind blows lyrics

the wind blows Is-a fine with me Anyway the wind blows It don't matter to me 'Cause I'm thru with-a fussin' And-a fightin' with-a you I went out and found a woman Who is gonna be true She makes me oh so happy now I'm never ever blue Anyway the wi

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - When the wind blows lyrics

long child, I'm on my way And after all is done, after all is done Don't be down, it's all in the past Though you may be afraid So long child, it's awful dark And I've never felt the sun I dread to think of when When the wind blows When the wind blo

Pillar - Wherever the wind blows lyrics

ever the wind blows You will find me there Standing exactly where I wanna be I hear a voice in the autumn breeze Telling me that I need to leave But I can't fly with these broken wings The leaves they move like poetry Its all still such a mystery But I can fin

Mr. Big - Goin' where the wind blows lyrics

said life is for the taking Here I am with my hand out waiting for a ride I've been living on my great expectations What good is it when I'm stranded here And the world just passess by Where are the signs to help me get out of this place If I should stumble on my

Eddy Arnold - When the wind blows in chicago lyrics

here here I am in Chicago all alone near the place where we met As I walk through the rain the wind whispers your name Oh why won't they let me forget Cause when the wind blows I get lonely and one day for sure you will find That the wind always

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Anyway the wind blows lyrics

like this and some like that And some don't know where it's at If you don't get loose, if you don't groove Well, your motor won't make it and your motor won't move Bow-legged woman doing the boogaloo She got a jive, she got a move Turn around, do it again Bow-l

Angel Dust - Where the wind blows lyrics

to keep the distance, Since you threw my life away My courage into pieces I couldn't make you stay Hate, pain and tears Life can be a tragedy Dreams becoming nightmares, Some visions left behind What could have been, What cold have last? You'r

Golden Earring - As long as the wind blows lyrics

could I tell you that I loved you You never gave me a chance How could I know that you put me down You had no reason, I'm on the ground How could I know That you were out of reach Higher than any star, sparklin' in the blue sky Why did you make

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - The dust blows forward 'n the dust blows back lyrics

s ole Gray with 'er dove-winged hat Threre's ole Green with her sewing machine Where's the bobbin at? Tote'n old grain in uh printed sack The dust blows forward 'n dust blows back And the wind blows black thru the sky And the smokestack blows up in suns eye What am I gonna

Anthony Edwin Phillips - Which way the wind blows lyrics

see how the world goes round, Look, see how the day goes on. You, it won't stop to help you Me, it won't stop to help you. All the time a wind is blowing Where it's blowing next we don't know... Look, some spend their days in slumber, Look, someone is weary

Republic Of Two - The wind lyrics

could be happy Sleeping in my arms And I, I could find the key To the cage of your heart And we could feel light as feathers High above the winter skies And wait to see which way the wind blows To lead us to the other side And we could feel light

Gaelic Storm - Whichever way the wind blows lyrics

into the icy gale, The whale, the fish, are leading us astray. Down below the darkest green, I've seen a world my courage will betray. Waves are crashing, rising to the sky, Dancing with my soul, my head held high. A waking dream swept over me, 'Be fre

John Hiatt - The lady of the night lyrics

the moon hangs down Like some old evening gown Forgotten by some lovely southern maiden Oh the stars are her tears And the sky a skin of years That she has most graciously given Now who am I To think that she might bat an eye At my heart that lay so dangerously ope

Darren Hayes - The tuning of violins lyrics

breaks, and the black birds call- And the market stalls are all filling up, spilling over the streets. High above, over Notting Hill- I am floating still, in a wooden chair, with our restless dog. Been away so long, I almost forgot how time and space Can

Dragony - The maiden's cliff lyrics

met her in a dream A night, clear as a mountain stream But our dreams are not our own On the morning breezes they have flown So come near Sit and hear And then rest by the fire And come hear my song The tale of a liar, a maiden's gone The winter's cold, the

Amos Lee - The wind lyrics

night and my head is spinning I wonder whose heart I've been sinning for A cold rain blows on my window A soft scent gone from my pillow One more step that I've been takin' Yes and one more heart I don't need no more breakin' of The red lights how they all Burnin' down

The Dubliners - The lifeboat mona lyrics

December ‘59 The howling wind and driving rain. Remember the gallant men who drowned On the lifeboat, “Mona” was her name. The wind did blow and the sea rose up Beat the land with mighty waves. At Saint Andrew's Bay the light ship fought The sea until her moorings gave. R

Morrissey - The national front disco lyrics

the wind blows The wind blows Bits of your life away Your friends all say "Where is our boy? Oh, we've lost our boy" But they should know Where you've gone Because again and again you've explained that You're going to Oh,

Bruce Hornsby - The changes lyrics

scene is set, everybody's in place Two chairs filled for every five gone to waste Pantsuit girl gives me a nasty gaze She says play that on your own time Walk to the bandstand blow my horn Nobody knows what we're really here for Let's take it out hard till they show us the doo

Brunuhville - The essence of life (ft. sharm) lyrics

the oceans Far away Lead me angel my way Cross the sky Far and wide This child is the one I must guide. The winds call to me To lands to misery And when the night falls We'll see all stars guiding us home Guiding us home Lead me back home I'm sor

Gehenna - The shivering voice of the ghost lyrics

the wind blows I am Where the wind blows I will always be In the pale shadow The voices around me Screams in my soul and heart Where are they? What are they? Their faces I can't see Bur they are in my dark forest Crawling around the trees And in the whispering gr

Crom - The restless king lyrics

wind calls his name Recounting a story of truth A restless heart is fading away Long forgotten is his youth The trees sway in the whispering wind A flicker in his eyes As he remembers times of vengeance and hate. Love and pride. Once a king, now a fool The strength in his bod

Anata - The temple / erratic lyrics

by dawn Determined mind The final way out My bridges were burned One last path to justify life... To follow this crazy dream Heading for the woods To places I had been before But in my dreams They were altered I just had to see But the deeper I walked

Clan Of Xymox - The shore down under lyrics


Escape With Romeo - The visions of the holy ghost lyrics

never spoke with god but always missed him in heaven all chances that I've took were those that were given cruising around in an unknown life in blind search for career alone in skyscraper town with a heart that's full of fear Now the wind blows harder from coast to

Being As An Ocean - The sea always seems to put me at ease lyrics

are the topic of every epic we have ever been told And as I stand on this cliff, the wind whips through me and I am made bold Once again, Your presence creeps into my consciousness Grace made tangible in this newly anointed place And I am brought to my clear sense

Common - The remedy lyrics

we all got different things that we got to deal with. we always are Trying To put the blame on something else rather than sometimes looking at Ourselves, recognizing a lot of the stuff that happens, sometimes it has to do With other things...but if we look

Dark Quarterer - The path of life lyrics

your first life, a world of love Sorrounded by the darkness, peace and silence You'll cry out to show your desperate pain So your journey starts No one can describe the path to take And no one will know if it will be long No one will know if it wi

Midge Ure - "the leaving (so long)" lyrics

walk away from my town See which way the wind blows my future, oh Find what´s before me There must be something better Must be something more than I´ve had so far Something new, something good Something worth being put here for so long, so long, s

Rebecca Black - The great divide lyrics

go where the wind blows Destroying everyone on your path I'm done feeding your ego Forgetting everything that we had Funny how history ends in an instant How something so close can end up so distant Dancing on the line Of the great divide Wash m

Blue October - The lucky one lyrics

of the blue came the sun You bottled it up in times of rain You carry it with you wherever you go You share it with people that have different names Whether to wait or weather the storm You leave it to fate, it's one in the same As long as you're with me

Exit Calm - The rapture lyrics

dancing with the devil Lost in the crowd You think you're on another level You think you figured it out I think that your time's run out I could play you in a film Without a script and win an Oscar I've studied you up close The mirrors lost ya Put t

Grave Digger - The shadow of your soul lyrics

demons watch out to find a sacrifice The wind blows straight into my face Sweating hands cover the knife I try to hide my thrill of the chase Death could be the end If pain is your friend Morning will come Bad days are gone I'm out of control I'm out on p

Joshua Radin - The willow lyrics

wind blows through the willow like a lion Her feet are strong but he can't help from trying To keep that weeping lady crying But don't you worry, she'll be fine I'm holding on to something tight You may have taken us for a ride Into darkness f

Of Verona - The white apple lyrics

high on distaste again She thinks it’s a waste again White capped mountains filled with snow Melt into her with indigo She’ll change her mind When the wind blows She’s on display again At the top of her game again Blue wrapped presents filled

Outline In Color - The souvenir scheme lyrics

ll take flight from shore to shore. Make maps, the world is finally yours. This is what we do. Burning down the beaten path. Pushing forward with broken backs. We've made it through. Sometimes I have to remind myself, When I'm broke and I'm lost in the world tha

Outline In Color - The souvenir scheme (acoustic) lyrics

ll take flight from shore to shore. Make maps, the world is finally yours. This is what we do. Burning down the beaten path. Pushing forward with broken backs. We've made it through. Sometimes I have to remind myself, When I'm broke and I'm lost in the world th

Pj Harvey - The slow drug lyrics

now is the colour Love the drug I'm needing Got to keep this feeling With the headlights burning We're looking up for something Answers on the ceiling Watching out the windows Watch the way the wind blows Soon it will be morning Still the quest

Rosanne Cash - The truth about you lyrics

know the truth about you babe Know the stories you tell I can feel your heart locked up inside you Swear I know you so well When the wind blows out across the water And we stand here in this light All our secrets fall like raindrops between us And i know the truth t

Cher - The man that got away lyrics

night is bitter The stars have lost their glitter The wind blows colder And suddenly you're older And all because of the man that got away No more is he the cause The writings on the wall Oh but dreams, yeah dreams Have all gone astray The man th

Count Raven - The dance lyrics

road is so long And I am so alone The wind blows outside It feels like suicide, so come on This is the same old song I cannot go but wrong I'm just a simple man Who tries to understand,so come on The first moth of summer's here Again you disappear And later the

Elvenking - The loser lyrics

don't wanna see the other side of me Don't wanna get involved in my own situation You wouldn't believe in what you'd see 'Cause you think I'm just a loser, crazy bastard Well, I don't wanna run away I just want you to get away Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely I will stay Well

Finger Eleven - The last scene of struggling lyrics

static grows and kills the message Unclear as the wind blows Thin whispers through all the wreckage You said you planned to fail Looking so safe but sorry So be sure to bang the nail And seal the exit out Feel the way through your revelation Does it feel the way

I Killed The Prom Queen - The paint brush killer (album version) lyrics

torment of your lies tumble onto, The torment of your lies tumble onto me, The torment of your lies tumble onto me, Tumbles onto me like an avalance tumbles onto me like an avalance To Kill Slowly the day will down. Walking alone with no one endless

Naomi King - The prettiest girl lyrics

I think you're beautiful, and you already know this 'cause I tell you over again And I think it's a miracle that you love me back 'cause I'm crazier than all of them Your exes they all stare at me And they think that you've gone crazy But I think th

Ragenheart - The amulet lyrics

I'm whispering this evening The stars are glowing in the night The wind blows memories and feelings The only way I reach this! I fought my way with just no guidance Across strange lands, forgotten shores I've seen forgotten worlds in

Ravenland - The crow lyrics

the dark cold night Travels the crow He flies over the prairies Scouting graveyards searching for desperate souls Divides between the two worlds The link between Life and death The crow will bring back your soul Spreading his wings

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The only love lyrics

can relate The story of my life No brighter hope No stronger emotion I believed I could die over you How you could ever Break down and never see me through Through my darkest night And as I lie awake One prayer within me burning And there's no price on what you hold Till it'

Current 93 - The inmost night lyrics

i drown a little more every day The wind blows so slowly now The trees are dry dead Walls to me they cannot hold back the storm any longer It will break around us first If there's a god If there's a god When i stand there at the piled bloodcamp Aga

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