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Anticipating The Plague lyrics

Browse for Anticipating The Plague song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Anticipating The Plague lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Anticipating The Plague.

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Sarea - The plague lyrics

wear the mark defining time Earth ... Death is called upon I'm the one to carry out his will I ... m the plague Harvesting lives while I'm ... on fingers decayed I'm the plague I am the plague but I

Hate Eternal - The plague of humanity lyrics

of our kind, You are the plague of humanity! You are the plague of humanity! Why is it ... that you deny the realization of truth while ... for loyalty, in acceptance of the indignity, The irony of the

Archspire - The plague of am lyrics

AM (Cogito ergo sum -I think therefore I AM.) One hundred ... nine years, Trapped within the belly of the supreme machine. ... Has become more alive then we are. I have no mouth

Helstar - The plague called man lyrics

the world falls dead Beautiful ... blackened skies Reflect upon the streaks of red Nothing, is ... of souls to scar Witness, the lawless swarm Self inflicted

Diary Of Dreams - The plague (vers.n4-4) lyrics

deep you know I cannot see the man that you can see in me I ... a home I need to seperate the living from the dead This ... is the mind you came to fight Call

Diary Of Dreams - The plague lyrics

deep you know I cannot see the man that you can see in me I ... a home I need to seperate the living from the dead This ... is the mind you came to fight Call

Hirax - The plague lyrics

is the time The first born will die By the ... hand of the Lord They scream and they cry The ... deadly plague strikes them down They die one by one The mother and father helpless they watch Their dying baby son

Old Man's Child - The plague of sorrow lyrics

through the end of time like a plague of ... sorrow pain infects the mind pollution injects ... poison streaming through the veins like acid reign dead

Nekrogoblikon - The plague lyrics

in pain. Succumbing to the poison they spread by ten ... years of rain. Imagine a plague that will never end, ... Imagine the sickness taking your friends,

Saviour Machine - The plague and the darkness lyrics

angel poured his bowl Upon the sun and the flames came And ... with fire, in blasphemy... The cursed the God of plagues... ... Then the fifth angel poured his bowl

As I Lay Dying - The plague lyrics

like the spread of disease.... Ya... ... guilt or guilt and decree The masters that we please. Yet ... We are made twice the sons of hell as before. ... out your hand, only to be plagued by disease. Reach out your

Evile - Plague to end all plagues lyrics

the world by the throat for pleasure Ask ... you Would you give for the mountains you made Wealth is ... You find a way to war Plague to end all plagues Plague to

Ablaze My Sorrow - Plague of mine lyrics

f***ing pain An eternal plague of mine This f***ing life ... f***ing pain An eternal plague of mine I soar in this ... f***ing pain An eternal plague of mine Eternal death is

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - Plague of love lyrics

father is a doctor He never told ... clear Ooh struck down by the plague of love Sweet poison ... if you even care My mother is nurse She can’t help me

Dia De Los Muertos - Plague mass lyrics

those – Who fuel the fires For the mind – That ... knows the pain For the flesh – That’s born to sin ... Sanguine oblivion! I am the sign and I am the scourge

Illnath - She the plague lyrics

sweeps the doorstep, a well-used broom ... Bring diseases and plague, the ultimate doom By witchcraft ... blessing from hell With the unholy rain and the northern

Hatchet - Welcome to the plague lyrics

this plague of life Consumed by greed ... life Drones of the earth You're fed endless ... drink it with a smile Ingest the lies Corruption of the ... freedom of lies Buy into their regression Process no

Crystal Castles - Plague lyrics

to misconstrue What have they done to you Infants in ... infantry Rewrite their history Uproot their ... Too premature to permeate They can't elucidate Never

Flipper - Survivors of the plague lyrics

who survived the plague We have nothing We who ... survived the plague We have nothing We who ... survived the plague We have nothing We who ... survived the plague We have nothing Oh we

Bloodbound - Plague doctor lyrics

case is closed, the picture framed but it wasn't ... nothing ever will Into the play This farce if you will ... A man with a cure Plague doctor You owe me I saved

Kreator - The ancient plague lyrics

after rain Monuments fall the last strike of fate End time ... blood oceans flames Spread the ancient plague Among the ... wolves of wrath As the last sad existence enters the

Black Tongue - Plague worship lyrics

live in the weak and the wounded. I wait for what the ... wolves leave in their wake. And when mankind ... mouth its soul I'll take. The death cult is rising; join me

Archons - Plague of corruption lyrics

mass Writing our fate with their sins Society as a whole ... Worthless being This is the consequence of silence ... Sealing our desecration The more it goes, the more they

Mercenary - Year of the plague lyrics

is the year of the... This is the year of the.. ... . Plague! This is the year of reflection deception ... And feeling the fear of rejection Come ... my connection A glance to the year of Trying to see you

Rebaelliun - Defying the plague lyrics

merciless coming Of the unholy god of gods Leading the march of the survivors hordes ... Unleashing the bloodiest wars Rising up ... or supremacy Renege on the false lords Defying the plague Denial of the cross Chaos

The Absence - Riders of the plague lyrics

dies the love The banner of the ungranted and our darkest ... days The feelings that were forced ... a drop of remorse Now that the pain is released With

Oceano - Plague campaign lyrics

ancients, they forewarned of such plight. ... Infinite blackness shrouds the sky. This is only the first ... sign. The ancients, they were forewarned of such a

I Am Ghost - The ship of pills and needed things lyrics

by the sword And the millions have taken away this ... reward Stolen the laugh and a kiss It was ... across her tender lips Never the meek (in lust) Forget what

Revenge - Plague of death lyrics

the shadow of night The living dead arise From their ... agony in the graves Unleashing zombies ... apocalypse! Shaking is the earth Breaking all my way

Saint Vitus - Plague of man lyrics

that breeds tears It's been plagueing man for years and years ... here knows how it feels When the heartache grows beyond unreal ... do is think about that girl Then the madness cracks your

Pig Destroyer - Martyr to the plague lyrics

synonymous and somewhere theres a bullet on its way to

Marduk - The levelling dust lyrics

.. On Its Hill The White House Stands Like a ... Mosque Of Silence On The Cliff Of Demise An Eastern ... Outline Against The Light Of The Sky With The Glare Of Sunset

Doom: Vs - The crawling inserts lyrics

within Worms of the subconscious Festering on ... showing anything I remain the same Failing once again ... Feeding the stillborn dreams forlorn ... Insance creation, I foretold The plague of mankind The

Cirith Gorgor - The black hordes lyrics

the arrival of the impending plague, the Black Hordes rise to ... face the growing threat. Religious ... and indistinct in appearance. The minds resolutely set to

Entrails - The curse of death lyrics

bringer of plague, the bringer of death A fist in ... humanity's face Unleashing the wrath, save your last breath ... Condemning the human race Inverting the

Eruption ( Slovenia ) - The auditors lyrics

omni-present mind We watch the world through selfless eyes ... it could be Spoiled by the plague By the flaw called life ... Unexpected creation of the soul Benign imperfection A

The Jam - The eton rifles lyrics

beer and collect your fags, There’s a row going on down near ... Get out your mat and pray to the west, I’ll get out mine and ... you were smart when you took them on, But you didn’t take a

Mind Key - The seventh seal lyrics

comin' back from battle time The rain is fallin' And with him ... Never and never known They imagined what or who could ... come back home... But still the death you've found While You

Hatchet - The morlocks tomb lyrics

for somewhere to run, another passage to hide A secret ... pathway under the ground, your fate soon ... your soul, as you enter the tomb Locked away entombed ... in fear! Chorus: Deep in the Morlocks Tomb Where the dark

Avery Watts - The takeover lyrics

Verse 1) Cock back the hammer, The Takeover has ... all united as one We compose the whole globe from the east to the west And if seeing is ... believing, You’re looking at the best Patiently wait, anticipating the arrival Of a crew to

Helstar - The curse has passed away lyrics

I am but to blame Now I pay the price Dear Lora hear me call ... I stand before his evil lair Anticipating the night to fade It shall ... people his victims in, hell, they'll not stay As I crawl

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The collector lyrics

And things, well things, they tend to accumulate I have ... for me to feed upon There are times, plenty of times ... s got to grow inside me There are times, plenty of times

Hirax - The gauntlet lyrics

striking rushing through the town Corpse laying rotting ... on the ground Rabid death the plague has won again History ... bastard Pressure mounting the clock counting Fighting

Master - The last chapter lyrics

been lost worshipping what they've learned. In a web like a ... sometimes fighting harder, The poisons of life self induced ... perils we've seen suffrage, the new age gods disgust us.

The Absence - The victorious dead lyrics

beliefs ending all sanity the wrong to right indeed I ... wonder the promise to break instead to ... deep spraying profusely the pain to feel indeed it grows

Coheed And Cambria - The lost shepherd (demo) lyrics

saves me a place at the window I'm on my march to the end of me I've buried cold ... within this heart I lost the cure, the plague, the start ... much) I've done all of these things for you Stain my

Fallen Angels - The veil lyrics


Ablaze My Sorrow - The truth is sold lyrics

to rest Do not believe the lie The lie that you have ... been told They say it is the truth But the truth is sold ... to rest Do not believe the lie The lie that you have

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - The march of revenge lyrics

- The soul of mankind Pestilence ... - The plague of mankind War - The horror ... of mankind Death - The best for mankind ... Your last chance is gone The time has come for The march

Dimmu Borgir - The sacrilegious scorn lyrics

I not been too long In the shadows of invention and ... As I rightfully behold the flesh Fear of the conscious ... every man guilty of sin The ultimate sin being me The

Sarea - The summoning lyrics

pattern of destruction Seek the cure to what the plague has ... and on, forevermore We're the summoning, order of doom We ... re the summoning, hands of fate

The Absence - The murder lyrics

gathering now of storms within ... that whip and rip the stead, joined at the head ... dying to make ready the deliverance to the land the ... swarming devourers, the murder Here are the

Chronomancy - The ides of march lyrics

time has now come, the full moon is shining up on the starlit sky Feeling the ... inside you released from the chains at once Under a ... thousand suns in the darkness the priest-king will sacrifice

Demon Hunter - The world is a thorn lyrics

gavel has fallen, along with the rest. Are we expected to ... settle for this? Bring us the plague, lead us away. ... ash of today. Can't you see the fabric of our standards

Draconian - The gothic embrace lyrics

o' my winter; grieveth for the pain o' sadness. A gothic ... times... in eras without the sun. An ocean o' tears I see ... Jesus Christ walks the Earth... A pitiful shade of

Iced Earth - The end? lyrics

we gaze uncertain of the future Breaking dawn ... reveales impending rapture The darkest days seem to fall ... Forge ahead, we will scale the mountain We are focused on the path of inner light

Manilla Road - The empire lyrics

crystal evolves the light of time The sword of ... fire For life we fight till the end of time For destiny ... Ice Spirit shall sail For the empire we shall not fail The

Abandoned - The oncoming storm lyrics

falls, blackness fills the sky From above, evil forces ... roaring, whirlwinds rape the land Panic rises, mandkind ... no one can tell Taking the lies of the innocent The

Aborted - The gangrenous epitaph lyrics

defiled Life led astray The paradise of the damned has ... like a beast Man is the birthplace of disease A ... for haemoglobine One with the craving Intrauterine Man is

Ablaze My Sorrow - The return of the mighty raven lyrics

Return Of The Mighty Raven In a time ... our hands In a time when the northmen stood proud Ina ... time when the northmen stood proud Hear the thunderstorm as it roar As

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