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Haddaway - Another day without you lyrics

are moments in our lives When everyting goes right ... And we're making love Endless love And ... then we have all these days Where we go separate ways A heart

Haddaway - Another day without you1 lyrics

are moments in our lives When everyting goes right ... And we're making love Endless love And ... then we have all these days Where we go separate ways A heart

Billy Currington - Another day without you lyrics

paper in my front yard Another wave at the crossing guard ... Parking lot spot 29 Ain't nothin' different but the ... car next to mine And I let that song on the radio

Electric Light Orchestra - Without someone lyrics

watch the cars move I watch the lights up on the window I walk along the street ... I'm only thinking of you I watch the clock staring from ... the wall It hardly moves at all It's you I'm waiting for Without

Paramore - Another day lyrics

if you're listening, I miss you. And if you hear me now, I ... need you. Where did you go? 'Cause you're not gone ... Everyone knows that something's wrong There was a cut

Bill Withers - Another day to run lyrics

you don't look into your mind and find out what you're ... running from tomorrow might just be another day to run ... If you just sit and waste your time you'll be going where you're coming from (think about

Dagoba - Another day lyrics

day, just like you' ve prayed for... Another ... chance, you' re taking A brand new sight to realize... Open your eyes on this ... other day People you know betray you so You'll

Satisf***tion - Another day lyrics

to find, you have thought, It's already gone Old school ... the reason out Of blue this time Penny throw dime Whish I could take one to be fine ... What's wrong? This is so fine Whish I could, take one to

Artch - Where i go lyrics

the dark I hear the storm The fire ... keeps us warm I reach out to touch your face ... To feel the warmth of your embrace Tomorrow I'll be ... back on the road I'll miss you - no matter where I go I

The Rembrandts - Another day down lyrics

day down-Another day down Another day down-Another day down So ... you're just another cog in a bigger wheel A roll of the ... fuzzy dice, to a better deal Can't

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Where you lead me lyrics

is life? A thousand roads, a ... thousand ways Why am I so afraid to move I crossed the line I ... m stepping out so come what may I give ... it all cause I'm drawn to You As long as my heart is beating... Where You lead me I will

Dallas Smith - If it gets you where you wanna go lyrics

could be a fast car, flying down a dirt road It could ... be a slow song, playing on the radio It could be a ... picture of a place you love Or some memory that you

Alison Krauss - My love follows you where you go lyrics

wishes than a thousand hearts ... can count for you More smiles than a merry-go-round The ... sweetest ending to a bed-time story told My love follows ... you where you go More laughter than a kindergarten out to play One

Darren Hayes - Where you want to be lyrics

there stranger Do you remember? You were a part ... of my life Early December Think I ... remember? Sentiment cuts like a knife The seasons are ... changing Life's rearranging Full of could've dones

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Where you belong lyrics

oh yeah, oh yeah (x4) I feel the blood rushin' ... throughout ya body You see the scars painted over my ... skin I'm always numb to the topic of ... loving I fell in love with the subject of sin I don

Aj Rafael - Without you lyrics

full of tears Baby, know I'm here I'm here waiting ... Close your precious eyes And just realize I ... m still fighting For you to be with me And sit under

Girlschool - Just another day lyrics

frustration, losing the battle Feeling aggressive, can't seem to settle It goes without saying; it's too ... hard to be without you, Without you Dry with this

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - ( i can't make it ) another day ft. lenny kra.. lyrics

My life Has taken me beyond the ... planet and the stars And you’re the only one that can take ... me this far Ill be forever searching for your love Whoooa Michael and

L'ame Immortelle - Another day lyrics

I sit along the shore Of my wishes and my dreams My Pride lies shattered on the floor With the fading sunlight beams ... My thoughts embraced by nothingness mindwaves passing by

La La Land - Another day of sun lyrics

think about that day I left him at a Greyhound station West ... but he was sweet and it was true Still I did what I ... had to do 'Cuz I just knew Summer Sunday nights We'd sink into our seats

Beneath The Sky - Another day lyrics

can't be without you, though I'm learning that i have to, ... and it hurts my heart. I stare at a picture, there's ... no warmth in this frame, and it's still called another day.

City Sleeps - Just another day lyrics

another day without you yeah There's a girl with a ... lollipop on my mind When I get this high she's got the ... flavor Jesus Christ is a mannequin in real life

Neil Diamond - Without her lyrics

spend the night in the chair Thinking she'll be there ... but she never comes I wake up and wipe the sleep ... from my eyes And I rise, to face another day without her, without her It's

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - (i cant make it) another day lyrics

life Has taken me beyond the ... planets and the stars And you're the only one that could ... take me this far I'll be forever searching for your love I walked away but I

Collie Buddz - Tomorrow's another day lyrics

I know you've got some issues, Yeah i, And I'd never ... try to dis you, Nuh, nuh, now, and No-one ... knows the life you've been through, Oh lord, ... So I'm just here to wish you the very best inna life, but

Kina Grannis - Another day lyrics

Not a moment to relax. Another day Gets he and his sister ... both to school Riding on another rule. Another day Boy ... is working constantly Trying to hold up his family Another day His selfless acts

Alexander Klaws - Another day, another heart lyrics

lost my heart girl, I can't let you go and I wanna ... be with you, oh I really know like a feather in the wind, I will fly to you ... and I know it's not a sin, see what love can do Another day, another heart Another

Amy Diamond - Another day lyrics

m sorry for all the words I didn't say It's too late - ... cause now you've gone so far away I feel like I ... m lost - with nothing left but shattered dreams

Klubbingman - Another day another night lyrics

day... another night... i believe that i can fly... another day, another night, i believe ... that i can fly another day another night, please never say goodbye the sun is shining down

Jon Secada - Just another day lyrics

alone When you come home I breath a little faster ... Every time were together Itd never be the same If youre ... not here How can you stay away, away so long.

Dope - Another day goes by lyrics

day goes by And I don't understand or know the ... reasons why I'm looking for a change in life But another day goes by Here we go again It's today I wish it was

Kurupt - Another day lyrics

(gangstas) let's spark up an idea, you know (gangstas) i ... don't know why you cats (gangstas) insist to ... get involved in our game man I mean, drug money, thug money,

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Another day lyrics

Day She Takes A Morning Bath S E Wets Her Hair, ... Around Her As She's Heading For The Bedroom Chair, It ... s Just Another Day. Slipping Into Stockings, Stepping Into

Glen Campbell - Without her lyrics

spend the night in a chair thinkin' she'll be there but she ... never comes And then I wake up and wiped the sleep ... from my eyes And I rise to face another day without

Dj Encore Feat Angelina - Another day lyrics

in a place where I can’t breathe Something is ... wrong cause I can’t see Why you’d expect me to give into you ... I’m like a land without a name Something’s can

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Another day to go nowhere lyrics

day to go nowhere Another day to go nowhere Another day ... to go nowhere Another day to go nowhere Another ... factory closes down Protesting voices have been drowned

Godgory - Another day lyrics

day When the pains of life won't bar my way I'll ... break these chains That hold me down I'll ... tear you down into my private hell Another day I will ... trade my soul for your demise Trapped in this wheel I

Nico & Vinz - Another day lyrics

used to pray every night when I was younger On my knees, ... folding hands for my mother And my ... used to say when she was younger She used to go to bed filled with hunger The same

Paradise Lost - Another day lyrics

day and the guilt is gone Another day will stress the week and ... a memory that we've become I have taken without warning ... when the day has just begun... A

Exilia - Another day in hell lyrics

president and plastic wife I fell wrong and nothin's right ... I never was a princess I never had a lucky star No ... f***ing fairy tale life No more angels,no more

Pay Money To My Pain - Another day comes lyrics

another day comes My past breaks into my ... memory and it's coming again With this smells it wakes ... me up so slow. Another day comes. The same folder lives

Exlibris - Another day lyrics

midnight is near The bell starts to kill Seconds of day in the agony Stupidity I'm losing my life and now I have to chase Another day Lost with hate and rage

Live - Where fishes go lyrics

I found god and he was absolutely nothin' like me he showed me up like some dime-store hooker who ... was plain to see I couldn't take it anymore so I ... back to the sea cuz' that's where fishes go when fishes get

Mandisa - Where you begin lyrics

I need You Just to get through Today I’m breaking under the weight ... of it all And I’m afraid I might fall Today I’m empty But ... I am willing To keep listening and looking for You in the

Pretty Boy Floyd - Another day (in the death of america) lyrics

in progress. Please wait... Another day in America ... Another day in America Another day in America Just another ... day in the death of America Out here in the west U

Kate Ryan - Another day lyrics

can't imagine How it's so true That we all need ... somebody Someone like you But lately I've been feelin' so confused I'm not thinkin' about tomorrow or what the

Overkill - Another day to die lyrics

sailed my way around the cloudy ... storm of God With my addiction to the sky And I found ... comfort when I'm talking to myself I want another day to die I heard the

Feeder - Another day on earth lyrics

thoughts 'till they transpire The fear of the great ... unknown Choices we make could change the ... rest of our lives A blueprint of things to come Lay ... beside me, lay beside me Another day on Earth Looking forward

Lethal - Another day lyrics

in this sequence I lust for days of promise passing by Another place, another time Another ... ship of fools I am on Oh, they go nowhere ... Should I feel this way? Have I been this way

Dakota Moon - Another day goes by lyrics

Greene asked me yesterday boy what do you want to be ... with some work in ten years or so you could ... be sitting here just like me he said your future

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Another night without you lyrics

two - Let me feel the passion All night long I’ve been ... waiting for you - Let me feel the passion ... Another Night Another Night Without You I can’t tell how I

Freedom Call - Another day lyrics

m standing here in silence all alone Can't decide ... between what's right and what is wrong For just another day ... My tears cry out the pain deep inside For just another day - inside For just another day They touched the plains of Eden They have seen,

Kid Rock - Where you at rock lyrics

Where you at Rock, where you at [Answering Machine:] ... Beep You f***ing ass f***ing hole (Where you at Rock, where you at) Where the f*** are you You f***ing love me? Yeah

The Notwist - Another year without me lyrics

are things I'd like to lose But they can't ... hear me So whole it makes like this How could you do this How could you do this to me ... How could you do this How could you do this to me

Quinn Xcii - Another day in paradise lyrics

body is gold like September She burns ... through the night like an ember And all those things we tried forgetting i ... remember But we say we all fine we all fine Sunny day

Dyslesia - Fight for another day lyrics

your sadness, you'd like to smile In spite of all help, you ... d like to die Confusion lost in yourself Destroy your conviction Behind each pain, buried in hope Behind every door,

Girls Aloud - Stay another day lyrics

Stay now!) Baby if you've got to go away Don't think I ... can take the pain (Stay now!) Won't you stay ... another day (Stay now!) Oh don't leave ... me alone like this Don't you say it's the final kiss (Stay

Jamie Lidell - Where dyou go lyrics

d you go Why'd you leave Why is it everywhere I ... look. And I just can't see you at all Where d you go Why ... d you leave Why is it everywhere I look. And I just can't see

Miyavi - Day 1 (album version) lyrics

Back to basics) (Imagine x7) (To know what future ... bring just paint it white) (Back to basics) (Before ... the earth gets hit by light) (Tomorrow don't go away,

Nightfane - Another day lyrics

in my heart... My life, my sorrow path... I wish ... to be, like angels... I wish to fly, but I can only ... ocean of my tears... RF:Give me another day! Give me another night! I wish to see sun

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