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Army Of Lovers - The particle song lyrics

particle Z The particle Y Travel fast in a concrete tube ... Underground Ride mile after mile The particle Z ... The particle Y Macho men of the molecules

Dark Tranquillity - Inside the particle storm lyrics

the particle storm Where clouds of ... napalm shimmer With the promise ... of one final dawn Inside the particle ... bliss Where ages collide into nothingness

Jason Mraz - Everywhere lyrics

thing's ain't a ghost, I couldn't walk into ... you If I wasn't the snow, how could I fall for you? If I wasn't a ... songbird, how could I call you? If I wasn't a fly on

I-exist - Particle lyrics

flowing out of time cosmic crashing in her eyes tears are ... will the sun survive hallelujah genocide angels flapping override sometimes all ... she needs is peace of mind please have mine

Pennywise - Look who you are lyrics

didn't know till it's too late 'Til now you're blinded by ... you could not see The land of the free, is no safe haven now Because you don't want to try you don't want to

Epica - The quantum enigma - kingdom of heaven part i.. lyrics

commutamus Nihil certum Qui observat, visi pars est The quantum enigma All your laws and ... the assumptions Leave them all behind There's no grounds

Elvis Costello - Little atoms lyrics

arose and Marigold lay down with Curious Iris ... Cherry gave to Victor her prudence and ... her virus FOr the sake of purity I can recall the ... time and place Between wisdom and murder

Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Nuclear lyrics

had you dreams And I had mine Eyes wide open And we ... dreamed together I never know how ... When the two become one On a quantum level It’s nuclear ... Why would you run? It’s nuclear We’re two here We both heat up Goin all the way (eh eh)

Mechina - Catechism lyrics

optical feed manipulated The resolution only simulated A binary masterpiece ... between two realms A quantum dance - mentally entranced You pray to yourself bearing the sign of a god Now

Eloy - Atlantis' agony at june 5th - 8498, 13 pm gre.. lyrics

so the gods decided: Great is the fear for you When ... your eye takes the field against those Who tried to raise ... against you Make your eye go down And

Aborted - An odious emanation lyrics

Lyrics by Sven / Mehdi] An anomalous host emerges From the breach ... the collective conscious Spreading relentless callousness ... benevolently open minds Raptured and indignified Become

Monster Magnet - Negasonic teenage warhead lyrics

your face last night on the tube Strong ... fine snake in a sucker's vacuum 15 clicks and it's time ... to say bye 15 trips and a love that won't die Me and myself killed a world today

Pathology - It's in the blood lyrics

used as transmitters carry electromagnetic Beams ... from above Silence, manipulated, tortured frequencies ... thoughts through body vibrations How immune is your

Essence - Dark matter lyrics

polar region of titan Atmospheric haze of frozen ... nitrogen Liquid hydrocarbon lakes Still horizon on a core ... of silicate Radioactive decay of subatomic particles

Ever We Fall - "g" lyrics

resemble ghosts Murky shapes within the crowd And if ... the traffic were to stop and watch They'd see our insides all aroused with life And ... view out sinew twist and turn Our skin and bone have lost their tone so Let's

Killing Joke - Pole shift lyrics

doesn't really matter is the south turns north ... Or the stars above stop their course If ... then thousand coastal cities are taken by the wave, or not ... The outcomes are still the same (for all of us now!)

Daft Punk - Contact lyrics

quot;Hey Bob I'm looking at what Jack was talking about and ... it's definitely not a particle that's nearby. It is a ... bright object and it's obviously rotating because it's flashing, it's way

Defiler - Ahzrukhal lyrics

is my supertask of computation, Before the final singularity. The Seas will run dry, and souls will wither. This is ... the final eclipse- for i have fallen away. The sun has

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Show me the place lyrics

me the place, where you want your slave to go Show me ... the place, I’ve forgotten I don’t ... know Show me the place where my head is bending ... low Show me the place, where you want your slave

Disforia - The ethereal lyrics

in the vacuum Tumble 'round and 'round There is no north ... or south here There is no path for sound I would feel ... that it's gone But there's no ... I" to sense There was a place called Earth once

Reset - United we stand tall lyrics

time you met me you shook my hand But you looked the other ... way The values you cherish contradict ... every word you say Look at me We're all the same

My Autumn - Such as you lyrics

as you cheap dress on you in your blood. ... Approach - I want love sit down here, to me. ... there is price! Now you are to suffer. to be forever

Motion City Soundtrack - Boombox generation lyrics

there's no consolation prize) there's no prize ... for consolation [x2] All stuck in the middle ... between what is and what might be a great sensation

Blaze Bayley - Infinite entanglement lyrics

1932 Einstein and Bohr can't be reconciled It was a war of ideas that will rage ... until they will both die The quantum and classic theories will not ... align for 30 years And even it's difficult to

Rush - The color of right lyrics

don't have an explanation For another lonely night ... feel this sense of mission And the sense of what is right ... Take it easy on me now I'd be there if

Cristina Scabbia - The prodigy's world ft. tommy karevik lyrics

Mother] Talk to me [Prodigy] I know ... But I won't see you I hear your voice But it can't reach me [Mother] Let me in ... [Prodigy] It all seems so trivial In the

Hellshock - Quantum sickness lyrics

possible lives spread and ebb like the tide As I am horrified ... to open the door Chance gambles with every turn A new way to shred my mind Quantum ... or die Infect your brain in crooked angles The road

Hypnos - Alliance of snakes / reptilian conception lyrics

of sycophancy in its staple form The discipline to ... bow set down as anomalous norm Another dose of ... poison from above Haughty mouths of the chosen ... ones are insolent Their ears deliberately not matured to

Sirius - Dimensional quantum lyrics

is the longest distance between two points The ... further the travel, the blurrier the vision.. ... We envisioned development as the perfectly drawn line

In Flames - Morphing into primal lyrics

Fireworks and alchemy Genes spliced and ... triggered into the future and her organic cave ... Seismorgasmic omnipotence scenes of magma in my eyes Eruption

Marmozets - Particle lyrics

Delirious poison fusion Take me home, take me home ... The particle that trips me into your hands ... Cold but now I understand why I am Like music to

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Speed of light lyrics

gaze patiently, into a sea of stars Drawing back from ... childhood fantasies Of living life on Mars ... From the corner of my eye, I saw a string of Light I turned

Must - Freechild lyrics

mine wayward soul Blast it with your vicious beauty ... I know I’ve been perverted like a man Who has not shagged in ... years Mama loves me yes she does But

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Astronaut lyrics

my head stand up on end Something alien ... happenin Synchronise but don´t ... Cos where I stop that´s where you begin Another ... moment, I dawn it A pleasure rising when I take the

Extreme Music - Nuclear lyrics

m burning white I'm a beacon in the night Faster than ... light If you stay you'll feel my might I'm ... off the scale The fuse inside has failed ... My safety's blown I'm a radiation zone I'm going nuclear

Agalloch - Dark matter gods lyrics

away in solitude between the ... Frozen in timeless aura, a catalyst of colors The abyss... ... I was born in the fibers of ... oblivion; the saturnine keeper of mystery and

Decrepit Birth - The resonance lyrics

.. the birth of light Forward evolution into destinies ... of beginnings... time... space... matter... Pineal alchemies awaken the dream of ... imagination The dream of dreams... of everything The synapse Within the mind Of creation Countless stars are

Factory Of Dreams - Destructible destruction lyrics

To be everywhere This is all that I am This is all that ... I do On every particle Living, ruling I’m ... the Fear Controlling you! But the ... Of my existence I’m starting to fail Just Like an

Nerina Pallot - Hard equation lyrics

everything from unicorns to animals Or fifty billion seven ... thousand subatomic particles Are rubbing up together, our ... chemicals colliding As the scientist would say, oh,

Altered Aeon - Desensitizer lyrics

paradigm for humanitarian crime A new form of life ... legions of science Forming alliance A forged twisted mind ... born in this time Enslaved it will find A faceless

Fleurie - Still your girl lyrics

was a black sheep wandering You were an open ... wound Falling from so much darkness Into an empty room ... Pictures that cut like daggers From halfway across the

Horse The Band - Science police lyrics

pulled you over for your dangerous curves coming up ahead ... Now there's squawkin' on my mother box It's ... you in I use... Science and technology to formulate my

The Boomtown Rats - Don't talk to me lyrics

don't have to be afraid You just have to make the ... leap of fate I'm not thinking in quantum jumps No I think in ... lines but I speak in lumps When you say those

Monkey Business - Silvestrings lyrics

was really all alone Everything was clean ... Just a sound Feeling young and feeling free Feeling right ... at home Began to look around I know you can feel

Cynic - Integral birth lyrics

touch the string though the harp may not sing Still I dig ... the sky for sun sparks to guide Down below there ... s a land with an ominous hole Dug deep in ... the sand of belief A million doves Orbit round

Monkey Business - Silverstrings lyrics

was really all alone Everything was clean ... Just a sound Feeling young and feeling free Feeling right ... at home Began to look around I know you can feel

Behemoth - The nephilim rising lyrics

m burning like a f***ing fire Mysterious Domain, Murdered Apprehension ... Shemyaza, Lacifarus - glow like the Sun in this final hour ... ov Dawn ov the Dusk I, heart ov all chthonic hearts

Funeral - Those fated to fall lyrics

leper seated on the corner of a street in the new world ... Crying sorely, as he was destined for so much more ... Nobody helps him, they are busy reaching for the sun

Lee Ben - Were all in this together lyrics

up this morning I suddenly realized We're all in this ... together I started smiling Cos you were ... smiling And were all in this together I'm made ... of atoms You're made of atoms And were all in this

Factory Of Dreams - Protonic stream lyrics

- The illusion On a trail, like tireless ants Following ... their destined path Fighting for their cold ... desperate lives Running towards their boring jobs Hoping

Fear Factory - 540,000 degrees fahrenheit lyrics

Sudden bright light from a blast Pulsing radiation moving ... through cracks under skin Feel the fire ... in the wind Deadly kiss of scorching sands ... Not a prayer of hope or redemption in

Angelo - Program lyrics

mo naku hōsha sa rete iku jōhō no nami ni kimi ... wa sarasa re Handan suru jutsu o ubawa rete ... endingu dake o hitomi ni utsusu ... Exceed again. It's a fictional reality. Kōsa suru jigen

Globus - Amazing grace lyrics

they cut me down and threw me out Cause I didn ... t fit in with their crowds Cause I bang the drum too slow and out of time And the stuff ... I think is not allowed Well they cut me off

Insomnium - Shadows of the dying sun lyrics

re nothing more than shadows Light scatter of the ... dying sun Just particle beams in passing Waves riding ... the eternal dark We're nothing more than ... shadows Mere remnants of the distant past Animated sparks of energy Bursting

Tim Myers - Today is the day lyrics

my point of view I hear a voice As the world begins ... to change It is calling my name I am free Here is the ... right place to be The moment is now ... Leave everything behind Now is

Erasure lyricsErasure - Fill us with fire lyrics

m talking 'bout the soul inside ... Every thought and word and deed We're running and we ... don't look back Some people never see the ... light Every particle of time It will be a

Dragonlord - Unholy void lyrics

tipped the scale Dimensional fractal nightmare Celestial ... mechanics signal cleared To find out if there is ... life distant or near Erase hypotheses quantum

Freelance Whales - The nothing lyrics

nothing came in little drones A darkness sewn in folded quantum ... tourniquets The offering we made to jove Was not enough to ... him on the horizon When all the bridges wave and flex

Hate - Hate is the law lyrics

I hold the blade - A sign of a perfect end You have spoken ... your last words - Your final lies! Stuck in this nightmare called life, I summon thee ... - My sweetest destiny Have faith in poison! Inject

Zodiac Mindwarp - Elvis died for you lyrics

went to heaven babe, died for all our sins, the son of God ... its his killer flares, sunglasses and sequins. Well I ... poetry in the soul of every man, in Fl-ll fighters and

Neptunian Horizon - Prevail lyrics

energy, loosh commodity — humanity Born in a black iron ... prison dreaming they’re all free. Veils will fall away ... end the cave wall shadow play — a world ablaze Hyperspatial warfare, realm contamination

Mechina - Erebus lyrics

of Cepheus I hope to amend what’s left to defend We are ... both absent of trust Yet we mutually Lust to regain a sense of ... home Arise to immortality As a titan hunting both gods and kings Let this world drown

B.o.b. - Created a monster lyrics

hawaaooooaaaaooooo Hawaaooooaaaaooooo hawaaooooaaaaooooo ... Well I'm trapped on a roller coaster And they won ... t let me go so it's totally bogus And every single day it gets colder, colder

Factory Of Dreams - Hope garden lyrics

stands still Within this garden As the seasons go by In ... the World outside Majestic gardens Floating trees ... Conveying emotions I'm travelling afar Chorus1 The magic garden A Portal to the

Mygrain - Into the parallel universe lyrics

lucid dreams I detach Teardrops of deliverance Quantum ... erasing science … Obscure and esoteric Beyond the hollow ... face Extending time-space Once concealed ignites to

A Forest Of Stars - A blaze of hammers lyrics

you and the worms you rode in on ... double vision is dividing all thought If this cortex is ... remotely cerebral, I'll eat the mind from under your hat

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - Good friends lyrics

have to come and see you maybe once or twice a year I ... would suit me better than some downtown atmosphere In ... the dance halls and the galleries Or betting in the OTB

Ebony Tears - Lucified... evil as hell lyrics

of chaos I'm blessed with no ... lifePossessed by the demon that lives in my soulI'll slow ... inWhen I'm through you will wallow in sinYou feed me with hatred you trigger my

Skinny Puppy - Paragun lyrics

.. were gonna all see a truth born sayer or a weapon ... to deceive turn of a switch if you think you still ... can dream a calculated risk for all sheep while

Borknagar - Origin lyrics

coherence of the universal clue. The elements served as our dictionary. The vast and the narrow's rendezvous. ... Where abstraction and the precise momentarily.

4him - Voice in the wilderness lyrics

stand among the millions And I can't help but feel so small I am just a speck of dust A ... particle existing On this great big spinning ball The part ... of me that's human It tells me I am not that

Courtney Love - Loser dust lyrics

are beautiful, you are glorious Now you're ... covered in loser dust You are fabulous, you are gorgeous ... you're covered in loser dust And all the things I used to

Hole lyricsHole - Loser dust lyrics

are beautiful, you are glorious Now you’re ... covered in loser dust You are fabulous, you are gorgeous ... you’re covered in loser dust And all the things I used to

Scar Symmetry - Hybrid cult lyrics

the bloodline throughout the past Seek and you will find a ... hidden ancestry At night the circle gathers ... world is shedding skin The earth now stands to shatter The

Nuclear Assault - Resurrection lyrics

me what I see is not a true reality But a strange piece of quantum physics fantasy And if that ... s not the case then I can't help but laugh At where ... the music's going, heading for the past Stealing

Devin Townsend - Trainfire lyrics

in the world we gonna make everything alright? How in ... the world we gonna make everything in time? Train ... burning, all night burning... Trainfire ... up and down the line. How in

Bwo - Kings of tomorrow lyrics

science Big science I'm training to get ready for the ... role I've been cast I'm waiting for my signal when the ... rockets will blast We still need the heroes

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Not another drugstore (planet nine mix) lyrics

another drugstore, not another town Tired of the old ... job, I had to put it down You know I was the man but I put the crown ... down So I roll around with Chemicals to pave

Indigo Girls - Blood quantum lyrics

re standing in the blood quantum line with a pitcher in ... your hand poured from your heart into your veins you said i ... am i am i am now measure me measure me tell me

Defiler - Walk in the glow lyrics

can't change what has happened to me, but i can change what happens to you. walk ... in the glow. this world was created in six days, so too ... shall it be destroyed. there are

Scar Symmetry - Ghost prototype ii: deus ex machina lyrics

then we found it all caged inside a dream All-seeing ... eye sees afloat Soon it will see no more ... conform We're ghosts in the machine A holographic world

Mygrain - Dust devils and cosmic storms lyrics

holograms of artificial life In the darkest corners ... of the very mind Away this chemical institution of ... oblivion Discarded memories veiled in ... confusion Pictures in my head like fiction Blending

Everything Everything - Nasa is on your side lyrics

awake in the future, I had turned to stone with fear, ... Laid on petrified trees In a high school massacre I'm ... fossilized and clear, The teenage terrorists

Destiny's End - From dust to life lyrics

for a thousand eons Shot from exploding ... fire Ride through a lifeless vacuum Born at the ... dawn of time Union with nature Follow random paths ... Rising from chaos Becoming part of what we see Struggle,

Benedictum - Epsilon lyrics

starved from the light I stumble ... in the dark Tormented by the things ... that I am not Reaching for some meaning to it all Storming the citadel I ... try to breach the walls of Epsilon Eyes that cannot see We are to believe

Rush - Natural science lyrics

quot;Natural Science" [1. Tide ... When the ebbing tide retreats Along the rocky shoreline ... It leaves a trail of tidal pools In a short-lived galaxy Each microcosmic planet A

Flesh Consumed - Harvesting humans lyrics

warheads detonate overhead.. Salted hydrogen bombs ... designed to destroy.. Mutually assured destruction.. ... Bodies incinerate in the initial blast.. ... Building structures collapse into rubble.. Firestorms

Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser lyrics

..had days like this" "Cyborgs - ... cybernetic organisms..." "Machines ... with living human tissue and programmed to destroy"

Chiddy Bang - Danger zone lyrics

know me, I'm a upscale character Haters, we ain't mad at ... ya To the penthouse we go It's ... time to grind now, so we gotta shine now Never take a time ... out Leave 'em in the danger zone You know me, I'm a upscale character There is

Nemesea - Threefold law lyrics

Audias attente Antequam agis meditare Etenim est lex ... vetusta Foedus sagis olim factum Memento semper legis ... trium Ter quod das ad te reveniet Tantum acquires

F.k.Ü. - Black hole hell lyrics

to Dr. Weir's creation A behemoth from another ... dimension State of the art interstellar terror ... Infinite space means infinite horror Instantly it folds space A gateway

Cage - Die glocke lyrics

secret of the darkest kind A legion of 62 scientific minds ... The black sun did command Make a weapon that no man Or army could withstand Gerlach ... would lead them all A burden that he bore Succeed and win the war Build a force

Epica - The cosmic algorithm lyrics

cannot be free until we see All that we are Cosmic math ... Don't fear death Since we can't die Make use of a ... computation Tap into the digits to write A

Mygrain - Cataclysm child lyrics

bloom, evolutionary infertility Spilling deadweight of the world that ... bleeds Parasites swarm, eating all-absorbing Scavenging ... humanity will fall Breathe the fall and feed on dark

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending to infinity lyrics

beyond the arcane multiversum The gene of ... the code of the soul Logic and spirit, the vertical limit ... A quantum, a secret, the fall of the gods Dark revelation and intimate vision The

Far East Movement - Dance like michael jackson lyrics

like Michael Jackson (Freak, Freak y'all) Dance like ... Michael Jackson (to the beat y'all) Dance like Michael ... Jackson (Freak, Freak y'all) Dance like Michael Jackson (to the beat y'all)

Kataklysm - Dead zygote lyrics

Chapter III - Dethroned Son] ... The skin, the veins, my flesh are tearing by themselves... ... The inverted flow of my pulsation, of my life Is being asphyxiated? My glands begin

Om - Thebes lyrics

supine grace of the luminant. Attunes to access light of ... celestial form. Open the radiant sea-electric. Seen. Visitant guides and the breath cedes ... grant release. Hayya ala salah. From the minaret see. Toward solidaric ground. Weeps - walk on sadhak. Salute the sun -

Rachel Kann - My priority lyrics

seemingly bright light eminating from within and without ... me and I play my part in making it privade everything daily. Because see, I dont ... seemingly bright light eminating from within and without

Darren Hayes - How to build a time machine lyrics

I have understood correctly ... Velocity equals the distance traveled Divided by time ... I've read every word ever printed On quantum physics And now it is time

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