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Alex Clare - War rages on lyrics

war rages on You'll be at my side ... survive, fortified Please don't pass me by Can't you hear ... Forgive the things I do Don't turn your back when I need

Converge - On my shield lyrics

looked for a handout beyond the gates and i need to ... inferno and burn down to the bone all of the arrows that ... rather i would rather, die on my shield die on my shield

Deep Purple - The battle rages on lyrics

not Some gamble everything on who gets the final shot Oh ... don't talk to me of love It's ... obvious it's not enough Annihilation kill them all Capitulation

Impellitteri - The battle rages on lyrics

but you can read the writing on the wall Purity to corruption, a thought begins but soon ... and anger, an evil heart no one can ever know In the winds ... of deception, you hold the line against

Lita Ford - War of the angels lyrics

eyes aflame And her mind undone She aches for the songs ... now paved with sorrow God only knows what happens to love ... When the innocence is gone And the war of the angels

Dropkick Murphys - The battle rages on lyrics

Their vengeance will be strong The kingdom (will always ... worth) The martyr (will soon fall on his sword) The ... freedom (the battle rages on) The righteous (will be here

Angelus Apatrida - Tug of war lyrics

Playing a dangerous tug of war Something is killing this ... Breaking our hearts made of stone, spitting words full of ... tread my rope, lack of reason Like sharks on blood,

Slechtvalk - War of the ancients lyrics

winter sun shines upon the path that lies before me ... church, I leave behind as I continue on my journey Screams ... that cut through my bones, I hear coming from the

Kottonmouth Kings - On the run lyrics

the aftermath, of a battle won we celebrate with the rising ... Sub Noize tribe good god we on the run and we wont stop ... till the war is won because we strong like a

Paragon - The battle rages on lyrics

fields All the doubts illusions and fears When time is up ... Standing relentless and strong The battle is raging on ... Constant barrage all night and ... blood for every inch Crimson tides are washing away all

Cage - War of the undead lyrics

the morgues They feast upon entrails and organs on human ... they engorge This is a war - War of the undead! This is ... a war - War of the undead! We hid from

Coldrain - The war is on lyrics

losing a sight whenever questioned all the answers Can't you ... Surrounded by the enemy The war is on, the war is on We can ... make them scream defeat The war is on THE WAR IS ON SO

Krayzie Bone - The war iz on lyrics

ruggish (the motherf***ing war is on) You better suit up ... and do like Krayzie Bone Cause the motherf***ing war ... is on What you gon' do what you gon' do do

Trip Lee - War lyrics

is war Like you ain't seen This ... winter's long It's cold and mean When ... tellin' what'll happen It's war tonight, it's death and life ... This the kind of war you ain't never seen ever

The Flobots - Theres a war going on for your mind lyrics

s a war going on for your mind Media mavens ... trapper keeper collages and online magazine racks Cover ... Infecting victims with silicone shrapnel Worldwide

Civil War - War of the world lyrics

down of the human race Common sense is lost Heaven now ... is not a god The pain is on the street tonight It's time ... a story to be told So come on to the other side You're in

Chord Overstreet - War lyrics

Where I can escape Someone to run to You leave behind ... for your light There’s a war going on Hits me deep in my ... bones I can’t self destruct now

Shadow Gallery - War for sale lyrics

the principle Of what goes on behind the scenes The ... machine The way they led me on... Stiletto in the sand ... Bloody to the handle Diamond red Machines of mass

Mesmerize - War journal lyrics

in a dark vengeance Don't you think you're safe with ... goes Fear him and the skull on his chest His self-destruction will send you to the grave... ... fate sealed Enroled in the War Journal "Innocence

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - The war inside lyrics

The natives speak in tongues and tangled truths while ... deep down in the subconscious wrapped in riddles lies ... this life we try to find but only lose our minds Through

Magnitude 9 - Dead in their tracks lyrics

rule all with their "Iron Fist" Eyes filled with ... their midst Fighting the wars between them - Impacting ... lives As it begun, war rages on - To the victor the spoils

Fireforce - Annihilation lyrics

to those who rise No one will survive Overrun by the ... legions pillaging the land ... life Beat back the legions, the evil one And Rome must ... more freedom - we'll rise Annihilation Be killed or live as a slave

Silent Voices - Darkest night lyrics

I ran out of all reasons Turn a blind eye to the ... world Tonight I shall find all that ... beckons Drive the righteous trouhg ... shall die by my hand And the war rages on It's not how it's

Mindmaze - This holy war lyrics

have passed and the battle rages on For who is right and who ... is wrong But is this worth giving ... for years more We'll keep on searching till we find the

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Far from the fame lyrics

the great war is over and lost He's been ... wounded in war, he returns with awards Into ... price Still As the war rages on You are our guide Far, ... s pride When the war has been fought and been won

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - The lost battalion lyrics

their stand They stood strong and the legend still lives on 1918 the Great war rages on A battalion is lost in the ... Argonne Under fire there's nothing

Axenstar - Annihilation lyrics

Run fast to the shelters, the only way to survive Peace is no ... more, the war is at the door We - Stand ... our ground We - Won't back down To hell and

Deadlock - Earth revolt lyrics

the burning skies the war rages on but we still hold the ... the burning skies the storm rages on but our tortured hearts ... beat you`d better die with honour than to live with shame

Escape The Fate - This war is mine (shawn "clown" crahan remix) lyrics

as far as it will GO! War, war, war Yeah! Yeah! We ... this tragedy As the battle rages on Blood strikes the ground ... we're on My ears hear only screams Brave soldiers are

Escape The Fate - This war is ours (the guillotine part ii) lyrics

this tragedy As the battle rages on Blood stains the ground ... we're on My ears hear only screams Brave soldiers are ... dying One Spartan stands alone and shouts This war is ours

Roadrunner United - Annihilation by the hands of god lyrics

you take as you go You’re one with the rich and only take ... feet Your washed up religion is now worthless and weak ... Tenacious conviction has caught up with your soul

Fogalord - Of war and resurrection lyrics

could decide the sort of the war and of the entire world ... raged on... but when their forces ... of the Fog Lord appeared on the battlefield as a ... his master for resurrection! And so the legend came to

Falconshield - This is war 4 - freljord lyrics

bow to the Queen of Rime One hit and I pierce through ... downed by Killer Frost My control is precise, thus my aim ... I am the strength of a nation, I'm the emissary I will

Sacred Warrior - War torn hero lyrics

trenches The battle still rages in my mind, so many will be ... I can see their faces Visions of the damned, their ... are crying out Without a second chance Will you be killed

Civil War - The last full measure lyrics

no turning back I must carry on Pray for me mother pray for ... It's the last full measure One more battle to win So men ... the show has begun Armageddon finally came and the blood

Impiety - War crowned lyrics

the insurrection Baptised in blood I am the ... Chosen Son of Annihilation Destined for combat against ... Armed and envenomed Wisdom on all tactics of war Formation

Rebaelliun - Annihilation lyrics

name of the highest revenge Annihilation We bring chaos Filth ... perishing towards the new age I Witness the ... end of their kingdom Embryonic world’s disease Oppressive

Falconshield - Khanfall (original mtg song) lyrics

Spare the spirit dragon Future re-imagined Change ... Vol comes Free the dragons This war rages on Man ... storms] Now Ugin soars [Dragons be reborn] [Dragons be

Manowar - Annihilation lyrics

away Hand of justice Soon will be falling Vengeance ... thine Lord of steel Annihilation They will never win this ... right Feel the power here tonight Hand of justice Soon

A Loathing Requiem - Annihilation induced by the luminous firestor.. lyrics

the storm will feed On the flesh of man relentlessly ... mortal were set in stone To crucify the ones that do ... not follow Seed, inconspicuously they plant the seed

Devotchkas - Annihilation lyrics

Have the time of your lives One more day 'till another dies ... the other side would have won Playing life like a movie, ... everone's got their role Some make

Nile - Annihilation of the wicked lyrics

Karl Sanders.] The Dominion of Seker. Barren Desert of ... Forth from the Back of a Monstrous Serpent. Having Two ... Tempests of Unendurable Cacophony. His Serpents Make

Grave Digger - God of terror lyrics

son of titans, a lost and fallen ... nothing to glean The endless war lasted ten years He was ... unseen realm, the dead go upon Leaving the world behind ... where war rages on Ohoho the storm is gone A

I Prevail lyricsI Prevail - Heart vs. mind lyrics

me. This is a declaration, of a war fought behind a ... veil. This is a revelation, as told through the age old ... the mind. My life is on the line, it seems as if I'm

A Perfect Circle - Annihilation lyrics

dehumanization to arms production, For the ... benefit of the nation or its destruction Power, ... the norms From dehumanization to arms production, To ... hasten the nation towards its destruction Power,

Anacrusis - Annihilation complete / disemboweled lyrics

helplessly In torment and agony Falling in defeat Crying ... as death we meet Annihilation is complete Absolute ... destruction killing you and me Power

Amos Lee - Street corner preacher lyrics

walks thru the shadows We won't fear his neighbor Back in ... [Chorus:] Bau, bau Put it on back Ah put it in Ah bau ... hard to get a job With a felony charge Now he's working in

Anchorlines - Stay down lyrics

am alone, but only in spirit. Hope’s never ... us so it can start again. We only have ourselves to blame. ... How long can we survive here? This ... war rages on. Our freedoms are gone.

Moonlight Agony - Through the desert storm lyrics

my skin I can't go on, the end is near. Sand is my ... vultures circle the sky On dunes in the distance ... this hell triumph comes Sargon lead us Through the desert

Satan ( Uk ) - Who dies wins lyrics

by Honour, dedicated to the cause ... that will glorify his side On Wings of Destiny he flies ... his first and his last mission a crash course in suicide

Burning Point - Queen of fire lyrics

the storm and lightning The war rages on Our lines are ... and you will see I'm the one, eternally This is what my ... heart desires Standing tall, one for all I am never gonna

Civil War - Aftermath lyrics

so called life In the dust on the killing ground it cuts me ... how they cry And it went on and on and on So leave a ... light on for me If I'll return in the

Division - In the name of honour lyrics

sent to die, given no reason why Woke up to foreign land, ... sights left unseen But the war rages on and all my friends ... have gone Now I pay the price, of

Hellish War - Metal forever lyrics

battle rages on And we still ride Filling ... the black of the night Stronger than ever We just cant ... To pass through those who I dont care An ancient warrior

Malukah - Warrior goddess - mother of nords lyrics

your light shines through, Warrior Goddess, for you we ... true. When hope is lost and war rages on, Warrior Goddess, ... hear our blessed song! With a Nord's death,

Pro-pain - Hell on earth lyrics

truth is stranger than fiction and I'll Do it all over ... 14 hours of violence I've done my time, and my points they ... mind I seemingly started a war S please don't ask me for

Saidian - Once in my dreams lyrics

I thought I’d live and die alone You give me reason, you ... Chorus Follow me - just once in my dreams One fleeting ... believe Share with me this one fantasy Before forever I’ll

Sham 69 - Deja vu lyrics

Propaganda living An emotional disease As the class war rages on Like a song with a love ... want to know the truth How long have we got to go ... s suppossed to be The visionary controllers With the

Impellitteri - City's on fire lyrics

head in the clouds Sleeping on the concrete and he's ... out loud When's the man gonna bring the candy cane ... down, that's when the night rages on When the thrill is gone,

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